Henna With a Splash of Wine

Yesterday was pretty eventful for me. I don’t get out much and yesterday I crammed as much in as possible. I had plans with my wine steward friend to go to a couple of wineries. We need to visit five and after yesterday we have two down. Before we ventured to the first winery we went to a local market that happens once a month. There was a girl there doing henna tattoos. I have always wanted one and they were extremely affordable. I love it so much and to be honest if I could I would have them all over my arms and legs. They only last two weeks and there is no needle involved. This girl was fast too, it only took her about seven minutes to paint my hand. The glitter was fun and an extra bonus.

I was a little nervous last night when I scraped it off and olive oiled my arm. It was so light….

I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning…..it’s even a little darker this evening.

It’s fun and festive for the Summer Solstice this week. Personally I think it should be a recognized holiday, especially in Ohio where we lack the sun. It’s my favorite day of the year so maybe I am a little biased. Too bad I won’t be in the new house yet, it is the perfect day to get up and watch the sunrise and have coffee with the birds.

I am not designed for a 8-5 job and yet here I am….for now. I have said this before on the blog and just recently Mountain Woman said those same words to me.  Maybe when I’m not the sole supporter of two kids in college I can downsize some more and find a less traditional job? I am just doing what I have to do right now.

Back to my outing….We had planned on lunch at the first winery but their website lied. They didn’t start serving food at 1pm, it started at 5pm. We each bought a glass of wine, she bought some pepperoni and I bought some cheese and we talked and enjoyed the scenery.

I have been to the second winery before and it’s just okay. I wasn’t impressed with the food choices but at least they served food. It was pretty hot at this point so we grabbed a table by a window inside which was perfect. We took a little walk by the lake before we headed home.

It was a fun filled day! I ordered a pizza for dinner in hopes that I would get some packing done. The girl practically sat on me to get me to sit down and watch Thor Ragnarok. I liked it, I knew I would but….I didn’t get another thing done last night.

This morning I went to PT’s for breakfast and we caught up. I was there for a couple of hours and it was nice not to have to run off to do that or go there. I didn’t accomplish a whole lot today either but I got some stuff done. Some of the things on my list involved painting some things outside and it was just too humid today to do that. Tomorrow is out too. It’s looking like my Tuesday will be super busy after work. One of my friends is going to paint an old end table that I have. Wait that came out wrong. I am going to paint the end table so it goes better with my coffee table. She is going to use her decorative painting skills to paint similar flowers on it to pull the two pieces together.

I have way too many packed boxes in the house to paint anything in here.

I also started talking to Mountain Woman’s friend today. I think I was pretty clear about being friends only, I will reiterate if necessary. It is good practice….learning to talk to a man again. Someday it might come in handy but not today. She sounds all ominous “you better get ready it’s coming for you and it will be soon.” Love…really? I guess we will see…I don’t see it happening. I have spent too many years building shields and walls to let it fall all willy nilly. I believe in fairies and unicorns…bigfoot and Nessie….but love? Love….I don’t know if I believe in that anymore…..Zia

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Loving Me….

I took quite a ride down memory lane tonight. I was lucky enough to have KB helping me so it wasn’t too bad. It helped because when we were going through notes and letters, she knew who they were from. I don’t remember being quite so popular but I guess I was….if I blogged with lol’s I would have inserted one right there.

Those two were from cute little crushes, little boys who were a few years behind me in school. There were more from boys my age. Some were from after grade school when we went to different high schools. One was from a friend that I had frequent correspondence with….it ended with the letter “I really like you…like you, like you.” I stopped writing after that one. Brent wanted me back, Jon wanted me back, David wanted to know if I was seeing anyone. Then there was the letter from one of my closest friends in high school. Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of notes from him but this one I remember getting. We were friends plain and simple. He was my personal cheerleader, he looked out for me and he made me laugh. I was never interested in him…I was the one who slapped him and gave him a lecture if I thought he was messing up with his girlfriend, who is now his wife. He sent this letter because he had to know. Know what? Just because his friends said “ooh dude…she likes you.” Please, I think not.I remember taking a step back from our friendship after that letter. That lasted a couple of months which in high school is an eternity. It was never really the same after that.

I purged about 96% of the notes and cards from back in the day. Then we moved on to pictures. It wasn’t so bad because I had a friend with me..thankfully. Hopefully I got through most of the emotional pictures tonight. There was one of myself and Cockroach and it was a really good picture of both of us. I looked at KB and said “what the heck am I supposed to do with this?” She took it from me and as a good friend should she removed the bad part…..

I’m stuck with his hand but she did the best she could. I came across an even better picture of me…no scissors required. I just cropped my ex husband out of the photo. The kids might want it someday so I left it and stuck it in the bottom of their pile of professional pictures.

The boy was a year old and look at how skinny I was. Why did Spirit tell me to quit smoking? I’m going to get those twenty pounds off….or die trying! (30 if we are going off of this photo) One of the letters I found told me I was too skinny….no one has told me that in a really long time….

Apparently loving me is a disaster….I don’t recommend it….it never ends well. That is the lesson I learned form going through notes and mementos from thirty odd years ago…….Zia

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I Won!

I rarely win anything so when I learned that I won a free Reiki session from a local yoga studio I was pretty excited.  It was exactly what I needed today! The session was wonderful. I left feeling brighter, lighter, and more relaxed. I also made a new friend who offered the opportunity for future energy exchanges. I save money by not having to pay for a Reiki session and I get to gain confidence by giving her a Reiki session. It’s a bonus win, win!

I didn’t accomplish a whole lot on this half day Wednesday but it’s not over yet. I found out the other day that I won’t be able to move until the 30th….no pressure there…yikes! That’s going to be cutting it closer than I am comfortable with but I am hopeful that I can get everything into the new place and have just enough time to clean the old place. I have been trying to clean as I go so hopefully it isn’t a hot mess of a day. Seventeen more days to go…..

Last night the boy I and I did some serious purging since it was garbage night. I even went through my boxes of memories. I was in a chuck it kind of mood so lots went. Why do I need an 8×10 wedding picture of myself and my ex husband in an engraved frame no less? I tossed it! There are other pictures for future generations if any of them care. I had a picture and old bandana from my aunt’s boyfriend, I also tossed that. I had a huge crush on him when I was seven….forty years is long enough to hold on to that memory. I tossed all of my old Avon bottles from the seventies….nobody wants those anymore. I also tossed cards, letters, and the like.

I am still holding onto my concert programs from the eighties, there aren’t that many and they don’t take up that much space. I am getting rid of old newspaper clippings that I didn’t know I still had. I will be taking them to work to share with the optician first. People must have sent them to me back in the day because I have newspaper clippings from all over.I was a serious Jon fan when I was in high school! I’m still a fan just not as excessive.

I also kept my baby cards from Germany and my first birthday cards. I’m not even sure what this is?It’s in German so I am saving it, for now.

I still have letters and pictures to go through but I enlisted KB’s help to go through those with me. I still have 4-H ribbons and school ribbons and certificates….I think I might hold on to those too. Thankfully I labeled them when I was young enough to remember which ribbon was for which event.

I tried a new wine yesterday. I picked it up because of the label….I took a chance on it because it contained petite sirah. It’s actually pretty tasty plus there was an inspirational quote on the cork.

That has been my week thus far…a little bit of luck….a little letting go….and maybe more than a little stress…..Zia

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The Dead are in My Kitchen

True story….that story wasn’t about me or my people and the girl and I were upstairs packing when it was happening.  Mountain Woman crashed on my couch last night it was a long day for both of us so there wasn’t as much girl time as usual. There was a dream workshop yesterday that she attended about an hour North of me. I was interested in the workshop too but things kept coming up and I chose a family event over the workshop. KB had mentioned that she would like Mountain Woman to do a reading next time she was in town so I played monkey in the middle and set it all up.

Mountain Woman spent a lot of time with KB doing some medium work and reading some cards. It turns out that big changes are headed for KB…big changes! This could be her future….

KB is a little…well…terrified. Who could blame her? She will come around with a little help from her friends and a Reiki class or two.  Her husband came through last night and there is a long line of people waiting to talk to KB. Last night’s conversation was only with her dearly departed husband.The dog was pretty scared last night too and I learned that part of her anxiety is this house. Last time Mountain Woman slept over I gave her my bed and I took the couch. This time she insisted on the couch. My room is the most saged in the house and I did a clearing before she stayed the first time. What good is sage in a house full of piled boxes? Plus she slept on the couch so she noticed a few things this time.

Mountain Woman agrees that the ghost is male in this house. There is also an energy present that makes one second guess themselves. After sleeping on my couch she reiterated that this move was a good one even though I won’t be there too long either. We talked about a lot of stuff, hers and mine. She was receiving messages like crazy last night and this morning. Mostly they were her things but every once in a while something would come through for me.

My writing came up at breakfast. I told her how I named some characters and started a story and that four of the named characters have shown up in other books I have read recently. I neglected them too long and they have moved on… She told me I will create worlds and write my book. I had fun creating those characters but I wasn’t supposed to write them. I mentioned to mountain woman what my new story is about and she said “so you are receiving messages?” I replied “that’s a trick question because I don’t always but this one I did.” We probably talked about ten different things before we left the tiny restaurant with the mediocre food.

In the car on the way back to my house she asked me if I had ever watched Supernatural? I have but only a handful of times was my answer. I was then instructed to watch Supernatural, specifically the Chuck episodes. She said it….it was a random message from above and then we moved onto another topic. She dropped me off and headed home. The first thing I did was get out of my wet clothes and put on some yoga pants and get under a blanket on the couch. It was a cold rainy day in Ohio today. It was the perfect day to put on some Netflix and meet Chuck….

It was about four o’clock before I made myself get up and do some adulting. I ran to Sam’s Club and then to KB’s. I washed and dried my towels while we discussed everything that happened last night and the feelings it brought up. While we were waiting for the towels to dry (the new house has a dryer so I won’t have to play this game) she put on Naked and Afraid. What??!! Why in the world would anyone do that on purpose? I’m not a fan of reality tv but really….who thinks of these things?

So yesterday when I was at my family gathering…..

One of the ladies from book club started a thread in a text message about the August book club. Let’s not forget that we still have July’s book club to attend. She then started another thread with her other book club combining the groups for this month. I let the 2am text go…I let the ten messages yesterday in the morning go…I let the thirty-two messages the were sent during my family function go….I let the ten more Saturday night go…..today after ten – twelve more I snapped. I beyond irritated and bordering on pissed by this point so I responded with this…..

I typed no words…just this. I haven’t heard a peep since. I sent SB a text asking if it was too bitchy? She said it was just bitchy enough and that she silenced the thread before noon yesterday. I am not a fan of group texts and this is the perfect example of why.

I can’t even believe how late it is! I still have to wrap up my blueberry oatmeal muffins so I have breakfast for the week and take a shower. I’m not sorry that I spent most of my afternoon watching Chuck on Supernatural but it sure did help the end of my weekend sneak up on me…..Zia

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Missed That Turn

Today I went and visited Mon Cher. I haven’t seen her since last year so this has been a long time coming. She still has miles to go in her fight but she is the strongest person I know so she will get through this. I can’t even believe that it’s been almost two years since I almost lost her. Fingers crossed that she passes whatever she needs to pass to get on that transplant list again.

I was there an little over an hour but I knew it wiped her out because I was wiped out when I left. It felt so good to sit and talk to her and catch up. We have both been out of the lab for so long that we had little to gossip about, which is okay because little is enough. Neither of us misses the drama of the lab.

I left her house and made a wrong turn shortly afterwards. I am not usually on that side of town so it’s tricky for me. I recognized road names but wasn’t sure how to get home so I used Google maps on my phone. My wrong turn led me here….

I would have to be in a pretty big hurry to drive by the labyrinth and not stop. I wish I would have worn a jacket today because it was chilly and the sun never made an appearance but it wasn’t too bad. I even called Blondie while I was there to see if she wanted to meet up since I was in her neck of the woods. She was knee deep in paperwork and hadn’t showered yet so it was a no go. Someday we will get together….retirement keeps her busy.

I came home and took a nap. A normal nap for me is 30 minutes tops….today I crashed for over an hour. KB called me back and we went to dinner since I won’t see her this Friday because of book club. She wants to meet Mountain Woman who is staying at my house Saturday night. I played the middle man and I believe a reading is going to happen. I am always happy for the opportunity to hang out. It’s hard to find people who think/believe like I do. Plus Mountain Woman is the ultimate teacher….I have learned more from her than all of my other teachers combined.

I wanted to go to the dream workshop that she is attending but things kept coming up so I took that as a sign. Mountain Woman will share what she learned with me so at least I will get the highlights.

Speaking of highlights….my Sunday henna treatment was less red this time. Saran wrapping does make a difference. My hairdresser said that I can apply it as often as I want because it is good for my hair but if I ever want to go chemical again it will be difficult. Hopefully I don’t go back…

I don’t have much else to report other than I packed up eight more boxes tonight. The claustrophobia of moving boxes has begun….a couple more weeks….a couple more weeks…..a couple more weeks…..Zia

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Embrace the Chaos

It’s June 3rd and already the boxes are piling up everywhere. The obstacle course of moving is in full swing. There’s a big bright light at the end of this chaos so I think that’s what is making it a little more bearable.

This morning I decided to do round two of the henna hair color. This time I did it myself. Negative Nancy was very helpful and generous with her time during round one but let’s be real….it’s a one woman job. It made a huge difference doing it myself! It took her over an hour to apply it to my hair and while I understand she was trying to be thorough…it was too much. It kept drying because it was taking so long and I had to reheat it and because it was drying it crumbled when she applied more to my hair. It was a big mess!  It took me between five and ten minutes to apply it myself and it wasn’t nearly as messy AND I didn’t feel the need to saran wrap my hair. My advice to first time henna users? Don’t be afraid, you can totally do this yourself.

Speaking of Negative Nancy she was out of control Friday with her negativity! I started carrying a black tourmaline crystal in my scrub pocket mid May. In case you didn’t notice May was pretty intense with the “feels” and I just needed a little help. This happened Friday…..

I kept looking at Force of Nature Girl and saying “I can’t even…I really think I’m going to throw up.” I hate that I am that sensitive but it’s who I am I guess. When I came home and emptied my pockets I was floored. The stone broke in half! This is a new one on me.

Yesterday a small group of us went on a road trip to the town where Force of Nature Girl’s parents live. There was a big town garage sale and it sounded like fun. It was a dud. My best purchase was from our first stop. They had $5.00 each on these and while I wanted them very much, I didn’t want to pay $10.00 for them. I am not a haggler so I gave my money to Force of Nature Girl and she got both of them for $5.00 for me.

While we were there I got to meet this sweet girl and wow can she squeal and in a loud pitch that my ears have never heard before. She was cute until she needed to be picked up and placed in the kennel.

We also drove past a creepy house where a serial killer used to live and commit horrible crimes.

The town library was having a book sale so we stopped in and I picked up this little gem from the early 70’s.

It was somebody’s book from a college course and it is full of notes but hey it was only $1.00. There was another blast from the past in the library as well. When is the last time you saw one of these?

That was my day yesterday. Today is the boring day of chores and more packing and purging. I only have a couple of places that I need to go to today but that won’t be until later this afternoon. The henna won’t be ready to wash out until after 1:30pm. Fingers crossed that it is a little less red this time…..Zia


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Boom, Boom, Boom

Boom, boom, boom…..that’s how things happen when the Universe takes over. At least with me that’s how it works….it’s never just one thing.

One of the women from book club sent me a link to an event happening in the fall. This event is way out of my comfort zone and it’s two days. The event itself has my name written all over it! I will be able to check “attend masquerade ball” off of my bucket list as well. I don’t usually even think about doing an outside event because I have so much paper in my creations but this one was too tempting. I may even create some new products that are a little more me and a little less mainstream. This will be the perfect venue to try it out. I’m pretty excited! I barely made the deadline but since I talked to the woman before I sent in my check she assured me it would be fine.

I have been oddly motivated the last few days. Last night I packed up most of the living room. I’m going to try it one room at a time, purging as I go. Having boxes everywhere is stressing out the dog, she doesn’t like it one bit.

Sunday I worked on a custom order of some diffuser bracelets after some sun salutations.

I even made a wreath for the new house. It looks so out of place on the front door now but I had no choice since I disassembled the current wreath to make it. I’m happy with how it turned out.

The new place definitely calls for red on the front door. I took my inspiration from a wreath on Pinterest. I wasn’t going for exact just the idea. I even tried to dangle the flowers like the picture but it didn’t feel right to me so I cut them down and made it my way.

It was hard for me to leave open wreath. I was always taught that you balance it out….if you put one on this side…..you put one on the that side. Still….I am happy with the end result.

The dogs anxiety combined with my recent motivation has prompted me to get busy on an animal reiki course that I have been neglecting. I will let you know how that goes. I even had time to take tarot webinar this week.  I would like to stick with it this time, I hope that I scare less easy than in the past. Don’t get me wrong….I am not asking for dreams that leave physical marks in the waking world again but I feel that I have a strong enough support system in my life right now to give it another go. Hopefully the shamanic journeys I have been on have taught me just enough to protect myself so it doesn’t happen again. The “dream” happened 17 years ago and it still scares me a little.

Speaking of giving it another go…..and I’m saying that I am because thankfully I am good at hiding from the male population so it’s not really a choice but someone posted this in one of the Facebook groups that I am in and it made me say “yes,this!” when I read it.

Since the cards ratted me out with Mountain Woman the Universe has been sending me little bits here and there but this one says it all……Zia


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Cleaning the Past

This weekend has gone by so fast….thank goodness tomorrow is an extra day. The girl and I did some running around Friday after work and then we stopped by KB’s on the way home. Do you remember last week when I couldn’t stop laughing at the girl because she was losing it over BTS?  Well she got hers Friday night. It was Outlander night at KB’s and it was the episode where Jamie takes Claire back to the stones so she could go home. I thought KB’s mom was going to have an anxiety attack. She said “don’t go back!….why would you go back?” We have all watched Outlander except for KB’s mom so we didn’t give anything away. When Claire showed up at his camp later that night instead of traveling back through the stones there were four of us crying on the couch. The girl just shook her head at us. KB’s mom said “this is the greatest love story ever!” after watching this episode. Yep, I know…I thought to myself.

I have spent a lot of time doing “pre” moving things around the house. Yesterday I scrubbed out the inside of the refrigerator and cleaned the ceiling fan and the other light in the kitchen. Then the girl and I started painting furniture. I had done everything in my room except the armoire. I had enough paint for the drawers and one coat on three sides of the armoire. I ran out of paint at 10pm last night. The girl ran out about 2am. This paint is uber expensive and I hoped I wouldn’t have to buy another but I did. I bought the original quarts last year so it could have hurt worse than it did.

When we were getting rid of junk in the garage I came across this….

Roughly about 8 years ago I painted my nightstand and I made the unfortunate mistake of painting over the top. Some of the paint was coming up so I was excited to come across this.

It works really well but there is still some scrubbing and scraping involved.

I had about this much of it done last night when I sat down at the computer. I couldn’t do it. I turned off the computer, enlisted the girls help with the nightstand and I did the dishes while she was working on it. She did an excellent job. I didn’t go to bed until after midnight. I was extra surprised when I woke up at 7am and didn’t go back to sleep. I think it was about 7:30 when the boy and I had moved cars. He was playing some game online with a coworker so he was still up.

I was the first person at PT’s for breakfast and she almost fell right off the couch. I am never the first person at breakfast club…….ever! I left PT’s and went right to the hardware store to get more paint. I was home before 11am paint in hand.  The armoire is back in it’s place freshly painted, including the hardware. Since I had to buy another quart and my desk will be in my new bedroom after the move I decided to paint it as well. I was ready to all it quit at this point….

I did not….I finished it after dinner. The front and underneath where the chair goes is done, I still have the sides of the desk to do. I was painted out at this point. Because we were painting this weekend I had to suck it up and turn the air on. I hate closing the windows, not as much as the cat hates it but it’s pretty close. I thought maybe I could turn it off at least for the overnight tonight but the air is thick and heavy with humidity. Two more days of air…..I think I can handle it.

I started listening to The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah this week and I am almost done with it. The weird book I am listening to in the car is called Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott. The book in the car is about a lying manipulative drug using teenager….I think that’s what the book is about?  So far it’s been about how she plays her parents. Some of that is familiar from the Cockroach so I haven’t believed a word this fictional child has said. The Great Alone however…… (spoiler alert)

Let me start this with….I have never met anyone who was a prisoner of war. I can’t even fathom what that would do to a person. I may be wrong in my opinion?  I believe this character had to have some of this behavior before he went to war. Just by the way her parents talk, I believe he was a narcissist before he went into Vietnam. Talk about a toxic relationship!


If the Cockroach had a theme song this would be it. To be honest….he knew it and he played it often.

Something about this monster of a character stirred up stupid old things that I spent so much time pushing down. Then to add insult to injury the mother (who was married to the monster) dies of cancer. Now I am a hot blubbering mess! I am almost done with this book. I have dishes to do and a couple more things to check off of my list before bed so I will more than likely finish this book tonight. This might be the last book I read by this author. The Nightingale was excellent but it destroyed me….I can’t even tell you what it’s about without crying. If I cry at every book you write….I’m not going to keep reading.

Personally? I think the Universe is making me “feel the feels” whether I want to or not. Thankfully it’s in the form of a book and I can be a hot mess at home with no witnesses other than the girl…..Zia

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Out With the Old

It’s a good thing that I started my “project downsizing” earlier this year because I still have miles to go. Tonight is garbage night so the kids and I got a good start to cleaning out the garage. I have stuff in there that I haven’t touched in the two years that I have been here. I have a trunk full of stuff for Goodwill and a decent haul at the curb. It’s a good start. Maybe I would have gotten a little further if the girl wasn’t at her grandmother’s forever today. It was almost dark when we went out.

After a stormy afternoon we had a beautiful sky tonight here in Ohio. The girl said it didn’t look real but it was, so check it out…

During my purging session I came across my hockey cards. I haven’t seen them in so long and to be honest I thought they were long lost. During the Winter Olympics I was telling the girl about Manon Rheaume and how I had a set of her rookie cards so I was super excited when they turned up tonight!

I also have a Jaromir Jagr draft card in my collection.He was my favorite back in the day.

There are a couple more cards that I may keep but the rest I will give to my hockey nephew. Those players will be ancient to his eleven years. I was surprised to see that I had a Mr Rogers card.

I was into hockey big time back in 90-91 and 91-92 and even 93. It was 94 when we moved North and I couldn’t get the games anymore. I might catch part of a game here or there but it’s not the same.

Sunday night I had to miss the Front Range Radio show that I normally listen to because of the Billboard Music Awards. If I could have video taped the girl I would have. I have watched old footage of The Beatles and I never understood the reactions. The girl kind of acts like that. I don’t understand it but let me tell you it is hysterical.  When BTS was performing and the one kid lifted his shirt during the dance….I think she cried a little. I tried not to laugh so loud but I couldn’t help myself. She just said in a slightly high pitched voice “stop judging me”….I wasn’t judging, I was laughing.

It didn’t take Kelly Clarkson long to figure out that if she stood in front of the seats where BTS was sitting that she would get a big response. On the news the next day someone said Janet Jackson stole the show? I don’t know what show they were watching because those fans were losing their minds over this Kpop band. Including the one sitting on my couch!

I still have quite a bit of paper craft supplies that I am not using. I have been tossing around the thought of hosting a day long make it and take it? It’s always more fun to make things with others and if I leave it open all day for anyone who wants to stop by, maybe I can get some supplies used up? It’s a thought and since this is a three day weekend? Maybe? Tomorrow is half day Wednesday so hopefully I can get a jump on some things…..Zia

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I pulled this card every time I picked up this deck this week. It’s from my unicorn oracle deck…not tarot cards. Today seemed to be about this card.

I made a hair appointment with a girl that I used to go to when the girl was in grade school. I stopped when the girl was in sixth grade….right before the Cockroach eviction. She got married,divorced, left the salon and came back in that time. She looks really good and she still gives a good haircut. I was a little brave today and every time I pass a mirror I have to do a double take but I like it….

We’ll see how it goes after a couple days of me styling it…. I left here and went to check out the potential house. The girl and I did a walk through and we’re taking it! I love everything about it except that the kitchen is a little small but it has a dishwasher and that’s a step up. The privacy and yard are worth it….There’s a huge back yard as you can see. I can have coffee with the birds again, I have missed that tremendously. I am all about signs and I saw two blue herons on the way there and a noisy hawk was in the area when we were looking around outside. To me, those are both good signs. On the other side of this picture is a great front porch and as long as it stays warm, that is where you will find me. Outdoor furniture is my number one goal at garage sales this year. I guess I need to get serious about this downsizing thing I have been slowly working on and pick up the pace. I reduced the coat closet by half today so that’s something I guess.

Mountain Woman and her friend came over to dinner tonight. She was in town to take the final Holy Fire Reiki teacher class. Initially I was bummed that I couldn’t take it, actually it’s wouldn’t take it. It was a ridiculous amount of money…more than $700. After talking to the girls I am glad I didn’t take it and that’s all I’m going to say on that subject. My friend did bring me a present and I am in love….now I have a beautiful Selenite that glows by candlelight. The picture does not do it justice…..

Did I mention that I love it? It’s so perfect!  She did another reading tonight and called me out on a few things. Yes I am resistant….I agree. She is right about sending mixed signals to the Universe. When you are adamant about something in the day time but go to bed wishing for the opposite you are sending mixed signals. The cards totally ratted me out because I would never ever admit that…..I mean it…..if you ask me tomorrow I would totally deny what I just admitted.

With that being said….I snapped a picture of cat sitting on his stoop watching the bugs. The bush outside is in bloom and I thought it made an interesting picture.

So many things happened today….I can’t believe it’s still Saturday. I see lots of laundry in my future and massive amounts of purging…..Zia

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