Purge Yes….Minimalist….Probably Not…..

Today for some unknown reason I needed to clean and purge the kitchen. It took most of the day but I took everything out of every cupboard or shelf, wiped it down, and decided what went back. This wasn’t as drastic as the basement event with KB but I let some things go. I think in this room my ReStore pile is bigger than my Ebay/garage sale pile. I didn’t pack anything away in a “maybe” box and I only have one item that I can’t decide on. Do you remember the big Papered Chef craze? I have a round pizza stone that I hosted a party to acquire and yet….I haven’t used it in years. Does it stay or does it go? I haven’t decided yet.

Yesterday SB and I went to a mala class. It was fun and informative. There are a few things that I would definitely do different the next time I make one. I picked Hematite for my guru bead and it was pretty heavy. I have noticed some gaps in the silk thread and I think my dousing of E600 will stop it from further loosening. If I had used crimp beads before the guru bead I don’t think that would be an issue. Honestly….I think I want to take the time to learn how to knot in between each bead like a traditional mala. I’m still glad I took the class, plus I got to hang out with SB for a couple of hours. Mine is on the left….just in case the key didn’t give it away.

We ate lunch and then hit the library for their book sale. The girl has been on a major rice kick and recently stated that she could live on rice. I found this book for $1.00 and scooped it up for her.

Last night she made rice balls. They weren’t bad, I wasn’t crazy about the ones with the plum sauce but the ones with the red peppers were tasty.

My appointment at the credit union went well and my loan was approved. I still haven’t found a car though…I have never shopped for a car this way before? I went in and said what can I get for $this amount a month? She gave me a total and that is what my loan was approved for, so now I just need to find a car that is worthy. I was a little nervous while waiting for her call and am relieved that I was approved. I think my mom had a hand in this one. The woman who approved the loan has a name very similar to my moms and I tried not to get my hopes up just because of that…

We even had a new patient this week with her name, spelled the same way. I get it and I see the signs. I love it when the signs are in remedial form.

All I can do is the best I can right now and today it was cleaning and purging my kitchen.

This was a weird weekend and not because of the time change. I didn’t even wash my scrubs until late this afternoon and that usually happens on Friday. Book club was Friday but still…there was Saturday. Nope. Yesterday the girl and I had a Fixer Upper marathon. Please don’t ask me where that came from….I have no idea? Maybe that’s what inspired me to get back on track with my downsizing? If anything….it will make my next move a little easier…..Zia

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Unexpected Struggle?

This week is more difficult than expected? There is no moon phase to be concerned with…at least that I know about? It’s not bad….just difficult.

Monday the big doctor had a shadow. I’m not even sure what medicine this kid is studying? I do know that I didn’t get home from work Monday until almost 7pm. It wasn’t my favorite thing but it rarely happens. I chose to stay because book club is Friday. If this happens on Friday it doesn’t matter, I am out at 5:30….I stayed on Monday.

Tuesday we were held up again but this time only by twenty minutes. The optician and I went to Blondie’s husbands calling hours right after work. This town is about thirty minutes away and I stopped at the grocery store out there on my way home. It was nice, there were hardly any people. The location that I frequent is much busier. I made it home Tuesday after all of that ….still fifteen minutes earlier than Monday.

Today I did a little running around and stopped at the credit union to talk about a loan. I should know by tomorrow. I went at the end of the day today because I took my uncle’s advice and contacted a dealer first….only time will tell if that was a mistake. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow and I hope the roads will be in tip top shape…a girl can dream, right? I have only had this Stratus during one light snow. I know how the Accord handled in the snow…this is frustrating.

Thankfully the girl is on Spring break this week so I didn’t worry about taking her to school. She spent most of the week with her friend who slept over. They were pretty good about being quiet or at least trying. Occasionally I would hear them throughout the night but I was lucky enough to fall right back asleep. The friend went home tonight and the girl went with her dad. They did leave me a sink full of dirty dishes but as Spring breaks go…..I’ll wash the dishes. They can stay up and watch whatever they want, and eat whatever they want, at least I know they are safe.

I did dabble in my genealogical research more than usual this week. It turns out that that info I found does apply. I am now stuck at William McCullough born in 1750 which is better than Benjamin F Franklin born in 1815. The census information is tricky and non informative for certain years. My favorite line on the 1840 census… “white persons-Insane and Idiots at Private charge”  Interesting….

I’ve been laying low, getting stuff done and reading the book club book. The weather is still ugly and depressing and I can only do what I can during this dark time. Spring is coming and I really hope it’s a sunny one…..Zia

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That Darn Past…..

I woke up too late to go to breakfast and too early to do any outside errands so I checked my list. Respond to genealogy emails….check. I only work on genealogy one day a week for a couple of hours and it’s usually on Monday.  I sat down to respond to some emails from last week and lost a couple hours.

This branch of my tree is so difficult! Everybody was illiterate and the people taking the census information weren’t much better. They should have been more specific about names….the same people have different names from one census to the next. No nicknames please! I should talk…I didn’t put Cockroach on the last census that came around. I made his mother claim him….I know why people look at the census histories and no descendant of mine needs to know about that big mistake.

I reached out to someone who was researching the same surname and he had a ton of information on his ancestral peeps so I took a shot and sent him a message. I can’t even believe that he took the time to respond with this message.

I’m familiar with your McCullah family line. I met a women in Hawkins Co., Archives in Rogersville, Tennessee. She gave me a document of the research done on your branch of the McCullah family.

Your Benjamin F. McCullah was the son of William F. McCullough of Hawkins County, Tennessee. Below is the first page of the document she gave me:


Through the children of William F. and Margaret McCullough 1881-1923

The middle initial F, used throughout this McCullough line identifies them with William F. McCullough born 1776, and is believed to be Franklin. This name probably derived from a wife’s maiden name and was passed down from William F. McCullough born 1776, to William F. born 1835 son of Sally Armstrong? McCullah. He names as son Robert Franklin born 1861. Robert named his first child William Franklin McCullough born 1881 who married Margaret Anderson.

William F. McCullough born 1776 in Virginia was a tenant farmer according to 1850 census. He is believed to be the William F. enumerated on the 1810 census of Washington County, Va., recorded with 3 males under 10, he and his wife are in the 26 to 45 age bracket. He is probably the son of the older William of Washington County Virginia. William F. married Margaret circa 1799, last name unknown. Margaret “Marg” McCullough was born 1780.

The following children of William F. and Margaret have been identified.

John McCullough born 1800 married Luisa about 1826 join the New Providence Church in August 1826. They lived between Margaret Surgoine and William Armstrong in 1840.
Child born 1802.
Child born 1804.
Child born 1806.
Child born 1810 was Benjamin who probably died before 1840 census was taken. Benjamin is on the 1836 tax list with John and their father William F. McCullough. Benjamin is believed to have married Sallie Armstrong? source from Arthur Armstrong’s Bible record. They were the parents of William born 1835 and Pruda Ann born 1840. Sallie 48 is living with her son William and Susannah Marsh McCullah in 1860
Son born 1811
Son born 1813
Harriet born 1815 married John Armstrong.
Son born 1817 was William F. McCullough Jr. He married Lucinda Henderson d/o Samuel Henderson Sr.
Daughter born 1820) Nancy, she never married.
Son born 1823
Son born born 1825 was Samuel and
The youngest was Lucy Ann born 1827 married Joseph Housewright.

I haven’t had a second to verify any of this and I won’t until next week but this guy went above and beyond. There are some great people out there in the world of genealogy. Now I have that my Benjamin married a Nancy but on one of the census records her name was listed as Sally? The children’s names hadn’t changed? It makes it very confusing in 2018.

I was looking at the 1910 census today and noticed that there were two strangers listed as adoptive children? There has never been any mention anywhere or by my grandmother about this. I wish she were here so I could tell her. A John H Warren age 16 and a Roxie Smith age 10. I can’t even attach them to my tree so they are hanging out in something called a shoebox in my Ancestry.com account. I looked around in the 1910 census and found two dwellings of Warrens. Dwellings 10 and 11, my Grays were in dwelling 20 I think, that was this morning and I didn’t write it down. I couldn’t find any Smiths on the pages close to my Grays. It’s a new mystery. The dwelling is listed as rural but my grandmother grew up in a hollow aka holler, although she wasn’t born yet. I need to go to Kentucky and do the legwork….I need a visual.

Genealogy can consume you which is why I limit myself to one day a week.  This week may be an exception to that rule?

My uncle went with me yesterday to the junkyard so I could trade my title for some money. It was in a scary part of town and it was my first trip to a bone yard. My uncle said it was the most organized and well run junkyard that he has ever seen. I never pass up the opportunity for a family history story and my uncle is the best story teller so I had to ask how this side of town was when he grew up. He answered me and the kids he played with back in the day crossed his path again later in life when my cousins played soccer. Isn’t it funny how that works?

I still am uncertain about what is going to happen with my transportation but for now the optician’s old car is doing the trick. I am much more comfortable driving this old Stratus than I was with the new Ford Edge. The Edge is really wide. This Stratus makes many more noises than I am used to but it gets me from point a to point b and that’s really all that matters. A solution will present itself, I am not worried.

Last night I learned that Blondie lost her husband….it is so sad. I haven’t seen her much since she retired and now I am guessing that she will move South when things are settled. Calling hours are Tuesday after work. I hope his kids treat her right, that’s always an iffy thing when there’s a “step” involved.

I did get some major cleaning chores accomplished yesterday. I am getting there, slowly but surely. My Ebay pile is growing and I have yet to list a single item. I did however, buy some beads for next weeks Mala class. SB is taking the class with me and book club is the night before..it’s always a good week when there is double SB time. I have something to look forward to other than Spring and longer days….Zia

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I Didn’t See That Coming….

I guess a new car is in my future…. I smelled gas on Sunday but it didn’t seem to be draining my tank. I took the girl to school on Monday and the smell was stronger so I dropped it off after work Monday. Do you remember how my car was just in the shop two weeks ago? I would have preferred to know that my car was un-fixable $200.00 ago. I am still pretty bitter about that and will never take another car to my cousin’s cousin again. I had it towed today. Now I just have to bring the title down to the hood on Saturday. $250.00 is better than nothing. All of my peeps are freaking out about the location and insisting I take a male relative with me. We will see.

Force of Nature girl was very generous and let me have her car until tomorrow morning. I didn’t do all of my running around because it’s not my car and I’m not used to it spatially…. you know what I mean. It’s too much car for me.

Force of Nature Girl thought it was very important that I went and got my hair done today. There was a not so happy former patient who informed me that my grays were showing on Monday. I so wanted to say “Dude…is that the best you’ve got?” He may have been upset with us but he was going to have to try harder to get to me. I did get my grays taken car of and now I am adding some in. It was just supposed to be a strip but that’s not how it worked out. I like it but it’s not how I envisioned it turning out.

It still looks blonde to me but I guess this handy dandy shampoo will give me the steel color I am looking for.

My instructions are to grab the patch of blonde and rub this purple shampoo in it and then jump in the shower and wash my hair as normal. Only time will tell if this works. My hairdresser was against me growing out my bangs until I told her that when they get past my chin she can cut my hair like this…..

She is dying to chop off my hair…..

I met my Holy Fire Reiki teacher for coffee tonight, it was nice to catch up. It’s so hard to do anything during this time of year when it’s dark all the time.

Tomorrow the optician is bringing me her old car that she doesn’t drive anymore. It is extremely generous of her to let me drive her old car until I find something. It takes some of the pressure off. Everything happens for a reason and while it sucks to not have my own car, I am confident that everything will work out…..Zia

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New, New, Spring, New

I met up with my Northern cousin and her bestie today. We went on a psychic adventure. While they both had some pretty emotional things come up that include dramatic life changes, my reading was pretty much what Mountain Woman had already told me. New job, new house, better money, shedding the past and people who no longer serve me. It was kind of funny…first I shuffled and cut the deck and three more times she shuffled and I cut the deck and each time she said the same thing….I get the message. No question about my reading.  She did tell me that I had what it takes to do readings….I don’t see me doing that but it’s nice that she has that kind of faith in me. She even offered her basement to me for Reiki sessions. I said “do you see me getting a new car?” she replied “no, not anytime soon. ” I replied “well then, I won’t be doing any sessions in your basement with my current car.” She lives about 30-40 minutes away…all freeway. It was nice to have the offer though.

Yesterday was also a very eventful day.  I went to an all day writing workshop and it was just what I needed. I haven’t been “inside” my characters for more than a year. There were some excellent speakers and a ton of new information. My favorite professor of the day gave a motivational speech about small goals. I need to borrow her and use her as daily inspiration.  I learned a lot, remembered a lot and was given some pretty awesome resources. It was a great day.

I made one connection while I was there and of course….I could be her mother. I pick up kids wherever I go. She was cute though, she reminded me of a 10yr old Alyssa Milano, although she was a college graduate. I could see her being friends with the girl. We had picked all of the same workshops so it made sense that we stuck together. I chuckled to myself though….always the mom.

I have lots of new strategies and answers to things that I never thought of before so I would say this workshop was a success.  I am not to the point of sharing within a community but I do know that when I am ready….there is a community waiting for me.

The workshop was in a historical building, an old church. The stones in this church were singing without any music. Part of me wants to go to a service just to feel what the stones feel.

This was a good weekend. I learned a lot, I remembered even more. Now I just have to figure out how to apply it……Zia

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Talking With Dogs

Today took a strange turn….the optician brought a sage wand in to work and gave it to me to smudge the office and the office manager said “I think it’s a good idea.” So at the end of the day I smudged every nook and cranny of our space. I didn’t smudge the doctor’s offices only the doors. The exam rooms were kind of icky, especially on the OD’s side. Those three rooms left my belly feeling like yuck. I kept going and I extra smudged my space. Negative Nancy wouldn’t budge from her spot so I had no choice but to smoke up my space. I’m curious to see what tomorrow brings…

I even had a couple of requests for personal smudgings. I don’t mind doing it….anyone can..it was just a random request?

The sage smell helped to mask the stink of cabbage from lunch. We had a Polish potluck today so there was cabbage and sauerkraut  everywhere you turned. I brought pierogies and the office manager brought keilbasa and that is what I ate. Force of Nature brought some yummy store bought cookies in….. I don’t eat cabbage in any form so my choices were limited.

I stopped at a few places yesterday to talk phones…. I’m still on the hunt for a new phone. I refuse to pay the ridiculous amount for a new mainstream phone and I don’t want to be sucked into another contract. I am leaning towards this phone….

I am so disgusted with my Iphone and I would rather not own another one. Out of all of the phones that I have ever owned my favorite was my purple Motorola razor. I held out of the smartphone craze for the longest time because I loved that phone so much. Maybe I am putting too much pressure on a phone I don’t even own yet? I haven’t ordered it but this is definitely the phone I am most interested in at the moment.

I am used to my crappy Iphone though….how hard would it be to learn a new phone?  I like changing my lock screen and I do it often, can you do the same with a Moto?

I’m also switching to Cricket wireless, it’s much more reasonable than AT&T and it uses the same towers. I haven’t told the girl yet but only because she is at her dads.

Tuesday night I had a dream about a big black dog….. I was in the house and a dog that was not the beagle was dancing around and said “I have to pee.” I looked at her and said “You can talk? Why would you wait so long….things could have been so much easier?”  I got up to let her out and the girl stopped me because there was a very large black dog laying in the driveway. I told the pup that she was going to have to hold it for a bit. The black dog was trying to get in but I kept him out. Somehow he got into the house. He seemed friendly and as I was petting him I thought that maybe I should have him sniff out the boy’s room so he didn’t go after the boy when he came home. I was rubbing his belly and there was something written there. Fluffy letters that spelled Rottwieler. I looked at his face and it morphed from big black long snouted dog to compact Rottweiler face. Then he started telling me about his time on the streets and how he lived out of convenience store dumpsters in the hood. There was a blonde woman and I think the girl was getting a dog from her? I tried to get her to take the black dog and she wouldn’t. I told the girl that we were NOT keeping this dog. It was very strange like all of my dreams….

Communicating with dream dogs and burning sage in the workplace…it has been an interesting week….Zia



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Stranger Dreams

By now you know that I have some off the wall dreams but last night’s nightmare was a doozy…. Oddly I have dreamed of Hopper before, I only remember because I told the girl “that was weird….I don’t even like Hopper that much?” As fictional men go….he isn’t even my type?  Now if we were talking book Jamie?

TV Jamie has his place and does a wonderful job but he is not book Jamie. As much as I would like to distract you from what this post is really about….I can’t. Unless you are easily distracted than look away and check out that knee….

My dream last night….

I was in some type of church hall and I was engaged to Hopper from Stranger Things…I know it’s weird but I can’t control my subconscious and on some level there must be some part of Hopper that I am attracted to? There were a lot of older people at his event and they kept moving the tables around? I don’t know what that means either?

We had a very serious discussion about salad dressing and flavored nuts in a salad. He grabbed my hands and said “you healed me from smoking with your Reiki.” I pulled my hands back and said “I sent you healing Reiki energy, you quit smoking on your own.” I remember walking by him thinking how cute he was and then I shoved him on the arm and he shoved me back….so elementary school? He was big on community service and seemed to really care about the older people that were present. I looked at him and thought “what will happen when the passion runs out? I don’t know but I will stay around until it’s done.”

The worst part? I loved him in my dream and I could still feel it when I woke up.  It was extremely unsettling. First babies and now this? It is very unsettling and makes me kind of nauseous. Why Hopper? What part of his character speaks to me? Is it because he believes Joyce (Winona Rider) when nobody else does? Maybe? I have had some weird things happen and I am done pretending that they didn’t happen. It’s a good thing Hopper is a fictional character….I am safe…Zia

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Mandala 101

This post is part sharing with you what I learned and part reference in case I forget how to make one.

Supplies: watercolor paper, watercolor paints, pencil, ruler and a compass.You’ll need a bigger brush…

Step 1 square off your paper. In this case it was 9 inches, draw your line. Do not make any other pencil markings at this point. If you draw your lines and circles now you won’t be able to erase them later.

Step 2. Paint your little heart out. There is no rhyme or reason just  remember to use lots of water so the colors blend.

Step 3. Let dry completely

Step 4. Find your center. A regular ruler wasn’t large enough for the 9×9 square but I had a see thru quilting ruler that did the trick.

Step 5. Measure up from the bottom of the page to the center and draw a line.Turn the paper and do this step again on the other side.

Step 6. Draw your circles. This first one was a refresher and I went a little crazy with the circles.This one was better and more evenly spaced.

Step 7. Start filling in the space. Here is the original one I did in class.

You make your designs in pencil and then go back over them with a black permanent marker. If there are any pencil lines that you no longer need you can erase them. You can save the ends and make bookmarks if you are feeling overly ambitious.

I did not complete one today and that’s okay. My goal was to use up the whole notebook, which I did and now I have twelve mandalas ready to go. For me, everything I did today was just the technical part. The meditation comes in the last step of filling in. Now when the mood strikes me, I can pick a page and start my moving meditation. It’s pretty easy peasy once you break down the steps.

This was my treat to myself for working so hard yesterday. It was nice to have a space where I could lay everything out, make a mess, and let it dry. Some days you have to do something for just you….Zia

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Pain of Letting Go….

First I should say that my last post should have been titled “The Buffy Soundtrack to my Week” but it was late and I was tired…..

Pain. This morning when my feet hit the floor I felt everyone of my 47 years plus a few more.  My feet….my back….my legs..yikes! Once I started moving around it wasn’t so bad. Except for my back, I still feel yesterday in my back but only a little. There was a lot of dust and some mold so when I cough today there’s stuff moving around in my chest. All of that aside…my work with KB was the best thing I did so far this year….on the home front.

Together we worked on my basement for five hours. I needed someone who would push me to keep going and that’s what she did. I would have never made it half as far on my own. It was too overwhelming all of the “stuff”. A sad but true statement….I moved a lot of that “stuff” and that’s where there was lingering mold.

I did really well at letting things go and later KB admitted that she was worried about that. I think that the dreams I had were also a factor. When your dreams are telling you to let stuff go, I feel that you should let it go, so that’s what I did.

She really wished that we would have taken before and after pictures….me not so much. I’m not lying when I said it was a big ugly mess and nobody else needed to see that mess.

I have a trunk, backseat, and passenger side front seat full of stuff to donate to Goodwill. I am grateful that they are open on Sunday because I still have to pick up the girl from her friends house and right now….she won’t fit.

I have six large garbage bags of trash and I don’t put out the trash until Tuesday night. A normal person could set the trash by their garbage can until it was time but I can’t do that. That beagle of the girls would have it everywhere. There are some large and unruly bushes in front of the house and that’s where we put them. You can’t see them from the street, the only person who will see them besides us is the mailman and Monday is a holiday.

I still have in the basement some empty boxes, two boxes of jars for recycling, and a ton of styrofoam coolers that need to go. I appreciate all of my peeps bringing me jars that I can use for projects or products but I can’t use them all. I just need to be more picky about what I keep and not just with jars.

I walked down there this morning and it’s so strange and empty but in a good way. In seriously awesome way to be completely honest. I know I have mentioned this before but I am going to say it again…I have the best friends.

Yesterday the plumber came at 8:20 am and was gone before 9:00am. The drain doesn’t back up anymore, thank goodness. He charged $55.00 to snake the drain which I didn’t think was so bad. He was old and I was a little scared for him when he carried that heavy snaking thingymabob down the stairs but he made it just fine.

The basement is in pretty good shape and I have made some serious progress on the big shelf in the walk through room. I worked on that Friday night and oddly my Ebay pile is bigger from that shelf than the whole basement. The next scary big project is the garage….lots and lots of stuff.

I grabbed this box on my way out yesterday…..

I don’t know why I didn’t think of the Exchange earlier? The buy movies and games and it couldn’t hurt to check it out. First I walked in with the box falling out of my hands. I am not one who likes to draw attention so I was embarrassed as a few of the DVDs fell to the floor.  He said he needed twenty minutes and I could spend the time looking around. I don’t need anything from there so I went next door to Michael’s. I found a cute toolbox on clearance for $7.00 and it’s just the thing to organize all of those little sample bottles and the like for my doTERRA oils. I went back to the Exchange and made a normal quiet entrance. They took everything but four movies and all of the True Blood seasons. He offered me $32.00 in store credit or $20.00 in cash….I took the cash.

My next stop was to JoAnn Fabrics. This weekend they are having 50% off of their classes. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn to crochet and three girls from work want to learn too. We are all signed up. I used the $20.00 I just earned at the Exchange to pay for my $17.50 class. That made me happy.

While I was there I talked to the girl in charge of the classes and it looks like after they move down the street I might be teaching some classes. I haven’t taught classes in years. I’m not going to lie….I’m a little excited about it. She is interested in a book page wreath class and a fairy jar class. We will see, it won’t be until late Spring, early Summer.

I am off to empty my car at Goodwill and pick up the girl. Who knows what else I will get into today……Zia


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The World According To Buffy

It’s been a rough couple of days….so many things are coming up. New things…old things….you just can’t hide.

I don’t usually comment on current events or issues that are crucial at the moment but we had a patient…..an eleven year old boy with a ricochet BB bullet to the eye. Thankfully we had our only male tech on duty that day…while normally he is the biggest girl we have…yesterday he was a man. This punk was a bad seed…yet….he was a product of his environment.  I think that there was something really wrong with the mother. Not that I am judging but this woman had five kids with five different baby daddies…..


The boy tech was asking the mom questions and the eleven year old turns to her and says “Shut up!” Our Boy tech said “you DO NOT speak to your mother like that!”  The mother said “He always talks like that to me.” Boy tech said “Not while he is here.” The boy was put in a room and the OD went to put drops in his eyes and the crazy child started to swing at the doctor. Thankfully boy tech was there and grabbed his arm and told him in no uncertain terms that that was not happening here. The boy said ” I just wanted to hit a doctor…..paused and said….not here…. in the ER.” This moment right here…..that boy should be on a watch list somewhere. Even the doctor said “that kid doesn’t have a chance in hell.” This….is sadly our world right now.

On the home front I am having drainage issues again….what is it with me and blocked spring drains?

I did call someone and they are coming tomorrow. We had some serious rain yesterday and when that drain started to flood I had flashbacks. Thankfully between the boy and myself….the plunger held it at bay until today. There will be more rain next week and I am not interested in playing that game. If it turns out to be roots or the like I will pass the bill over to the landlord….but if it’s crap my kids left in their pockets during the wash I will have to pay it. Regardless…tomorrow I have to pay.

They are coming bright and early tomorrow morning, but that’s okay…KB is coming to help me so they need to be gone before she gets there. I am hoping that 8:30 am is enough time…

We left work an hour early tonight which worked perfectly in my favor. I wanted to deliver the girl to a three day birthday party she was going to before dark…and ….it’s pothole season. Plus I had to break some news to her…I was relieved by her response….sometimes you make your kids do what you think is right….turns out their instincts were right from the beginning.



Happy Chinese Year….the year of the dog….me….my year….

I hope that’s the case…..I have spent so much time pushing things down and now they are surfacing……let’s hope I have the strength….Zia

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