Changing It Up

Today was a weird day all around. Not a bad day, just a weird one….actually it was a weird week. Tomorrow is Friday and that is a good thing!

I kept a good momentum all week in the cleaning department. That right there is the best example of how weird this week really was. Last night I worked in the basement. How did I let it get like that? I know how…my work peeps bring me cans and bottles all of the time. I come home and I take it downstairs and I place it in the vicinity of my craft stuff. Boxes and bags everywhere. I have been meaning to do it for weeks but the procrastinator in me always found something else to do. I spent a good two hours down there last night.

It turns out that was an extra good thing. The boy is having geek fest in the basement tonight.  He has his friend from elementary school through high school here, the kid he met his junior year here, and his friend from Burger King. Everybody brought a controller and they are in full gamer mode. They crack me up with some of their comments, too bad I can’t remember any of them.

When I went to pick up their pizza for them the girl said that Burger King came up to use the bathroom. She was on the couch and he was standing outside of the bathroom. He finally said “I can’t go in there” I guess this kid is afraid of cats so the girl removed the cat from the bathroom. She said on his way through the kitchen he must have run into the cat again because he yelped. I thought the girl was going to pee her pants she was laughing so hard when she told me.

Do you remember how excited I was for my hair appointment?  Excitement leads to disappointment….She didn’t use the same color and I was looking forward to dark dark, now it will fade and I will be sad. She bordered on scissor happy as well. The cut is good, it’s a little shorter than I like…not enough to get upset over thankfully. She was very involved with the retelling of her drama and I know that was part of it. She is getting back together with her husband after more than a year of separation. He is a pill popper and I don’t know where that falls in the drug addict category. He’s been clean for a year now…blah, blah, blah. It’s her life not mine and now she is pregnant with their second child. Her best friend is married to my cousin and my cousin flipped his lid when he found out. He unfriended her on facebook and won’t speak to her. I think his comment was something like “she can go ahead and throw away her future but I don’t have to watch it.” He’ll eventually get over it to a point, I am not sure if he can be civil to her husband again. That would be asking a lot. All of this on top of baby brain…she has her hands full. I should be grateful it came out as good as it did.

I found a few things yesterday. The first one isn’t a great deal but I’m glad I looked.

Forget that crazy talk about pigeon holing my tastes to shabby chic. This pillow for the couch will not only tie in my unicorn tapestry print but it will also pull in the red from the beauty and the beast chair. I like what I like, I can’t help it. When it gets here I will give you the visual.

I also have been looking for new bedding. I want to brighten things up in my room and I’m bored with the bedspread I have now. Imagine my bargain hunters delight when I found a queen (my bed is a full but that’s okay) bedspread that was perfect at the Restore for $18.00. It’s only downfall is that it’s dry clean only. It’s a little more work to clean it but thank goodness for Dryel…two sheets…no bag…in a dryer and it will be good as new. It basically is new, there isn’t a speck on it. The best way to describe it for now because I haven’t cleaned it yet is to show you the pillowcase.

It had three different textures and the color is perfect. Speaking of pillowcases…. I am always on the hunt for vintage sheets or anything with a handmade touch. I don’t care if what’s under the comforter matches so mismatched sheets are not a problem. I only found pillow cases yesterday and again….not a spot on them. They were $1.50 per pillowcase.

That last one was a lone pillowcase but I think it’s the prettiest so I bought it. It was a very good day at the ReStore which will make it easier to miss this Saturday. I only stop there two days a week so I miss it when I can’t make it. I will be having a different kind of fun this Saturday and it’s always good to change things up…..Zia

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Did I Do That?

I have been so dingy the last two days….just wait til I tell you….

Yesterday the girl and I were sitting in the car waiting for the boy to move his car so I could take her to school. We are already running late because I have to fight with the boy to get him out of bed. Why would I willingly do that to myself every day? I don’t. The boy, much like his father at that age can’t get his ass out of bed so if I don’t get him up….he doesn’t go to school. Sorry…off topic…back to the story. The boy turns his car off because it sounds funny and then it won’t start. Why he can’t mess with his car after we leave is beyond me. Okay, so now I am really late. It’s raining, the boy is kicking his car in his bare feet….because why not?  We really made quite the picture yesterday. At that point I decide that I am going to try and back out around his car. Yes there is a ditch size drop of a hill there but maybe I can do it? I made the girl get out of the care just in case. So I start backing up…..picture me there…the idiot that I am, leaning to the left and to the back. It wasn’t my brightest move. Common sense kicked in and I put it in drive, did I mention the rain? It was some kind of miracle that I didn’t get stuck on the hill. I had to put it in D4 and slowly accelerate  and thankfully it worked. In the meantime the girl is pushing the boys car while he steers so I can try and back out in our flat grass. I asked him to try and start it again and it started. It’s not the alternator, he just bought one of those. He’s at his dads now so I haven’t heard if he found out what it was. Can we say Happy Monday?

It gets better. Later that night I washed the dog and then the cat. Yep, the cat hates me now. I filled up M’s carpet scrubber with cleaner and water and got busy. My old carpet scrubber had a place for soap, a container for water and another that collected the dirty water. I knew where the dirty water was because M left dirty water in it when she gave it to me. I scrubbed that carpet for 45 minutes with just the soap water combo…again, not my brightest moment. I knew it wans’t working right, I just didn’t know why? I googled it and apparently there is some bladder thingy in this machine. You put hot water in the same place that you dump the dirty water. It made no sense to me, but running it with no water did?  Luckily it’s just an area rug. I changed the water every six or seven minutes and ran the scrubber until the water stayed the same color. Basically…it was my whole night. The carpet is cleaned and that was my goal but seriously? What was I thinking? This isn’t my first carpet scrubbing rodeo. I have owned two, I have borrowed and rented others…where did I think the water would come from?

It’s like I’m the blondest brunette in the world right now. I’m about to get darker…I have my hair appointment tomorrow and I am definitely going to have her use the same color that she used last time. It seemed to hold longer, I hated the shade that the old color faded to  and I get to be dark dark for about a week.

This mornings venture out of my driveway was only slightly better. I was running late this time because the cat hates me and I had to lure him out of the basement before I left. My car was already warming up so the windows were mostly defrosted when I got in. I tend to back out of my driveway really fast, I always stop but I could see why someone might think that I wouldn’t stop. There was some dude out there walking and he was standing by my driveway and he just stood there. So I rolled down the back passenger window to tell him to go ahead and the cold made the squeak worse than normal. It’s actually more like a screeeaaach, very loud and very embarrassing. Two mornings in a row…what the heck?

Tonight I managed to take the garbage out to the curb without incident and finished a small list of chores safely. What the heck is happening? I don’t remember hitting my head?  This dingy pattern needs to change stat! I hope wherever you are, you are having a better week and you aren’t shaking your head while saying “Did I really just do that?”……Zia

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It Felt Like More……

I worked in the house all day. I only left to run out and put gas in the car, go to the laundromat, and run into the grocery store for some bread and popcorn kernels. I feel like I should have accomplished more. Maybe it was because I was taking my time and was extra thorough?I cleaned all day, I feel like it should look like more was done.

I filled three garbage bags today just from cleaning the kitchen. How is that possible? I didn’t even scrub the floor yet. One bag was from cleaning out the fridge. I started at the top and that’s where I have a basket that I toss chips and other snacks. I scrubbed the top and while I was waiting for it to dry, I went through the snack basket and then organized  the tea box. I purged things in the freezer, I’m pretty sure that diced ham came from the old house. It didn’t look freezer burned because I vacuum sealed it but still….it needed to go. I took everything out of the fridge and scrubbed it out. It wasn’t so bad, not like when the kids were little…they were always spilling things and pretending that they didn’t and left it for me. I was like a crazy person today, I even washed all of the magnets on the door.

I washed a lot of laundry today as well so I needed to go to the laundromat to dry.  I had wanted to steam clean the rug and the couch today but I ran out of time. The kids are at their dads the next couple of days so I don’t have to mess with dinner. That should give me some more time. I couldn’t return the carpet scrubber tomorrow anyway, I can’t fit it in the car when the girl is in the front seat. I still have to take her to school in the morning. Unfortunately because she is at her dads that means I will have to give the dog a bath. That’s not my favorite thing to do but if I am going to clean the couch…it only makes sense.

Yesterday RD and I had a table at a local craft show. It was a church craft show and it was a very nice day. There wasn’t a lot of traffic. I made my half of the table back and a little bit more. I bought some things and found a gift for my sister in law for Christmas.

It holds a 4×6 photo under that clothespin. I thought it looked like her and it was only $8.00. The wood is from an old barn so it’s upcycled as well. I bought some old silverware decorated with dried lavender from RD to add to the box.

I found a little old lady who makes my washcloths and she only charges $1.00. I already have a drawer full so I limited myself to three. I don’t have any Christmas colors so that’s why I grabbed the red one.

One of the girls at work who stopped by found a lady who made fancy fabric bags and sold them for $1.00, Christmas ones were $1.50. Cheaper than a gift bag and much nicer.

I went back later and noticed her tote bags for $5.00. You can’t even buy the fabric and make it yourself for that! It’s this crazy yellow floral vintage fabric but I was drawn to it…I don’t own a single fabric with yellow in it. This is a tote bag though and not a piece of clothing. It smells like an ashtray and I am testing out some homemade essential oil/febreeze recipes. The combination that kills that smell will be a huge winner. It smells so bad that I think maybe the fabric was new when she made it and it has absorbed that many years of cigarette smoke.

The quality is superb, I will have this bag forever…once I get rid of the smell. I could wash it or throw it in a dryer with a Dryel sheet but I want to test some recipes and this is just the smelly thing to experiment on.

I took $20.00 of my earnings and headed right to Sam’s club. The girl and I had discussed changing the “something musical” on the Christmas list to “something to read” at least for her. She had pointed out a dinosaur book for $18.88. Something made me go there yesterday and when I did….I bought the last copy.

I already picked up a giant dinosaur reference book at Ollie’s for half of that price. This will definitely be the heaviest of her Christmas list presents.

My little drawer sachets were saved by pinking sheers. They did come out cuter than I thought they might. I sold them for $5.00 a pair and I thought that was extra economical. I forgot to mention that earlier….

Friday night was book club and I didn’t get home until almost ten. We had fun. None of liked the book. We read Endless Night by Agatha Christie. The best was to describe this book….if you’re old enough…it is the equivalent to the season premier of Dallas, the year that Bobby stepped out of the shower with Pam saying “it was all a terrible dream”.  I never saw it coming.

I was saved by Audible of all things. I had stuff I needed to do so I started my free trial with Endless Night and I carried my Kindle with me everywhere. You get two free books in your trial so after book club I came home and downloaded the next book club book The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett. I made it half way through today listening while I cleaned. Audible is nice, it’s just too pricey for this girl…..Zia

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Too Many Projects…..

I am still digging out from my vacation last month. There is just too much to do and not enough time. I have been really trying to make sleep a priority since I had that creepy dream. I forced myself to stop tonight so I could clean up and get the other necessities done.

Do you remember that sheet I found for $1.00 at a rummage sale?

I decided against using it for a pillow. I thought the material might get wrinkly and it probably wasn’t strong enough to last as a pillow on the couch. I still like it a lot. I decided to try and sew a piece of fleece to it. So far it works. Is it a perfect sewing job? Heck no…I did it remember? It will serve it’s purpose and has the look I am going for. There are two satin stripes on the sheet and I sewed a line down that stripe in hopes that it will hold it down so it will last. Only time will tell….

I pulled out the fabric I bought to make drawer sachets but I stopped myself from going any further.

I will let the rice sit until tomorrow with the herbs and essential oils and then I will try my hand at sachets.

In the bottom of the bag of fabric was this fabric…..

I really like this print. I am tossing around the idea to use it an inspiration for my new bedroom. Don’t get me wrong….it’s too busy for a bedspread or curtains but I think I can make an accessory or two and plan the room around this fabric. Like I said…I am just tossing the idea around. I have always wanted to do more than fumble through a sewing project and who knows maybe someday I will get to that point. For right now….I am going to stick to straight lines. I can manage a pillow or two. I’m not quite shabby chic, there isn’t a word for my eclectic mix that I gravitate towards. Shabby chic is the easiest word to use to describe the feeling I am hoping to achieve.

I want to make some book page flowers for this Saturday’s craft show. I need to start and finish the book club book by Friday. It’s a little one so I should be okay. I need to get my doTerra orders together and deliver them. I have my sewing machine out and the rice absorbing the oils so I need to finish the sachets.

I was going to steam clean the accent carpet, couch and chairs in the living room today but I went to two stores and they were out of them. That will be my Sunday project. One of the girl’s friends ended up coming over so it’s a good thing I couldn’t find one to rent. At the second location I told the girl “it’s not meant to be” and now we know why. It’s funny how that works…..

This week I have been trying to focus on getting things in order. I can’t even pinpoint the moment things went awry but I have to bring some balance back to my life stat! It’s not going to be easy but I will give it my best shot…..Zia

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So…..there is a reason that I never do certain things. One of those things is to get a psychic reading. If I want my cards done I will ask PT to do them, she is more accurate than any of these party show people.

My little witch store was having a psychic fair this weekend. All of my friends had really good experiences last time so I thought “why not?” I know better, that should have been my because. I picked the woman who gave my friend KB a beautiful sense of closure after her husband died unexpectedly. It wasn’t that way for me….

I was telling PT about it on Sunday at breakfast and she said. “that woman is a Charlatan! Disregard everything she says as nonsense!!” I decided that I will note a few things here just in case she is right about a thing or two.

She likes to refer to her spirits as dead peeps and I shouldn’t  shoot the messenger. Nothing she said triggered any feelings of certainty that I was communicating with my peeps. She said in the next two weeks or so I am about to be blindsided. Yep that’s what she said. I’m a worrier and that extra sucks for me because worrying is pointless. If I am going to be blindsided then I can’t even begin to imagine why. Fine…blindsided….betrayal…nothing I haven’t lived through before but when she tries to say that my kids are involved?  Rock bottom…drugs….left field…doesn’t sound like my kids at all. Cockroach maybe, but not my kids. Of course it made me ask…when I asked the girl if she was using drugs she said “yes, all of them especially the big ones.” I rolled my eyes “you mean the hard ones?” she rolled her eyes back “yep, that’s what I mean.” I haven’t noticed any changes in pattern with the boy, and I do watch. On his birthday I pointed out that he forget to take the limoncello I gave him to take to his friends house and he said “my friend had to go to work so I wouldn’t be there for six hours so I left it here.”  Six hours? I don’t know where that logic comes from but if it keeps my kid off the road when he is drinking then I will take it. This warning makes no sense to me.

She also said don’t buy a house or go back to school. She’s awfully boss with her tarot cards…in my opinion. She also said that the girl would go through something traumatic in the upcoming months. I’m pretty overprotective so this one makes me worry. I don’t know but all of this doom and gloom is unsettling. She also said that my dead peeps said that I was too serious and I should lighten up and have fun. Stop being a hermit and get out there. I don’t want to do that. I have plenty of fun…fun designed by me. I have great friends and I have fun with them. I don’t need to bring random strangers into the mix.

I have never been so mad at myself for wasting the $25.00 that I spent for this twenty minutes of hogwash. I liked the part about changing jobs in January or February to a job that I love and it pays more….it’s probably just bullshit though…..

This bad reading just gave me a new reason to stay in my head and toss things around.  She also told me that I need to eat more purple food, which was random. Purple foods are okay but she mentioned beets more than once and I loathe beets. I ordered some beet root powder from Amazon so we will see if that makes a difference. I have been struggling with my inner bear the last week or so. I am ready to hibernate…. but alas I am not a bear, which means I have to drag my sorry ass up and go to work. The sitting in front of the computer all day is starting to get to me. There are some stomach things going around  so maybe I am also fighting that off? One of my new goals is to be in bed before 10pm. I won’t pull it off tonight but it is something I am aiming for these days.

One day this weekend the Pink store (Victoria’s Secret) had coupons and University specials so I took the girl. The line was almost out of the store but lucky for us they opened registers on the other side of the store….

8 for $28.00 panties with a coupon for a free panty made the line worthwhile. I bought the girl a college t-shirt and sweatshirt as well. They were 50% off and my kid is not normally name brand but she was excited about these.

I am still working on the couch and pillow situation. I ventured out to TJ Maxx three times yesterday before I found two pillows that would work as a replacement for the small ones. Two down …three to go.

I am going for different textures and the shades don’t have to match exactly..this set of pillows was a keeper. I am hoping to have it together by the 22nd which is my next Outlander party. I stopped at Joann’s after work because I can’t waste a 50% off coupon and I stopped to talk to a former coworker. There aren’t that many left from when I worked there. She is completely hooked on Outlander so I invited her to the episode 6 party. I’m going to run out of chairs soon, but that’s okay. The more the merrier. I’m just lucky that I have people to share this show/book series with….Zia

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Thrift Score!

Instead of reporting disturbing dreams or long days at work, I have decided to share some of my latest scores….

Last week I grabbed what I thought was a textured blanket at the ReStore. It turns out it was a slip cover for a sofa. I have purchased one before, I was given one last year and neither worked.  I took back the one I bought and made due with the one that was given. This one actually fits and there is minimal struggle and the best part… was $8.00. The bonus it that it matches nicely with my new coffee table that I love and the kids hate. This picture is a little blurry but you get the idea.

Yes the rug no longer matches and the burgundy scarf things can go, the black out curtains need to stay but I can soften them up somehow. Sadly the pillows aren’t just right. I cut off the ones I made last year because I thought maybe these old ones would work but they are too yellow.

I did find a flat sheet that will work for a pillow or three at a rummage sale yesterday for $1.00. I will need to do a muslin cover up first but I bought a bunch of that for a  project that never came to fruition. Cutting it to get the most out of it will be the tricky part….

This all started with my new coffee table that I love and found for $30.00…

It was dirtier than it looks…maybe someone was a smoker? This is what the magic eraser looked like when I was done…

The optician and I took another road trip south to one of our other locations to cover some shifts. We stopped at the local Goodwill while we were down there. When I was checking out the woman said “is this a winter coat?” okay…I can play along….”I don’t know is it?” I said to her. “No, I think this is a light coat” she said as she rang up the beautiful ‘wool’ coat for $7.99. I was willing to pat the $12.99 but hey….if she is going to offer….. This coat lays so nice, I am so excited. I would never have picked this blue but it called to me and now this wool Anne Klein is mine.

I also found some vintage little girl’s fabric. I’m not sure what I am going to do with it but it was a dollar! The more I look at it I think it might have been a bedspread…maybe? It feels more like a curtain? Maybe it was a scratchy sheet? I am thinking a pillow or maybe a tote bag for all of the little girls being born in the family? Honestly….I’m not sure, but hey…it was a dollar and it’s vintage.

Last week I scored a cast iron skillet from the ReStore for $12.00. I took me a good forty-five minutes to clean and season it but now I have a small pot. A girl at work tried to offer me $50.00 for it! That’s just crazy!!! This was a rare find and I bought it to use it!

I have been quite lucky the last few weeks and I will take it!…..Zia

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Sleep or Die

I think that sounds a little dramatic….don’t you? I had another one of those dreams last night. It felt like more than a regular old dream? Normally my dreams don’t tell me what to do with the exception of the last two.

The drinking water dream did make an impact even on the girl. Now we only use bottled water off of a list or water that has gone through the reverse osmosis process. She took that dream as law way before I did.

Last night I had an even weirder dream. There were a group of us in a room, I didn’t recognize any of the others. I was sitting on a couch and there was a man sitting next to me with a double barrel shotgun in his lap. He was irritated at all of us because someone was getting sick and then all of us were going to be sick. Why aren’t we taking better care of ourselves is what he was saying rather loudly. I told him ‘”I’ll be fine, I just need more sleep, that’s all.” With a twisted up face he replied “Then get some sleep because when you get sick it’s gonna knock you down hard and you will be begging for death and I will be happy to oblige.” He said this and then touched the shotgun like we didn’t all know it was there.

On a scale of 1-10 I would say that’s 100 on the weird side. I have never had a dream yell at me for not taking care of myself and threaten bodily harm if I didn’t get more sleep. Maybe it’s just my subconscious being a tad over dramatic? Sleep more and stop drinking the tap water…okay.

Work was work, nothing too exciting. I really have to get working on my invitations for Outlander episode 6 party. I have everything mostly ready, I just need to build them. The invite says

Dinna Fash Sassenach.

Meet me at Zia’s on October 22nd at 3pm.

It’s about to get steamy,

All of my love, Jamie

The girl made gagging sounds when I read it to her so I am guessing it will be well received. I bought a little plaid from Joann’s, I haven’t figured out exactly how I will work it in. Don’t worry I will take a picture. I always get excited when I finish an invitation for an event like this. I even have the favors ordered, so I’m a little ahead of the game. I keep renewing the Outlander cookbook from the library so I will have that handy as well. I best be off if I am going to get my eight hours tonight…Zia

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I guess I am technically semi-retired from my waitress job and it has me all discombobulated this weekend. I was just starting to get used to having some extra time, well maybe just a little.

The manager sent me a text on Wednesday night to ask me if I wanted to work a small party of sixteen people. To be honest….I was going to say no. Then M sent me the text about our Halloween/wine outing. The cost for the limo to drive us around for six hours was going to be $55.00 a piece. So I answered back yes, I would work. So I made almost the whole amount and now it doesn’t hurt so bad.  I will hand M the $75.00 tomorrow (55+20 for the ticket) and then I will hand her the jars she asked me to make for her vanity which includes a mason tissue jar. She will hand me $30.00 back, she gets a buy 3 get one free discount since we work together every day. It all works out and finally I get to do something fun for my favorite holiday.

PT has been asking me for years to go with her to her big Hallowine event. I would be gone two days and one night and I haven’t been able to bring myself to leave the kids like that. Yes….I am aware they are both in college now. I just can’t, not yet. It’s an irrational Cockroach thing, stupid I know.

I worked yesterday and now it’s almost bedtime and I still “feel”behind. I did manage to get a lot accomplished, I’m not sure how that happened but I still have miles to go…

Have I mentioned how bored I have been lately with my bedroom? I don’t think I have? I mostly toss ideas around in my head and on Pinterest. Every week when I strip my bed I struggle with putting it all back together. I upcycled a free bed frame when I was still with the Cockroach and it needed to go.It was such a pain in the butt to get the bedspread on and it never did lay right.  I bought a queen bed frame from by sister in laws garage sale for $8.00. Perfect!

Did you ever hear of a bed frame that wasn’t adjustable? I never have. Imagine my surprise when I went to put my full mattress on it and there was no adjusting.

Discombobulated meet disarray….ugh! I am one of those people that have to make their beds every day no matter what and let me tell you there is a lot of what happening right now. I’m going to suck it up and order one from Sam’s club tomorrow. I only have to live with it for a week……I can do that right? $37ish isn’t horrible and it’s free shipping so I don’t have to wonder how I am going to get it home. All I was thinking was lose the headboard and foot board and maybe get a new bedspread? Not that easy. I’ve had the paint to paint my furniture for a couple of months now. Maybe this debacle will get me motivated?

I had some weirder than normal dreams last night. The first couple were normal weird but that last one felt different. I knew the person I was talking to in the dream world but in the waking world I have never seen this woman before. We had a discussion about fluoride and tap water. She was adamant about me not drinking tap water, ever. I had the strangest feeling when I woke up mixed with a little of “what the heck was that?” Whatever she said was very effective because I only reached for bottled water today. I haven’t gone the extra mile to dump out ice cube trays or anything but I heard her words throughout my day…do not drink the tap water.  At work we have filtered ice and water but I doubt it filters out the fluoride. She was very specific about the fluoride. This felt more like a message than a dream. Weird I know…..Zia


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Mini Adventure

Yesterday at work was a little easier to bear. The first day back from vacation truly is the most difficult. Our optician once again misplaced her phone and didn’t remind anyone about the frame event last night. I never heard a thing about it because I was on vacation last week. She asked me before lunch and I said sure! Thirty odd years left….I keep saying that more and more. I stopped at Subway and grabbed the kids subs for dinner and went home and grabbed a change of clothes.

We left work and headed to the event. The forty five minute drive felt like nothing because we were chatting. We found it with no problems….I was a little worried about that. 🙂  My only disappointment was that I didn’t run into any of the old lab accounts while I was there. I miss talking to some of them and I was hoping to say hi. I still had fun and won some prizes.

I spun the wheel and won a pair of Flexon aviator sunglasses.  I was hoping the girl would like them. She might like them better after I get them straightened and tightened. Of course she would have to wear her contacts and she rarely wears them. I won a nine west crossover bag. It’s cute and will work for special occasions. I also won a pair of  much bolder two toned sunglasses. I will take a picture of them when they get to work.

There was wine and cheese to keep me company when optician girl was in full buying mode.

I got home around 9:30 ish which wasn’t too bad. There was one time during the drive when I became a turnpike hero…..You guys know how I get my crazy lead foot going in the morning? Well there was a point on our drive home when we talking and she was in the passing lane next to a truck. We were driving next to the truck for a while and I happened to glance in the rear view mirror outside of my window. So I said “Um K, are you going to pass this truck?” “Why” she said? “Oh I was just wondering because there is quite a line of traffic behind you.” She passed the truck and as all of the cars zoomed passed with angered intensity, in my head I said “your welcome” to every car that blew past us. Less than five minutes later the semi truck passed us too. She’s not a bad driver, she’s just not in any hurry. It was still a good night!

My cousin’s daughter took a picture of me on Sunday that I didn’t even know she took. I could point out all of my flaws like the weight and how the melting in the sun was dissolving my hairspray and my whirl was starting to show but I will try not to focus on these things.

The most exciting part of my day today was my little package in the mail. I follow a group called “all souls discussion group” on Facebook. It’s where you follow along the the real time read of A Discovery of Witches. I loved this book and have read it a few times. Somebody posted a picture of a bracelet and let me tell you…that girl’s Etsy shop was busy. So busy that she said when she was making these she was listening to the audio book out of curiosity.  My bracelet came today…..

I wore it tonight when the girl and I did our running around. It slides around a little but only because this aluminum is crazy heavy duty and my wrist is so small. I love it! I’m going to have to go check out her Etsy store for Outlander products. Christmas will be here before you know it!

I met my brother for lunch at the vault restaurant today. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. He works less than five minutes away and I work until noon on Wednesday. We won’t be able top do it every week but we can meet a couple of times a month. I sort of cut him off a little when he was telling my dad everything that was going on in my world.  My words were for my brother’s ears not my dads. That’s when I started censoring my words and it has impacted out relationship. I’m trying to make it better. …Zia

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A Wonderfully Beautiful Day!

Yesterday was a long one but it was the best day of my vacation. The girl and I started our day at a baby shower at 11:30am. We didn’t get home from our adventures until after 9pm. By the time I watched Outlander and showered, it was well after 11pm.

My cousin and her daughter were in from out of state and we hung out all day. We went traipsing through the family cemetery looking for a baby’s grave from 1928. We never did find that one and it was hot as heck out there. September 24th in Ohio and above 90…that’s plain crazy!

Is it morbid that we all enjoyed looking at the old headstones?  I needed some birthday/death day info for a project that I want to do for the family history Christmas present so this trip was timely.

Then we headed down to the park where I saw my first woolly bear of the season. I hope he doesn’t change too much because the forecast isn’t horrible the way he looks now. The blacker the caterpillar the harsher the winter. This little guy has a fair amount of rust/orange on him in the middle….I will take another mild winter.

My cousin’s daughter who is three years older than the girl was fun to watch. It was an adventure to watch her experience the park for the first time. She went wherever her artist eye took her. I have posted a picture of this bridge before but I never would have thought to look for a trail under it. Thanks to her I got lucky with this shot….

We spent a fair amount of time driving around and hiking in the park.

Then we drove around looking at some old houses. I never was sure about where my great grandparents house was but I had a good idea. The back yard is where my memories are, which makes sense. I was correct on the road but wasn’t too sure of the house. Then we drove by my grandparents old house. Sadly I didn’t even recognize it. The shrubbery was so overgrown you could barely see the house. There was a shady looking dude in the driveway…it’s probably a crack house now. I watched him watch us drive by and it didn’t occur to me until we were up the street that we must have looked like drug lords or something. Out of state SUV with tinted windows, yep that’s what I think we looked like. I tend to be a little overly dramatic so maybe not?

We went and grabbed something to eat and headed back to the hotel. We had a glass of wine and my aunt and uncle met up with us there. We stayed until a little after nine and then left. I was off all week, why did this day fall on my last day? It would have been nice to hang out longer but duty calls.

The first day after vacation is always the worst and today was no exception. The day dragged and we left at almost 6. Thank goodness for leftovers. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better work day…..Zia



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