How Does That Happen?

I must first make a disclaimer that no animals were hurt in this tale….I didn’t post this last night because I wasn’t too sure….Blackcat-Lilith

Last night around 6:30 I get into my car to go to yoga, I drive up of my very long bumpy driveway and when I got to the top and was ready to turn left, I paused. There was a very large bald man doing landscaping at the unopened place of business right across the street. If I turn left and go to the stop sign like I always do when I go to yoga he will be right next to the passenger side of my car. It could very well have been Cockroach and it could have been a random bald man….I didn’t care to find out. I then turn right and make a quick left into the little country convenience store, my thought is that I can be very subtle and turn left here, so I did. So I am driving thinking “whew I avoided that one” when I hear a noise. What the heck is that noise and I can feel it in the back of the car, I look up to see a one of the wild black cats that must have been up under my car running across the state route. Have you ever heard a cat in distress? At this time both of the landscapers are looking up….how is that for subtle? Who does that happen to? Crazy story I know. My driveway is really bumpy and I was going slow, why wouldn’t the cat jump out then? Why did it choose that moment? I mean what would you think if you were standing by the road and saw a cat come flying out of a car, and I’m sure it wasn’t quiet? I don’t even know what else to say about it.

When I let the dog out this morning I breathed a sigh of relief, all wild cats are accounted for and waiting for breakfast. I was hoping that the cat was okay and not running on some sort of super cat adrenaline but I was not going back. Does that make me a bad person?

I was very happy that today was Friday and I have a beautiful weekend to look forward to. I met SB after work for dinner and then we went to the Salvation Army.I did pretty good although the kid rang up one pair of scrub bottoms wrong and I told him he did it and he just said “no I got it” well no he didn’t.  I spent $1.50 on one of the bottoms and $2.99 (which was wrong) on the other and I bought a top in the ceil blue for 2.50. My big splurge was the new without tags pair of designer yoga pants. Okay designer may be a stretch but they are a lot more that $3.99 which I got them for and I found a yoga tank in excellent condition for $1.50.IMG_1159IMG_1158

Yellow tags were 50% off and everything but the yoga pant were on sale, I spent $18.00 and will use all of it. I haven’t been in our new Salvation Army yet, I liked how organized it was and how everything was separated by color. I only wish that somebody walked around before closing everyday with a bottle of Febreeze. It was immediate….. house to washer…there was no sitting for these garments.

SB was looking for clothes for projects, I ended up with too much stuff by shopping without a plan in the past. I didn’t have a project in my head so I didn’t shop that way. I have two bags of clothes that I have to drop off at Goodwill tomorrow in my trunk now. I can’t bring anything extra in right now, not until I purge more, and or have a plan.

I did have a really nice visit and now I am off to finish some laundry and organize some more……Zia

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Really Old Throwback Thursday….Kermit the Frog

I don’t know what it is about this song but it speaks to me….and has since I was a little girl of eight sitting on the floor with my record player playing it over…and over again.

Listen to your heart, see the magic, don’t listen the naysayers….”I know they’re wrong, wait and see” It’s okay that you don’t know where you are going because “someday we’ll find it” “Have you been half asleep?” all of my life. The part about somebody being the first one to wish on a star…”somebody thought of that and someone believed it…look what its done so far” You can follow your dreams and who is with you in this? The lovers, the dreamers and me of course. Talk about sweet inspiration….. and a frog that is near and dear to my heart.

Yin left me feeling all emotional tonight…I have no idea what that is about. I really like the class but I have to make the effort to go. I leave my house at 6:30 for a class that starts at 7. Class doesn’t start right on time so instead of letting out at 8:15 it lets out at 8:30 and I am now getting home at 9. I know that my kids are old enough but there is still a small level of guilt involved here. Not that it mattered today they are off with their dad seeing the new Avengers movie.

Tomorrow is Friday, the sun is supposed to shine all weekend and I have plans with friends every day……Zia

Ps I also found a taker for my overly large 27×35 angel picture that was custom framed by yours truly many years ago….it’s just too big. I really meant it when I said I was letting go of things!


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Bored and Productive?

Can you be productive and and bored at the same time? After today I know you can…… Today was my early day and I had to come straight home because those things were being installed….not that I can talk about it….. It’s not really cryptic just part of the agreement.

Anywho….while he was trying to install things (he complained, while justified, was still complaining the whole time) I started moving things around in the kitchen. I dumped the left over canned goods from 2013 and washed and stored the jars for my next mad concoction. I also found some mismatched bowls, etc. to purge for my weekly trip to Habitat for Humanity.IMG_1152

I unearthed the kitchen table….how many times have I typed that line? Yes it’s a problem, but it’s clean today. I have two garbage bags for Goodwill as well, one of the girls clothes and one of mine…I also went through the coat closet today.

Unfortunately he has to come back and finish next week but this whole experience jump started my slow Spring cleaning into high gear. I am not completely done in the kitchen, but a huge part of it is finished.  I even sat down and went through all of the ads and made shopping lists…thorough ones, I know crazy…right?

I was going to try a candle light Vinyasa yoga class tonight but the guy was barely gone by 6:30 so maybe next week.

That was the extent of my day, I accomplished a lot, I feel lighter and it was such a boring day……Zia

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Teeny Victory

How hard is it to clean a few bookshelves? Well….if you’re me…it takes two days. Last night I finished that project. It’s funny how I set aside 20-25 books for the book swap and my book shelves are still full, but not overly stuffed. Not only are the bookshelves done but the mound of clutter…AKA…I will get to that later pile in front of the bookshelves is now gone as well.


I even swapped out my purse to the small purse that PT gave me back on April 12th (the picture is dated in my phone, that the only reason that I knew that). I like it so far except for the straps they are a little skinny, but I will get used to it.

SB was at the Ashtanga class tonight, It’s been forever since we took a class together. I was still feeling a little irritated at my teacher tonight and I think that I may change it up and try a new class or two. It’s unlimited so I might as well take advantage of it and expand my horizons.

I had to go pick the girl up from school today, luckily she feels better. She hands me a paper when I sat down at the computer so I can write her an excuse. It’s really hard to write an excuse when the girl vetoes all sarcasm. Seriously….she threw up in the office….why do I have to write an excuse? I know that I am being unreasonable but I don’t care for the school at all and I don’t care who knows it.

I’ll admit that none of that was exciting but it was how I spent my last two days. Tomorrow is my half day and it is supposed to be beautiful!! I am so lucky that I found my new job……Zia

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I Have Too Many Windows Open

It’s the only excuse that I have….too much at the same time. I started a post last night and then changed my mind, I’m very scattered right now….

I guess I could start with something pretty. I can honestly say that even if we weren’t having lawn mower issues these little beauties would still be safe. I am sure that they are just some type of a weed but I call them fairy flowers and will always mow around them.IMG_1144IMG_1143

My brother did come over today and got the push mower going….it’s the miracle mower. :) I really think that it’s my grandpa that keeps it going. It was his Toro lawn mower and I have been using it for 14 years and he used it before that….the wheel wouldn’t stay on, the part store was closed, we even went to Home Depot looking for parts but had no luck. He was trying to make the new/wrong washer work when I found the washer with the notch in the driveway (gravel) …..the look on my brothers face….I told him it was grandpa. Now I just need to go buy the parts to fix the tractor.

The boy did mow part of the yard today, if it was me the whole yard would have been done. I chose yoga….I work all week there is no reason that he can’t do it…except for his irrational fear of bees. I have to work this yoga 4 times a week into my schedule better so I am not feeling constantly behind. Actually I am feeling a lot bit irritated at both of the kids right now. There is only one of me and I am tired of doing it all on my own….I am feeling a mom strike coming on! I am only one person.

I had a good weekend so I am not really sure where this is coming from. I was even irritated at yoga. Whenever there is a new person in the class the teacher has something to prove “power, power, blah blah”. She also shows off a bit when there are students training to be teachers. It’s an ego thing and sometimes I wish that I didn’t know all of the stories. She is SB’s sister in law so I know much more than I ever wanted to know.  In fairness the other teachers do it too. I am trying to develop a practice and I am not there for the power or the looky at what I can do mentality.

I am not sure where this mood came from tonight….maybe because it’s almost time for bed and I am nowhere near ready?……Zia


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Winding Down….

I really, really like my Yin yoga class, it is the most relaxed that I am all week, but when I get home at almost 9 it’s hard to wind down. It’s also hard to cook dinner and leave it when you really want to eat it. It’s a choice I guess and tonight I chose yoga.

I only five minutes or so ago learned that there was such a thing as a salt cave… far is Connecticut from Ohio? I don’t have a huge bucket list but I added this to it today.salt cave

It’s like my salt lamp times a million! I know…. I like the weirdest things….

Work was crazy and busy and I work next to a girl who if she was a cartoon character she would be the Tazmanian Devil and I loved every minute of it.Mrs._taz

Girls are so bad….at lunch today the topic was the UPS man…a lot of these ladies have thought about this man…the married ones and the single ones…I laughed a lot at the comments. I am sure that he would love everything that I heard today.

My goal of the day was to make it to bed by 10pm, I didn’t meet that deadline so now I am shooting for 10:30…..good night…..Zia

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I Never Learn….

opportunityToday was a really weird one…

Now I have said before that no matter how hard I try….I have clutter everywhere. When I am thoroughly cleaning something out…I create chaos, which makes it much worse.

I had an unexpected visitor, and I am not supposed to talk about it so I will just say it is a company that monitors brain candy consumption. So this crazy girl lets a complete stranger in her house and then accepts a gift basket full of processed sugar….translation…I took candy from a stranger.

The boy and I just came home from the store and a car pulled down the driveway, I was taken completely by surprise. My living room was/is in complete chaos….it’s been worse but the areas all around the book shelves are a hot mess.

I didn’t even attempt those tonight I had to try the lip stain experiment, which in my opinion was a fail. It just wasn’t dark enough….I have an idea for cranberries but I have to try it and then I will let you know.

What’s done is done, a stranger witnessed my hot mess and it’s still a mess because I never made it to the bookshelves. I did make more creamer, the lip stain, oh and the normal things like dinner. I still can’t get passed the stranger/hot mess thing…why is it that nobody shows up before I tear things up? Why do I care so much…I will never see this person again? I am embarrassed of my mess that’s

I didn’t get to play in the dirt on Earth Day but I did try and make things that were all natural…..I hope that counts….Zia

earth day

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Tuesday…..I Like You Again….

tuesdyI was just sitting here thinking about how my day got away from me and I thought “thank goodness it’s Tuesday.”  Whoa…where did that come from? Tuesday was always hell day at the lab. The boy who always asks me how my day was would catch himself in mid sentence..”hey mom how was your….oh it’s Tuesday…never mind.” Today Tuesday means don’t worry you only work until noon tomorrow. :)

I have had beet juice in the fridge for two days now waiting to be made into lip stain. I hope that I can use it. During the juicing proccess I was fine but when I was cleaning out the juicer and the hot water met that beet pulp…..I was gagging. It’s not a secret how I feel about beets….during family dinners they passed it around me because I couldn’t take the smell. The recipe doesn’t require heat so I hope it works, if not I will try cranberry lip stain.

I just didn’t have time today, I went to work and then yoga and when I did get home the girl had silly vine videos for me to watch. I told her tonight that her husband will be lucky because she thinks that all of that stupid humor is actually funny, she was laughing so hard, that’s what made me laugh. I watched and I sat and once I sit….it’s over. It was more important to spend time with her than to finish the bookshelf or try out a new recipe……Zia


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Book Shelf Day…..Round One

I am still working on cleaning out the clutter as per usual over here. Today I started on my bookshelves…

If you haven’t already guessed…I love to read and I have for as long as I can remember….. I was always the kid who looked longingly at the back of her closet hoping for a portal that the wardrobe produced. Then I grew up and wanted the stones from Craig Na Dun so I could find my own Jamie…in a time of indoor plumbing..let’s be real.

I have always been a crazy reader from Nancy Drew to Stephen King depending on my age. I love how I can escape into another world so easily, it’s part of the magic of reading. When my kids were little I would grab a book and go sit outside and they would completely overreact ” we’re going to starve she has a book!” Geez….I have no idea where they get that from. :) .


I am pretty sure that I found this handy dandy little gadget on a post from K. at and I love it. I haven’t been very diligent in using it until today. I have made it through one of my book shelves, imprinting the tried and true books. One of the ladies from book club wants to have a book swap and I have a very nice stack to swap. This little tool in theory may be helpful in the future from buying books on a whim. I have to know that I will keep it and reread it before it warrants that stamp.

Is it sad that as I was going through the shelves and I would pick up a book, run my hand over the cover and say “I think that I need to read you again.”?

Work was work and it was crazy and it was busy, the doctor was over booked and I didn’t get home until after six and yet…..still an improvement over my last job.

I had fun today regardless… I am still learning new things and I am making new connections…with fellow readers…hello jackpot!

Maybe I like books too much….maybe it is part of who I am? My day consisted of work with many different conversations about books, with new people in my circle that like to read……it was a good day. :) …..Zia

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Fictional Men

My first book boyfriend passed away….tumblr_mkic1k0uRL1s8kda4o1_500

Jonathan Crombie brought Gilbert Blythe to life for me and I don’t know how or why he passed away but as Anne would say “I am in the depths of despair.”

This and all of the Outlander (which I love) hype brought up my love for fictional men. I read Anne of Green Gables in 6th grade so I guess it started then…..don’t get me started on the Outsiders (7th grade)….that could be a whole other post. This started me thinking about how much I like fictional men, compared to the real ones. Granted my personal track record of really bad choices had its part as well.

Since I already mentioned Outlander…Sam Hueughan has a sweet young face…Sam+Heughan+Arrivals+PALEYFEST+Outlander+Panel+bh4UVacOCG2l

Jamie Fraser was my book boyfriend for 7 books and I have a lot invested in him, so forgive me if I prefer this face….Outlander 2014

I did name my first born after a fictional character and while the actor who plays him is beautiful in his own right….Hugh-hugh-jackman-32369649-824-769

There is just something about Wolverine….wolverine-jackman

Viggo Mortensen is just your average guy….viggo_mortensen_desktop_2588x3600_wallpaper-232954

Dye his hair black, grow it long, and make him a king…whoa!aragornh

Let’s not forget about Once Upon a Time’s Captain Hook played by Colin O’Donoghue, he is a little skinnier than my average guy but….????????

When he is in character….shiver me timbers…once-upon-a-time-captain-hook-hook

Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse books was also a great book boyfriend, True Blood let me down with that casting. Alexander Skarsgard was tall and blonde but he was not the Viking god like man that was described, he was too skinny and they tried to make him clean cut…… HBO ruined those books for me on a whole. I didn’t even finish watching the series. Kristin Bauer Van Straten as Pam was the best casting choice that they made on that show. Oh wait Alcide….I forgot about him. I didn’t care for him in the book but on the screen…oh yeah.alcide-true-blood


I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this post…I never do….maybe I should rename it eye candy…I guess I got a little carried away…..Zia

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