It’s a Fine Line

Friday was another crazy day at work! There was a thunderstorm towards the end of the day when I was helping a patient in optical. I was running her job through the insurance when I felt a disturbance in the force. I turned and looked as a patient came walking through the door. The young Dr was behind me when I called to her to look up….I followed that comment with “you’re welcome.”

I forgot he had an appointment that day. He was an officer when the Boy and Girl were in their junior and senior year of high school. PT knew him better as a member of the faculty and had nothing but nice things to say about him. This moment…late on a Friday had nothing to do with any of that. He got caught in that downpour and walked in in his tight blue t-shirt…with just the right amount of wet….I might be old…but I’m not dead! The young Dr. is stuck in the “available” stage of everything…she hasn’t lived long enough to just enjoy the view. I find it extra strange that there is coffee drama with his partner? Are they married? I have no idea? It’s probably the best thing that could ever happen to my coffee place because they new girl is 100% better than the cheating wife. Cute cop in the tight blue shirt is stuck with the cheater.

I order his contacts…that’s the extent of my involvement. In light of current events, I find that once again…I am having “that” conversation with my kids. “All lives matter!” “All cops are not bad” “you can’t judge the whole on a few bad eggs!” What happened to that poor man in Minnesota is a tragedy and nothing I say is contradicting that statement! I WILL NOT have my children disparaging police officers because of a few bad eggs.  That is NOT FAIR to the men and women who put their life on the line everyday! Nothing the mass media says is 100% accurate anyway!!! This falls under my “wake up America” speech…You can’t/shouldn’t punish the whole from the mistakes of a few. End of discussion…

Today was a rough start…Boys…beware, You may want to skip this paragraph…. Today was what PT would call “Our Lady of Perpetual Bleeding” day….We had to run to Target for two things today and I had to stop in the store…I felt like I was going to pass out. The pair of underwear and shorts I threw away this morning should have been a sign. I feel better now but it was a tad bit scary earlier today. This is not the norm for me. I wish I had bought a roast last time I was at the farm…it would have fed my blood today. I guess I will wait until my normal taco salad tomorrow. I will survive…I may be tired, but I will survive.

The energies at play are off the charts right now…please remember what you believe to be true…not what you’re told. Love is always the answer….no matter what…Zia

PS…I really don’t want to be political right now but the Girl had lots of problems with this post. I WILL NOT say that all cops are bad…the media can suck it!!!! Yes, there are a few bad eggs but as a whole..the police are not bad!!!! We have to look at everything now and make a choice. Please choose wisely….

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Feathered Dreams

I started my day with the linger of images from yet another strange dream. I was standing in front of a large window looking out into the back yard. The Girl and her friend were planning on camping out. There were tents and they were oddly shaped, not teepees but not tents. The Girl and her friend were still somewhere in the house. I was either talking to my friend KB who was there, or I was talking to her via phone? I don’t think that detail matters, what matters is that I was talking to KB. While I was staring out the window, dog sized dinosaurs started sniffing around the tents. They may have even knocked one of them over. Then, from the right side of the window came a feathered being. Mostly the feathers were a blue gray except around the gold crown. Around the crown was more of a French Provincial blue. More followed the first rider, they all had the blue gray feathers. I’m not sure if they were riding or gliding, and if they were riding…I’m not sure what they were riding? The last in the procession was another feathered being with a bigger crown, more elaborate. I just knew this was a queen. Was she a bird queen? A fairie queen? Was this the Seelie court? I have no idea but it definitely got my attention. This one might take me some time to interpret.

Today at work could have been called “face cheese” day. There was this one guy who was the worst. His lens popped out of his frame and the lens was so gross I had to wash it with soap and water before I did anything, followed by two alcohol swaps to the inside of the frame. Pieces of grossness were sticking out like straws…if I had a weaker stomach, I would have been in trouble. I guess I just had a lot of lenses under warranty where I had to take out the old lenses and put in the new ones. What turns dead skin green? Never mind….I really don’t want to know. I can say that my days go much faster now that I am in optical.

I came home and was immediately grateful that I turned the air on Sunday night. When I went outside later to water the plants it felt a lot cooler and less humid so I turned it off…I hope I am not sorry tomorrow. I just prefer my windows open and fresh air flowing. This is a baby bird update…

There were six eggs and now we are up to four beaks…only time will tell. I have noticed that a pair of house finch come to the fern when I am back in the house, not just the mama bird.

I am almost finished reading The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. I really like this book and it is helping me stay in the old Kentucky Appalachian hollow frame of mind…not that I have found anything new. I like this book a lot but I can’t fully recommend it because I haven’t finished it…but I really, really like it so far. There is one thing though…I would love for somebody to go through this book and count how many times the word “perhaps” is in it’s pages. Once I noticed it…it was too late. Now every time I hear it (audio book) I say to myself “there it is again.” Perhaps I am being silly? It doesn’t take away from the story, it’s just something I noticed.

That has been  my day today…thankfully tomorrow is  half day Wednesday…I should finish the book for sure. I hope you had a great day…Zia


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Wahoo House?

My mind seems pretty stuck in old Kentucky…the synchronicities keep drawing me to something? I’m not sure what I am looking for right now? I have never had much luck researching this branch of the family tree. Today I went down to the basement and pulled out my box of research. In that box I found a generic list of questions that I had asked both grandmothers. I looked over the answers and decided to go with an area we had discussed more than once. Stinking Creek sticks out as a name and it was part of the Roaring Fork in Knox County Kentucky. My answer list stated that my grandmother lived in Roaring Fork longer than anywhere else in her childhood so that’s what I put in the search bar.

I’m still in shock with what popped up!!! It’s always exciting to find something real in the genealogy world! It turns out a man named Dwight D Warren made a hand drawn map of Roaring Fork on Stinking Creek in Knox County Kentucky. This a goldmine to me! I zoomed in on the important part….

There it is…the house my grandmother grew up in, the one her father built. I had to look up “wahoo” and it seems to be a type of elm tree, a winged elm? I also have in my notes that my grandmother was friends with a Sarah and Lindy Leath who are definitely neighbors according to this map. The fact that I found this on my first search has blown my mind for most of the day! I wish I had someone to share my excitement with…the Girl doesn’t care and my brothers have never seemed too interested so I have to be excited by myself. My grandmother would have been over the moon with excitement!!

It was pretty warm today and at dusk the Girl and I sat on the back porch and listened to the beginning of Front Range Radio. I left the back door open while we were out there. She didn’t like that too much, she was concerned with bugs. I told her that it would be fine, there weren’t any interior lights on and we were sitting right there. Europeans don’t have screens on their windows and they live…we were just letting some heat out of the kitchen for thirty minutes. It did help and the house cooled off some, I am not ready to turn the air on just yet.

I went to PT’s for breakfast this morning, it was so nice to see everyone again. We sat outside on the patio and there were seven of us…all with in the bullshit guidelines. I am the only one of the group that is against the masks and everything else that goes with that statement. I didn’t say anything, I just observed. I still find it shocking that so many people don’t question and just follow. I’m not built that way, never have been. I was grateful for the nice weather and it was good to see PT in person. I miss my friend.

The Girl and I did a tiny bit of running around and then we were home for the day. I don’t get too many days where I just chill but today was one of them. I did a little genealogy “digging” but found nothing other than my big find from the first search. I did send out an email with some inquiries but that was about it. I still think I need to physically go there to do the research. I guess we will see….Zia

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Magically Mundane

I wonder how many of my blog posts start off with “it’s been a weird couple of days?” Here’s another one to add to the mix. Yesterday was the new moon and I felt the need to build a new crystal grid.

I sent a picture to my friend KW and her response was “heart centered and grounding?” My response….”I was going for heart centered and protection” If love finds me again…it will have to take me kicking and screaming.

It was a long week and I was crazy busy every day at work. I am trying not to post about work which is difficult and that’s why I haven’t posted lately. I guess we will see how long I can hold out?

I came home yesterday with the goal to get as much done as possible so I can chill for most of the weekend. I did my laundry, and started on my bedroom which is the most neglected room in the house. I took everything off the bookshelves and rearranged. I finally managed to hang the broom I made in Salem, MA almost a year ago(2months shy).

I cleansed the whole house with sage, followed by a dance party while I cleaned. What’s your cleaning soundtrack? Mine was extra eclectic last night. I started with part of Rob Zombie’s Past Present and Future, followed by Buffy the musical Once More With Feeling, and ended with Blackmore’s Night A Ghost of a Rose. Strange? I know. I challenge anyone to mop a floor to Cartouche….it’s the most fun you can have while completing such a mundane task.

Today I went through old paperwork. I shredded what needed to be shredded and filed what needed to be filed. I haven’t filed since July of 2018 so that was quite a bit of paperwork to organize. It’s done now and that’s a good thing. I have found some ways to streamline all of the paperwork so it wasn’t horrible…just old stuff.

The Boy and I cut grass today and the Girl and I did the grocery shopping….all of the big stuff is done. I still have projects to get done but the intimidating ones are finished. I have even won a battle or two for the television content. I want to watch Boston Legal and the Girl wants to watch Criminal Minds. I don’t have anything against Criminal Minds, I would just rather watch Boston Legal. It was a great show! I love William Shatner!! Not the way my mother loved him, but in a funny, adorable way. He cracks me up!

When I went out to water the ferns today I was excited to find two baby birds so far! All of the eggs have not hatched but there are two sweet baby house finches.

I have been quite blessed with the magical creatures that have graced my surroundings lately. I love every minute of it!

Here is a brief recap of the latest weirdness. Remember my angel reading? I know Mon Cher was there but there is debate over the other female spirit? It could be my mom? It could be Mother Earth? I was connected to the earth…right down to my counterclockwise vortex. I have had rare nature sightings in my own yard…it’s a mystery. So much so, that I was convinced it was Mother Earth.

Yesterday a patient called me. I had previously called her to let her know her glasses were in. She called me back to let me know her husband was picking them up. She asked my name and I told her and she said “I thought your name was Leona” I said “no, but oddly I have a great great grandmother with that name but she went by Jane.” It just felt weird, I even mentioned it to Big K.

Today, I finally got the book club book on my Libby app. I started listening to it first thing this morning. The book is by Jojo Myers “The Giver of Stars.” It was dedicated to a “Napier”…in my lineage. In the prologue there was a confrontation with a jerk man by the name of McCullough….my mystery side of the family tree….and the kicker? The book takes place in Kentucky and I am only in the beginning but they mentioned Harlan County where my grandfather was from and it butts right up to Bell county where my grandmother was from and where my mother was born…..That was a whole lot to process first thing in the morning. I’m still in chapter one so hopefully it will become more of a story and less of a message? I guess we will see.

I am hoping that I will have something interesting to talk about tomorrow? It’s a three day weekend….anything is possible….Zia

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Rare Sight!

Today’s rare visitor….a Luna Moth!!!

I was pretty excited! She showed up after I cut the grass and after I put in my container garden. I was worried she would try and fly away but she didn’t….no matter how close I got. It was pretty magical!

Tonight the Girl and I had our first fire in our new little fire pit, it was so nice! I will be asking all of my peeps for sticks from their yards. This will be the first of many!

That troublesome squirrel has been digging in some of my pots so when I planted my container garden today, I made sure to put some protection around them. It kept the cat of of my fig plant so hopefully it will work on this squirrel.

I did get a lot accomplished today, which is good since it looks like it will rain forever around here.Things are changing at work and I am lucky enough to have help pop up in the most unexpected ways….more to follow….Zia

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3am Shenanigans

I really don’t know where to start? So I guess I will start with the 3am shenanigans….This happened to me last week too but I can’t remember the dream off the top of my head? Maybe it was the one with the male druids and male witches? I would have to look it up. Last night I was asleep until a burst of air blew into my mouth for lack of a better description? It’s almost like someone took one of those old accordion fans for the fireplace and pushed air into me.The deep inhale made me gasp and woke me up, the same thing happened last week. Here is the dream that followed…

I was riding on the back of a big hay wagon talking to an old friend. There were lots of people on the wagon but I didn’t know any of them. My old friend asked me what I was afraid of, and my answer was possession. The driver slammed on his brakes and my drink went flying and if I didn’t grab onto my friends leg, I would have went with it. I stomped over to the cab of the truck and lifted the roof like a lid and yelled at the driver who was the UPS driver from work and then he melted into the seat.

I’m in a strange house throwing a load of laundry into the washer. Almost immediately I am back to change the load and there is water everywhere. Then I am in the living room talking to someone and there are kids who are blocking off the hallway that leads to the basement. It’s really cold there now and it feels wrong.

Then I am on a ladder/stair that looks newly built. I needed to dust it and couldn’t get a good grip because I didn’t want to reach my hand under the side of wood where I couldn’t see. The ladder/stair stopped at a ceiling and that’s when an ominous face appeared. It didn’t really say anything it was more like growls and noises. I lost my balance and started to fall and then I didn’t? I think I yelled back at him?

Then I went back to the house with a friend and we left again. As soon as we left I remembered I forgot the big bag of new pillows I bought, they were on the second story. We went back to the house and I struggled with the key and that’s when I realized that there were punk kids behind us and they were holding screw drivers. They claimed to only need a bag of ice which at that moment was in my hands. I tossed it to the one boy and quickly shut the door. I put my foot up against it to try and stop them from getting in which didn’t work. When they busted through the door and they weren’t punk kids anymore. They were full grown adults and one of the boys was a tall black drag queen wearing leopard print.

I feel like there was more with the creepy hallway/basement because I was a little creeped out when I woke up. It turns out at this same time the Girl was having a 3am experience too. She was watching a video on her computer, it was lengthy so she paused it and closed her laptop. She put it on her TV and was watching it in bed. Two hours and twenty minutes later her laptop (still closed) started playing the video and it was a couple minutes ahead of the tv, not the time she paused it at! How crazy is that????

Today I had an integrated energy therapy session or as I like to call them…angel sessions. I have been know to fall asleep during these but today I did not and it was my normal nap time. So I tried to quiet my mind and let go. It was interesting how things changed whenever she changed the hand placement. The minute she started I could feel someone touching my wrist. Her hands were in one place and I could smell earth, and green, and it felt like I was in a forest. Another time I was still in the forest but there was water nearby. I could feel the energy swirling counterclockwise like I do when I connect with the earth. The practitioner felt it too and brought it up afterwards. Sometime during this I heard a male voice “don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life!”  I found this interesting since I don’t have anyone telling me what to do except the whole mask/corona thing.

She said there was a female presence on my right side…where my wrist was touched. She said “two amigos”. I only have one friend turned angel so could it have been Mon Cher? It really was the two of us against the world back during the lab merger. She felt sadness and longing and a whole lot of love. It had to be Mon Cher or my mom? Both left this world too soon and both were really sick. It will eventually click and then it will make sense. This is when she pointed out the energy above the heart chakra swirling counterclockwise. When it was happening I felt like I was connecting to the earth, especially since I was getting all of the earthy feels. She also said I had lots of circles of light around me. Blue,pink,burgundy, gray, and a dark one. She thought it felt like fairy energy. That’s definitely not the first time I have heard this.

I looked up counterclockwise energy and how it means your chakras are out of balance. I have been feeling this for almost a year now? I even have a patch of hair behind my ear that vibrates when I am meditating now…is that wrong too? Although I never felt like it was wrong before I Googled it so maybe I will just try and forget it? I guess I will add this to the list of things I need to figure out.

How was your day? I hope it was more normal than mine….Zia


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Must be Monday Magic?

I woke up this morning and dragged myself out of bed. Time is still questionable so thankfully I woke up in time for work. I was almost ready when I walked into the kitchen. I could tell by the way Kevin Bacon’s tail was swinging that something was happening. I walked towards his stool/throne while saying “is that tiny terror of a squirrel on the porch again?” When I looked out the window I was stunned to see a Blue Heron at the bottom of the stairs?! I looked at the bird and said “don’t move!” First he couldn’t hear me and second…he didn’t care and he moved. My phone was closest and it was an awful picture. Thankfully my camera was right there….

I was super excited! What would Monday bring with this start? Work was work. I am still debating on some things, I am waiting on input and advice from one person before I make a decision. I am leaning one way and only need the slightest tip to continue.

The morning flew and when I finished my lunch and was planning my nap, my phone rang. The Boy needed a ride. I left work and I was flying! Once again I was driving through that S bend when I saw an incredible sight. Some van was riding my ass…before I slowed down so no chance for a picture. There was a rather large hawk feasting on an animal, and around that hawk were four or five big turkey vultures waiting for their share. My mind was blown! Why do I always see these things in a high traffic area where people speed?

I drove home, picked up the Boy and headed back down the road. By the time I drove back through…this was all that was left.

The boy snapped this one and there was one vulture left and a new addition of a crow. So disappointing…. I took the boy to Midas….which he pronounced my-daz….insert the queen of eye rolls!!!!The tow truck had picked up his car before the Boy called me. I left work, drove home, picked up the Boy, drove slow around the vulture, and still made it to Midas before the tow truck….by like 15 minutes. Once I was sure that the tow truck knew that Midas and my-daz were the same things I went back to work. For a minute or two, I thought my lead foot was going to get me but instead I was tailed for what seemed like forever!

There was also a wild turkey on one of the side roads before I made it to my-daz…that’s a lot of birds out of the norm for one day! That was the second wild turkey in less than a week. I made it back to work and was getting a lot accomplished but on the same note…I was experiencing anxiety. I think I am in the place of what could be versus the hot mess that it didn’t need to be. Like I said….waiting on that one call from a trusted source.

I hope you had a magical  Monday too….Zia

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That Felt Good!

I have been thinking about it for a while and damn, it felt good! I deactivated my Facebook page today…no more wasted time spent there!  If I find it’s needed for other things….I will make a dummy account.  Between the Coronavirus and the election year…I am not missing a thing! I was even wasting time posting my dreams on my dream weavers page. Now I will lose the reference of quite a few dreams. Live and learn, I guess.

Last night’s dream was up there with the important ones… I was in an apartment building and Big K was getting a lecture from the young girl who was in charge. It turns out Big K’s husband came and cut the grass, which needed done and that stepped on the toes of management. Big K was a tad harsh but it was all the truth. I went in to talk to the young girl who was the manager. While she was talking, I folded her denim jacket which had some pins on it. I touched the stag charm and asked her about magic. I told her that magic was all around us everyday and all she had to do was look for it. Magic really was like it is portrayed in the movies…she just had to believe. Then I proceeded to tell her about the Ilse of Skye which is pure magic and happens to be a portal to other dimensions. Except for Skye being on my bucket list and a big part of the Outlander theme song…The Skye Boat Song, I’m not sure why I would dream about it? It felt very real at the time?

Where did that come from? I hadn’t even thought about the last episode of Outlander so I doubt that’s it? I did watch the last episode…the acting was incredible but you can’t make a hated part better? This last episode of the season should have been the first scene of season 6. I hated this part of the book and once I started the book…read the scene…I put the books down for many years. I’m glad it’s over and equally grateful that the writers didn’t rob me of my favorite line of A Breath of Snow and Ashes…”kill them all.” Still…I hated the scene and I’m glad it’s done. I am not looking forward to droughtlander which looks like it will last until 2022…ugh! At least the premier party won’t consist of the hated scene.

That was pretty much my day. The Boy cut some grass, I cut some grass. The Girl finally got to bake using some yeast. I tasted a bit and damn those pretzels were good….gluten free flour for the next batch for sure! I took a pound of beef for stew and put it through my Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment and made my meat for my taco salad lunch for the week. Where there is a will…there is a way. These are crazy times and sometimes I wish I was woman enough to live off the grid….Zia

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May Flowers?

This is the view of my May flowers this morning….

This is one of my herb pots that I added the Violas,  since I had so many. It has been a cold one all day and windy too. It was because of the wind that I met my new little friend. The Boy ran to get unnecessary fast food and did not lock the side door which is famous for blowing open on windy days. It blew open and the Girl noticed something awry…thankfully this little guy leaves a mess which makes him easier to be found. I was super excited to capture this rare sight! A pileated woodpecker…close to home! The first shot isn’t the best but I call it my action shot because of the piece of tree flying….The next shot is better…

He was a very busy boy and there are wood shavings everywhere! There’s a part of me that hopes he comes back and there’s another part of me that says “when that happens…the tree will fall and take out some power lines” yikes! I figure we were meant to see him because the door blew open.

First thing this morning I ran out to the farm where I buy my meat and of course they were out of ground beef. Maybe it’s time I ventured beyond a taco salad for lunch? If not I can always use walnuts for the meat if I have to? I might send the kids out next week since I have the two slaughter day dates? My world won’t end without red meat but I am partial to my taco salads…1lb ground beef=4 lunches.

While I was out that way I stopped into an Amish pantry where I found yeast….lots of yeast. The Girl has been asking me for weeks to buy her some yeast packets so she could make something but it’s sold out everywhere. Force of Nature Girl had a friend who was in line at the grocery store with a young girl in front of her. The young girl had a bunch of yeast in her cart (before they started limiting it) the cashier asked her if she was going to be baking a lot of bread and the girl replied “oh that’s what you use this for? I only know everyone wants it so I had better buy it.”  I am happy that I found it but am leery to share it with anyone because of the crazy.

I found no local ground beef but I found a small package of beef for stew so that is what we are having for dinner. The dog benefited most from my trip this morning…they had beef knuckles for $4.00 and she is in her glory! I’m still not sure what I will make for lunch next week? I still have tomorrow to figure it out. The Girl and I have a tiny bit of running around tomorrow and I will have to cut the grass (my choice…cardio) and then I am planning on having a mini Outlander marathon before the finale after which I will cancel my Starz. Next weekend the weather is supposed to be beautiful so it won’t matter that I don’t have a show to watch….Zia

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Not Convinced

This has been a crazy week! Today was the full moon so why would it be any different?

All of these rules are killing me! I rarely have a patient in front of me so I wear my mask like an earring. If I have to get up and cross the path of a patient…I will put the mask all the way on. I won’t wear the mask in public unless I have to do so. I carry the stupid thing in my purse just in case. I still don’t use hand sanitizer and I still make my own cleaners.

I have not worked this hard building up my immunity over the last year to throw it all away with hand sanitizer and a useless mask. I try really hard not to talk about these things here but I can’t take it anymore! People who I thought knew their shit are blindly following the masses…it’s like church all over again. (insert big eye roll)

Now there is a meat shortage? Bill Gates..who has publicly stated that there are too many people in this world and is all about 5G is going to make meat in a lab? I will spend my life trying to make dirt taste like apple pie before I ever eat that!!!!!

Nobody will ever take me seriously and my opinion doesn’t matter so I encourage you to think outside of the herd. I am stopping here…I have no desire to preach from a soapbox.

So short of eating dirt and sharing it with my friends…I made dandelion biscuits, which were a huge hit and dandelion jelly which was also popular at work. When I make the biscuits next time I will skip the icing and just drizzle some honey on top….the dandelion jelly was perfect as is…

I was hoping to forage for violets but the weather has not been cooperating. Hopefully next week… The skies were clear last night and boy do I have a story to tell…

I have had some rose quartz soaking in some spring water and last night I put the water in glass decanters. I was taking the decanters outside to bathe in the moonlight when I stepped onto the porch and faced a man. I could only see the whites of his eyes and when I really looked…I could see the white bag he was holding that said “chick fil a”  Thankfully I did not drop the glass when I was startled and yelled into the living room “which one of my soon to be dead children ordered “chick fil a?” Of course it was the Boy…The poor delivery boy felt bad and I felt bad for him…talk about timing? He was just supposed to put it on the porch and leave and here I am putting random bottles of water on the porch? We both had stories to tell.

Today a cold front rolled in and things were blowing around. I decided to take my Boston Ferns indoor for safe keeping…until I saw this….

Sweet unborn baby bird!  I put it back outside and all I can do is hope for the best!

There are other work things happening but I am not ready to talk about them as of yet….Zia



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