Nervous Nellie

Nervous Nellie sounds way better than holy anxiety Batman.  I chose to sleep in and start my day a little later today. I only had a few things that I “needed” to do, go to the bank,get gas, take the girl to see her friend and check out the fresh baby, and stop at the ReStore.  We did stop at Aldi’s and get a bouquet for the new mom.

We were on our way to the hospital when I received a text from the manager at my waitress job. The party I was coming in for at 2:30  showed up around noon to set up? What the heck? So now I am worried over how these women will behave now that they have to wait to decorate. I tried really hard not to stress but it didn’t work very well.

Fresh baby was adorable and sleeping soundly. The girl didn’t want anything to do with him. I snatched him right up, held him for a few minutes while I checked his fingers and his toes and then left while the girl visited. I probably would have stayed in there while she visited if it wasn’t for all of the people. The baby daddy and his friends took up a lot of space. Pregnant girl who will now be called baby mama looked very drained and uncomfortable. Sadly I don’t see this lasting very long. Baby daddy is making comments about teaching fresh baby how to jump a fence to escape the law and baby mama says no way, not my kid. They have extra drama right now because one of the baby daddy’s friends carjacked someone and ran into a wooded area after escaping the juvenile justice center. Baby mama hopes he is caught and never gets out of prison. I think he jumped a train and will be caught eventually. The dumb ass has facial tattoos….like that will blend. I am so lucky to have the kids that I have.

I went into work and instantly the drama began. These women had an extra table brought into the room as well as a gift table and the bride and groom table. That was probably the biggest tip off to me…this was a bridal shower thrown by the grooms family. I had an evil mother in law so instantly my anxiety level went up. These women were in my way when I was setting up and didn’t want to leave after their four hours were up. There were men and children at this shower? If all of this didn’t bring back enough flashbacks, the bride reminded my of the cheating skank sister in law…what the heck?

They played many games designed to get to know the bride and groom better. One of the games they were playing they were asking questions like what’s your favorite color or restaurant? I was filling up drinks when the question “what was the brides first job?” People shouted out all kinds of things. My favorite was “waitress…or did you mean a real job?” Personally I don’t care what you think of me. That is a lucky trait because I would have never survived the Cockroach extermination if I was bothered by what people thought of me. However… my mother’s memory…I do take offense. Some of my family members on my father’s side made these kinds of comments about my mother and are noted in my memory forever. I’m more upset at how late I got home.

The grooms step mom was probably my favorite. I’m sure she had to deal with her own share of digs tonight. Her daughter had a couple of kids that made a huge mess and were always in my way. The little boy was about 10 months and he was so stinkin’ cute. He always had a big smile for me and when I wasn’t running around I was trying to keep him entertained. This woman surprised me and tipped me $20.00 on top of what I got off of the party. That’s what I tried to keep in my head when I vacuuming forever.

I finally get home around 9:30 only to find that the girl has washed the towels.

“Why would you wash the towels?

It’s on the list?

I know it’s on the list but at a time when we can go to the laundromat!!!! Put your bra on.


Because now we have to go to the laundromat after the day I had.

They can air dry

That will take forever, let’s go

I had two choices. I could go up the street in a somewhat safer location or I could go a little further where it’s border line hood but the dryers kick ass. I chose the kick ass dryers. When we pulled in there was a young man with lots of tattoos doing many loads of laundry and a car with a woman who was waiting for someone or was getting high in her car.

The girl and I went in. I put the towels in the dryer and put in two quarters which bought me sixteen minutes. While we were sitting there tattoo guys phone rang and he was talking to someone. The next thing we know this girl in a striped short skirt comes in and she never shut the fuck up. I really wanted to to tell her just that….shut the fuck up. They knew each other and yet they didn’t.

Every time I do laundry I’m always throwing away something he said. Sometimes I fill up the garbage with my clothes.

My mom always gets mad at me for throwing my stuff away when I can give it to Amvets. I do the same thing with the kids toys. I grab it and say “you don’t play with that anymore” and I throw it away she said in one breath.

She said something else that I can’t remember

He said I thought you only had two baby daddy’s?

No I got three and the second one threw me down the stairs and beat me like a Lifetime movie. I fucking hate him!

Now I am trying very hard to not look up from my phone and look at the girl but I am thinking “what the fuck??” Thankfully the sixteen minutes was all we needed and we were out of there. Talk about anxiety….I felt very uneasy in there.

On a less stressful note….I finally made my way through my mountain of binders last night. My whole organizing system wasn’t working for me and I was wasting space. I had one three inch binder (I will never buy one of those again) that someone at work took with my left over recipes. I took recipes and ideas from these….and put them in here……

It takes up much less space. I would like to take this moment and personally thank whoever created Pinterest. I can hoard ideas and recipes while not taking up any physical space….it’s genius!!

It’s been a long day and I am whooped…..Zia


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Fresh Baby

Pregnant girl had her baby today and everyone is healthy and doing fine. The girl sent me a text while I was at the store. The girl only knew that the baby was here from a photo on Snapchat. I say “Yay, do you want to go see her? Ask her how long are visiting hours.”  she responds with….”I think she just had it. Like it’s fresh.” It’s true, the baby is only a couple of hours old, I just never heard it phrased that way before. That kid of mine cracks me up.

Today was pretty boring at work. We didn’t have a doctor after 11am so that made for a long day. I did have time to finish putting the trial lenses away and the contact lens room is in tip top shape. Heaven help the person that messes that room up now that it’s under my watch. I saw two blue heron today, one through the windows at work and one on my way home. I am such a bird nerd.

The last couple of days there have been a lot of crows around the building at work. Yesterday I walked across the room to run a credit card and a crow was strutting right outside the door. I looked at the kid who was paying and said “did you see that?” “I did, do they always do that?” He asked. ” Nope, that was a first.”

I came home and grabbed my Animal Speak book and experienced a touch of nostalgia. I can honestly say that my journey first started with the crow. My friend KW copied the pages of crow from her Animal Speak book before I knew what it was. Before I ever walked a Labyrinth, before a lot of things actually. The magic of creation is calling. That is what crow means. Crows were always around me in an abundance until the day I moved south with my ex husband on what ended up being my mother’s last birthday. Leave it to a man to pick a stupid date. When I pulled into her driveway (the old house) the yard was black. I never saw so many crows in one location and as I pulled down the driveway the all lifted their wings and flew away in unison. It took me a long time to forgive myself for being too stupid to see that sign. That was only time that I have ever been smack in the middle of a murder of crows. It was months and months before I saw a crow again. I remember being really upset about that at the time. The crow is back and I am slightly better at picking up the signs. I don’t know what it means just yet…

I went to a new winery with my wine steward friend on Wednesday. The wine was okay, the food wasn’t anything special until 3am. If I go back which I probably will, I just won’t eat anything. The girls at work told me I wasn’t allowed to eat a burger out anymore, it never ends well. This burger was fine when I ate it but the flaming ass at 3am and again at 4am wasn’t worth it. Plus the waitress acted funny…..unless my invisibility skills are improving. I will go back for this view and my water fix, I can make a glass of Ohio wine last forever.

The eagle that lives near there was soaring above, it was too far up to take a picture. I could sit on this deck all day long…

The inside was nice but if I was to go back it would have to be a day nice enough to sit outside.


My office manager gave me a bag of fabric….beautiful fabric. I told the girl since it matched the color we are painting her furniture I will use it in her room. It[‘s time for a grown up room. Yes she can still have her vintage 1977 Star Wars sheets, they will just be hidden under a classier comforter. Luckily she liked the fabric too….in a curtain,throw pillow capacity.

I am feeling slightly behind and a little like I have my head up my ass. This vitamin D2 prescription that I am taking is not giving me more energy. If anything I would say that I am more tired since I took the pill Monday. Maybe next Monday’s pill will be better. Last night I was in bed by 10pm,I am rarely in bed at that time. I have a lot on my plate this weekend, I hope I get most of my list completed…..Zia


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A Victorian Kind of Day

First I have to say I slept like the dead last night. I’m actually surprised that I not only dreamed but I remembered it in the morning. The house in the dream was Victorian and when I woke up I would have told you blue but when I went online for help with a name for the color it became more teal. Like this door….

I remember walking into the house and turning to someone (I have no idea who) and said “I need you with me, you are much better at picking up the subtle things that I miss.” We went into some man’s bedroom and it was a very small bed and then we went upstairs and found evidence of many candles that had been burned. The house was very dark and I mean the wood as well as the lighting. Next I was in the kitchen, while dark, it was still homey. I reached over and picked up a cookbook and it had a picture of a stew type recipe only it wasn’t called stew. I said “I really need to try more British recipes.”

That was really it and for not having a lot of content this dream felt weirder than most, almost familiar. When I got to work I did a little Google search on British stew. Turns out that the Brits don’t like to use the word stew and I really, really wish I could remember the word that was in my dream. Anyhoo….because it was a peasant food it is very hard to find in any British cookbook. Granted I was at work and never made it past the one source so I can’t swear to the accuracy of that little fact. 

When I came home I found out that Negative Nancy’s daughter was delivering my chair from the ReStore. I was so excited!  She showed up with her boyfriend and a friend and they hung out for a little bit. She is uber sensitive and I really wanted to see if she could feel anything in the house. She said she really didn’t. The bathroom door creaked open all on it’s own which was timely. She got up to go over that way and a goose flew over head outside, honking like crazy and the cat jumped right over her friend right as she was getting to the bathroom door. Scared the bejeezus out of her…it was quite funny.

I am very happy that my chair is home and I still can’t believe I got it for only $30.00. I haven’t figured out what I am going to do with it yet but I am working on it. I call it my Beauty and the Beast chair.

I know I will paint the wood and have the cushions recovered in a complimenting fabric. I will have to work with the plaid because I am not letting that chair go anywhere. I like this chair so much more than I would like any new one. I still can’t believe no one bought it before I got there, I guess it’s meant to be mine……Zia

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I Need the Sun

I tried to get the girl to pick a college anywhere but here and yet….she picked here. I now have proof that I need the sun…it’s a medical reason. If only it were that easy. More than half of us share my problem.

I finally got the call from the nurse regarding my blood work. Thyroid…fine and I was really surprised on that one. Testosterone high but in the normal range….no menopause. Cholesterol should be below 200, mine was at 214, not life altering. Vitamin D…..12.3 and I have a history on my paternal side with Osteoporosis. She prescribed 50,000 UI vitamin D Cap Bion that I only take once a week and then have more blood work done in eight weeks. There were more things on the list that she tested me for so I guess I should consider myself lucky that it’s only vitamin D. The nurse said this should help with fatigue. If this is true, can you imagine all of the things I could get done?

Today ended up not being so bad at work  with the normal exception of Negative Nancy. This morning provided us with more than average “confused” patients. That was a bit unsettling. Not as unsettling as our Hoodoo Voodoo Dracu Drug Lord that we had come in on Friday. Dude…you are scaring me with those nails….luckily he was from out of town and we probably will never see him again. Oh and Friday we also had a dirty old man wearing a shirt that said “back in my day a Selfie was what you did when your wife wouldn’t put out”. What do you say to a man who is almost eighty and wearing this shirt? Nothing. You pretend you didn’t see it….at least that’s what I did.  I am learning to pretend that I didn’t see a lot of things in this world of medical care.

I came home and filed my taxes. Why did I wait so long? I wasn’t really sure until I breathed that sigh of relief when I received the email that said “your return has been accepted.” It’s been a couple of years since that happened and I am still waiting for the rest of my 2014 income tax refund. I really didn’t want to go through that again. Now you know if it was the other way around the IRS would own me. I have jumped through all of their hoops and still no money. I don’t get it..literally and figuratively…..Zia

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Hoppily Hopeful….

I am hopeful that this week turns out a little better than last week….boy was that a rough one.  I started my day at Ihop with a cousin from out of town. I had to be at work at 10 am so we met at 9. At that time of day it takes me less than five minutes to get to my waitress job. She went out of her way to see me so of course I would make every effort to see her. We caught up  on most of our stuff…aired out our “what’s up with her or him” laundry while eating a mediocre breakfast. It was the best part of my day.

I got to work on time and went in and started setting up. It was all buffet today which made it a little easier. The kid I shared a section with on Thanksgiving, widened our section and added another server. Every time someone says let’s just split everything 2 ways or 3 ways I feel like I lose out. If we didn’t do it this way we would probably be more or less fighting over tables so I get it.  Every time it’s my wages that get cut though..insert frowning face. I brought in the most with $207.00 and left with $182.00. It would be different if it wasn’t always me with the bigger amount. I could have been in a smaller station and made less by myself….not really sure why I am complaining.

When it was closer to 11, more people started showing up. The bus boy of the day was one of the new servers brother. I called him Jon Snow most of the day.

I’m pretty sure it was the hair. It even ended up in a curly man bun before the day was over. His sister had to Google Jon Snow because she didn’t get the reference.  All of my people were good, the kid server had two cranky women and my work daughter didn’t have any complaints. I am hopeful that this is a good sign that this week will be better than last week.

We were all in clean up mode when a customer walked in. He was supposed to be seated in one of the other sections but he walked up to the bar. What difference did it make, I knew I would be there for a while. When it’s a single guy, I try and be nice in a distant way. The chef said he needed a belt and could see his crack from the booth to the buffet. Thankfully I don’t have that image burned into my brain, I was lucky to have missed it. It was hard not to make small talk since we were taking things down and he was the only one there but it was just small talk. I wrote Happy Easter and Thank You Zia on all of the tickets today. This last guy responded and even left his number.

Even if we ignore the your instead of “you’re”….I’m not interested. Once I thought he was gone I came back out to the floor and was getting ready to commence cleaning. I asked the manager if he was gone and she said “yeah he’s gone” and then he comes out of the bathroom. I am too old to go into a ninja squat like that behind the bar but I did and I stayed that way until I heard “okay, he’s really gone this time.” That is a first from this job..

I’m sure it must be really hard to meet people and it was a harmless phone number. I think there is a certain amount of bravery to even put your phone number out there like that.  I am pretending that I never saw it and am moving on with my life.

My cousin’s wife put that they are expecting a baby on Facebook today…whew! I don’t usually have problems keeping secrets but this is another baby!! This poses an odd question….babies always come in threes…..since one cousin is having twins, does that count as two? It doesn’t much matter to me, the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. I love nothing better than to love on a baby that I can give back the moment there are tears or poop. I did my time.:)

I did have another weird occurrence this morning. It was 3:45 am and there was a tapping sound coming from the window. It almost sounded like the bar on the mini blinds that opens and closes the slats was being blown in the wind. I looked toward the window and the cat was also looking at the window. My first thought was “I should try and take a picture and see what shows up?” The realist in me said “bitch, you have to get up and go to work tomorrow, you know there will be no sleep if you see something.” I lit a candle and laid back down. I realize that is only slightly less chicken like than sleeping with the lights on. Then the girl started tossing and turning and the dog started having a nightmare. I can hear all of this through the floor. The tapping stopped and I went back to sleep. Truth? This is the image I had in my head about the tapping….


I have always had an over active imagination. I have no idea what that noise was and the waking me wishes that I would have been braver last night and at least tried to capture a photo……Zia

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War With Myself

I sure as heck didn’t see my day ending like this….

I can’t do it anymore. They say that getting older and quitting smoking are both good for you….how come no one told self esteem that? I have never had a positive body image even when I was a size four, I still had flaws and they felt magnified. This is out of control, seriously folks….I’m disgusted with myself.

The girl wanted pizza and she has been asking for a certain kind, I think it tastes horrible but she likes it so I bought it. While we were waiting I thought we could walk down to Chico’s and check out the clearance section. I tried on a black shirt and a black tank top and it was awful. They have weird sizing there but I like the quality of the clothes. The 2 in the tank top was too big under the arms and anything smaller would have been too clingy. I think it may have been the same with the black shirt since there were these weird flaps. The point is….I can’t even go into a fancy store, where I can barely afford the items on clearance and find something that fits. Nothing fits me right. I wasn’t going to cry damn it!

Okay, removed the contacts (I really like my new trial of Biofinity Energy’s, my eyes are less tired),put on my glasses and grabbed a glass of wine. I hate it when I cry and trust me….I’m an ugly crier.

Here’s the thing…most days I’m lucky because I wear scrubs to work and don’t change if I have running around to do afterwards. I really only have to struggle once a month for book club or the rare occurrence when I actually go somewhere. I am meeting a friend at one of the newer local wineries this week. My bed will have almost every piece of clothing strewed upon it before I say “this is as good as it gets” and will spend the rest of the night self conscious. It’s almost better to stay home than to struggle with what to wear.

The girl asked for new underwear and she isn’t usually a name brand person except in this situation. So off to the mall we went. Victoria’s Secret had their panties on sale 5 for $28.00, I had a coupon and that made it 6 pair. The girl picked out her five from the PINK table and I picked out one that didn’t have watermelons on it for the free pair.  I really don’t like going to the mall and since we were there I stopped at few stores that weren’t on the list.

My cousin and his wife are having twins and the shower is in a few weeks. I stopped into Gymboree to check out their sales.

The shower invitation asked for books in lieu of cards with a note written inside. I thought that was a sweet touch and found this book very fitting coming from me.  I was happy with my deals from Gymboree and if the clothes are made the same as they were when my kids were little…they will last through more than one kid.

Someone had suggested that I try Rue 21 for reasonably priced clothing with a Boho flair. They had some super cute things on the plus side….I may be tipping the boat but I am still on the regular side. I was disappointed in the selection and never tried anything on.

More than once when we were walking around the mall I passed someone who made me cringe internally. I stress so much about what I put on my body and these other people either don’t have mirrors or do not care. The manufacturers who make the clothes need to lay off of the clingy fabric. If I can count your rolls from fifty feet….you probably shouldn’t be wearing that. Then there was the woman who was wearing a sweater and jeans that were two sizes too big and ugg boots… was 70 degrees today.

I don’t have the time or money or skill to make my own clothes… I will probably bore you with random fits like this from time to time, until I figure out how to drop twenty five pounds.

If this isn’t enough….I haven’t a clue what I am supposed to put on my feet this summer. The Plantar fasciitis is changing things up. I haven’t investigated yet so I am going to hold off on the woe is me…now I will have to wear old lady shoes, until I know that for sure. I really hope I am wrong on that one…..Zia

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Who Really Knows?

My day started off with a really weird dream for me. Weirder than normal (insert chuckle). I had this dream about a boy, who I did not recognize. I’m pretty sure he was a football player which was never my type. He had on a blue jacket and white pants. I remember that the white pants were a big deal, it was an honor bestowed on very few. I have no idea what that could possibly mean? We were walking somewhere and we were holding hands. I remember looking at our joined hands and saying ” there must be some mistake, I’m not going to do this again.” He cupped his hand on the back of my neck and said “I think it’s a little late for that.” Then he brushed his cheek up against mine. It was like a horse nuzzle for lack of a better description. I am chalking this one up to a crazy full moon dream. Speaking of full moons…..

Today was one of those days at work that I would rather not talk about. Let’s just say full moon and work was rough. To quote Force of Nature Girl….”Today is stupid!”

I made it through work, which ran over…no surprise there and still made it to the Reiki share tonight.

There were only three of us which was slightly disappointing but I did get some practice in and that’s a plus. I need to find a better grounding method before going to one of these, I was so dizzy from the buzzing energy.It was like there was a swarm of bees in my head. That’s why I try and go to things like this…it’s a learning experience.

When I came home I saw that I had a text from my wine steward friend. This Saturday will be her last wine taste. I was stunned. The selfish part of me is sad for me because I have been going to these wine tastes for more than two years and what will I do on Saturday afternoons? The other part of me is excited for the new opportunities in place for my friend. I am lucky to have met her and haven’t decided what I will do for her this Saturday. Since Sunday is Easter and I will be working, I have all day Saturday off. I will still see her, just not as often. I always made it a point to go to wine taste to support my friend and always buy my wine at this store. Now I guess I have an extra half hour on Saturday’s and I can but my wine anywhere. I can’t say that I will never partake in this store’s wine taste again, I just won’t be there every Saturday.

New beginnings are everywhere, who knows what will happen next…..Zia

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Any Ideas?

Last night the girl sent me a text from upstairs….yep that’s how we roll these days. The cat was laying with her and mister anti social rarely does that so she took a picture to show me.Do you see that glowy orb thing that looks like it has a key in it? She took another picture of her ceiling….

There it is again. The girl came flying down the stairs, ran into the bathroom and turned the lights off and took a picture. She thought maybe something was on her camera. There was nothing. I honestly thought she was going to sleep on the couch but she went back upstairs and said “the dog is fine so it must be okay.” Today she told me that she took more pictures when she went back upstairs and there was nothing.

I have said there was something here from the very first night, not that it’s bad….just here. I’m sure most places have similar spirits only now my kid is dreaming weird and capturing things in photos. Dreaming weird was bound to happen considering my dream patterns but the ghost stuff? It was a long time before I started to be aware of it, she is ahead of the game on that one.

Work was Monday and you could definitely tell that the full moon is tomorrow. There was a weird guy wearing a bandana with long dark hair who smiled at me like he knew me. I had no idea who he was until his ride came in with all four of her kids wanting me to tell him his ride was here. She took the kids out to the car and then I looked at his name….nothing, then I looked at his picture while looking at his name. Holy cow! Remember my picnic table stealing neighbor? It was his cousin. There were two of them always together and I don’t think they were twins but I think their dads were? I really am not sure on that one, they always creeped me out so I never said much to them. Here he is 39 and having cataract surgery which means he will be back…ugh! I looked at the schedule again and recognized another name….the crazy girlfriend and accomplice to the stealing of the picnic table was also on the schedule. Thankfully she no showed…what the heck?

My friend KW did stop into work to pick up her new glasses and she brought me a little present.

Then I came home and opened her card in the mail. More than 15 yrs later and getting a card in the mail from KW is one of my favorite things. It was a nice surprise on both counts.

I went out to the OD’s house after work for dinner and yoga. It wasn’t too bad of a drive coming from work,only twenty minutes. The free yoga class was different.  I understand that there is a fine line between basic- basic yoga and I’m still gonna make you feel it tomorrow yoga. I have noticed this a lot with yoga teachers who want people to come back while trying to prove to the naysayers who think yoga isn’t exercise that they can and will feel the burn. She was calling out instructions to chair pose and there were at least six people pigeon toed? Why didn’t she correct them? It was odd but it was free. I wouldn’t drive thirty minutes and pay for a class that’s for sure.

I came home, talked to the girl for a bit and now I am here. By the time I take my shower it will be time for bed. This Monday flew by……Zia

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Fire Inside

Today was such a powerful experience compared to Reiki 1. I learned so much more in this class, the right teacher makes a world of difference. It was a one on one class and I think that helps sometimes too, although there is something to be said for group energy.

With the Holy Fire Reiki my hands were a little different. I don’t know if you remember my dragon hands experience from the first course or not, anyway this was different. I felt like there was a string between my hands and it was warm but not dragon hands. The teacher said when I was practicing on her that it felt like magnets, that there was a strong pull coming from my hands? I guess we will see what happens in the next few days.

During the first guided meditation I felt a wave wash over me and my whole body was tingling. Like when your foot falls asleep, without the pins and needles part. I was in the water watching a pair of eagles soaring on the breeze above when a dragonfly landed on my arm and boom! Instantly I saw the image of a dragonfly with Reiki symbol designed in the body. I knew last June when I was getting my Hecate tattoo that I was going to come back and get a Cho Ku Rei tattoo, I just hadn’t figured out where, I only knew I wanted it small. My teacher always joked that dragon hands would be a good name for my Reiki practice if I decided to start one. If I do decide to do that, I think I may have my logo. I am searching for the perfect image but I haven’t found it yet. I’m going to have to stop in and see my tattoo guy this week to talk about it.

I really liked her smudging wand and if I ever get together with BV I may be able to make my own.


All in all it was a good day. I was supposed to drop off that deodorant and I was dreading it. I really didn’t want to go into that bar to deliver it….I would have but luckily I didn’t have to. Rugby girl wasn’t working and now she is coming to my work tomorrow to pick it up. I was very relieved about that.

Tomorrow is our long day and I am following our OD home after work because we are taking a yoga class in her town. Normally I wouldn’t make that trek but it’s a free class and 25-30 minutes isn’t that long. I’ve been using my Google maps app on my phone quite a bit lately and it always seems to bring me home…..Zia

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Which Way is Up?

I don’t even know where to start…..I will choose those words to start over staring at a blank screen. I wasn’t here Thursday because I was making up for lost time around the house. That fairy form not only took a lot of time but I also neglected chores for that day. I would do that again in a heartbeat. I will always choose creating over cleaning. I’m rarely organized at home but work me is a different story.

I have been ordering the contact lenses for well over a year now but Force of Nature Girl still kept the stocking trial lenses and putting trial lenses away as part of her duties. She has been neglecting those duties and gave me the go ahead to take that over. I took a big yellow steno pad in and started organizing. I have 7 1/2 pages of trial lenses that we are missing and the pages are double columned. This was how I spent my Friday and it was a nice change. I didn’t have any perfume/cologne/body odor issues with my nose, I just put away stock in the proper way and make a list of what we needed. It was nice and quiet and probably my most peaceful day I have had so far at this job. My day went really fast.

I stopped and picked up salads for dinner and came home and started organizing some of my paperwork from my herbal studies. I did this while watching and episode and a half of The Crown. I also watched a Grace and Frankie episode before I went to bed. I have been scoping out some cat litter container upcycle projects. I just know these things will be good for something. I wonder if I paint it black, will I still need to remove the label? That seems like a lot of work.

I like a little bit about all of these choices. I really like the look of the chalk board paint but I like the fancy “rags” on the other one. I like the chalk paint ones as well….I just don’t think I am willing to invest the time and money…mostly time, in taking those labels off. I’m not even so sure why I am focusing on it, I have something to do after work every day this week. April is turning out to be quite busy.

I went into work a little early tonight because I had a party. Thank goodness I had a party since the restaurant was pretty slow. It ended up being a good night thanks to that party. Now I am here…. I need to get everything ready for tomorrow so when I leave in the morning everything will be ready. Since I am not a morning person this is necessary. I have my Fire Reiki course tomorrow from 9-3. Thank goodness for Crockpots! I also need to pack a lunch and I have no idea what I am going to bring. I should probably go and figure that out……Zia

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