Score One For Handmade!

It was a Christmas miracle today….we did get out of work on time. I think we were all surprised. It worked in my favor, I showed up early for my hair appointment which in turn got me out of there faster. This time it was time for full hair color so I am back to my happy dark place. It will fade some in a week or two and it won’t be so dark. She has only been doing root touch ups for so long that I almost forgot how good it feels. We are finally at my perfect length and my hair is healthy again, it’s so nice to have someone who knows what they are doing taking care of my hair.

I picked up the girl and took her home so she could battle some of the glitter for me and I ran to the post office down the street. Their computer was down and instead of using the other one they sent everyone away. That was after I waited twenty minutes…ugh. I had to mail MK’s present so I headed to the next town over and was in and out in less than ten minutes. Geez….why did that have to be so hard?

I came home and the girl did exactly what I asked, nothing more….It was not as clean as I would have liked but it was too late to do anything about it, I have projects everywhere. I had a former coworker coming over to pick up the fairy jars that she ordered. We had a quick chat and then she was off and the girl and I met my dad for dinner. I really think my dad is losing it. He told the girl about the time that her dad was dunking her brother in my brother’s pool. That never happened? I left my ex in 2001, right before my mom died and I am almost positive that my brother didn’t move into that house until after that. The Cockroach never went near the water so I have no idea where that story came from? It was so random? Other than that dinner was nice, we went to the vault restaurant. I had homemade gnocchi and I swear I will be stuffed for days….I still have half of it in the refrigerator.

KB came over to pick up her order. This was my first big custom order!!!img_5028

She even bought two deodorants, both her and her daughter use it. I definitely need the money before Christmas and now she has all of her teacher gifts. She stayed and had a glass of wine and caught up on things. Some days there just isn’t enough time.  Speaking of custom gifts, my friend that used to work with me at Joann’s 100 years ago brought me the wine glasses that I custom ordered for SB. She only charged me $8.00 a piece for these beauties. Look at how she packaged them….so perfect!fullsizerender118

She even brought me a hand painted candle, you can see part of it on the left. I’m glad I brought her bath salts….it all worked out. It was a good day. I didn’t get irritated until this…..fullsizerender119

You guys know how I think my sister in law has a superiority complex, right? This is the recipe that I gave her….two months ago. She’s making it harder than necessary by not melting the Fels Naptha down in the first place but this is my recipe. The only reason she even started making it is because I insinuated to my brother that it was hypocritical to preach about what you put in your body when you put chemicals in your laundry and put it on your body…..less than a week and she was asking for my recipe. What is happening? I won’t say anything because it’s ridiculous and I am not interested in drama of any kind. You better believe that my coworkers got the WTF group text though, I try not to let her get to me but she drives me crazy. I don’t understand her, plain and simple. I just have to get through Christmas…well Christmas Eve. I have a double date on Christmas…me in my pajamas all day with a book and/or watching some Netflix. The only thing that may get me into real clothes and off the couch is if my little brother wants to go watch Rogue One……Zia

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You Cannot Escape the Glitter…..


Yes, I still have glitter everywhere.  My brother called me tonight to tell me that after he started opening my Christmas card and realized that there was glitter he proceeded to open it over a garbage can, take out the picture of the kids and throw the card away. He hates glitter as much as I love it.

Last night the girl sucked me into “watch this clip” and even bribed with a rubbing of the heel. I am back on the exercises  so hopefully  my foot gets back to normal asap. Many clips later I was up and busy. This was my experiment last night…a paper pencil tree for my window at work.fullsizerender117

People really seemed to like it, it was a happy experiment. Work has been stupid the last couple of days. Is it everywhere or just the optical world? Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday, maybe because everyone showed up?  I have a hair appointment tomorrow and our OD had 2.5 million patients scheduled between 8 and noon…it will be a Christmas miracle if we get out of there on time. In my world it is most important to get those grays covered.

My sister in law sent me a text today to invite me to her house for my dad’s birthday. Crap! I have been putting off my birthday dinner in hopes that I could just kill one bird with two stones. Thankfully he is up for an early dinner tomorrow. Sunday with my dad, my sister in law and her family (I do really like her parents) versus a quick dinner on my side of town tomorrow? Yep I pick tomorrow. I don’t have the time to sacrifice a whole Sunday this close to Christmas. You can call me’s okay…I can take it.

PT’s daughter sent me a text wanting to know if I had any book page wreaths left. I guess she was supposed to make them? I told her she could have the two of her choice, just replace the grapevine wreath and bow. There is no way I am charging her for those wreaths. Was she being the most responsible? No…but who hasn’t run out of time? Plus it’s PT’s daughter. I just need to drop them off sometime soon.

That has been my week. I am still surrounded by glitter, I am still making things, and I still have more things to make sparkle…..Zia

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Glittering History

I have craft show number 2  under my belt. The trees were popular again as well as the fairy jars. I didn’t sell any literary bottles and I sold four of them at the first show. It’s true, you never know what people will buy. img_5001

We sat across from a woman who upcycled old jewelry and is probably the reason I can never find any at garage sales. I used to want to make these until I saw that tree I posted a few posts ago. It’s a terrible picture but I was trying to not look like I was taking it….I am not so stealthy.img_5004

I did a little better here than I did at the first show but not as good as I hoped. If everybody who took one of my cards sends me an email than I may be busy. Let’s be honest….who really follows through with that? I am not holding my breath. I did like the atmosphere at the history center better than a high school gym. I picked up some all natural vegan soap for a friend for Christmas and I bought the girl her something funny/silly.img_5013

It’s not funny but because it resembles the bat symbol it will make a great paper weight and potentially falls under silly. RD had them, they are antique insulators and once she pointed this one out I knew I had to get it for the girl. The girl likes history and Batman and now she will be able to protect some things from the cat who likes to knock things over.

That was my day and the end of another very short weekend. I will be playing catch up around the house for a day or two but nothing is going to get rid of all of this glitter…Zia

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I cannot find anything today. It is driving me crazy. I almost always remember where I put things but today I can’t remember anything. The latest thing that I found right before I sat down was my bank bag for tomorrow. Sure I could use anything for making change tomorrow but it was my moms. I choose little things like that to keep her close. Plus it had my square reader in it which I completely forgot about. My mind is a mess today.

Thankfully I am almost ready to go for tomorrow. I would like to make a few more trees just in case I need them. If I don’t it’s okay because I need to make a shit ton for family presents. They are only one reason that I have glitter everywhere…again.img_4995

The other is my fairy jars and I don’t even know how much I am going to charge for them?img_4993img_4982

My book page wreaths are also ready to go….img_4996

Thank goodness for reps bringing us lunch, Those big bags save me every time.

I also have literary bottles ready to go, the cat is not for sale.fullsizerender116

I’m still on the fence about the Reiki charged bath salts so I don’t know if I will bring them or not. The number one reason that is holding me back….they are heavy. We’ll see how ambitious I feel in the morning.

Today was the first day since my heel decided to fail me that I didn’t limp once and my speed was back. I was excited until my waitress job. It’s not bad like it was but it is throbbing, ugh! That’s what I get for lapsing on my stretches. It’s just like taking an antibiotic when you’re sick, most of us stop when we feel better. At least I know that the stretches work, thank goodness. I don’t know what I am going to do next Saturday….we have three big parties at 6:30 and there are three of us working all three. It’s going to be a long night and it’s the wrong time of year to have foot problems.

So I am off to make a few more trees, not to fall asleep in the bath like the other night…Zia

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Dream a Little Dream of Me

I know you are stunned….I had another dream.  This was one different…it was important somehow. I have no idea how, but I know it means something.

If you know me, you have heard me say how I don’t like bridges….which isn’t accurate. I don’t like heights. There are only three bridges that I have traveled upon that give me great anxiety. There is a bridge on the Ohio turnpike that overlooks the Cuyahoga valley. It is three lanes of terror going North, South is not so bad. Then there is the bridge leaving Indiana over the Ohio river going into Kentucky. That bridge still scares me as an adult. I don’t get on the floor in the backseat until we are over it anymore but it still freaks me out.  Oh  and there is that bridge on the PA turnpike before Cranberry that is scary both ways. I can drive over them but it gives me great anxiety.

Last night I dreamed of a very long bridge, over/in the water. Sometimes the water even covered the bridge. The bridge resembled thisattachment-1but surrounded by water, like this.img_4986

Jaws never came into play and I had no fear walking this bridge in my dreams. The bridge in my dream felt very familiar but I don’t think I have ever come across it in my waking life. Sometimes I was walking on dry wood and sometimes the wood was submerged under the water.  Sometimes I left the bridge and was working in a restaurant? That is crazy weird too. The part that sticks out the most was when I was walking on the bridge with my arms stretched out by my side saying “where are you? with all of this water you must be here somewhere?” I was referring to an eagle. In the waking world I will tell you that you don’t find them when you are looking, they just show up if you are lucky. I guess in the dream world I don’t know that and with my arms open wide I was looking for my eagle.

Alaska. Unalaska Island. Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) flying catching fish in its talons.  Eagles live near water .  There are more bald eagles in Alaska than all the other states combined.

Alaska. Unalaska Island. Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) flying catching fish in its talons. Eagles live near water . There are more bald eagles in Alaska than all the other states combined.

There was also a part where there girl was with me and I picked up her backpack because I didn’t want her to lose her balance and fall in the water. That was my dream…walking the never ending plank looking for an eagle. I can tell you what parts of the dream may mean, but on a whole….I have no idea. It just feels important.

The cat didn’t try to wake me up or purr me back to sleep, so I guess his guardian services were not needed for this dream. It did stick with me all day.

Today was a long one at work but it wasn’t so bad. Yesterday we had one of those crazy patients….no seriously, I think there must be something wrong with this old guy. He was there to get his second eye done and he took out his junk and showed it to the anesthesia nurse. I will never be able to look at him without that mental image again. A couple of post op appointments and a refraction left and hopefully I will forget all of that ever happened.

It has been a weird week.  I am off to soak the week away in a bath and to make a few more book page trees. Happy Friday…..Zia

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On Top of It

I think I am doing a much better job of being on top of things the week before a craft show this time. In theory anyway. I made too much last time and was lucky to sell some of it after the fact. I am not going overboard this time.  I am not bringing bath salts or deodorant this time but I am adding fairy jars. My wreaths are done and the base of the trees are ready to go, fairy jars need glitter and embellishments and I am only making 7 or 8 of those. Hopefully I stay on track and don’t run around like a chicken with my head cut off Saturday night.

I had another accessing the bars session today. The truth….I was worried. You guys remember all of the stuff that happened after Reiki 1 including my dragon hands. Well, after Reiki 2 I wasn’t feeling it. I felt it right after I received the attunement and that was it, I had to talk to someone. The girl who does the bars is also the first person I ever practiced Reiki on, maybe that’s why I feel connected to her? She doesn’t appear to think I am a crazy person, so that helps. She has always encouraged me to talk to my teacher or reiki master but here’s the thing….I don’t think she is a good teacher.

Maybe it’s wrong to voice my opinion but since I am still having throat chakra aka communication issues I figure why not? I took roughly five months between Reiki 1 and 2 and I had forgotten what the class was like. Did this teacher go over the highlights? Yes. Did she pass the attunements to me? Yes. Did the whole class irritate me? Yes. I work 2 jobs so for me to spend a decent chunk of change on something, I expect my moneys worth. I didn’t receive an actual manual. The first class had a homemade binder (which if done correctly is okay), it was not in color and some of the images did not print out. The second class was just more pages printed out to put in the original binder. Here’s the part where I am a bitch snob…. She read to us. I can read and I find it insulting to be read to, I am not a child. Secondly, If you are going to read please pronounce your words correctly. It was nails on a chalkboard for me. Then in the second class the two Long Island Medium wannabes were asking about a book. I mentioned that through the library and search Ohio, you could find almost any book on Reiki. Which prompted the teacher to say “I have read every manual on Reiki that there is.” First of all…I doubt it and why would you say that? I wasn’t trying to insult her intelligence? If she didn’t “not” teach the class I wouldn’t have had to look for information elsewhere. Do you think I am being unreasonable? I don’t think that I am. I found another place to take the next level if I choose to take it. I really hope I never find myself in a situation where I have to pay this woman again.

The most important part is that after my bars session, I was able to bring forth Reiki again. I really was worried. Maybe I should be more worried that my throat chakra is still having issues. I must be lying to myself about something is the only thing I can think of….it’s my issue and I will figure it out eventually.

Have things been extra weird where you are? Two people that I do not know personally but have ties to my coworkers have died suddenly this week. Both mothers of young children and both freak incidents. One woman was shopping late on Thanksgiving, went back out on Black Friday after a quick sleep started running a high fever. She was dead within forty eight hours and she didn’t have a spleen and never knew it. The next one was a car accident and she was an organ donor. Not only is she related to a coworker but one of her organs is part of a surgery this week. What are the odds of that? These things always come in threes and that has me holding my breath. What is going on in the stars this week?

I am up way past my bedtime, It’s a good thing I am back on the spinach smoothies….Zia

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Enter Sandman…..


Most of you know that I am a dreamer, both awake and asleep.  I usually remember my dreams with freakish detail with the exception of the last few days.

One night I dreamed that I was trying to find room for more fruit in my refrigerator that was already bursting with fruit. I am guessing that I need to eat more fruit and that drinking fermented grapes doesn’t count.

The next dream was me looking at one of my lists. There were countless things written that I couldn’t read but at the bottom in oversized letters was WRITE. I always have so much to do so this one is hard for me.

Last night I had a dream and the pieces were very fragmented and hard to remember. There was something lurking below, like a shark and it came around the same time every day. There were other people in the dream who were trying to catch a glimpse of it and no one was afraid. It had a red glow to it which was weird and the only detail I remember. I woke up and it was 2:17 and I could hear the boy on xbox live so I slapped my sandals on the floor twice. It didn’t work, I could still hear him so I got up….with minimal hobble I might add and opened the basement door and yelled down for him to be quiet. His response “I’m not even talking that loud.” That was such the wrong response….I gripped the door knob and shut the door. If I yelled and screamed at him, I would never fall back asleep. I will get him later. So I laid down and tried to get comfortable again. My anti social cat who barely lets me pet him but sleeps at my feet every night struts up to my pillow. I am new to this cat thing so I don’t know what a cat kiss is but he kept touching his nose to my face and he laid on the pillow above my head purring loudly until I was almost asleep and then headed back down to my feet.  Did this cat just give me his best lullaby? 

It made me think back to that dream where I couldn’t talk or scream and I woke up and he was pawing at my face. I am beginning to think that he was waking me up? I could be wrong, like I said, I have never had an indoor cat before.img_4333

The girl at work first says “he was sent to you for a reason.” and in the next breath says “he’s just a plain old tabby cat.” That’s Negative Nancy for you. I found this image on Pinterest or Facebook and I choose to believe that my guy is a descendant of one of these Scottish cats. They even resemble each other. I like my reality better….img_4976

He’s my Scottish sleep guardian…..doesn’t everyone have one? I thought we bonded last night but he was back to his anti social self this morning. He helped me go back to sleep and I am grateful for that because it was a heck of a day.

Work was rough…eyes were falling out all over the place. Okay, slightly dramatic but that’s me.  We had a horseshoe tear,conjunctivitis, trichiasis,  floaters, clanking implants…that was the last patient so I will get that scoop tomorrow. We didn’t leave until almost 6. It was a long day.

I had to run to the library after work to pick up a search Ohio book that I requested and I stopped by Michael’s to get more of the metal santa word for the canvas project. They only had four, so I need to pick three from this….img_4975

I know for sure that I could use two ho ho ho’s, I have no idea what to pick for the last one? I think that securing the four I bought today down with E6000 may be the extent of my night. The girl helped her grandma after school today and was fed so I don’t even have to cook dinner. The first day back after a long weekend is always the hardest….Zia

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Girls and Glitter

I started my day at PT’s for a yummy breakfast of sausage omelettes, I guess I’m over that temporary poultry taste issue I was having.  H was there with her husband who is a physical therapist so I got a one on one lesson of exercises for my foot. He also made sure to point it out that I should be doing these all day not just at night. Noted. After breakfast I invited PT over to get busy on our Christmas projects. The majority of my list has changed to trees over the last few weeks but I still wanted to keep out tradition alive.

The girl and I were cleaning up around the house, aka our glitter mess from last night. I moved the canvas project to my bed… just looks cheesy for lack of a better word.fullsizerender114

PT came over around 2pm. It was a glitter, glue, Bloody Mary therapy session. I felt so relaxed the whole time she was there and we laughed a lot as well. Sometimes I find strength in my friends. This project I wasn’t sure about and this was even after an hour into it but in the end they came out really nice. img_4970

I gave PT the hurricanes and she liked them so much she is keeping them. I am keeping the one with the small glow.(it was our tester with the candle)img_4971

Even the dirt in my house is going to sparkle, I have glitter everywhere. While PT was here I had here look at the canvas project and she insisted that they are just missing something and it doesn’t look like a fifth grader made it. When I ran to Michael’s to get more glitter (gasp, I know) I found this metal word. What do you think? It was on sale for $1.49.img_4972

I think it looks better but I still don’t love this project. Now I just have to find a ribbon for the girl’s ornaments that she made for her friends. Speaking of the girl…ever since she picked up this handy dandy notebook from the university, she has been a list making fool. Her current list is the twelve things of Christmas.img_4973

I always have a notebook with a running list going, it took her long enough to start one of her own.

That was my day, it was a good one, exactly what I needed. I even walked normal a time or two. It was brief but hopeful, stretch, stretch, and stretch some more….Zia

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The Great Slow Down

Clearly the Universe wants me to slow down, why can’t I listen?  Was it absolutely necessary for me to go out on Black Friday? Nope. I got my best deal at my first stop. Petsmart. The deal was for 10 pounds and lucky for me they were substituting a 7 pound box of treats because they ran out. It’s a huge box for only $4.99 and the cat litter I like was $8.99.img_4943

The girl wanted to make ornaments for her friends so I headed to JoAnn’s. Both of those places we were in and out. JC Penney’s was a nightmare. I was so irritated by the time I found a worker after hobbling around for 15 minutes or so, only to find out that they were out of the item. The boy found a pair of slippers that he liked and we stood in line for 15 minutes more. There were two women checking out and the line only moved two people in all of that time so we put the slippers down and left. That nasty rodent girl works there now. The one who lives off of her elderly grandparents and used to offer the Cockroach blowjobs while I was at work. Ickity ick! That was just the icing on the cake seeing her on the way out. I think it will be a long time before I shop there again.

I made a kid swap because the girl wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. We parked and hit a few of the other stores that were close by but only purchasing from the book store. They have a nice selection of Fantastic Beast merchandise but not what I am looking for. I need this for the girl, preferably before Christmas….img_4950

My favorite was Frank the Thunderbird but this guy was my next favorite. This would be my Christmas coup if I can find him. I have looked everywhere. When we got home and I took off my shoes, I realized that I no longer had an ankle. Yes, that’s me….not so bright. I overworked it on Thanksgiving and needlessly went out shopping the next day. I worked on the canvas project and watched Christmas movies with the girl the rest of the night. It’s not the best thing I have created but it’s not horrible. I made eight of them for less than $10.fullsizerender113

Today I was back on refusing the Tylenol. My thought was that I can’t overdo it if I can feel it. It wasn’t as swollen but it was still swollen. Making soup and cooking dinner, up and down the stairs doing laundry and getting supplies is still hard on the old foot. We did run to one of the craft stores today. I was looking for a nature type garland for my newly acquired tree. The money they want at even 70% off is ridiculous so I let the garland idea go and added some poinsettias and sparkly flowers. I am not going to spend money now on decorations and I think I did okay with the $12.00 I did spend.  I want the focus to be my Uncle’s ornaments and I think this did the trick. The girl put this tree up and didn’t do the best job opening the branches but it’s good enough for me.fullsizerender112

When I was scrolling through Pinterest yesterday I came across this tree.img_4947

I love, love, love this! There was a similar project in a frame using broken jewelry but this kind is hard to find at garage sales and such. I think next Summer I will look a little harder. I definitely want to make this tree.

I made the kids grab an animal and sit in front of the tree today. I need to get working on my Christmas cards. Thankfully CVS had the pictures done in less than an hour. I bought my cards at the end of the season last year so I don’t even remember what they look like. The good thing is…..I have to sit down to sign and address them…….Zia

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I Can Relax….

It’s all done for the week….I survived Thanksgiving and I found somebody to cover my Saturday night shift. I don’t “have” to do anything until work Monday morning. That feels so good.

My foot actually held up better today than it did last week. I really needed someone to carry me after work last Saturday.  If you ever have Plantar Fasciitis and someone suggests rolling your foot over a frozen water bottle….do it immediately.  Last night I alternated between the heating pad and the water bottle and it made a huge difference today. I still needed Tylenol but I only really had one rough patch of about fifteen minutes. I didn’t think we were anywhere near as busy as last year and I didn’t make nearly as much money. It was still worth my time so I’m glad I worked.

I kept seeing people I knew today and that was weird. The first was a couple and they are patients. I recognized her, I’m not sure I would recognize him without her by his side. He was sporting his new glasses that he recently picked up.  Then I saw a kid that I used to work with at the lab. Blondie it was your favorite boy. (wink wink) It was odd because I ran into him at the grocery store a week or two a go and I have never seen him outside of work. It was a nice surprise. I saw a kid I went to high school with, don’t remember his name only that he graduated with me. I didn’t talk to him. Then the girl in the wheel chair came in….she loves the Cockroach. I have been to her house more than once and I remember her mother from my custom framing days. If the girl recognized me she didn’t say anything but the father know that he knows me but I don’t think he could place it. I didn’t say hi to them either. I felt a little bad because I always liked that little girl, well she is in her twenties so I probably shouldn’t refer to her as a girl. I just couldn’t take that chance. I don’t need Cockroach knowing where I work or live or anything about me.

I got home between 6:30 and 7:00, heated up some turkey from the buffet and started looking at the ads for Black Friday. There isn’t a whole lot in those ads. Lowes has lightbulbs on sale for 89 cents, I think that was the best deal I found. I’ll probably stop at Penney’s and get the boy some sleep pants at $5.00. JoAnn’s for ornaments because the girl wants to make some for her friends and some scrapbook paper because I might try this….img_49311

I stopped at Michael’s yesterday after work and after Chilis where we had a Presidente or two, some had three….it was fun. Anyhoo…I hound an 8 pack of 10×10 canvas for $5.00. The top canvas was slightly damaged, once covered with paper you wont even notice.  I usually make something small for those I work closest with and I think this could be cute. I have the itch to create so we will know soon enough…..

The girl and her friends and I went to see the new branch of Harry Potter movie Tuesday night. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t Harry Potter but I was entertained the whole time. I loved the old buildings. I tried to get the girl to just go with her friends but she wanted me to go.img_4937

Since it was a Tuesday the theater wasn’t packed so I was able to put my feet up on the seat in front of me. Elevating does make a difference, that was the first time I noticed. That is what I have been up to, nothing exciting but hopefully I will have new projects to post soon. Happy Thanksgiving……Zia

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