The Time is Now!

You know how it is….you go on and on about the same thing day after day. Some days you try this and some days you try that, but you never fully commit….and yet you go on and on.  Whine, whine, bitch, bitch, and that is the extent of your action….No more!!!!

This is what my bed looked like before I went to the craft store (yes….all of this for the craft store) with PT.IMG_2043

I am tired of feeling frumpy in everything I put on except my scrubs and my pajamas….and my scrubs are kind of like pajamas…evil comfy elastic waistband. Grr….

PT bought dinner at a local Italian restaurant and while I enjoyed every bite of my Cavatelli dinner, it is not what I needed. Seriously when I stood up the tippy top of my jeans started to roll over….no way, no how is this going to continue.  While I loved my yoga classes it was more spiritual than physical. I really do miss my Yin and Spiritual Flow classes, but I hated the heat pumped into those power classes.

I have been a member of Planet Fitness for two weeks now and haven’t gone once. My bag is packed, the lock is purchased, and I found my earphones. No more excuses, although I stand by my choice not to go last Friday….if I was sore it would have made work extra hard over the weekend. I am running my butt off on my Saturday night job, but it’s not enough.

I’m tired of going through ten shirts before I find one that feels adequate, I’m tired of feeling frumpy and I refuse to give up good food….or my yummy coffee that I treat myself to once a week. I enjoy my organic, roasted on the premises, barista brewed coffee with caramel and frothed cream yummy goodness.IMG_2035

So I guess I’m about to become one with the elliptical…….Zia

PS:  More to follow this weekend with our cork letters for Christmas. :)

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I had my bankruptcy hearing this morning….boy was it fast.  To be honest I would rather go through everything with my attorney in his office versus the ‘barely a cubicle’ dividing me with others like me. In roughly sixty days it will be discharged and then it will be over.IMG_2033

For as nervous as I was, I actually slept last night. It could be because I was still so tired from working all weekend? Maybe it’s because I wore my Blu Tech lenses yesterday? I’m not sure why but it was really nice for a change.

I still have the Kia… attorney said if I don’t hear from them in two weeks to give him a call.  He assured mt that they would call him first and I didn’t have to worry about them hiding in the bushes or towing it at the butt crack of dawn. He looked at me kind of funny……I blame t.v. I am not stressing about it since I have another car ready to go at my cousins.

Tomorrow is my half day and PT and I are supposed to go shopping for our cork letter projects for Christmas.IMG_1770

Anything I can get done now will cut down on Christmas stress later. Now if I can get my Legend of Scarpe Legee written by next Tuesday….I will be super ahead.  Oh and I have to read the book club book by Friday and I haven’t started it yet. It looks like a fast read….I am hoping.9780062280947

I guess I will just have to carry it with me everywhere I go the next few days.  You know me….too busy, or queen of procrastination? You decide……Zia

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Chalk One Up For Middle Aged

I know that I am not the only person out there working two jobs, but I am extremely out of shape to be working this waitress job. I did survive working both last night and today, so I guess we can chalk one up for the middle aged.i-did-it

It’s funny how we were so much busier last week…the insane kind….and last night I made five dollars less. I stand by better service. Today was so slow, I’m still not sure how I made $44.00……(an extra hundred dollars or so this weekend. ) I basically cleaned the majority of the time that I was there today.

So when I came home last night…..not in as bad shape as I was last weekend… I watched another episode of Outlander when it hit me….see this guy….in the photo below….IMG_2028

take away the dark wig……and add some thinning strawberry blonde hair….and it’s the cook at my new job. Even he couldn’t deny it!  Funny how he used to work with my mom back in the day. PT is right… never know who you are talking to…..

I didn’t have much spare time this weekend but the girl and I managed to make a yearly craft show….the last half hour of it anyway. I couldn’t believe that I still had to pay $3.00 for each of us when it was shutting down. It was worth it in the end because I did find these for my nephews for Christmas….2 for $20.00, can’t beat it. I did cover up the names (obviously) with the girl’s Harry Potter bookmarks, the back of them…FullSizeRender(74)

One nephew is all about hockey and since he has no fear…could be a valid life choice and one nephew who is all about football and will someday be a great lead in a fantasy football “group”…..I have no idea what they are called? These prints came personalized and matted……I think that they will like them. They are at that age where any “toy” type thing they want is uber expensive…..they get this and clothes…..oh and candy, if it wasn’t for me they would never get any.

My cousin did an awesome job of changing the oil, replacing an antenna, putting in floor mats and vacuuming it all out. Everything I made Saturday night goes right to him…he’s so cute with his receipts….I am so lucky. He is so proud that he found this great car and I am so grateful that he did.  It’s a first born thing (there are three of us this generation)….I am so blessed. He is also letting me keep it at his house until they take mine. My hearing is Tuesday so it could be any minute now………..Zia

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Spooks and Showers

I think that anywhere from Ohio and to the East is experiencing cold and rain. It’s very depressing out there today and it made it extra difficult to get up early for a bridal shower. Night time rain weather girl umbrella mobile wallpapers

The shower was a nice chance to see everyone and it was a change to have breakfast and mimosa’s, but…….it felt super rushed and there were a ton of people who never stopped talking. If you asked me what she received in the present department I couldn’t tell you unless it was clearly pictured on the briefly held up box. Personally I was relieved at the speediness of the presents being opened since there were so many but it felt rushed and impersonal. My sister in law was miserable, she hates it when things get rushed like that.Bridal-Shower-Umbrella-Balloon1

I was supposed to work last night at the restaurant but the kid (manager) text me Thursday and asked me if I could work Saturday instead so I said yes and moved the girls activities to Friday. It’s a good thing though, last night may have been cold but at least it was dry….I dropped her off at the local haunted house…well 9 houses and a hayride for $20.00, where she met her friends. I didn’t get home until after ten and I promised the boy Sriracha chicken with rice for his birthday….it was a really long day.



I know she had fun because she is still talking about it today.  We stopped at the place where I buy my incense and they were having a psychic fair, it was crazy busy in there. I knew what I wanted, where it was located in the store and we were in and out in under five minutes.  When we were walking to the car I jokingly asked her if she wanted a reading and she said “for twenty five bucks you can sent me back to the haunted house.”  She is too funny. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in psychics….I am saying that in a crowded place like that, there is too much energy coming from all over the place.  I prefer to see somebody with a reputation……..actually I prefer to have PT do my cards if I want to know.

I had a nice surprise in the mail yesterday, my aunt sent me this….IMG_2022

She knew how upset I was that I wasn’t able to see the lunar eclipse so she took a picture and sent it to me. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?  I try so hard to teach my kids that money isn’t everything and this is a perfect example. That card and photo meant more to me than anything that you could buy in a store because it came from the heart.glittering_heart-wide

Speaking of hearts…..when your uncle who is a heart surgeon goes back for seconds which include bacon……it can’t be that bad for you. This man who is also past normal standards of retirement age can still not only do a hand stand, but he can walk around on his hands while doing so….okay so maybe he’s earned the bacon more than most but still…..

I have about an hour before I leave to tackle my second Saturday of buy one get one coupon craze at work….I also work the brunch buffet tomorrow, I hope these old feet survive……Zia

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Boys and Cars

Yesterday on my half day I spent all of those extra hours on getting the new, used car. I have never purchased a car, went downtown and did the title work, and picked up new plates all in one day before.  It is done and sitting in my cousins driveway where he is going to give it an oil change this weekend. I am lucky enough to still have the Kia (knock on wood) at the moment.

Here’s the low down on the guy who sold me the car… he was nice for an older man of 62, which is way too old for me.  He is big into his Harleys, which is not me. He invited me into his house (no worries….I called my cousin on my way in and when it was all over) we sat at his kitchen table where he counted the money and wrote me out a receipt. For a small kitchen it looked more work friendly than mine but the picture of the nude woman on the wall above the kitchen table was icky and really? I swear I will never understand boys, even the old ones…  He was a perfect gentleman the whole time and I appreciate the fact that not everybody would take the time to do the title work, etc.  He had no problem telling me that he was well off (does this really impress other girls?) and that he doesn’t trust banks and pays cash for everything. I agree that you can’t get hacked if you don’t have anything in the bank but I don’t understand this kind of small talk.  I didn’t even find him interesting enough to consider fixing him up with a friend who likes to ride motorcycles. All that really matters is the quality of the car he sold me.

The boy had some friends over last night so I used that as an excuse to celebrate his birthday early. They took over the living room and the girl and I were banished to our bedrooms.IMG_2014

My laptop was dying or I would have blogged from my bedroom last night, since the boys took over my spot.

I was very disappointed in myself for being so interested in the collectors edition dvd that I didn’t notice it was blue ray until I opened it and put it in the dvd player. I was almost positive that I couldn’t return it because I opened it, I don’t know why I called but I did. The girl told me that as long as I returned it for the same item it was allowed, I even made her repeat it to be sure. The manager was extremely pissy when he refunded my $10.70….the difference between the regular dvd and the special edition. I hope that girl doesn’t get into too much trouble. He also pointed out that it is federal law that you can not return that kind of product opened. I am a criminal now who has now enjoyed one episode of Outlander season 1 part 2.1427255502-1427255502_goodreads_misc


I am in book boyfriend heaven…….Zia

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This, That, and the Other

First and foremost…..Outlander season 1 part 2 came out today, some things are very much worth the money.IMG_2010

I had my family story class tonight and the girl had to watch Agents of Shield so I am going to be up a little late tonight….I have to at least watch one.

The class went well and what he has in his head is much different than what’s in mine. He is my muse for this years family history project and maybe every year I will write a different story but this year it will be just one. The Legend of Scarpe Legee  A family Story by me :)

Work has been full of ups and downs the last week or so, without our office manager…..let’s just say that the hive is a little restless without it’s queen.  I will leave it at that.

I was running all over town today between work and my class, I was stocking up on gift cards for the boy. I think that subconsciously…..meaning it didn’t hit me until today that I got the idea from RD. The boy doesn’t need anything but a new job so for his birthday I am sticking different food gift cards into florist picks on his birthday cake. Some are $5.00, some are $10.00, some are even $8.00, I tried to make it for what I knew he would order. The gift cards include Five Guys, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Chick Fil a, Wendys, Panera and whatever else I decide between now and tomorrow afternoon. He has friends coming over so there will be cake and pizza in the midst of box towers and video games.

The one guy who isn’t one of the doctors at work has a wife who is sick. She takes anti rejection medicine and that’s all I know, oh and she’s a chef. One of the girls at work said today that she couldn’t believe I sent food to a chef…..I’m Italian that’s what we do. She sent me a very flattering thank you, it’s nice to feel appreciated when you make something. My kids don’t get that so it was nice to hear and I’m not gonna lie….my head is a little big right now.

I’m supposed to meet the guy and do the title stuff for the car after work tomorrow and somehow that involves coffee now. If he hits on my I will be super pissed off….just sayin’.

I am off to watch Outlander, I have missed my book boyfriend…..Zia

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In My Head

In the midst of my person chaos and clumsiness (I wore my Chipolte) I have been able to toss and turn my thoughts about my family history project yesterday in new ways all day today. Instead of writing a serious (because let’s be honest here) family story, I am going to write a family legend. All of this started with a photo that I asked my Aunt about and now I am going in a totally different direction. More to follow in a week or two about the actual story….

I had asked one of my cousins who has drawing skills, if he was interested in helping and because he is so busy he is not. I think I may have found an alternative in an app, it’s called Pic Sketch.  Here is one photo before…..IMG_2007and after…..I may have to zoom in and lose a few brothers.Image-1

I am thinking of writing it like a story book. Here is another before….IMG_2008

and after…Image-1(1)

I think that I can make this work. It’s funny how I had no intention of writing about my great grandfather and because of a photo that he wasn’t even in….this is what is in my head. Next Tuesdays there isn’t a class, but there are two after that, so in that time frame I will have something real to present to you….and be one step ahead of Christmas.

I have been an evil creature the last few days….I pose a question to all of the ladies out there who have been there….did your PMS get more severe when you were peri menopausal? This is two months in a row of “yikes, what a bitch!”Evil Woman Wallpapers

The girl played it very well tonight with the broken microwave. It either put metal in itself or the boy did???? Either way I was traipsing around town looking for the best deal. I still spent almost $70.00 and ended up at Walmart at dusk. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t carrying, I was in such a mood…I’m pretty sure flames could come out of my eyes if provoked…..see what I mean? Grrr

One of our stops was Target and the girl decided that we should have these….IMG_2003

This is what she wants as our everyday salad tongs….when she gets a job, things will get a little more interesting. She asked me today if I could get her in where I just started waitressing. My first thought was “awe” and my second thought was “maybe she is too attached” nah!  She was pretty proud of the sugar cookies that she baked tonight and I am pushing her towards a job at a bakery. Baking skills are a good thing to have, she could learn a lot and they don’t have late hours.

Monday was full of emergency patients…funny how everyone’s eye is falling out after the weekend, fighting with the cable company…..I got the credit but wore my Chipolte and now my car smells like fast food.  I had a broken microwave and swore all over town before I found one even though I think it was over priced. I had to turn down a night downtown with girl family members ( a post wedding shower thing)…A. because I just spent almost $70.00 on a microwave, B. because I will work 14 hours or more on Friday and my Saturday is my only day off, and C. because what in the world do I need with a colorful canvas of a Day of the Dead skull?  By the time you figure in drinks it’s $50.00 night easy…maybe more.

So much went on today that I think it might be the longest Monday ever……Zia

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No Moon For Me…..

Supermoon-Lunar-EclipseHow long have I been talking about the lunar eclipse?  I am so utterly disappointed that it is drizzling and cloudy outside right now. :( I brought PT some soup and risotto earlier and it looked like the clouds were breaking up and the moon was full and magnificent…..

I watched Once Upon a Time and the kids went to their dad’s to watch some zombie show on AMC. I took a bath and yes I sure did fall asleep…..I heard the kids and my first thought was the moon and that’s when the girl said it was raining. While I was taking my shower I got the “you’re going to drown” speech because I fell asleep. I can fall asleep anywhere (obviously) and I’m pretty sure that unless you’re drunk, high, or passed out you are not going to die in the bath tub. I was none of the above just tired and my muscles needed the epsom salt and baking soda combo.

I keep pausing and going outside to check and it’s the same cloudy and nothing. I guess I will just have to watch it on t.v, I’m sure the skies are clear somewhere.

I had more to say but now it’s after 11pm, and I have said nothing….only whined about the lack of lunar eclipse……Zia



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Roll With It

Everything is still so uncertain….. I just have to take it moment by moment and roll with it. I had every intention of trying out Planet Fitness tonight, but tonight was the only time I could meet up with my brother to pick up the money he is lending me. My nephews are crazy busy between hockey and football and they are only in elementary school. I met my brother at 8:30 when they came home from practice and it is like that every night. Your life would have to be in serious order to maintain that kind of schedule…yikes!

Today was oddly calm for a Thursday…..calm before the storm for sure. Tomorrow is scary….one doctor…..107 patients…..eight hours…..very, very scary.  I really hope I am able to make my 6:15 hair appointment?!

One of the many perks of my jobs is that I get samples of contacts…..which I also did at the lab because I had great connections….but this is a little different because I get to try new things. I struggle with hay fever every year and it’s more intense because of my basement. So I asked the other day and my trials came in today and wow….if you have an unlimited income or kick ass insurance you should try these…..dailiestotal1

I usually wear Alcon Air Optix and have been for years. I have tried a few Vistakon samples and I am not a fan, although the girl does well with this brand. These dailies are extremely comfortable and I really, really like them. I am hoping that we have a lunch coming up with a rep soon, I will have to check..

Today the girl was filling me in on a story from school. She was telling me about how the girl who takes her to school is considered an honorary bio member. I said…

“It’s probably because she sits with you at lunch and everyone else is in your program.”

“No that can’t be it, that other kid sits with us.”

“Did you ever find out his name?”

“No, and he has been sitting with us too long to ask, he’s really nice though”

“So years from now you will see his picture and say “what a nice kid, too bad I never knew his name?”  That’s just crazy!”

“It’s too late to ask mom, it’s just too late.

I remember the first week of school when she mentioned that this kid that nobody knew just sat down at their lunch table. I think it’s kind of cute that he still sits there, contributes to the conversation and nobody knows his name.  The kid with no name….

Tomorrow is Friday and it’s been a long time coming…….Zia


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