Where Do I Begin?

FullSizeRender(8)My day started at 5:30 this morning with the girl in the bathroom throwing up from cramps. She kept telling me that she was fine and that I should go back to sleep, so I did. The second time I woke up, sometime after nine, I discovered that she never went back to bed and was sleeping on the living room floor.  It took a while to get it out of her that it was cramps. Needless to say, I missed breakfast at PT’s this morning.

I wanted to take her bra shopping today for her prom dress but when I mentioned it she looked at me liked I just asked her to cut off an arm or something. Our outing today was very brief and she was the worst company. I know she didn’t feel good but geez stop looking like I am torturing you……I didn’t make you come with me.

I made a big pot of wedding soup this afternoon and did a lot of laundry. I don’t usually strip my bed and wash clothes in the same day but I did today. I finally made a batch of laundry detergent, that chore was way overdue. We have been here two months and I have been using store bought the whole time. I noticed the other day that some of my blacks are fading, that was all it took for me.  Can you believe that it has been two months already?

I did get to work on my story board a little today and it really is starting to come together.IMG_3511

The blurry was a happy accident. Speaking of…this guy has recently started showing up at wine taste. I’m pretty sure that he has a thing for my wine steward friend. He is a writer of some kind. I have never heard of him, nor have I read anything that he has written.  My friend thought she was being helpful telling him that I am writing. He made a youtube video because I wouldn’t share what I was writing. It was more like a rant, it wasn’t bad but still.  I don’t share because it’s not ready, not because I think someone is going to steal my idea. It’s just weird, the whole thing.


I went to a Yin class Saturday morning….boy have I missed it. My teacher will be teaching a few classes at this new, closer location so I am going to try and make it once a week.  I haven’t found another place to take a class and as long as it is my teacher, it will be okay. I don’t play the competition, yoga sport game.

The girl had her first sleepover at the new house on Friday night. Mainly it was because they had to be at the school by 6:45am on Saturday. That was not fun, and I came home and went back to bed. It totally messed up my day.  My sleep was messed up all weekend.  The girls seemed to have fun and that’s all that matters.  This month on Friday the 13th we are having a scary movie night. That’s what the girls decided anyway.

Speaking of Friday…There was a patient at my window Friday and I complimented him on his shirt. It is a shirt of a distinct area and part of local history. My grandfather grew up in that neighborhood and one comment led to another and it turns out I was talking to a distant cousin. I immediately text my uncle to verify and yep, we are related. The DNA class the night before and this encounter on Friday lit my genealogy fire again.  My aunt and uncle stopped over for a little bit this afternoon and we briefly talked about it. It just seems crazy to my to have cousins all over this area that I don’t know about. I really don’t have time for this right now…..maybe if I ignore it, it will go away?

SBC_spc-50353_0I can’t believe that it is 10pm on Sunday night and I still haven’t watched Outlander. It was just plain crazy this weekend…….Zia


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Whoa! What a Talker….

Our local library had a free program about DNA testing for genealogical purposes tonight. We went because the girl as she put it tonight after we basically ran out of there…” I just want a simple pie chart that tells me how much of each nationality I am.”  Don’t get me wrong this guy was super informative and if I was still working on the family history, I would have been hanging on every word. We just didn’t have the time I guess and this man is so passionate about his research that he would inhale and exhale information for at least three minutes before he took his next breath. Like I said, whoa!  IMG_3484

We left not knowing which test we should take. The whole thing makes me very uneasy. The thought of a big data base full of DNA is a little scary. Who know what the government could eventually do with this information. My gut says it’s dangerous, but I also buy into almost all of the conspiracy theories. Just call me paranoid.

I spent a good part of yesterday working on my story board, which is coming together nicely. I had wanted to stop a few places tonight to pick up some things for it but the library left no time for that.  My head is in my story big time and I want to be able to keep the momentum. I don’t like that I didn’t have a single second to work on its progress today.

We had Chinese for lunch at work today and this was my fortune.FullSizeRender(7)

I think it’s more like a quote than a fortune. I asked Force of Nature Girl what hers said and she responded with “mine was stupid and I threw it away.”  I might not get it but I try and at least reflect upon it for  a few. Who is right? Maybe we both are? They are words that come out of a cookie after all.

I can’t believe that it’s bedtime and I still have scrubs in the dryer and a shower to take. I am not ready for it to be so late……..Zia

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Most of the afternoon I have had Kermit the frog’s voice in my head saying alli-ga-tor. I tried to find a clip on Youtube of just that part of The Muppet Movie but sadly I could not. Those of you who had their childhood in the seventies will know what I am referring to, so I will have to settle for a photo of a random alligator.IMG_3458

The girl who sits to my left can be pretty harsh at times and either I am getting used to her or she is letting up some. One thing that hasn’t changed is that she thinks I ask too many questions. Sometimes she is right, I ask  one innocent question and the patient goes on and on. It drives her crazy. In most cases I like to hear the story,occasionally I regret it.

Today, however….I am so glad I did. Force of Nature Girl helped keep it going by jumping in with a question here and there, let’s just say I had a pocketful of purse notes.  (purse notes are sticky notes that I write things down on so I don’t forget later and toss them in my purse)

This couple came to my window after the husband picked out his post cataract glasses. I was just making small talk as I was putting the charges in the computer. It started with a simple comment about his accent that I couldn’t place. It turns out that he has lived in many places, Austria , Germany, and the Czech Republic I think, I’m not about that last one. He speaks seven languages and comes from a long line of woodworkers. His wife was from Hungary but she definitely had a southern twang to her voice.  She mentioned that her favorite thing to do was to go fishing in the bayou. I very innocently asked “do you see many alligators?”

Oh boy…. I loved every minute of this but the girl next to me, not so much. It turns out that this woman who is in her sixties, maybe even seventies encountered many alligators. The story she chose to share was about and eight foot alligator that she came across. He opened his jaws wide and the only thing she had was an ax,  she shoved that ax down his throat in just the right place so when he closed his jaws he died instantly. She dragged him out back, skinned him, and sold his hide for $700.00.  In my head I was thinking” is this really happening? it was awesome.”

Force of Nature Girl starts in with questions “wow so those Swamp People really are a thing?” “$700.00, I would skin an alligator for $700.00.”  They went back and forth for a little longer when the man said to me. “I dated Italian women, the ones with all of the stylish clothes, perfect makeup, and great shoes but that wasn’t me. My (can’t remember her name) is so down to earth and that’s what I wanted” I am assuming that Italian is one of the languages that he speaks, he made it sound like those women were in Italy.

The woman also told me how she has a special bond with animals and tends to know what they need. She doesn’t care much for people but she understands animals. At this point the husband realized that they need to move on. He waited for a pause in her animal story and touched the back of her arm in such a sweet loving way, nudging her to say goodbye.

It truly was the best part of my day. This woman with her curly mullet style hair do, who never wears a stitch of make up, who could have possibly descended from the great Amazon tribe, had me completely entranced. The sweet stocky shorter European man clearly adored her…these are the people that I live for. Can you imagine the stories I might have heard if I had the opportunity to but this woman a drink?

The girl next to me said “when are you going to learn to not ask questions?” I hope that my answer will always be “never.”

The girl was in need of a dry erase board for her room so I stopped at Michael’s on the way home. I used my 40% off coupon on her $19.99 dry erase board and bought myself a new story board. I also bought some sticky back Velcro circles so I can remove and add to my notes. That is my big plan for the rest of the night.  I have new characters to add before I lose that feeling….I better get on that ……Zia

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Knock on Wood

I am rapping my fist on the top of my noggin as I type. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Tonight was the first night out in our search for a prom dress. We agreed that we would only stop at one store each day since the girl has no tolerance for shopping and we both end up snapping at each other. One of the doctors at work suggested that we try JC Penney’s so that was where we started. The girl tried on a variety of dresses and settled on a simple black dress. That was what she stated that she wanted from the beginning, I guess we were lucky. It was on sale and there was a coupon so the dress itself only cost $61 and some change. We will need to get a new bra to go with it and that store is not my first choice for those. We tried since we were there but nothing looked right.  I just noticed that we didn’t have the lace straight on the back, I better double check and make sure it’s not torn.FullSizeRender(5)FullSizeRender(4)

We looked at shoes but she didn’t like any of them so she has a pair from Blondie that she is going to wear around the house for a day or two to see how they feel. I forgot all about those shoes.  Since her prom is a masquerade we went to Pier 1 to get a mask. I was lucky again as they were on sale so the mask ran around $24.00.IMG_3453

I think we did very well for our first time out. I am not looking forward to carting that dress around while we bra shop, but I loathe returning things. She will need a little shawl or jacket because I know she is too self conscious to wear it as is.  Thank goodness I have a kid who wants to cover everything.

So in between typing and looking at this dress, I am finding more flaws.FullSizeRender(6)

See how the pleats look like they are coming out?  When it’s stretched out and on my kid you can’t notice it. She likes it and she is only going to wear it once….maybe I’ll call tomorrow to see if they can get another one in her size?  If not I guess this is what she will wear, she has decided on this one.  It probably has more to do with not wanting to try on another dress than having her heart set on it. “No, no mom, I like this one” was the response when I pointed out some of the flaws. “I’m gonna have something on over it anyway” was the other excuse.  It’s one night and not really worth the battle in my book.

I guess today was really Daughter Days the sequel……Zia

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Daughter Days

It’s been quite eventful around here the past couple of days.  I went to school with the girl on Friday for her National Technical Honor Society ceremony.  I felt extra proud all day long. I also felt extra frumpy when I saw the picture of us together, I really need to get a handle on this. I have never felt frumpy like this ever, even after I had the kids and had baby weight. Something needs to give there.FullSizeRender(3)

We knew we would be pressed for time the rest of the weekend so we tried to get some running around done Friday night. We also surprised the boy by picking Perkins to eat dinner. Things have changed quite a bit since I worked there more than 18 years ago. Nobody knows how to pre bus anymore. I thought it was just the kids I work with on Saturday nights, but it’s everywhere. They are lucky I’m not the one telling them what to do. Oh and they were placing trays full of food right on empty tables?  There are these things called tray jacks?  I know they exist because I use them….okay….I’m going to stop. This is not my world and hasn’t been since I was six months pregnant with the girl.  I just dabble on Saturday nights, I must be the only one who notices.

Saturday morning we shivered at a dog fashion show for one of the girls peeps from school. It cut into my wine taste time a little but it was important to her.  Then I worked so my Saturday was super fast.

Today the girl and I volunteered for Habitat because a dear friend is getting a house. We really didn’t do much. We basically picked up the siding, carried it to be cut and measured, and then handed up to the guys/gals on the scaffolding. There was a beautiful ceremony about two hours after we arrived that had me in tears twice.  We ended up helping with the food after the ceremony, combining and cleaning up.  The girl whined almost the whole time…IMG_3447

So I don’t have any problem saying that this picture screams Village People.  If I don’t drag her then how will she learn?

We came home and the first thing we did was change out of our jeans. Sadly we both agreed that the was the hardest part of the day, wearing jeans. It really is sad and PT warned me about wearing scrubs everyday. …. We ran to the grocery store and I made dinner and cleaned. I worked on the one dresser in my bedroom, the one that all of the miscellaneous stuff ended up on.  It never had any sense of order since we moved so hopefully this arrangement will stick.

That was the quick rewind of my weekend. I know I have said it before but I have to stop posting when I have nothing left, this girl is done….Zia

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On A Lighter Note

The conversation this morning on the way to drop off the girl. “oh there is only one turkey vulture today.” Me “I wonder where his fourteen friends are?”  “Can you have a turkey vulture as a pet?” Me “No, I’m pretty sure you can’t.” “Why not? They communicate in grunts and hisses, just like we do.” Me snickering “really, that’s how we communicate?” “Yeah, mostly. Do you think it would eat the dog?” Me “No I think the dog is a little big.” “I bet it could live off of the dog for a month.” Me trying to change the subject “Are the regular turkeys out in that pasture?”  “Yes they are way out there. Hey you can have a turkey as a pet, why not a turkey vulture?”  Me “let it go kid, let it go.”

A few days ago when we drove past this same spot they were at least fifteen if not more of those turkey vultures in the trees. The next day they were in the trees and on the very expensive multi car garage and out on some barn like structure when the girl asked me “How do you summon turkey vultures?” I just glanced over at her “what are you talking about?” ” Never mind mom, I will just google it.” Silence. “Well?”  “Google let me down, there was this one thing about a guy but I didn’t read it, I don’t know the answer.” Only my kid, I swear. 

That was actually the highlight of the day, the rest was just the same old thing. Work last night wasn’t bad at all. I was super tired by the time 9pm rolled around but the parties themselves were fairly easy. One of the parties was for a state college. There were supposed to be forty people but only half of that showed. I got paid the same so that was a bonus for me.  It’s been a really long time since I encountered the educated snob. You know the kind. He felt so superior….why?  Is It because he has a little piece of paper that says he spent a lot of money for his education? He is a college recruiter not a rocket scientist.  This one happened to be overweight and reminded me of Otho from Beetlejuice with lighter hair. I forgot what that feels like, it’s been a long time since I felt like someone was looking down on me.  He was trying to be nice and always made sure to use my name every time he addressed me but he reeked of holier than thou.  It makes me feel bad for all of the other locations that he visits. This is my Saturday night job…yes I realize that yesterday was Wednesday but you know what I mean. There are a lot of counties in Ohio, what if the place before or the place after has somebody who is more sensitive waiting on him?  My mom felt like this a lot because of my fathers family. This is why Charlie is a waitress, for my mom.

Speaking of Charlie, now that the writing room is mostly cleaned up I brought out my story board. It is somewhere that I will see it everyday and that helps me. It needs revised though, I have added a few more characters and there are two that aren’t set in stone and don’t need to be on the board. I am still not writing regularly but I do work with the characters in my head everyday.

On a more serious note…..Is it just me or did Prince dying hit everyone else hard too? He was very talented, over the top creative and has a few songs that I even know the words and can sing a long…loudly and badly but along with nonetheless. I liked some of his music but I was not a huge fan. Yet somehow, his passing has had an effect. I am experiencing a huge feeling of loss, maybe it’s just the moon…..Zia

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The Blue Dress

I had a patient bring me to tears this morning. It wasn’t because he was upset and was yelling but because he shared a piece of himself with me. I am not sure how we went from “your copay is $40.00” to him sharing his story.  I didn’t ask but I am guessing that his wife had Alzheimer’s although I am not sure.  His story went something like this.

” My daughter wanted me to put her away. I told her that isn’t the vow I took. When I said for better, for worse,for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part I meant it.  My daughter…she didn’t understand that. My wife was a lovely woman who gave me the best years of my life and when she needed me, I couldn’t abandon her. I bathed her everyday by myself because that is what marriage is.  She will be gone ten years next month and when my time comes I am ready. I have lived a good ninety years, it’s enough.”

Once he started there was no stopping him and I was already wiping away tears at this point. What exactly was I supposed to say? He clearly felt the need to tell me this story so I guess I was meant to hear it.

When I gave away all of her clothes I kept one thing. There was this blue dress that buttoned from the shoulder all the way down to the knee and my wife filled that dress out beautifully, if you know what I mean? My daughter says that I shouldn’t say that but why not? She was my wife after all. So I kept that dress and I can still see her wearing that dress and every morning when I wake, I kiss that dress.”  He then looked at me and then looked around, almost like he just realized that he told me this story.

He looked at me again and said “I didn’t mean to make you cry.” With a choked up voice I replied “no it was a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it with me” He gave me a smile, the kind of smile that only someone who has walked this earth for ninety years can give and said “maybe I will see you next year, or maybe I will be seeing my wife.”

It took me a couple of hours to get my emotions in check before I could retell it to the other girls who didn’t hear him. Maybe it’s just these peri menopausal hormones that are getting to me? I try never to cut the patients short because I know with some of them, I may be the only conversation they have that day.

Every once in a while though, you do get one of “those” patients….the sour kind. There was a patient back over in optical, again…. I thought I himhawed over decisions…geez.  The lady in optical passed me this note when I was asked my opinion on a pair of glasses.FullSizeRender(2)

That was pretty much my work day. Oh, except for the the part where I was mad at Force of Nature Girl.  I went through  the big box of pictures and other stuff last night and came across a photo of me in my awkward stage with a ton of make up on, wearing a tiara, holding an umbrella and donning a pair of dance shoes. I have always loathed that picture. The girl found it and thought it was hysterical and sent it to Force of Nature girl who posted it on FaceBook.  Talk about seething rage!  The girl who had not anticipated this was a little scared and tiptoed around me last night and this morning.  She did ask me “how much of this is…. you are really mad, and how much is…. you are on your period?” Grrr.  I was almost over it right before lunch and then Force of Nature Girl said “oh look your dad posted how proud he is to be your dad and how he remembers this photo” I just looked at her and said “I hate you right now.”  About an hour after I came home she sent me a text and asked me if I wanted to take it down….what was the point now? She wasn’t trying to be mean she really did think it was a cute picture, I hope this experience will make her think twice next time.

I came home today and made the biggest dent in the writing room. I guess I had to face the past and go through that old stuff and organize it in someway before I could move forward. I also made some headway in the basement. What is it about me that I have to work on two sides of the house at the same time?  I am not finished in here but all of the boxes are off the floor.  I guess that’s something.IMG_3426

That little blue organizer thing might end up by the closet which is in the far left of this photo once I make my fear chair which will be centered under my wreath.IMG_3427

It’s weird to have a clear floor and the girl is right, Jennifer ruined this house. This room is exceptionally bad, they must have locked the three dogs in this room.  The scratches are really bad around my desk.

Tomorrow is going to be the longest short day ever. I work until noon and then I go to my second job mid afternoon and will work one party at 4:30 and one at 6:00. I need the money so this is a good thing but I might be super tired Thursday, and that’s a surgery day. Hopefully the second party doesn’t hang out long and I am home by nine. A girl can dream…..Zia


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Getting There…..

Oh my goodness, tonight just flew by. I just happened to look at the time and realized I missed Front Range Radio. The guests tonight were even from Ohio and I missed it. Maybe it will show up on the Youtube channel?  I hate when I remember something too late.

I haven’t used my printer since the move and it is printing all funky.  With the move my focus has been all over the place and I still haven’t filed my taxes. Or should I say “attempted to mail them to prove I am me?” I guess it’s a good thing I get to work early these days because I am going to need to use the printer. Geez!

This weekend has been absolutely beautiful, a rare thing in Ohio. The girl and I had a baby sprinkle today and while I had said “I hope it’s outside” I didn’t take into account the two hours of sitting in midday sun. I rarely burn but my shoulders are looking a little overdone. I had the girl apply some aloe vera to make sure that all spots were covered, so hopefully it doesn’t peel.

The shower was very nice and even some of my old coworkers were there. It was nice to catch up but the mama to be is one of the few that I really miss. It was really good to see her. She still has a head full of dreads….she is such a pretty girl, I just don’t get it. I don’t have to get it I guess….it’s her life. Now that I have moved we are only a few blocks away, so I expect to see her more. I even volunteered to babysit every once in a while….hopefully I don’t regret that one.

The girl liked the first dress that she tried on from my cousin’s wife, I’m not  sure if she just liked it or she was still parboiling and picked the first one that she tried on. In the end it doesn’t matter, she is wearing something she likes and it didn’t cost me anything. If you knew how much the girl loathed wearing a dress you would understand.

The weird, unexplained moment of the weekend happened when I was at work last night. When I left I locked the side door, but it was warm and most of the windows were open. Somehow the window on the side door blew out? The girl said she was in her room and her door blew open when she heard the crash. The boy was in the basement playing video games when he heard it. The neighbor with all of the little boys even followed the sound of the crash to my driveway. There was no wind, the big door was closed so it wasn’t part of the wind vacuum of the windows being opened and the dog wouldn’t come down stairs for over a thirty minutes.  I’m not sure how to explain that one? The glass fell out into the driveway not in…if that even matters?  The boy slept here two nights in a row, so I told the girl “what if the house is mad because the boy is here and up all night playing video games?” I told you before about the 4am thing, I just sleep through it now.

I don’t know what the heck caused it but the screen is in there now.  I was up late last night working on the cupboards in the kitchen.  I brought a lot of food up and moved some of the drawers around.  I also made a big dent in the walk through room. I am not sure why I always seem to work on two different area at the same time but I do.  I am getting there, slowly but surely…..Zia

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Porch Party

My cousin’s wife sent me a text to let me know that they were going to be hanging out on the porch drinking beers since it was so nice. I filled up my glass of wine and headed over. It was nice to sit and talk. I am still getting to know the wife and I have really liked her since day one, but getting to know someone takes time.  My cousin has been stuck with me since he breathed his first breath.  I have always considered myself lucky when it comes to family.

We talked about a lot of things. I hadn’t told him about the missing stuff until tonight. I am always afraid that someone I love is going to do something excessive protecting me. Tonight was just a comment but I reiterated that the Cockroach was not worth it. He isn’t but I can say that I do sleep more soundly knowing that there is an armory next door. It’s just stuff.

Today was pretty uneventful and the only thing on my schedule tonight was to make a wreath for the writing room. The pages are all folded but it’s okay if I don’t finish it tonight, I can’t imagine that I will be up to much after work tomorrow so I can finish it then.

My newly acquired cousin offered up her closet of dresses to the girl. I am not expecting her to find a prom dress but I am hoping she finds a dress for the National Technical Honors Society ceremony later this week. If she happens to find a prom dress…that is a bonus.

I can’t believe that it is 11:00 already, where does the time go…….Zia

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Fairy Dust and Fear

Yesterday started as usual and after the girl was picked up, I went on my merry way. I turned onto the road where I saw the deer the day before. I was only on the road a few seconds when I looked to the right. There was a hawk on the ground and it turned it’s head and met my gaze, it was on top of something with long white furry legs. Yes this hawk had rabbit for breakfast. Most people responded with eeeww when I retold this story. It’s the circle of life and I only saw the white feet sticking out, it wasn’t a zombie movie.  I never text and drive, but I am always distracted by the wildlife.

I pulled into work at the perfect time. The morning light was hitting the frost in a way that I have never witnessed. It was as if someone threw fairy dust all over the grass and it contained colors.IMG_3388

I didn’t think that this photo captured it, so I zoomed.IMG_3389

If you look closely you can see the red and blue mixed in the with the normal frost sparkle. It really is the simple things that amuse me.

It was a very long half day yesterday even though we left on time. Most days fly by, yesterday dragged. 

I stopped at Goodwill to use my 25% off coupon and found the perfect chair. Do you remember when I found this?IMG_3215

Maybe I never posted this one? It was Elizabeth Gilbert once again and I liked the idea. Yesterday I found the chair, only I think that fear is black and anger is red. What color do you think fear is?  I bought some black paint and a copper paint pen to make my version of this chair.IMG_3396

The chair is nice and sturdy and even came with a piece of gum.FullSizeRender

25% off of $9.99 is a good price for this project. I have been trying to be extra careful with any money that I am spending these days.

RD came over yesterday so I could give her a quick book page wreath tutorial. I think they came out nice.IMG_3391

I kept going after she left and made one for the biscotti lady. I promised her one a while ago but she never found a cookbook that she liked and I couldn’t find one that I thought would work. So last night I tore apart my mom’s Better Homes and Garden cookbook. I didn’t use any pages that she wrote on or any of the cookie pages, but it was something I was holding on to.IMG_3394

I had wanted to make one for the walk through a.k.a. writing room but I ran out of wreaths. I stopped and picked one up today for me. I have a couple more to make and I thought it was odd that the craft store was out of the size that I use. That’s never happened before, I’m sure it has something to do with Michael’s buying them out.

Today was relatively uneventful. The girl and I say a huge turkey vulture in a tree on the way to the old house this morning, I guess that was my nature reference of the day. When I got out to feed the cats I noticed a car slowing down by my driveway and stopped in the parking lot across the street where my neighbors driveway shows the visual into mine. Cockroach? Maybe?  I am extra aware when I am there and I noticed. I didn’t react but I noticed. I really do need to call the realtor and get that ball rolling.

Two breaths after I said I was watching my money, I have to mention that I have a cup similar to this in my zazzle cart.FullSizeRender(1)

I really like this cup, the color and layout of the zazzle cup are not the same so I more than likely won’t get it.  This mug is so me and makes me smile, it really should be easier to find.

The girl just came home from her dads so I think that my wreath may have to wait another day……Zia


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