March is Coming in Like a Lion

I don’t know what it is like where you are but we had another 5 to 6inches of snow fall here. I never left the house today, I even stayed in my pajamas. It wasn’t bitterly cold so I let the boy do all of the shoveling. Let’s hope that since March is coming in like a lion that it goes out like a lamb.

I caught up on some projects while the girl and I well mostly me binge watched American Horror Story Coven.  I discovered new levels of disturbing while watching the seven episodes that we watched. The girl occasionally looked up from her Game Boy thingy mostly to watch my face. She thinks it’s funny that I get so emotionally involved, I can’t help it.american horror story coven

I watched the first season when I had cable and tried to watch the second season but it was just too out there for me. I have to see how this one ends, plus it has Kathy Bates and I have liked almost everything that she has ever starred in.

While I was drinking my coffee this morning I finished watching Yoga Is and the one yogi that stood out to me was Seane Corn and I plan on getting one of her DVDs it is more like what I am used to than the average DVDs on the market.  The minute the movie was over I found the beginning (I love that feature of Netflix) and found her name and started reading about her. I think that her DVD may be the tool I need to start practicing at home. The ones that I have now aren’t a flow at all, which is why my heart isn’t in it…it’s too much like an exercise video.

I think that I will figure out what I am wearing tomorrow before I go to bed tonight. I’m going straight from work to my interview so a suit is out, I have to wear snow boots (mine are semi stylish but still), and I have to look like I am not extra dressed up. This is going to be tricky…..Zia

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Out With the Old….

Good bye February please don’t forget to take the cold and snow with you on your way out. This February was the coldest February on record in my area and the third snowiest no wonder we are all hanging on by a thread! Thank goodness it was a short month. Today was cold but it was sunny and that helped some.

Today was my last appointment with my current beautician. She hasn’t touched my hair with a pair of scissors since last June when I tried to break up with her the first time. Since she made it so difficult I decided to just go to her for color and she does do a nice job on the color and is very reasonable but…….she pushed my appointment back 45 minutes this morning, and because I know how she is I came 15 minutes after that. She just opened up and the floors are dirty and covered with salt, she looks like she just rolled out of bed. She then tells us (her actual 11 o’clock was there now too) how she was throwing up all morning but it’s okay she thinks that it was food poisoning. I am thinking that maybe she was hung over?

It was hard watching her interact with her 11 o’clock. She has made some not so nice comments about this woman to me, I’m sure that she has talked about me as well. Watching her while knowing these things is another reason. My color is fine and with the exception of the poofy country western style she tried to send me out the door with….not, everything else was fine. I decided before she ever touched my hair today that I was not coming back….is that mean? Am I being unreasonable? I don’t like the way that I feel when I am there and that’s why I am not going back.

The rest of the day the girl and I spent the day running around trying to get everything we needed. It was crazy out there! Since there is another snow storm coming tomorrow, everybody else was out too. Yikes!

I was driving down my road when  the girls say “check out that Pterodactyl looking bird!” Thankfully no one was behind me so I was able to stop and fully witness my first Blue Heron of the heron

Just another little sign of hope…..Zia

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Up and Down Kinda Day

First I must say that the girl is traumatized by the loss of Leonard Nimoy….yes she is a seventeen year old modern day teenager. I think that I have already established the nerdiness of my little unit. She sent me a text…..that is how I found out. I have a little Twitter account and my only followers are my brother and the girl which is fine but holy cow…I think that she retweeted half a dozen Leonard Nimoy tributes. I am in deep doo doo when Stan Lee goes….meeting him is on her bucket list and I am not so sure that she will make that one.

I was even a little misty eyed when I was searching for a Spock tribute video. This was one of the down parts of the day.

I really did start my day in a good mood. I got a line on a new job before I even left the house this morning. :) My day was mostly planned, at lunch I would drop off a bag at Goodwill and after work I would drop off the recycling at Sam’s Club and stop at Giant Eagle to pick up a few things and taste some wine. That is precisely how my day ended.  Giant Eagle was tasting a red Bordeaux and a white as well as a Cabernet from Chili. I liked the white Bordeaux the best, the Cabernet was different….it a had a peppery kick to it, and it was my second favorite.

High Priestess reversed and the other one made plans for us to go out after work to have wings, which didn’t work out. I was actually a little pissed off, not because we didn’t go out, I don’t really care about that. High Priestess reversed was in the bathroom all damn day, and not because she had to go. I think that she was texting. She went to management and said that everything was caught up and that they should send customer service home. I can’t afford to not work an hour because she has a bug up her butt. So my little buddy and I stayed…..ten lines two people……welcome to my nightmare.

I was upset that High priestess reversed was selfish enough to believe that we would all want to leave early. I didn’t care about not going out that wasn’t even in my original plans but think about someone other than yourself. There was work there that could have left Monday AM and now will be lucky to leave Monday PM because it wasn’t done when it should have been. Grrrr It’s not my responsibility and I am not a snitch so whatever, but it did piss me off!

While I was at work today one of the older guys and my new personal favorite (you will understand) handed me a piece of paper that I “dropped” but didn’t. It had his number with a call me note on it so I called him tonight. One of the places that I had sent an application to called him. He told them “if it was my company I would hire her tomorrow!” He gave me so many compliments that my face hurt from smiling so much. :) My favorite was the part about how he wanted to fix me up with his son because he needed grand babies and his son stopped dating in law school……he had no idea in the eight years that he has known me that I was forty four.  He is my favorite person of the month!!! The lesson of the day is moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize!!!

Needless to say ….I have an interview after work on Monday…..hopefully this one fits……Zia


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Throwback Thursday the Music

Personally I can’t listen to this old Kenny Loggins song without bopping to the beat, the bonus of the underdog movie just makes it better. The girl even prefers the original movie to the remake and that says something. Mostly I say “stop remaking old movies and have an original thought already!”

My smile moment came from CG today, she sent me this…..IMG_0124

If this reminds you of me than I must be doing something right. :) It really did help get me through my day….thank you!

I made the call to Habitat to volunteer the girl and I to help out my little buddy with her hours. This will be new for both of us but if it helps……

I went to my first quarter auction fundraiser with my aunt tonight, it was fun even though we didn’t win a thing.IMG_0853

It made for a very long day…..any day that I am not in my pajamas by 5:30 is a long day….21 more days until Spring…..Zia

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Not Feeling It


Do you remember that job offer that I had where the money was good but it was twice the drive and had no health insurance? Well, I offered it up to High Priestess reversed and got her an interview. They didn’t offer her the job yet, I’m pretty sure if I call and say that I can’t take it because of the health insurance that they will offer her the job. Does that make me crazy? I want out desperately but the offer just wasn’t good enough, and I’m not so sure that I want to stay in this wacky world of optical. My inner voice keeps nudging me to get out so all I can do is keep searching.

Everybody was so cranky today but I had plans after work and I think that helped block it out. I had my second flight tonight.IMG_0849

My favorite one tonight was Weisses Brauhaus G. Schneider Aventinus a Weizenbock beer aka #4. To be honest…..I still don’t love beer but I will keep trying for a little while anyway. Maybe next week I will try something different, like a mixed drink, for me it’s about the adult conversation and getting out of the house……Zia

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Facing A Fear

fear qouteLast year when I had my mammogram I had to get a sonogram after… was a cyst and I was a mess. I didn’t tell anyone and I balled like a baby on and off the whole day, I was blubbering when he said cyst. He asked me if I had any questions….please I couldn’t even speak. Today I had to do the same thing, only I didn’t cry at work and the girls at work knew what was going on. Today after the sonogram she ushered me off to a room with two chairs in it……this was different than last year. My mind started racing what if this is the room where they put you to tel you bad news? Why am I in this room when last year he came in the cramped little room with interns to talk to me? Still….I didn’t cry. He did chuckle about “the bad news room”, I think it’s good to bring up the fear factor..especially with the boy doctors.

He walked into the room and my first thought was “he’s kinda cute for an older guy”….where did that come from? I don’t normally think like that. I have had people make comments about my primary care physician and I just look at them….he’s my doctor, what difference does it make what he looks like. Which make today even more odd. Anyhoo it turns out I have a tiny smooth lymph node that showed up on my mammogram…..nothing to worry about but come back in six months. If it’s nothing to worry about than why do I have to come back in six months?

I didn’t/won’t tell my family except for the kids and I didn’t tell them today. When I walked in the door twenty minutes early the girl looked at me, walked towards the kitchen and checked the time on the microwave, turned and raised her eyebrows at me. I said “I had to have a sonogram because of my mammogram”, she said “cyst again?” I said no “I have a tiny smooth lymph node, our bodies are full of them”. She “oh, okay”.

I struggled with my own fear which is why I didn’t blog last night, I didn’t want to “jinx” anything. I don’t know if a lymph node is better than a cyst or worse, but I can live with either one. When things like this happen it points out the things that matter. It would be nice to say that life is short, take a chance, make a change…..but when you have two children who depend on you….you suck it up until you find a way out……Zia



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Next Week At This Time….. It Will Be March!


The boy and I stopped at a local home and garden show….briefly. It’s basically the same stuff every year but I got to stick my nose in these hydrangeas and take a big whiff, I didn’t care how odd it looked.

I did get all of my running around done today and the roads were much better. I was actually surprised at how nice my road looked compared to other main roads, it’s unusual but I will take it! It’s back to subzero tonight and there is a chance that the kids won’t have school tomorrow. You know it’s bad when the girl is getting concerned about missing too many days.

My quote of the day was “Next week at this time…. it will be March.” It’s not much but that’s all I have right now.

One of the girls from work was married last week and it was a big Valentine’s Day wedding thingy at some little chapel with a bunch of other couples. I work with her everyday but do not consider her a friend and really don’t see us becoming close in the future……BUT I had the article featuring her picture, and maybe it’s presumptuous of me but I don’t think that they have many mementos from that day. I could be wrong and maybe I am and the girl doesn’t think that it is so weird that I put something together for her, I hope she is right. I had to dust off some old framing skills to top mount the article, how do you like my weights?IMG_0843

It’s hard to do the things that you used to without the proper equipment, I usually do okay with winging it. The frame, the jeweled embellishments, and the mat board cost $15.00 (thank you Michaels clearance) and it took me about twenty minutes to put it all together, do you think that it is weird that I felt compelled to put it together? I honestly couldn’t tell you why I made it, but it is made and will be one more project finished and one more thing out of my house……Zia

PS I had two tips on jobs and I have resumes addressed and ready to put in tomorrows mail.

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Desperately Seeking Hope

I find that when I have plans on a Friday night that it makes my weekend seem just a little bit longer. I had book club last night followed by a drink with EO who was back in town for the weekend. I think she enjoyed her brief visit with book club, maybe when it warms up some she will start meeting more people where she lives now. I was on my way out of the driveway when I looked up and saw the sky, so I backed up and tried to get a picture. This picture doesn’t do the sky justice though…..IMG_0817

I had to get up bright and early to take the girl to the local University for a school event…..optional……in the middle of a winter storm warning! She really wanted to go, so I took her. She really liked the forensic science workshop and has talked non stop about it all day, so I guess it was worth it.  I came home and then took the boy to work because the roads were bad and because the traffic picked up, they were worse. The roads in downtown and by the University were a disgrace…there was this one hill that I went up sideways because I caught the light and didn’t have the right momentum. In this picture I was on the slightly slippery packed road of snow and I was getting ready to turn on a hot mess of not plowed slipping and sliding and barely stopping kind of road.IMG_0834

The best part of the trip to pick up the girl was the robin sighting….I finally saw them…in the midst of this mess I found hope for warmer days ahead. I heard them when I was shoveling but didn’t see any, I did look for other signs. I found leaves on the azalea bush and I checked the buds on the lilac trees.IMG_0826IMG_0818

Once I rounded the kids up we really didn’t do anything else today, I hate it when the weather interferes with my routine….or should I say traps me at home like it has done the last few weeks.

My one little thing that I had to look forward to was canceled. I guess not enough people want to learn Italian this time around. I was crushed when I got the call. I don’t know if I should just look into Rosetta Stone or keep searching for a class. I will see what I can find it’s not like the refund check is going to get here super fast, so I have some time. I am really disappointed but I will find another way.

I hope the roads are better tomorrow because I have a whole lot of things to cram into one day……Zia

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Throwback Thursday The Music

I discovered Runaway the summer of 1985, the year that that this album (ha that right there says I’m old) came out. A very long time ago MTV actually played videos, for all of you youngins that is like You Tube with a host. I was fourteen that summer and this video was the most awesome because well they talked in it and you could hear the Jersey in their voice and well Jon was shirtless….how could you go wrong with that? Batting my eyes and giggling…, not quite…I never giggle.

I tried the It Works facial mask tonight and wow, I love it! I thought that I looked a little like Hannibal Lecter while wearing it….IMG_0805

Scary…right? It really does lift and tighten!

I had some really weird dreams/nightmares last night, maybe it was the wrap. The first dream I wasn’t sure if it was a dream. The only way to describe it was like there was a ghost sitting on my squeezing my arms and shaking me. It was very unsettling, I even lit a candle to banish the darkness so I could go back to sleep. The second dream was the same ghost type thing only this time the bed was getting slammed back and forth, and this one I knew was a dream and I was able to move so I reached up and grabbed some ghost balls and flung them and there was noise and a shadow of a face and then I slept like a baby. How is that for disturbing? Trust me it was……Zia

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Lucky, Lucky……Lucky Girl

I walked in the door after work to a house that read 79 degrees……I normally keep it at 64 but since it kept getting stuck (or so I thought) I kept it at 62. It was not the thermostat, but some other piece of the actual furnace. Not only did he come out at night, but he fixed it and only charged me $40.00 with a bonus electric thermostat that was originally thought to be the problem……….it’s a miracle!

Maybe I can actually sleep through the night? I doubt it, but I can hope!


I survived my day at work, I wish that I can use another term than survive…..but that is what I do.

Bad personal hygiene girl……who has been replaced by really really bad personal hygiene girl (that’s another stinky story) came over to try out the wrap tonight. I was a little disappointed in the instant gratification part of this experiment. If you really look you can see a difference……IMG_0631

I can’t believe that I put that out there….the pale picture is still my big belly, slightly different. Weird, right? I have to drink half of my body weight in water….which is nearly impossible in the next 70 hours or so. I will keep you updated. I can’t remember if these are a 10 or a 12, but they are getting tight regardless.

Stay warm out there……Zia

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