More Baby Steps?

There is part of me that is disappointed, I was going for more of a drastic change and I ended up with a more subtle one. I am pretty sure that within 6 months I will be mostly blonde/gray/with a little brown.



There is a good amount of blonde in the bangs and it is different, but I worked myself up for drastic. She did a job and it was my first time with Aveda color. Last time I was at this salon it wasn’t Aveda and I must confess I love, love, love the ways their product smells. Why does it have to be so pricey?

I’m trying to be better about having my picture taken…I don’t like it but I am trying to work on it. I am and have always been my own worst critic. There was a woman at work yesterday with downs syndrome and she totally make my day. She took her hand and made a circle with it in front of her face and said to me “you are beautiful.”  I don’t see it, but I know she meant it……Zia

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Easy Choice

You were with me yesterday when I went on and on about yoga this and yoga that….and to be honest that was my plan. At lunch I noticed a text from PT, she was back in town for the day and asked if I wanted to go to dinner? It was an easy choice really….I will always choose my friends.

We went to PT’s favorite restaurant and I had my first chicken hibachi dinner. I couldn’t even eat half of it….I was…still am….. so stuffed. It was really good and I liked the ginger salad dressing a lot…that was also a first.

After dinner we ran into Barnes and Noble where our friend H was working. I was going to show PT the cardboard Jamie and he wasn’t there! The first thing I said when we found H was “where is my cardboard boyfriend?” He was safely in the front of the store…whew!  Today was throwback Thursday and the deal of the day was this book….FullSizeRender(47)

It only cost a quarter today….the same price it was in the 1950’s.  I bought one and gave PT a quarter to buy another one since I have two little ones in the family. Tomorrow is the Doctor Who night and yes I am watching more of them….I forgot how much I really liked this show.

Then we went to Lowes to check out carpeting and get PT some prices. All of these things were way more fun and more important to me and I would choose them over a yoga class any day. :)

Pt shrunk a shirt, which worked in my favor…it fits perfectly and it’s a cool shirt. I love it! FullSizeRender(46)

Tomorrow is the big hair day….not 80’s style…well wait I did have a lot of blonde highlights in the 80’s…let me rephrase. Tomorrow is my big hair change day. I know what I want it to look like in my head but will I like it with my face? In case I didn’t mention it, I did wimp out slightly and decide to go more with multi tone highlights, keep some brown, add some silver and some blonde…..fingers crossed……Zia

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What Day is This?

Is anybody else having a rough time keeping their days straight this week? I usually struggle after the holiday not before. I think it may have something to do with only working a half day on Wednesday that’s throwing me. I love my Wednesdays so I will take the confusion. I can’t believe that tomorrow is the end of the week already.

I have Doctor Who on in the background because I am trying to refresh my memory for the Doctor Who night at Barnes and Noble this Friday night. My first favorite episode was with this little guy “Mummy…..mummy”Doctor_Who__The_Empty_Child_The_Doctor_Dances

I did stop at the Salvation Army after work today and found a few good deals while realizing that I wasn’t wearing any of the cute skirts that I found because I didn’t have anything other than flip flops to wear with them. So I stopped at Burlington Coat Factory and found a pair.FullSizeRender(45)

They were on clearance for $16.98 and they fit my narrow feet, unfortunately one of the straps is broken. (nothing I can’t figure out how to fix/make better) I ended up getting an extra 20% off and I returned something months ago so I had a $5.00 gift card, which means I paid less than $10.00 for a pair of Naturalizer sandals. Now I can wear all of those skirts that I have been collecting for $3.00 or less.

I also went to a beginners power Vinyasa class…..working hard to get out of my Yin rut… the way….there were five boys in this class and they really were youngin’s. If I can get out of work on time tomorrow I really want to try and make another new class. I think that Saturday morning I will stay for the power class after my Yin class…..then I will be done until next Tuesday.

When I was on my way to return the movies that the girl and I rented I spotted something in a field. There wasn’t anybody behind me so I slowed almost to a stop and it was a little fawn who did eventually jump the fence and cross the road. It was full of spots and so tiny…the smallest that I ever laid eyes on. I’m so glad I slowed down and didn’t miss it. Nature is about the only thing that I let myself stop and “be in the moment” for……Zia

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Boy Was My Face Red….

So….just because I choose to not date doesn’t mean I’m dead. The very first class I took at this yoga studio, there were boys there and I remember being very surprised. I am a little more used to it now but I am usually lucky to be far away from them in class….until tonight. Do you know what else happened in class tonight? I fell asleep in half saddle pose, it could have been worse….I could have snore myself awake. This is half saddle pose minus the bolster to lean on….I was all comfy on my bolster. I was only a few seconds behind but it was noticeable.halfsaddle

This tall dark and handsome fellow yogi was also at the festival on Sunday, he was on the opposite end of the salsa line. I have no idea why I was aware of his presence but I was. There was another boy today who had an appointment t work and was checking out at my window and it was strange for me to notice how nice he smelled. A guy two hours later balanced that out, I wished that I could say “more soap, less cologne” he smelled icky. I don’t notice these things very often so when I do I guess it’s okay.

I decided that Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark is my new theme song….if I didn’t already mention that? One of the power classes at the festival had a cover of that song and if I wasn’t sure before…I was after hearing it at that moment. I really do want to change everything…maybe I am going through a mid life crisis.

There was a boy that I used to work with that Blondie was all about…yes your boy with the ponytail….. Anyhoo…he really likes Dr Who so I FB messaged him about the event on Friday. It was the normal conversation “are you dressing up?” No… and then it was something completely random. I haven’t watched all of the episodes so I didn’t get the reference to “I don’t have anything gummy related” It turned out that he took some ecstasy and wasn’t sure what he was trying to say. I didn’t need to know that. Obviously he told me this the next day, I just don’t know how he can be so open about using drugs. I was just trying to be nice because I knew he was a big fan. Maybe I should make Blondie go to the bookstore with me on Friday night?

Tomorrow is the full moon…..I can’t wait to see what that brings…..Zia


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Not What I Expected…..

YogaWomanSilhouette-850x567I woke up early and went to the outdoor yoga festival where I met SB to sell tickets…..We volunteered from 8:30-11:00am. It was cold, rainy, and windy. This was our shelter from the elements…..oh and that’s SB…FullSizeRender(41)

Our entertainment came from the right in the form of a cow bell….FullSizeRender(42)

This was our view of the event….FullSizeRender(40)

I thought we would be under the trees not in the field, because of the one day delay the schedule changed and every class I wanted to take was gone or canceled. It was very disappointing. The first class I took I could have used my membership for…the point was to try something new. I have never been to an event like this that was so unorganized and chaotic. Thank goodness SB was there..that made the day worth it.

We took a Salsa class when we were in a lull for a yoga class in these boots….FullSizeRender(43)

We had fun….and we laughed way more than everybody else……I will leave it at that.

I didn’t have to pay to get in since I gave up 2 1/2 hours of my life selling tickets in the elements, that made it easier to spend $15.00 on an event tank top. I also bought SB’s birthday present today. We were told that you could not purchase a Mala for yourself, someone has to give it to you….and that is how that started. This is the one SB picked out….FullSizeRender(44)

She only has to wait until August for it…..

The weather was horrible, and the wind was worse…..62 degrees on July 28th, that’s just crazy! There were a few times that SB and I walked through the woods and there wasn’t a drop of rain and we couldn’t feel the wind….it would have been a more magical experience in the woods. That wasn’t up to us.

It was hard to stay positive in the crappy Ohio weather and if this wasn’t for “my” yoga teacher I wouldn’t have even left my house. I was disappointed more than once but made the best of it, and that was only because of SB.

The last power class kicked my butt and I came home hugged the girl and immediately started filling the bath tub. I dumped probably a pound of Epsom salts in the tub the girl said “holy cow mom..that’s enough!” “Not yet, it’s not.” was my response. I fell asleep like normal but felt much better after the bath.

I think SB is right…I have fallen into my Yin trap and I have stopped trying something new. I will have to work on that on immediately…..Zia

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Soggy Salvage

The kids and I managed to salvage this extremely rainy day that ended here…..


Normally we drive to my aunt’s house and we all walk to the village square for the fireworks. This year because of the weather my aunt and uncle opted out. I picked a spot that was easy to get in and out of but we weren’t as close as we are used to. The boy was so hyper…is it normal to want to smack him at 19? It didn’t help that he picked at his sister all day long.

We started our late venture out at a library that we rarely go to but they were hosting the half price used book sale. They locked up early but I did get a picture of the water logged creek so I guess it wasn’t a total waste of time.


The girl wanted a book so we went to Barnes and Noble after dropping the boy off at Best Buy. If she hadn’t asked for a book….I wouldn’t have discovered that they are doing their month long pop culture event again. I really want to win my favorite book boyfriend…..(Jamie Fraser/Outlander)


You really should check your local store out, they have events all month and you can be sure I will be telling you all about them. If you have little kids there is a Minion event that looks fun. Does anyone remember last year when the girl and I won the costume contest by default….nobody else showed up. It will be fun to see what this year holds……

It is officially the third rainiest June on record in my town and everybody is over it.  My big yoga event was canceled for today and rescheduled for tomorrow. It will still be raining but not as much but it will be cold..only 62 degrees. Twelve hours in the cold woods working on my mind, body, and spirit….I let you know how that goes……Zia



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No Go……

Nothing is going as planned…..and that’s a whole lot to take on top of PMS…..or maybe that’s why it seems so big?

I left work an hour late, which doesn’t bother me…I get my Wednesdays…. My yoga festival was canceled because of all of the forecasted rain…rescheduled for Sunday where there is still rain just not as heavy. I have my writing class on Sunday?

I thought that maybe I could salvage my Saturday and make a hair appointment to get my silver highlights….sadly….she is off tomorrow…. No yoga…no new hair….and I don’t have a boat to get out of my driveway…..yikes!


I came home from work and the boy didn’t cut the grass….my head spun around briefly….I cut the grass…..I was beyond angry…. It took me five minutes to figure out how to get the damn tractor to go into reverse…..the push mower is much easier. The grass looked better when I took care of it and I didn’t have a tractor….I cut the grass and the girl brought out the burnables. I finally torched that crate from Italy since it is highly unlikely that I will get chickens. So technically….this is an Italian bonfire… The boy came home early from work…..guilt I am sure…..I know he stressed about it. We are supposed to get another 2 inches of rain tomorrow….the grass needed cut.

I started out pretty upset…I seem to have worked off my mad…..hopefully my PMS stays on board. Have a great weekend……Zia


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It Didn’t Rain Today!!!

It was a pretty perfect weather day in Ohio and it didn’t rain for a change….but tomorrow…yes rain again, because 6.08 inches isn’t enough for the month of June. I just watched the forecast for Saturday and it looks like there is a 100% chance that I will be practicing yoga in the rain. What do you wear when you are practicing yoga with two more inches of rain falling from the sky? Maybe they will be wrong? Fingers crossed that they are.

The Universe is really good about sending me more than one sign since I am a little slow. On my way to the library today….a library in a suburb, on a main road,and across from a large high school…..I come to a complete stop in the middle of the road. There was a wild turkey who really didn’t know which way to turn…back and forth…until finally he or she ran into a small patch of woods. Later today I was in a more rural area on my new way to the grocery store since they are tearing down my bridge to the outside world and two more wild turkeys ran out in front of my car. I saw one last week too so I had to look it up. Turkey means shared harvest and or gift, it doesn’t make any sense now so I will let you know when I get my ah-hah moment.


It seems to me that lately if I point out a routine on my blog that I feel the need on a subconscious level to change it. I did not go to Salvation Army today, I met CG for lunch and it was so nice to catch up. It’s hard to go from seeing someone forty hours a week to rarely seeing them at all. I enjoyed every minute of it and she brought me an impromptu present….FullSizeRender(34)

I love it! It is my new everyday mug and it is one of those mugs that are shaped a little differently and feels perfect in your hands. :)

Since I was on a different side of town, I decided to check out a few new places. There is this place where you can buy your juice, let it sit, create labels and bottle your own wine….it is crazy expensive, especially when you have a little brother that has all of that stuff. I still scored big at this store….check out my Christmas 2015 Limoncello bottles that I bought for only $1.89 a piece.FullSizeRender(33)

They also had the replacement rubber seals which I have been looking for….8 for $1.00. I just found a nice bottle without a rubber seal a few weeks ago for fifty cents. It is so much better to drink out of glass….

My new friend from the Giant eagle wine taste is saving me a signed bottle from an event tomorrow. The event is 2-5….most people are working? She is saving one for me and it is a Christmas present for my friend who has everything and wants nothing….yes I said it again….Christmas. I may be last minute girl everywhere else in my life but when it comes to getting a jump start on Christmas….I am ahead of the game.

It doesn’t help that I have been scheduling 6 month appointments into January because of Christmas and New Years…..scary, right? Today is exactly six months from Christmas Eve….don’t shoot the messenger…….Zia


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Lots of Little Things

old couplesI really must start with the sweetest old couple ever….She just had cataract surgery and needed to set up her refraction appointment so she could get new glasses. Her husband said “yes, now she can see me again.” the woman rolled her eyes and then reached over and pinched his cheeks and said “I can’t help it…he is it for me.” then the little old man said “yeah she is my sweetie.”  I said “you guys are killing me you’re so cute.” I get get glimpses of this everyday but not this strong. This is my favorite part of my new job….the people.

Now that you are all sugared up with that sweetness I have to balance it out with the sour.There was a woman 49 yrs old who stood in my window with her large fake boobs in my face. She had bleach blonde hair, fake boobs, lips ready to explode with botox, drove a brand new SUV, lives in a 350,000.00 house (sadly we googled her address) and she is on Caid Caresource. THEN she complains about the selection of Caid frames…..attn government….do you see the problem here? We are all paying for her eye exam and her glasses….how fair is that?

I talked to my little buddy today and she informed me that the management at my old job is just sure that I will be back. “Yes, our girl will be back” were the words that she heard….not bloody likely is my response.

I have struggled with my hair since I received that really bad color job. I then received a bad haircut on top of it and now that it has grown out a little and the layers are so short that I look like a giant dork when I pull it up….I enlisted some help. I needed it off of my neck since I can’t pull it up and now I am the proud wearer of a short inverted bob…kinda like

This girl has proper long layers where I have a choppy hot mess….but it is better then it was. I am losing my nerve to go full on silver and am leaning towards highlights…it’s pricey so we will see what happens between now and when I get the money.

I also did something that I never did before…..when I was getting my hair done she asked me if I wanted a quick facial. Normally I say no but since it was 7 o’clock I said sure go ahead……and then I stopped at the store to get cat food….in public….with nothing on my face….just my eyes. That is huge for me…and I lived, it wasn’t even that bad……Zia

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Enough Already!

I don’t know what it is like where you live but the rain has been relentless in Ohio. Last night I had a dream that the stress tree fell but at least in fell in my yard. I am happy to report that it did survive the storms from today. That dream, my wolf dream and my research on wolves turned up ravens and when I came home from my writing workshop there were two large noisy crows on the tree. I know it needs to come down and I am working on getting the money together…..keep those roots in the ground please. Tomorrow isn’t supposed to rain at all….I’ll believe it when I see it.

The writers prompt for my workshop this week was to write a 100 word story….no more…no less. Guess where my mind was….

Water Whispers

It all started with a drop, drop, drop, slowly becoming a steady stream of water falling from above. The sky lit up with electricity followed by an earth shattering boom.The winds increased and the trees deeply rooted in the ground started to sway. Leaves and branches were beaten down and now lay scattered across the ground. The earth so full could not drink at this current rate and now there were lakes where a lawn used to be as rivers flowed looking for an escape. The thundering ended and it was now quiet except the whispering of the water.

All of this rain is just crazy…..I can’t even cut the grass. Thank goodness I decided not to have my party that I have had every year for the last thirteen….it rained all day yesterday. It would have been a washout. It was very weird though…that’s a long tradition to walk away from. I did miss the Solstice fire, having candles lit all day was not the same. I think maybe Wednesday night I might try and have a bonfire….just me and the bugs.

I did my duty and called my dad first thing today…to get it over with…I know that’s bad. I can’t help how I feel, let me tell you though…it’s hard to have a conversation when you don’t want to share any detail of your life….

For all of the dads that are worthy…4ae677e026bafc68a7a67a88a9aa8d63

The girl picked The Duff from the movie store this weekend….I never experienced this type of behavior in high school and boy it is really hard to watch. Kids are so mean….I’m not sure if it is because of my witch vibe or why…but I have always been a bit intimidating. If that stance protected me from this behavior then thank goodness.

On another note…..Happy Summer Solstice everyone…..summer

I hope the weather catches up soon…….Zia

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