Cardboard Jamie

Cardboard Jamie and I welcomed some friends over today for the premiere. When I sent out invitations I had no idea that Starz would do an early release. I resisted temptation as did SB and the doctor but ML…couldn’t help herself, she needed a Roger fix.  She gave us no spoilers so it was okay.

It was a good time! I made too much food as per usual. ML found a fruitcake from a company called MacKenzie which seemed fitting since Bree and Roger’s wedding cake was a fruitcake. I can’t say that I have ever tasted a fruitcake but I gave this one a try and holy whiskey Batman!

We watched a couple more episodes after the doctor left and then SB and I started talking about Buffy. One thing led to another and poor ML was stuck watching a Buffy episode. SB and I agree on the fact that this was the best television show of all time so I went with the episode that hooked me. I had watched all of season 2 before I was hooked but we were on a time constraint so we picked Becoming part 2.

After everyone left I watched Once More With Feeling and Dopplegangland while I food prepped. It’s still on in the other room so I am not sure what the name of the episode is….I know I have said it before but I will say it again Joss Whedon is a genius.

As much as I love Outlander..the books and the series…Buffy is still my number one favorite show of all time. SB and I have had Buffy-a thons- but never a party. I guess that makes them fall in a different category….today was a day of favorites with my besties….Zia

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Extra Sensitive

Is anyone else feeling this? I really noticed it Friday morning…before I even left the house. When I opened the door a red shouldered hawk flew right past me to a tree in the yard. I almost starting crying right then….I have never needed a sign like I did at that moment. What does it mean? Beats me….but for some reason the presence of a hawk is always comforting to me.

Friday morning was rough but for me the afternoon was worse. New Girl even noticed it…she is always happy go lucky and she was cranky all day. You guys all know how I feel about Valentine’s day so when a certain patient asked “what are you doing for fun this Valentine’s Day?” “I replied “I have book club tonight.” “Book club, that doesn’t sound like fun?” He said without even casting a glance my way. “I always have fun at book club.” I walked out of the room without waiting for a response.

Force of Nature Girl has always said “you should go out with him” The easy response was always “he’s married” Then there was the day he called to order contacts and I learned more about him than I wanted to know….why do people tell me things? Yes, he’s going through a divorce and no…I’m still not interested. I walked past him to get something from the contact lens room and hello….he wears his pants way high….Steve Urkel high. If all of this wasn’t enough…the doctor said the reason he needed to be rushed through….he had his divorce hearing. He picked Valentine’s Day for his divorce hearing…sounds like a peach? Looks like my instincts and eyesight were spot on for this one..ick.

I walked into our normal book club establishment and there was a group of people sitting at our table. I called earlier that day for a reservation so I wasn’t the happiest. Another table opened up and we sat there so it worked out. It did bring up the discussion of selecting a new place. I can’t eat anything at this place and my group doesn’t care for Core Life eatery. We always aim for a local business anyway so I think we are going to try a winery out by the eagles next month and see how that goes? It’s local, has ambiance, and I have eaten there and not had a reaction. Plus in the Summer we can sit outside.

The people sitting at our table were not at fault but one of the old men did heckle us. “Its Valentine’s Day and there isn’t a man at that table.” He didn’t like my response of “yeah..that’s why we are all laughing and having a good time.” It turns out SB knew a couple of people at the table…not the heckler but others. He heckled us until he walked out the door. It’s a good thing we were having too much fun to be offended.

We left a little early last night, I don’t know about anyone else but I was beat and so was the Girl. I slept like the dead last night. I slept in this morning until that red shouldered hawk started yelling outside. I got up and started searching wedding favors on Pinterest.

The first episode of Outlander has Bree and Rodger’s wedding. I must add that it has been hard not to watch the new episode. It was kind of Starz to offer it early but that doesn’t help me when I have a premier party. I had to rein myself in…so I went with tiny jars I have and bought some conversation hearts on clearance. I still need to make tags for them but as favors go…they basically cost nothing. I will post pictures tomorrow.

I have the chicken dip made, the chocolate covered strawberries are done, and the cheese and meat are cut up for the charcuterie board. Oh and the bacon wrapped Spanish olives are mostly done…I didn’t want them too crispy today since I will need to heat them up tomorrow. I know ML is bringing a fruit cake…from a Scottish company but I don’t know what anyone else is bringing. It doesn’t matter..we always have enough.

I have not watched the first episode of season 5 but I have started it from the beginning. Man o man…those Black Jack Randall episodes never get easier to watch. I have never hated a fictional character like I hate him…. The wedding episode is on now, basically it’s for background noise while I get ready. I have watched season 1 enough to smile when I need to, cry when I must, and fight the need to throw up when Black Jack is on. I am definitely emotionally attached which is a sign of a great writer….Zia


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From Beyond the Grave

Okay…the title is a tad dramatic but it’s more effective than ‘from beyond the paycheck.’ When you’re dead lie down was a close second. I am not even sure how to put any of this in words without saying anything?

I can’t even remember what happened last week or the week before, but something was mentioned and the Boy asked to be filled in. So I started at the beginning, which was almost a year ago. I can’t remember the exact words? Was it “why isn’t this department making money?” or was it “why is this department losing money?” It was a long time ago, it wasn’t said to me, and either statement applies. I only made it this far when the boy stopped me and said “when the big boss notices…somebody is about to get fired.” It wasn’t about to…by a long shot.

I started to notice some things were awry in the Summer. I found more in the Fall…lots more. I have mentioned this part before, I began to feel less like checks and balances girl and more like exhibit a and b girl. This went on and on and I just kept finding more and more.  I have facts…stacks and stacks of facts.

Last week the Tiny Narcissist sent back frames. Frames found in drawers, on shelves, in boxes. Frames that were ordered for patient to view and never sent back, there were too many frames for that to be the only reason and if I’m wrong…holy crap!  I stopped counting the money after four thousand dollars.

You don’t know me or where I work but doesn’t that sound like enough of a reason to get fired? The person who was fired has other coworkers believing that the reason she was fired was because she stuck up for another coworker. What??? Sadly they are believing her and once again, she is creating a hostile work environment. I can’t report my findings…it’s not my place. So I have to sit there, knowing the truth and having to remain silent. It’s extremely difficult.

The hardest part is watching poor M. She has had a rough time at work the last couple of months and now she believes someone was fired because they tried to protect her. Her guilt is through the roof…how do you make someone see the truth without giving them the facts? I can’t….and it’s so hard.

Tiny Narcissist who is not my favorite person is actually doing a good job. She really is trying. I just need to stop myself from judging her for her praying mantis personal life. Maybe that’s a strong comparison….she doesn’t actually kill them…it’s just a game as to how much she can get from them. I can’t control her behavior but I can control mine…maybe? I will try harder to not judge her and eventually she will make my work life easier. She has no agenda so it makes it much easier to check and balance. I have to talk to Big K but it looks good for less copying of invoices because a team that works with the flow instead of against it, is in place.

It has to get better…right? I haven’t had to tell anyone yet that the Optician doesn’t work there anymore….I certainly won’t elaborate because I don’t want anyone to think badly of her. Maybe that makes me a “sucker” because I don’t think she is a bad person…even with the low blows she has played.  I hope that her getting fired is the best thing that ever happened to her….and that is all I am going to say about that situation.

Today was the second session of the new writer’s club at the Y. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I did last month but I did get a nice start on another supportive character’s backstory. I still didn’t finish the one from last month but I am hopeful to have them both in place by the March meeting. I get more writing done here than I do all month.

I have a party/mini wedding reception (Rodger and Bree) to plan for Sunday. I only have tomorrow and Saturday to do my running around. Tomorrow I have another dentist appointment and there will be weather late in the day. I will do as much as I can before the ice hits….Zia

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You Can Run…

I had grand ambitions Saturday night…sadly I accomplished none of them. My twenty minute nap became more than a two hour nap and I slept until 10am Sunday….I must have needed the sleep. I feel like there has been so much to process lately that extra rest was required.

I did not leave the house on Sunday…part of that was me…hiding from the moon. That’s okay…the moon got the last laugh and the crazy carried over to today. I shouldn’t complain, I truly did get lots checked off of my to do list yesterday. As crazy as today was…I can’t complain too much…we left on time…on a Monday? That almost never happens. It has been a very strange couple of days.

Today we finally transferred phones…the Girl inherited a new phone from her brother, who inherited a new phone from his father, who always has to have the latest and the greatest. One of these hand me down phones was to be sent back but never was…so tonight I went from an SE to an I phone 7. It was a little touch and go with the pictures but knock on wood….everything seems to have transferred over okay? I will enjoy having a camera with better quality but just like everything new….it will take some time to get used to.

Sometime in the last couple of days I have realized that the Outlander premier will feature Bree and Roger’s wedding. This changes so much!! I will definitely be hitting up the thrift stores for fancy things for presentation. I’m not changing what I am making, only the way it’s being presented. I might just add some chocolate covered strawberries for fun since Valentine’s Day is Friday. There is definitely a “love” theme for this party! Force of Nature Girl is even planning on attending…that in itself is a miracle???

A patient brought me a bottle of Outlander wine for the party. That was the sweetest thing ever!!! She is actually the third person to bring me this Aldi’s wine…that doesn’t taste so great. I am hoping that somebody at the party likes it and drinks it. It was a beautiful thought and it’s the thought that counts. I wrote her a thank you and included part of my invitation with it. I really do have some awful penmanship….maybe if I slow down? Or maybe I was just destined to write like a sloppy fool? Only time will tell…maybe she won’t notice? She will totally notice….hopefully she won’t mind too much….like I said…it has been crazy….Zia


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Write On….

Today was a great day! All of the weather happened yesterday, so the roads were in good shape today…I was a little worried. I woke up this morning and my first thought was “crap! I forgot to bake cookies!”  So much for making a gluten free type cookie. I grabbed the big ole Sam’s Club sized box of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix from the basement and got busy. It was kind of a miracle that I made it on time? Still not sure how that happened?

The big Winter writing event was today and I had to be there extra early to fill my first volunteer spot. It wasn’t as cold as I thought is was going to be at the door, plus I had a heater contraption next to me.

Classes started at 10am and all of mine were in the same room…right by the door where I spent my first hour. The first class was packed! The poor woman who was leading the class was late because she was lost and she didn’t bring enough handouts. Kudos to her for keeping her cool and moving on. Someone made her more copies, she talked, and I learned that I am not giving the noun the power it deserves. Something to work on for sure.

The next class was on children’s lit. I have read a lot of YA, more when the Girl was younger but SB and I have read quite a few books from this genre by our own free will. There was a ton of information in this class and I think I have been to one of her classes previously. I learned a lot about word count and she gave a lot of writer resources.

Next was lunch. Thankfully my input got us salads but I wasn’t sure about the dressings…I didn’t think that one through. There was a chance that their house Italian had soy oil in it, so I opted for the ranch. Other than the mild case of heartburn, I think it will be okay? Hopefully? I know soy oil will give me a big cyst like pimple so that is never worth the risk. Honestly…I even thought about bringing my own dressing this morning when I was making the cookies but I was more worried about the dressing leaking on my writing so I took a chance. Thankfully it was a mild heartburn. Lunch was also my second hour of volunteer time. I didn’t do as much as my first hour but that’s okay.

And in a blink of an eye…it was time for the last workshop. Oh that first sentence…. My first sentence is part of a flashback…is it enough? Honestly I don’t know? Maybe when I get to the end I can revisit that line? I learned tons in the last class, took lots of notes, and now have a new list of must reads. This was my favorite part of the day, I truly learned a lot!

The consensus between all of the classes…I need a Twitter account. I have no idea how to tweet but it looks like I am going to have to figure it out. I have a nice list of people to follow once I get set up, I just have to get there.

I booked it after the last class, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I needed eggs and the farm where I buy them is only open on Saturday and they close at 4pm. I tried using some regular eggs last week and yuk…I have become a free range egg snob. You can’t but those at the grocery store, well you can but they are inferior. I am good until March and then I will need to make another run.

Because I needed eggs I got to check out the new exit on the interstate. It was very convenient! I had to do some back tracking to go to Sam’s Club so it was convenient both ways. Gouda cheese, grapes, and fresh spinach are the weekly things that keep me going back to Sam’s Club. I still had to stop at the grocery store for red leaf lettuce and I needed a bottle of Kombucha for work. (I drink it with my lunch)

I also stopped at a local ice cream shop since I can eat their chocolate ice cream without having a reaction. There was no line and when she opened the window a big ole smell of skunk wafted out….seriously? The girl working the window is always busting her ass since she is usually by herself. There was a young boy in there today….which one of them was smoking weed? I know I have a super sniffer but I can’t believe the average person can’t smell that nasty smell???? Plus…could somebody please explain to me why pot smells like skunk? It has always smelled bad, but in the eighties…it stunk but it didn’t skunk stink? Say that real fast three times…

Then I came home and started on the mundane weekend chores. I would like to get as much done as I can tonight so I can work with tomorrow’s full moon. Thankfully I can still ride my inspiration since there is another writing club this Tuesday. Last month I got so much done there. When I am home, there is always something I “should” be doing.  Writing always takes a back burner. I might even food prep tonight so tomorrow is a completely free day? Maybe? Part of me still misses my afternoon nap…7:30 might be a little late to partake in that luxury for today.

So I guess I’m gonna go figure out how to make one of those Twitter accounts….man did that statement make me sound older than my 49 years….Zia

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A Perfect Little Miracle

Not only is this sweet child’s name one letter away from my mother’s name it is pronounced like my main character’s name. I never even noticed how close the two were? The parents are spelling the name in a way that it will never be pronounced correctly….I tried to talk them into using an extra n but the dad wouldn’t go for it. As a person whose name is rarely spelled or pronounced correctly, I really tried.

Her poor mamma was put through the wringer. She went into the hospital Tuesday night and this perfect little girl was born last night at almost 11pm. This woman had this 8lb 8oz baby with no epidural. She is woman…hear her roar!

I was stressed because I was worrying about them and I was stressed because of work. I am behind on my normal duties because I am helping the young girl aka the Tiny Narcissist clean up the Optician’s mess. It is the epitome of a hot mess, maybe someday I can mention the details? Trust me…its not good. I hate drama and there is so much drama happening right now…

My dreams have been pretty intense as well. I kind of regret deleting my Dream Weavers page on Facebook…it would be nice to have some input. The most profound so far was about grandmother spider which is starting to fall into the category of recurring dreams.

It has been a rough week so I have been trying to lay low and stay in my own lane….Zia

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Sorry Phil….Sorry Chuck

February 2nd is always a big day for me. I wait on pins and needles to hear what Punxsutawney Phil will predict on this day. Regardless, there is still technically 6 more weeks of Winter. I watch Phil and look up Chuck to see if they agree on the forecast.

My Grandmother always said “it’s not Spring until the rain crow coos.” Normally I have to wait until late March before I hear this glorious sound. I have noticed a few birds making some noise in the morning this week when I was walking through the parking lot on my way into work.Which is always an encouraging sign.

This morning…sometime between 7:30 and 8am I was aware of the birds outside calling to each other. It’s been quiet for so long it’s hard to miss the noise even if it’s slight. I was laying there, refusing to get up because it’s too early to get out of bed on a Saturday when I heard it. Honestly…I didn’t think it was possible so I reached over and cracked the window so I could hear better. I can’t even believe it!!! Not one…but numerous coos from the mourning dove (rain crow). Yes it has been warmer than average, this was the 7th warmest January on record . It may be snowing pretty good outside right now but none of that matters …I have heard the coo.

So it doesn’t matter what the fancy scroll reads tomorrow morning…the bird beat you too it. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch it anyway…it’s tradition, the outcome just isn’t as important this year. On my travels today I saw a robin, a blue bird, many different woodpeckers, a Carolina wren, crows and numerous Cooper’s hawks. I also saw a poor opossum dead in the road, I even saw my second dead coyote on the interstate this morning. Things are definitely waking up.

My first stop was to my favorite apothecary. I planned on a quick trip because there are always people in there but today there was only one other person and she left shortly after I got there. I actually sat down and we talked for almost an hour, that was a nice surprise. I stopped in to get the new incense for Imbolc, and her new candle. I also ended up getting more sage….because of work, I have been burning more than normal. I also bought some Brigid tea….are you sensing a theme here? Tomorrow is a fire festival so it will be candles and incense all day long.

Now that my ex husband has started training with his new job the kids having been going over on the weekend. I still think it’s weird that at 22 and 24 they still go to his house once a week. Weird or not…I am loving it! The only noise is what I make and when I clean something it stays that way for at least 12 hours. When they go during the week I don’t enjoy it as much because I’m at work for most of it. Whatever the reason…I am loving every minute of it!

I left the apothecary and headed to the busy side of town.  I was on the interstate driving along when there was a big flash in my car…kind of like a camera? This was different then the ocular migraine flashes but I have had these before…it makes me curious to see what tomorrow brings? I will keep you posted…

I picked up a gift certificate for my nephew for his birthday and headed to one of the craft stores to drop off my new Waterhouse mermaid print. I already have his Ophelia in my bathroom and I have a matching frame.  I have been waiting for the right price on the mermaid print. They are just dry mounting it and cutting it to fit the frame. I am hoping they have the canvas texture finish for the top, if not I will use gel medium and give it some texture that way. I tend to keep things I love around a while so I am not interested in glass on a print for the bathroom…eventually moisture gets in there.  I have had the Ophelia print for at least 17 or 18 years and it has always hung in the bathroom.  Waterhouse is one of my favorite artists and there are a few more prints on my wish list….someday…when I have more wall space.

My other nephew had a hockey game on this side of town so I headed there next. It’s rare that he plays on my side of town so I made sure I was there. My aunt and uncle were there too and my cousin’s wife and daughter also showed up for a bit. It was fun, but cold. I used to love hockey back in the day but it’s different watching kids. Then there was this mom….I have experienced loud obnoxious parents at a sporting event before but none have compared to this woman. She was probably 30 feet away from me and I had a headache  after the game and for most of the evening. My nephew, the one not on the ice said “yes, we all cringe when she walks in the door.” It was very distracting. My uncle was appalled and when he would give me that silent look, I would give him the yikes…I know face. It was fun to watch my nephew and while my opinion means nothing…they need to work on communicating more. There were too many sloppy passes. I mentioned that maybe they should practice with some eggs and my non playing nephew said “life isn’t a Disney movie Aunt Zia.” I still think they should watch The Mighty Ducks as homework anyway.

I ran to the library after the game and then to my last stop, Sam’s Club. I ran into my brother, sister in law and both nephews there. I think there were lots of hockey families there at that time. My sister in law preaches a lot about food and choices and I saw what was in her buggy…some of it can be excused because of the super bowl tomorrow, and some it…well..who am I to judge?  Let me tell you…today was not the day to go to Sam’s Club but we needed water and garbage bags. I also grabbed some cheese and tomatoes. The last batch of grapes I bought had a weird taste so I wasn’t going to buy more. I noticed the price went up a dollar so it’s a good thing I went in knowing I wasn’t going to buy them because the new price tag would have turned me off from buying them.

I only had four items so I was in line at the self check out when the couple in front of me had a sick child who started throwing up. I don’t know what kind of sugar they gave her but her vomit had a sugary smell mixed with the putrid smell of vomit. I heard the little girl say she had to poo as she was throwing up. I think it was her grandmother who was with her and she started walking towards the bathroom while the little girl vomited along the trail. It took a long time before the grandmother noticed there was puke everywhere. I am hoping her germ radius was close to the floor and didn’t make it to the air that I walked through… I used my On Guard sanitizer as soon as I made it to the car.

My goal for tomorrow is to not leave the house. I have to food prep but I am mostly sure I have everything I need. I didn’t make it to the recycling center but I drive right by one everyday on my way to work. It’s rarely full and right by the police station. Maybe I will load my trunk tomorrow? The chances of me getting up early on a Monday are slim, but Tuesday looks good. I finished all of my laundry, etc. I just need to run the vacuum and wash the kitchen floor. I can still get that done tonight so tomorrow is free of the mundane, minus food prep.

After work yesterday I met my wine steward friend for dinner and a drink at a local restaurant. She brought the wine, I paid for the outrageous corking fee. She offered but she bought a bottle last time we went out so it only seems fair. It was so nice to catch up! It wasn’t too busy so I didn’t feel so bad siting in a table for more than two hours. Our server was just starting to get busy as we were leaving. We need to do this more often…we don’t see each other nearly enough…

I was hoping all of these things would distract me form the happenings at work yesterday but alas…they have not. I  had more than one meeting with the big doctor and one of them was a one on one. I am stunned on some things and mind blown on others. The web of lies that the Optician has been telling go back more than a year. No wonder BV feels the way she does…she has been lied to from the person she sees as her immediate supervisor. I never thought that the Optician would stoop so low…I was there,  I know what happened and she is blaming Big K, which is not right. There are other things she has said but I feel like I should wait to post the lies…. Sadly what the Optician says….she honestly believes to be the truth. I can’t even, right now…..Zia


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I started my day with another strange event. It wasn’t a dream per se? I heard a voice whisper Hestia….three different times. I am one of those people who hit the snooze button at least 3 or 4 times before getting up in the morning. I know it was three times and I am guessing some of the whispers happened in between the snooze button?

If I heard Hecate/Hekate, I wouldn’t be as surprised….she has always been my Goddess from the word go, but Hestia? I knew nothing other than she is the Goddess of the Hearth. I found a couple of articles that compared Greek Hestia to Celtic Brigid which would make some sense? KW and I did a Caim ceremony, made incense, and made Brigid crosses and a crystal grid for Imbolc. Imbolc is Sunday so maybe that’s why? I have no idea but I will delve deeper into Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth. I will get back to you if something becomes relevant.

Work was work…adults behaving like children,people playing the martyr, constantly slamming doors and giving people the silent treatment. Yes…mostly I am talking about the Optician. I fear something clicked in her head and there is no return. She is behaving badly and I fear for her job. I don’t want her to quit or get fired…I just want her to act like a semi human. Semi…comparatively is sadly good enough. I’m tired of talking about work so I won’t mention it anymore today, or at least I will try.

Yesterday I had the second part of my deep cleaning at the dentist. This side wasn’t as bad as the other but I expected that much. Yes, I still bled but I didn’t have to take the one Ibuprofen like I did with the other side. This isn’t the side with the bad tooth so it wasn’t babied like the other side. There are more trips to the dentist ahead but this part is complete.

I didn’t get much else done last night after I made dinner and food prepped. The Girl has started watching Dr Oakley Yukon Vet on Disney Plus..sometimes it’s okay but last night it put me right to sleep. Late nap…midnight bedtime…hard Thursday.  Most of the day I kept asking if I was on “Punked” because it was that kind of day. I have had worse days but I have also had better ones. The Optician keeps pushing and I keep taking the high road…but a person can only take so much. I have found that those that like to dish it out can rarely take it…let’s hope it doesn’t come to that and I am not saying anymore on the subject today….Zia


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I woke up this morning thinking about patterns and things in my life that keep repeating. I ended my day making different kinds of patterns. I went to an open house tonight. It’s a business that used to be in an old school but has now moved into the second floor of a local spa. I haven’t been to any of her events for a while, road construction made it such a pain to get there and back home. If I am going to totally be honest, the times never really meshed. If I have time to go home after work, it’s almost impossible to get me back out.

I expected to go in, check things out, say hi, maybe check out the spa below, and then get out of there. I was planning on getting home at the latest 6:30, I walked in the door at almost 7:30. I had no idea there would be hands on projects? I have always wanted to work with alcohol inks and tonight I got my chance. I can see how this would be addicting…

Next was the blacked out poetry station…this is a great project to quiet the mind. Wuthering Heights isn’t the best book to find light and fluffy words so I went with it. I’m not a poet…so judge lightly.I guess you really can’t read it from the picture. I will tell you just remember, like I said before, I am not a poet.

damn his soul!

acquainted with madness and moody crying.

I will see that owld place, I work to remember.

when compelled to and conjuring up my cookery bowl.

That’s what I turned page 145 of Wuthering Heights into. It’s not great but it was a fun first attempt. I would do both of these projects again.  I met some new people and ran into someone I met once at a journeying workshop. She had a lot to say…I think this falls under the blanket of synchronicity….

She is right…the Universe does provide BUT I think it is easier when you have a second income from a spouse. It’s harder for me because it’s just me…or maybe that’s just something I tell myself? I know things are changing and there are forces that I don’t understand at play here…but it’s still scary shit. I have no choice but to do the work and roll with it…

I guess the other pattern thought process I was working on,  isn’t what I needed to express today. Maybe tomorrow? Nothing like stirring up old woulds after a trip from the dentist….Zia

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On the Same Page

Today was a good day. I wasn’t sure what to expect when KW suggested that we get together once a month, but I am glad she did. It was nice to sit and talk as well on work on projects with someone who is on the same page….who gets you and shares interests that most people don’t get or understand.

I can type out to you the weirdness of my dream last night but it’s not the same as having a captivated audience. I can tell you that I had a dream where I was standing in the lunchroom at work looking out the window…when I saw a black bear running with a grizzly bear. I also saw a wolf but heard the words coyote and fox. The weirdest parts were the animals that were not of this world…I might have been able to describe them first thing this morning but I didn’t write it down and now it’s gone. The symbols and animals in my dreams seem to be off the charts this year…is it just me or are you dreaming wild things too?

We started on my project first. I have been dying to try making my own self-igniting incense since I fell in love with it at my new favorite witch shop. I picked herbs that correspond with Imbolc since it is next Sunday. I brought a coffee grinder and my mortar and pestle. KW used the coffee grinder and I ground everything into the Makko powder after she put it in the coffee grinder. It came out perfectly! I was a little nervous and super excited when it worked out. I wasn’t sure since I never made it before…it smells amazing!

KW’s project was a little more labor intensive. I was excited to see that we would be making St. Brigid crosses and even more excited that they would be used in conjunction with a crystal grid. Mine is the awkward cross on the’s not horrible for a first try but I would like to try it again with a natural material….heck I’d try it again with the synthetic material, now that I have an idea of how it is done.

We both picked projects to use on Imbolc…we really are on the same page… Watch us both pick leap year projects next month…I will keep you posted.

I came home and started to food prep and that’s when my day went from magical to mundane. It has to be done if I want to eat. Enjoy every second of what’s left of your weekend….Zia


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