Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I am against the stores being open on Thanksgiving. With that said….I volunteered to work on Thanksgiving?  We were only open until four which I thought would be ample time to make it to PT’s by 5:30. We had four parties that booked right at 4:00, I guess this was unusual compared to the years past.

I worked in the party room with two others, B and I decided we would put all of the money in the pot and spit it three ways. I wish now that B and I would have just split it two ways Carnie girl was not only full of horse hooey but she didn’t pull her weight. I started at 10 am, we opened at 11 am, and our first table was at 1 pm. I didn’t get home until 7 pm….was the $169.00 worth it?  I can’t really answer that. My feet are still killing me today, and I chose a shoe with a heel on it to go shopping today….crazy I know.

It was a hectic day yesterday and most people were rude or indifferent. There was only one person, a sweet little old man who said “thank you for giving up your Thanksgiving so that my family could be together.”  That man and working with B, who no longer works there but agreed to come in and help, were the highlights of my day. This kid B has given me hope.   I work week after week with these boys that are the girls age and think “this is what she has to choose from?” and then comes this kid. He busted his butt, he was competent, he was polite, respectful and mature….seriously mothers of teenage girls everywhere….we should clone him. Not that I believe in cloning but you get my drift.

Thankfully I was still able to go to PT’s and she heated up left over dinner for me. I was so tired and I know she was beat too and yet she still watched the Buffy “Pangs” episode with me….my Thanksgiving tradition.

The girl and I took our time this morning and headed out in early afternoon. I am very lucky that the big boss (the doctor) gave us all gift cards to shop today.  I really only have the kids left and I was able to get a good chunk of my shopping done today.IMG_2535

The girl wanted these boots and they will go as her “want” off of the list. I am getting her a pair of prescription polarized sunglasses for her “need” since she rarely wears her contacts anymore.IMG_2524

They were 50% off and my first purchase at the mall…I can’t believe I was at the mall today.  We only ended up there because I went to my local coffee shop to buy a bag of coffee and to get my favorite drink…..she wanted a Madagascar Vanilla Caramel Chiller from Gloria Jean’s….and I was making her shop, so it was her bargaining chip.  My coffee was freshly roasted this morning and I had strict instructions to open the bags and leave them on my counter until 10 am tomorrow before drinking. Freshest possible coffee and orders to sleep in….works for me. The smaller sample bag is to take to work.IMG_2528

Hot Topic was where we spent the most amount of time and money off of the gift card. T-shirts were only $10.00 so each kid got one of those, the boy got a Pikachu blanket for his something “soft” and an Evee stocking cap as his something ” funny or silly”….I had a $10.00 birthday coupon so the cap was free.

We also went into Game Stop and the girl had to have this…IMG_2531

This will fall into the “from Santa ” category since the boy already has a Mewtwo Amiibo which I put in that category. When we walked out of the store the girl asked me “I just went full on geek in the middle of Game Stop, didn’t I?” I chuckled as I said “yep, you sure did.”

We left the mall and headed to Office Max where I missed out on the DVD-R deal, by only one person, I was informed when I asked. Oh well.  Then we headed into Target and I did get the last of these for $10.00.IMG_2533

We also picked up some Saltine crackers and some vegetable oil while we were there. I almost forgot to mention that we stopped at a local florist super inspiration store and we found these….FullSizeRender(102)

I love black licorice and these mints are so good, but these crackers…..are out of this world….. to die for…..amazing!!!!  Honestly I can’t wait to make them, it will be this weekend for sure!

We also stopped at Barnes and Nobles where I used most of my birthday card on the girl. She really wanted this disturbing page a day calendar “full of relics” she said.  I made a small donation to a local pet shelter for a free gift wrap so she couldn’t look through it before I wrapped it. It’s bad enough that they know most of their presents…they should have something to look forward to. It will fall into the “something useful” category. There was also a book she wanted and I thought that I might as well get it now while I can, and of course I had coupons as well.cruel

We then headed into Bath and Body Works and we bought $60.00 worth of stuff for $20.00 for the boy, between my coupon and the buy three get three sale. When I have the right coupon I will go back and get him the cologne spray and then his “smells good” category will be done.

I think that I made a big dent in my Christmas shopping today and I hardly spent any of “my money”. I talked it over with the girl and if we don’t find a place this weekend then we will put up the Christmas tree. If we find a place right after, then we can take the ornaments off (15-20 minutes tops) and we can tarp the tree and take it that way. Even in the midst of all of this chaos, we still need a tree……Zia

For those of you who are new, the kids and I came up with a forever Christmas list a few years ago. We picked these twelve categories….1.want 2. need 3. to eat 4. tradition 5. funny/silly 6. handmade 7. to watch 8. smells good 9. musical 10. soft  11. useful  12. from Santa

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Not Going To Worry About It Today

Sometimes when I get stressed out I just need a little break…..so I create. I finished a book page wreath last night and watched an episode of Outlander. Today I watched the last episode while making paper flowers. There won’t be any bows in my house this Christmas only these…..IMG_2514IMG_2513IMG_2508

The scenes were not as bad as I thought they were going to be. I remember being upset while reading it and I didn’t know how much they would show. I know that this is why it took me so long to finish watching this season. I just didn’t know. I am still scarred from the Swedish film version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The rape scene was so bad that I had to leave the room, I saw enough.  I am sure that I am not the only one, it bothered PT too. I am relieved that Outlander was watchable, plus I made a bunch of paper flowers while I was watching it.  I have five dollars in tissue paper and one dollar in pipe cleaners and I still have some left of both. I think I have fourteen paper flowers, which will make a big statement for a teeny price.

I made a couple batches of dog treats while I was making dinner, I’ve been slacking in that area and had to buy some last week. One of the recipes called for baby food and that was a little weird shopping in that aisle again. The dog is happy, I guess that’s what counts.

I met CG for lunch today and it was so nice to catch up. We were at Chili’s  for two hours talking and eating. Time went so fast today!  She gave me a scarf for my birthday…..isn’t it pretty?IMG_2504

It was a good day! I am exhausted though….ignoring your problems takes a lot of energy….Zia

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Scheme of Things

In the bigger scheme of things…..my problems aren’t so big.  In my head…..the struggle is real.  I found another house for rent and I was hooked by the pictures. The location was vague and just said township, so I googled the area and it was perfect. So perfect that I couldn’t believe it. Look at the built ins and the windows in this beauty…IMG_2502

The school district is good, too bad it’s like four streets from the hood.  I know the houses here are beautiful, when I was little we would take this way to the mall. This was before the Southside was the hood. I always wondered what it would be like to live in one of those cute little Tudors, although this house is a cape cod…..I’m sure it’s absolutely perfect on the inside….but it’s not safe. It’s so disappointing……

There was another in the right school district and it’s where the houses are old and full of charm, very close to the park and the mill. I looked at the contact info and I recognized the number…..why does that number look familiar? I googled it and it was the step monsters number. Really? That loud obnoxious blonde that used to work at Dillards….the one with too much makeup wearing leopard print a size too small rents a house? This is his fourth wife….what are the chances that I came across her old house? Strike….strike…strike….the struggle is real!

On a lighter note, I took the boy to Bath and Body Works after work today so he could pick a scent for his “something that smells good” part of the Christmas list. He picked this one….IMG_2501

I did really well with the girl and her Tahiti Island Dream and my coupons, so I’m going to try and get lucky again. Obviously I didn’t use a coupon today, although I did lose the surprise factor with this gift. Last year the boy picked a candle, this year I got him to pick a scent to wear.

We also ran to Giant Eagle for their last wine taste of the week and I am so glad I went.  Stags Leap Petite Sirah 2012 was amazing…..the best wine sample I have ever tasted. I have expensive taste….it’s $35.00 a bottle. I can’t drink 35 dollars….it was damn good though!

That was pretty much my day. I nailed down another Christmas list item, I was disappointed yet again with my housing options, I tasted an exquisite wine, I made dinner, showered , and posted a blog post. Now I am going to watch an Outlander…..yes I still didn’t finish that and work on some wreaths…….Zia


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Attitude Adjustment

I wasn’t quite myself today. There wasn’t any reason except that “I’m in my moon” for lack of a better way to say that.  I get quiet when I’m in a mood like this, it’s just another weird factor of me.

Work was crazy busy and there were a few really moody people, maybe it’s the full moon on Wednesday?

I called the lady about the house at lunch, now she has a potential buyer, and she kind of blew me off. It was like I was talking to a completely different person from the one I talked to on Saturday. I could meet with her after the potential buyer on Sunday if I want to.

So all afternoon I had to give myself the pep talk “it wasn’t meant to be”, “the Universe is pointing me in a different direction” “Maybe this is a blessing in disguise?”  Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive.

I came home from work and the boy didn’t have the back door locked and it wasn’t shut all of the way. Really?  I had to walk through the house and look around, check my gun, and count my saved tip money. I was so mad.

Like I said it was a rough day for me, so I poured a glass of wine and filled two bags with book pages.IMG_2498

I have a few wreaths to make and this should do it.  The boy came home braced to be yelled at….when I didn’t really yell…just scolded, I got “are you feeling okay mom? Are you sure there is nothing wrong?” On a day when it takes so much energy to stay positive, I don’t have the energy to yell.

I will end up exactly where I am meant to be but the uncertainty is killing me. Mostly….I really want to put up my Christmas tree…..Zia

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Definite Possibility

I took the kids to look at that house this afternoon. The boy is not too sure, but the girl sees the possibilities. She loves that she will get the biggest bedroom and that the bath tub is big enough to fit all of her. There is no shower and that is a valid concern from the boy. I don’t know how well those hand held shower things work?  I took some pictures while I was there today and remember it is dirty and holey. The people who just moved out did leave a lot of holes in the walls.

When you walk in the back door, this is what you see…..IMG_2466

This is the pretty door that you walk through…..IMG_2470

This is the small living room….IMG_2468

Here is the kitchen where you could put a table, and not a fan of the blue…..IMG_2456

The huge counter can host stools and we would probably use that as our everyday space…IMG_2458

This is where the stove would go….IMG_2460

There are even more cabinets over here….IMG_2462

The laundry room is off of the kitchen and there is even a random toilet in here, not in the photo though…IMG_2464

This big bedroom would be the girls and the boys is just a smaller version, without the built ins in the closet.IMG_2472

The small bedroom which would be mine…I only sleep and get dressed in my room. The kids live in theirs. This bedroom had a destructive child in it and there is a huge hole in the wall, there is also some nice built in shelves that I wish I took a picture of…..IMG_2478

The last picture is of the bathroom and the tub is the best part of this room.IMG_2476

This is the place that I like the best, it feels right. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Later in the afternoon the kids and I went out to eat where the boy works as a bus boy. He received a free meal coupon for his birthday in October for him and a guest and he said “I want to take you to dinner, but I don’t have money for the tip.”  It was cute, so we went and we ate and I am still stuffed and I brought half of it home.

I headed over to PT’s for bingo, which was more fun than it sounds.FullSizeRender(101)IMG_2487

I won four times  and acquired some cute prizes, but the best was a surprise gift card from H for my birthday.IMG_2489

My Barnes and Noble membership expires tomorrow and this will go to renew it. All in all it was a pretty good day……Zia

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I’m Done….I Think?

How did you spend your Friday night?  PT and I finally finished our cork letters. Well, I should say I am almost positive that I am done.  I have to double check my list, I may have to make one more.FullSizeRender(100)

PT had all of hers out to double check that she had them all. I missed the ones on the kitchen island….trust me all together,  it was a lot.IMG_2454

They were more fun to make because we made them together, and it’s funny how we are both still making an occasion book page wreath. I guess those never get old…so much bang with so little buck.IMG_0266

Work was work and I was very distracted today. My thoughts were on that house and will the kids like it?  I guess I will find out tomorrow.

The girls at work did get me a cake for my birthday tomorrow. It was pretty and very lethal……death by chocolate.IMG_2445

I liked my fairy kisses card as well.IMG_2446


Oh my goodness! I just remembered that I never thanked MK for the pretty card,  journal and the yummy chocolate that she sent me this week. I really need to get my head out of my ass and get it together. I don’t work my second job this weekend so maybe I can find some time to ground myself and regroup? Probably not, but it was worth a mention…….Zia

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It’s Electric!

Thanks to my cousin and his father in law, I am running on full power and nobody got zapped. I did appreciate the fact the my cousin was in a zap suit since it was the main breaker that was bad. Thank goodness for the mild weather since I had no heat or water last night. I think that any day that you have to do a 10-200 in a bucket lined in 10 plus store bags…..has to get better.

I did head off to bed early last night. It was ten o’clock and I had no more Pollyanna left to channel so it was an early night. I am grateful that the electricity on the pump made it long enough to take a shower. It did not make it through the dishes though.

After the bucket incident my day turned around. One of the girls from work bought me an Outlander calendar for my birthday and January looks pretty steamy….FullSizeRender(99)

I’m not sure why she picked today to give it to me but I will take it!!  My boss gave me an old scratched end table because I had mentioned wanting to make a dog bed out of one. She just had it in her basement and it is a really nice table, hopefully I will successfully turn it into a cool upcycled dog bed.  One of the girls from an office down south sent me up a bag of corks from Amish country for my projects and the biggest surprise of all…..the big boss…the Dr. gave us a 100.00 gift cards to shop the day after Thanksgiving a vacation day that he is also paying us for. Who knew that my day would turn around like this?IMG_2443

These clouds are lined in a cotton candy sky….

The girl and I went to a Christmas seminar the other night and hopefully I will remember how to make these…..IMG_2431

Most presents will end up with these tissue flowers on them. It was a fun free event, that the girl would rather I not take her to again….can’t win them all.

I went to look at a house yesterday and I really, really liked it. It was so filthy and I couldn’t believe that she was showing it that way. The bones were really good and the front porch was perfect.  The kids and I were supposed to look at it tonight but I got out of work late. So she offered to leave a key in a hiding place over the weekend so I could show the kids. Who does that? I am not complaining because I need the kids to give their okay.

My cousin suggested offering to clean and paint the place for a discount on rent or security deposit. The whole family volunteered…..which is good because there is a lot of built up grime.  I will run it by her on Saturday if the kids give their thumbs up. I like the neighborhood, I like how the house is on a corner lot, and it feels right. I told the lady “I looked at a few places and I like this one the best.” She looked at my like I fell from the sky and said “you must have a really good imagination”…..well, yeah I know.  It’s all surface stuff. I will have to buy a gas stove and I am sure I can find a reasonable one used. This house just “felt good” I don’t know what else to say…… I liked it a lot. It has potential. Sometimes that a real flaw….seeing what can be.

The small clean houses with energy efficient this and that didn’t interest me….the one where the people just moved out four days ago (I’ll bet they don’t get their security deposit back) and was covered in layers of filth….is the one that I see potential in. Did I mention the porch? The layout of the bottom floor and the wrap porch had me immediately. Fingers crossed……I guess we will see…..Zia

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Maybe It’s Me?

This will be one of those random, all over the place posts…..I apologize in advance.  So I guess I will start with now and go back.


A wonderfully creative woman that I used to work with back in the day is doing a free holiday seminar the next two days at a local furniture store. I signed the girl and I up for tomorrow.  I am always looking for new ideas ans the girl needs to learn how to create for her friends.  I am looking forward to it, and it’s free!

The girl worked two hours last Friday and now she isn’t on the schedule until after Thanksgiving?  I told her if she found herself another job she would be fine, if not she would have to stick it out with me. She’s not a fan of the owner, he doesn’t bother me….I keep telling her she is lucky if she likes her boss. What is meant to be, is what will be. I keep saying that under my breath about everything.

The kids pointed out that sometimes I don’t have a filter and I am what I am……in front of anybody. Sometimes I am not so nice.  I get the no filter thing…..I know that I do that. I just never saw myself as mean. Occasionally not so sensitive and even then I don’t mean to be hurtful.  So I have been trying to pay more attention.

In my last post when I complained about that horrid sauce at the wedding reception. I made the statement that only an Italian can make great sauce and that’s not true. Anybody who takes the time to learn is capable of making great sauce. The person who made this sauce put some herb that I couldn’t place in it. With the first bite my taste buds sent off a warning….it was horrible…..don’t mess with what Grandma already perfected.

We had a rep bring in lunch today, it was cavatelli and meatballs. The sauce was amazing and the meatballs were homemade. I walked around the rest of the day so stuffed…..I kept referring to my overfull stomach as my “food baby”.  I never get like that, even at Thanksgiving. It was such a great lunch.

I started my day at PT’s yesterday, where it is Christmas now….IMG_2402

I am in love with her decorations on her mantle, but the sun was shining so bright on it and I couldn’t get a good picture.  I took a picture of her tree instead.

After I fueled up with french toast,  the girl and I went out. We drove all over town looking for places to rent and making phone calls. There are a few places I want to look at on Wednesday, the one place we did take a walk through was in a great neighborhood but was really small….really small.

We took a small break and went to my favorite local coffee shop and they had a tree for rescue dogs. We took two photos and off to Joann’s we went. We are attempting our first no sew pet beds. I made mine last night and the girl is getting ready to make hers now.IMG_2415

It’s not perfect, but it is my first. I have to pick her up from school on Wednesday so I thought we could drop them off then.  I try……

I did some much needed cleaning yesterday and it did help a little with my claustrophobic feelings.  I have also taken dish duty back over. When I cam home from work Saturday night, the girl had finished all of her laundry and towels were in the dryer. I wasn’t home for ten minutes when the dryer, the furnace, the refrigerator, and the stove all went out. The furnace never kicked on all night and thank goodness it wasn’t too cold. The boy got up for work on Sunday and was in the shower for three minutes when the water shut off……I felt so bad.  I went down and just started flipping switches and I heard the pump kick back on and knock on wood it has been fine since then.  We ran in to Target yesterday and the electric doors wouldn’t open. They did for everyone else…..I am beginning to think it’s just me.

For those of you who don’t remember…..the last time that I turned my life upside down with major change, I couldn’t turn on a light without blowing a light bulb. Maybe? PT thinks that the house is pissed because we are leaving. I made the mistake of saying that in front of the girl. Now when I say something about leaving or looking for a new place the girl says “shhh, mom…..not in front of the house.”

I know that the perfect place will show up in the nick of time, it’s just dealing with all of the internal freaking out before that happens……

It’s pretty nights like this that I wish I had a camera that could take a real picture of a crescent moon. This gives the effect but the moon is a blur not a crescent…….ZiaIMG_2413



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The Cookie Table

I know that not everybody is not so familiar with the cookie table…..I hope these pictures help…….IMG_2360IMG_2361IMG_2362(1)IMG_2363IMG_2364IMG_2365IMG_2368IMG_2369IMG_2370IMG_2371

They even had a tiny cake, it was very tiny and symbolic only. The food was okay. The sauce was not made by an Italian, but I hear the scalloped potatoes were awesome.  The bride was stunning, the groom was handsome, and the family filled adequate pictures.

The most important thing is that I brought the girl home some cookies…….Zia

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Moody Progress….

I am making a lot of progress…..but I’m still moody. My family history project received rave reviews today, one person even said it gave her goosebumps. I was pretty happy with the feedback.

It was a crazy busy day at work…… busier than usual. The weather didn’t help much. It was a very blustery day today and in the back of my mind all damn day was that tree. I’m pretty sure that the bank just canceled my homeowners insurance, so I don’t know what would happen if it fell.   Fingers crossed it is still standing. It’s still super windy out there, I hope that I am able to sleep.

I finished the wedding shadow box. I will run out at lunch tomorrow and get a gift bag and card.  The boy will take the girl to work before he goes to work and I will get home and have to run and change and head to the reception.  I will have to leave and pick the girl up so I hope they make a good cup of coffee at the hall…..I would rather be jittery than tipsy when I pick her up.   I don’t usually get jittery, I was just throwing that out there.  I promise to take lots of pictures of the cookie table for those of you who have never witnessed one in person……Zia

PS. I used to know how to breathe….I think I have forgotten how. I really need a yoga class.

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