Average Day

Everyone around me is sneezing and coughing and I am doing my best to fight it off. I have been successful thus far. The last few days the struggle was a little tougher. Today I weighed the necessity of running around getting things done or a nap and I opted for a nap. I just didn’t expect to crash for and hour and a half.  I slept hard and dreamed crazy dreams. One was violent and I can’t remember much and the other involved an old coworker that I haven’t thought about in a long time. Weird, just weird.

My skin relationship with food has been extra sensitive this week. I eat a piece of chocolate and within hours I have a pimple. I didn’t have this problem when I was a teenager. So I decided to make a batch of Pizzelles. The new iron works great….thanks PT. Now when I need a sweet treat I can reach for one of those.

Speaking of sweet treats…I had a happy experiment Monday night. I took a regular fudge brownie mix, Betty Crocker I think…..I added 1 cup of dark chocolate chips and 1 cup of fresh cranberries and I took it to work. Not to toot my own horn but holy cow…..they were amazing! One of the surgical nurses said “I loved your brownies…please never bring them again.” Everyone is on a diet these days.

Tuesday the girl complained about a headache, I’m sure it was sinus related. She was moping around until her brother came home and gave her a crown.img_4671

She was so excited…it’s the little things. This morning I walked into the kitchen and she was making her lunch while wearing the crown so I asked “are you wearing that to school today?” She looked at me like I was the crazy one and so “no!” I walked away and shook my head while laughing under my breath. Only my kid…..

My office manager brought me more wine bottles. These have a great shape so I think I will be using these for bath salts instead of  literary bottles.fullsizerender88

The more I listen to Guilty by David Baldacci the more I like it. This is a book that my mother would have loved. The lawyer he hires for his dad is my favorite character so far. I have laughed out loud more than once. I still stop and analyze the action scenes and except for the part when his dad’s wife said step brother when it should have been half brother I haven’t had any errors pop up. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying this book.

Even with my nap I managed to get some things accomplished….Nineteen more days and then I have a week to myself. I have no plans but I am looking forward to the peace…..Zia


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Hit Snooze and Repeat…….

I did not want to get out of bed this morning….and if anyone out there is wondering, yes….I slept with a light on last night. I am not as freaked out tonight as I was last night, the girl on the other hand….. I gave her the handout that they gave us yesterday when she came home from her dads. “it was briefly a home for mental patients…Mom!!!! Please don’t kill me in my sleep. Geez, why did you go again?”

I thought about it a lot when I should have been sleeping last night so I asked RD to send me one of the missing pictures. This is the best I can do in a chronological way.

This is the first picture that I noticed the white floater, and I did look through my phone and say “what the?” and looked away from my phone and saw nothing….img_4653

This picture was next. I see a male figure but that’s just me.img_4656

I walked away from this picture and was taking a picture of this beautiful hinge when I noticed my excessive battery loss.img_4657

I put my phone in my bag and told RD that my phone was dead and that she needed to forward all pictures from here on out to my phone. 15% wasn’t actually dead, but it was close. RD took this picture next of the stairs on the way to the third floor. Yes that’s me and what is with the green? img_4660

To be honest….I didn’t feel anything. I did start flicking my right hand like it had water on it when I was on the second floor. I just chalked that up to a Reiki thing while it was happening. Consciously I noticed nothing. Then RD takes a picture of this corner….img_4658

Then of me in the same corner right after and it’s clear. I think that is what freaked me out the most….img_4659

I had a story to tell today when someone asked me about my weekend.  I am much better today, even before the kids came home. I even took the crock pot down to the shelf in the basement….last night I just shut the door.

There was a patient today who is a regular. He is a high maintenance kind of person but he makes me laugh. I have thought more than once that PT would probably like him but he has young kids at home and I really don’t know what that means. Someone brought up the ghost. Maybe it was me? Maybe it was Force of Nature Girl? I really can’t remember. He asked to see my pictures and immediately blew off the one with the dust because he has captured that on his home security. I just looked at him “you know you have a ghost, right?” He said something along the lines of “only if you believe.” Please…even he knows he is in denial.  This is one of those patients that all of my coworkers “think” would be a good one to date. I don’t have time to date anyone and I am ashamed to say that I flirted. It was a harmless flirt but I know better than that, shame on me.

I had a patient today tell me that I looked the the sleep number bed commercial girl. I had to google it and I can see some things. I would totally make this face….img_4661

Plus this girl is way younger than I am and airbrushed for tv so I will take that compliment!

I came home and cleaned. I dusted and cleaned everything in my bedroom except the floors and cleaned off the kitchen table. I listened to the first 17 chapters of Guilty by David Baldacci. I studied it more than I listened to it. It was clearly written by a man and I called a relationship tonight….let’s see how the first meeting goes before I say if I was right or wrong. Mostly I was interested in the action scenes. One of the girls at work gave it to me to read and I have never had the extra time so when I saw it as a book on CD at the library I snatched it up.

It’s after 11 now and I still nee to take a shower….I hope I sleep hard as a rock tonight, I need it….Zia

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Holy Ghost Batman!

Trust me….in my own way I will tie this all together….. What a day!

My aunt and uncle picked me up and we headed North. They picked me up at 8:15 am and I returned home around 3:45pm.The girl was supposed to come with me but I could tell that she really didn’t want to go so I let her stay home. It was a service in honor of my uncle’s mother who passed away two years ago. She was a great woman, an excellent example of strength. She wasn’t my blood but she was my family.

The service was held in a Ukrainian Orthodox Church. img_4633

I tried really hard to observe the ritual without judgement but let’s be honest….organized religion makes it so easy. So I tried to focus on other things. The chandelier caught my eye, it was stunning.fullsizerender87img_4625

It was a weird little set up and the priest sounded more like an auctioneer….seriously, I kept looking around for the paddles. Plus there was a man with a beautiful voice and a rather large head behind me. He made a musical “start’ for lack of a better word with three notes and everyone else started singing for the whole mass. There were so many things and the girl wasn’t there. Now it feels like sacrilegious to mock….

The important part was that I was able to spend some time with family. It was nice to catch up, plus I was able to drop off some Christmas presents. It was a nice time and a scenic drive….img_4636

The leaves are usually peaking about now but it seems like everything is a little behind because of the rare Summer we had. While I was up North RD sent me a text inviting me to a historical house renovation fundraiser. It was an old Victorian and they are my favorite so I said yes. I would have said yes regardless but I have always been drawn to this type of house.  I did my laundry last night…how important is the rest of the  housework? I will choose a friend over cleaning any day. That only back fires when something unexpected happens….of course that is what happened.

Here are some pictures of this beauty….img_4639img_4642img_4643img_4644img_4648

When I tried to capture some of the detail on the outside of the house through the window is when I first noticed the “snowing” like effect? It was like pollen was blowing in front of my phone? The picture ended up blurry…img_4653

The next picture I took I didn’t look at until I was in the car. My phone went from a 52% to a 15% after this picture. When I saw it in the car….I was freaking out….seriously. You tell me what you see?img_4656

I looked through RD’s pictures around the same time and this is what she took right after we went to the third floor….img_4658

The ghost shape looks the same? The creepiest part is that the very next picture she took is this one…..img_4659

Yikes! That’s me!  I never felt any negative energy but holy ghost Batman! I didn’t go there looking for a ghost but I certainly found one. To all of the naysayers out there….pick it apart. We both have I-phone 5’s, no filters,no photoshop. Please tell me what and how this showed up. I have had more than one paranormal experience in my life so you can’t change what is there. Maybe it will make you feel better to know that I will be sleeping with a light on tonight….Zia

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The Unknown Road

The girl and I went to one of my coworker’s house last night for a LuLaRoe party. I have never been to M’s house and while I knew it was rural, she assured me it was close to my house. Yesterday was a rainy dreary day and the darkness came fast. I tried to get there while it was still light but I misjudged how much light was left.

For the first five minutes I was fine because I knew where I was, it was after the “turn left and then turn right at the second stop sign” that it became iffy. It felt like ten years later when I got to the second stop sign. I didn’t want to turn right and venture down this road. The street sign was busted off, the road was narrow and it was very dark. I just looked at the girl and said “this is too Wrong Turn for me” It was against my better judgement but I turned right. The girl had one job…to count driveways on the right. I heard her counting and said “what are you doing?” She said “counting driveways?” I brought my palm to my forehead and then swept it into the air “No, you are counting mailboxes! We are never going to find this place.” “Mom, it will be fine. Oh look there’s a skunk, I never saw one alive in the wild” I just shook my head. Luckily we found it without having to turn around. It’s a miracle that we found it on the first try.

I found a t-shirt and the girl is on a waiting list for solid black pants. Everybody is wearing these things around here. While these show more than yoga pants they are usually paired with a shirt that hides it. The pants will be “something soft” from the girl’s Christmas list. That’s the reason we went. The print on the shirt is busy but it’s a shirt….I can’t wear the pants…..I just can’t.img_4621

The drive home went much faster. We even stopped to take a picture of a church. The girl wanted the picture and thinks that all scary movies with a church had to have been filmed here.fullsizerender86

There were some pretty big tombstones out there. I pulled all the way up to the church, I thought the lighting might be better. The girl wanted the shot from the end of the drive, so I drove back down. It was the perfect drive for a Halloween-ish night.

That was our excitement this weekend…today I worked and ran some errands. The girl hung out at a friends and watched scary movies. She is in bed and I am doing laundry, nothing to write about there…….Zia

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Time Warp

I have created little monsters…..the girl and her friend were texting fools during the new Rocky Horror Picture Show…..even worse than when PT and I text during a show. I appreciate the artistic expression of the remake but you can’t touch the original. Tim Curry cannot be replaced. I thought Riff Raff and Magenta were the best and even Eddie, while not Meatloaf…was a good pick. My favorite part was the movie theater showing the audience participation. I went to a showing once and I loved it and now it is on the girl’s bucket list.img_4603

Yesterday I found a crucial part of my costume…the dress. It was $3.00 at the Goodwill. I have my hat, my boots,my striped hose from my office manager, and now the dress. Oh and the cape…I have that too. Now all I need is sparkly glittery body accessories. img_4607

I bought our first round of candy yesterday. We have never had trick or treaters so this should be interesting. There was a huge bag of Dum Dum suckers on sale for $5.00 and when I pointed it out to the girl she said…”This is a sacred holiday we are not going to be known as the Dum Dum House.” I told her she was welcome to get a job and buy the candy that she wanted to give out. We settled on a bag of 180 pieces of a variety of name brand sugar. She is in charge and has her peeps to help out, when she runs out of candy, she can handle it. One of the girls at work gave me a coupon so I will add a little more chocolate to the mix.

March 19th. All day long “what is your date of birth” 3/19/various years. I said to my office manager “What is going on today? I have had more patients call with my mom’s birthday than I have ever had.” March 19th…all day long. Is my mom trying to tell me something? Why is this coming up? At the end of the day the optician comes up to me and says “what are you doing March 19th?””Ummm, it was my mom’s birthday but I’m not doing anything, why?” “Bon Jovi tickets are going on sale and they will be in Cleveland on March 19th, wanna go?” “YES!” It’s nice to have something to look forward to, especially on a day when I tend to get a little sad. I haven’t been to a Bon Jovi concert since the eighties….he’s older…..I’m older….it should be fun….. She joked about stalking the place out starting at 6am in hopes of meeting the band. I have no interest in meeting Jon Bon Jovi. I have this imaginary pedestal and he is standing on it. It’s one of the few beliefs I have left in this world….if he is a jerk or an ego maniac I don’t need to know about it. My version of Jon is okay with me…….Zia




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Painting Witches

I had the best time at the paint and sip tonight! It was so nice to hang out with dreads girl….the girl that I mentioned before who is so pretty but I don’t “get” the dreads. I tried to channel my great aunt who was an artist since I can’t follow instructions….I tried to make my witches more curvy and the one in the middle I tried to give boobs….which is why they all have hair….oops.fullsizerender84img_4612

The little girl who was teaching this little paint and sip said mine was too busy….are they even allowed to say that? She seemed uncomfortable and basically ran out of there, which made me chuckle a little.  So I improvised a tad? I like it and I’m the one who has to look at it. I definitely don’t think her teaching skills (lol) were worth the $45.00 price tag. The fun I had was worth it though.

One of the ladies from the Reiki share was there and she stopped me on  my way out. She felt the need to tell me…in a nice, supporting way….that when I was on the table the feelings from my hand were electric and she knows I am going to do great things. Umm, thank you? What do you say to that? You hope when you are sharing your energy that others feel it too…I can’t even accept a simple compliment so I think I said “you did?” I am not good at these things. I know what I feel and I am always amazed when someone else feels it too.fullsizerender60

Work was work. It was hard because it was my office manager’s first day back. I was so happy to see her and I didn’t want to complain about negative Nancy but it seems that’s what we all did. Then I feel guilty because it seems we are all ganging up on her….I don’t know why? She is the asshole. I think it’s because I don’t like talking about people….nothing good ever comes from that. She made me mad, I spoke my peace and that is the end. The others seem to need to dwell, that just made me run out of there after work. Once I walk out of those doors, I don’t give it another thought.


My wine steward friend suggested this app to track my progress in my future 5k training. I am grateful that it has a “walk” setting. I can’t start out running…. I will give it a shot tomorrow, I didn’t have time with the paint and sip today. I had to run to the dollar store after to get Kevin Bacon some cat food, thankfully they were still open. I hate when the cat slaps me around at 4am because he wants fed…..Zia



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The Twists and Turns of Tuesday

When I pulled into work this morning the mushroom population had grown…..fullsizerender82

On the left hand side out of the picture was a little black cat, because there is always a little black cat. I didn’t see her until I put my phone away. I got a few mushrooms up close before my nap at lunch.fullsizerender80fullsizerender78fullsizerender79

When I got to my desk this morning and looked up, this was my view….fullsizerender81

I had all of the elements in place for a good day….and in walks Negative Nancy. She set the girl in optical off almost immediately. I was good until after lunch around 2:30 maybe and I had to struggle to contain myself. My hands started that crazy tingle thing that randomly shows up. I am much better at Reiki outward than I am at Reiki inward but I had to send the energy somewhere. I think it helped me remain silent when I wanted to rip her face off. I have spent a lot of time removing negative people and places from my life and while she is basically a gnat on my radar, she does occasionally get to me. It made me think that maybe I should explore other options at work….it’s a thought right now. My office manager comes back tomorrow so I guess we will see what happens. I know her attitude is being addressed by higher ups but that doesn’t mean it will change. The way I look at it….the more I learn, the easier it will be to find employment if I move out of the area.

I came home and made stuffed peppers and since the girl ate a left over onion thing from a steak house when she was with her dad and the boy worked…dinner is ready for tomorrow night when I have my paint and sip. RD stopped over and brought snacks and returned my soup containers filled with beautiful dried flowers. Hydrangea is my favorite and lavender is one of my favorites…..fullsizerender77

Pretty dried flowers were a nice twist in my day. I ate the snacks RD brought so basically I cooked dinner for tomorrow…..I just didn’t know it at the time. Tomorrow all I have to do is concentrate on creating and that’s a good thing.  Thank goodness it’s half day Wednesday with a double surgery this week….I can handle four more hours of Negative Nancy, right? I dealt with Bad Personal Hygiene Girl for eight years and she was a much bigger asshole……

I still have kids that depend on me so I can’t just chuck it all and brave the wild unknown.  I think that reason that I have always loved the movie Under the Tuscan Sun is because she just walked away from her whole life and started over in a place where she didn’t even speak the language. I envy that part of her where the Phoenix lives…..Zia


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The Pictures of My Day

Today was just your average Monday….nothing to write home about. I did come across a quote or two that spoke to me…..img_4577This reminded me of the rainbow from yesterday and how I always taught the girl to look up. I taught the boy too but I don’t think it stuck as well with him as it did with the girl.



img_4579This just made me say “yes!” out loud.



img_4581Ouch! Thanks for the reminder.



img_4580My Monday morning mantra….you never know what kind of mood Negative Nancy will be having.




I must be extremely brave since I am rarely tidy and almost always have some form of a hot mess happening.



Then there was the full moon fairy party. Hey who are we to say that this is silly talk? There is almost always some truth in the legends. The grass was mowed at work yesterday and this morning there were mushrooms everywhere. I am sure there is a scientific explanation for the massive overnight population of mushrooms. Where is the fun in that? I stick with my full moon fairy party, it’s more fun.fullsizerender76fullsizerender75img_4585



The leaves are starting to change on my nap tree. My outside nap days are numbered…..img_4586




I bullied M from work to come to the next book club meeting. That’s so ironic since she’s the one I send the difficult patient phone calls to… She has been reading a lot lately and it will give her the opportunity to broaden her horizons.  I know we aren’t a country concert or a hockey game but I still think she will have fun. She is actually excited about it so I guess it was a good thing. This is what we are reading next month…img_4591

We usually skip December so SB was in search of a fun series to read in hopes that everyone would continue on our off month. M doesn’t have a library card and yes, that shocks me every time I hear those words. I don’t understand how that is possible, but that’s just me. I think she ended up getting it on her NOOK app. I ordered mine on eBay for $3.97.

I also ordered another book because SB insisted it would be helpful. “I know it’s not your favorite genre but the dialogue was fantastic and I know how you struggle with that. The witty repartee was clever and I think you could learn a lot from it.” How do I say no to a helpful suggestion? I can’t, I ordered it off of eBay as well. I have read this author before my old next door neighbor liked her a lot. All I remember is all of the football players but if it will help me I will study the heck out of it.img_4592

I don’t usually mention politics but I couldn’t resist sharing this one. The girl sent it to me and wow! Who is the lesser of the two evils?img_4589

Season 6 hasn’t come out on DVD and then I have to wait for the library to get it. I have no idea how Ramsay dies but every time Joffrey would come on the screen I would ask the girl “how many more episodes until he dies?”  This image is scary accurate…..Zia

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Saved by a Rainbow

Today was an uneventful day of laundry and cleaning. This girl was in charge of cleaning up the teenage nest in the living room and all is back to normal. It’s sad but true…this was my day. We briefly went out to grab a Sunday paper and to pick up more kitty litter.  We didn’t leave again until we met my dad for dinner. It was for the boy’s birthday and he picked a Chinese buffet. I don’t know what is in their food but it never stays in my stomach very long. Something in the seasoning does not agree with my belly and I’m not a fan of a buffet. The boy picked it and enjoyed every plateful, it was for his birthday so that’s what mattered.

When we came out the girl looked up and pointed at a very bright rainbow.  It didn’t even rain? I don’t care about the how, all I know is that it was the best part of my day. It was a nice surprise and it made my otherwise boring day a little more special.fullsizerender72fullsizerender73

I had this beautiful rainbow this afternoon and the big beautiful full moon should light up the sky tonight. It’s the little things that make my heart warm and fuzzy…..Zia

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Pumpkins, the Moon, and Kevin Bacon

There’s never a dull moment around here.  Tonight there are two girls sleeping over to watch scary movies. Last night only one girl slept over, one left because she had a college visit this morning. Tonight they carved pumpkins and I have fresh pumpkin seeds….heaven!img_4571

The girl did the standard pumpkin in the middle.  She is having the best time.  I went over to my little buddies tonight to watch Moonstruck. The moon was huge and she is in her new house and wanted to host. We had cavatelli and meatballs and finished off a bottle of Lodi Zinfandel. We laughed and yelled out the lines as per usual. Tonight was definitely Cosmo’s moon out there….img_4561

I really need to get a better camera, my phone just doesn’t cut it. It was much more massive than the picture portrays.

Work was a joke tonight….I waited on two tables and made $9.50..not worth my time. Some nights are better than others and once I realized it was Sweetest Day, I knew we wouldn’t be busy. The romantic holidays demand a fancier restaurant. It really wasn’t worth my time.  I didn’t mind so much tonight because I had plans with my little buddy to watch Moonstruck.

Force of Nature Girl brought her son over today to cut the grass. Mine wasn’t so bad this time because my cousin just cut it. Negative Nance who lives a few blocks away had a jungle that needed cut down…that kid earned his money today. I am grateful that I don’t have to worry about my grass for a while.

Last night was book club and we gained a new member, which is good since we have a few that show up sporadically.  We also decided to move back to our old spot….the place we went before SB’s mom died. Her mom was part of the book club so I understand the move. SB is the one who suggested the move back to the old place so I guess it’s time. It’s cheaper than Panera and I prefer the lighting at the old place.  I guess we will see what happens next month.

When I came home we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. The girl who was sleeping over had never seen it and was all excited about it….

I am always amazed when I find out someone has never watched it. How is that possible? It’s not even a scary one. Neither is Zombie Land and that is what they are watching now…. The girl did decide that their lab needed to learn this dance for prom…it’s a good thing we have this on DVD.

When I was at book club they were watching Tremors. The girl doesn’t fully remember but she always watched this with my mom. It was their thing. There was a part of the movie where Kevin Bacon did a little bounce/run and the girl and her friend watched it like thirty times. The cat who was Rumplestiltskin a few days ago is now Kevin Bacon.  Watch this be the name that sticks…ugh.img_4569I have accomplished nothing this weekend, maybe I will have better luck tomorrow?  I can’t complain though….it has been fun so far…..Zia

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