Why Not?

The full moon has been extra influential this week……did anybody else notice? The patients were just a little crazier and everything seemed so intense. Maybe it was just me, I know I was feeling it.  The really cute patient…you know the one who was born the year I turned 16….well he came back in today. I’m not exactly sure why, his trial contact popped out and he lost it…I think that’s what I heard.  Hello….why does it matter?   Eye candy can come in anytime.full moon

Tonight I finished off that 1/2 bushel of tomatoes with some rustic tomato soup. Rustic meaning I was past the point of caring about the skins, funny how the nutri bullet makes all of those worries disappear. This is my canning total so far….IMG_1859

Sauce, rustic tomato soup, garden salsa ( 2 jars have been claimed so far), peach vanilla butter, and wine jelly with fresh plums. I finished canning the soup and still managed to fill up every box that I picked up last night and tonight.

With the exception of the three times that I put on the Buffy Musical, I pretty much had Frank on while I canned.frank-sinatra

That had me thinking….maybe it’s because I didn’t have my girl’s night out party or maybe the mood just struck me but I think I want to make a canning cd. While I’m at it I think I will make a “Christmas cookie, the soundtrack” cd as well.4591794

I have made a compilation cd every year for the last twelve, I guess I missed making it this year.

I think that canning is making a comeback, which is a good thing. It’s a lost art in my opinion and I can’t say for sure while I like to listen to Frank while I can but I can guess. I can almost imagine and old fashioned kitchen with Frank playing on the radio while the lady of the house is chopping, simmering, and boiling. I have always had an over active imagination…that could also be it. :) 

I know I will make the CD and I may only give it to two or three people, but I’m making it for sure…….Zia

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The Uncertainty….

Sometimes I think that there must be something wrong  with me? Everything is so uncertain and I’m really not that stressed. I know it will work out….I just don’t know how yet, blind faith…I’m good at that.  I went to a local car dealership today, they are my only hope in a reliable car…if this doesn’t work I will have to keep my fingers crossed for a decent beater. There is really only one car in the running for my credit and payment limit….I’m surprised I have any options in the middle of a bankruptcy.2009-chevrolet-hhr-ss-photo-251189-s-1280x782

It’s a 2009 and I honestly don’t even know what color it is but I picked red because it’s my favorite car color. The only bad thing…..there aren’t a whole lot of these around. With the Kia there are a million of them in the alien green around town…..it’s a stupid Cockroach thing, I’m afraid to stand out too much. At this stage of the game beggars can’t be choosers and I have no idea when they are coming to take this car.

I know that everything will work out, some moments are just better than others.

I think that the energy of the full moon is extra intense this month….or it could just be me? I am glad tomorrow is Friday……Zia

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I’m Glad I Looked


I ran into that discount store Ollie’s today to get the bedding that the girl wanted, you know….for the new room that she doesn’t have yet. I also looked at the books because you never know what you might find and I did find a cute story about a clumsy duck for my cousin’s little girl for Christmas. You can’t beat $2.99 and I will find her a little stuffed duck and she will be a happy camper. I decided to check out the shower curtains while I was there and I was totally blown away that I found one I liked.  I still can’t believe it, Ollie’s, who knew? The shower curtains that the girl and I looked at averaged between  40-50 dollars, I got this one for $9.99. It’s a little more gold than the photo but it pulls the gold from the embroidery on Ophelia’s dress, which is not as gold as this picture above. My only qualification was that the curtain had to compliment this picture and in person it does. I’m just as bad as the girl, buying a shower curtain for a new bathroom that we don’t have yet.


I stopped at Joann’s to try and find a swatch of fabric that matched the shower curtain so I would always have the colors with me, the gold was easy…the brown not so much. I ran into my old boss…. from when the girl was in kindergarten….she had just quit. I’m not even sure what store she had been working at? Talk about stopping in at the right time…not because of the gossip but because I was able to touch base with a great lady. Things have been happening like that a lot lately…who am I to question it?  Right place, right time and all because I stopped to look at the shower curtains….Zia

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Ahead of the Game…..

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the girl, and all of my homework is done. It’s nice to be ahead of the game for once. 6TyogBekc

The girl starts her new school and is very excited about her bio tech program. It seems odd that I have had to say “there is no cloning!” This is also the first year that Blondie is on the emergency form.  The boy yelled to his sister in the shower “did you know you have a new grandma?” She answered “if you mean Blondie , yes.” I tossed in “if you get sick who do you want to pick you up?’ She yelled back “Blondie.” If I didn’t know what a piece of work the grandmother really is, I might feel bad for her….nah!

The sauce is finally in the canning bath as I type, I never thought I would figure out how to lose the sweet taste….then I called my aunt. My grandmother’s secret ingredient….0003068493102_500X500

It worked! I sprinkled it over the sauce and any lingering sweetness was gone. I was worried for a second or two. I can doctor it up with meatballs, and cheese later but I did get 3 quarts and 3 pints of fresh sauce canned. I haven’t decided if I will make tomato paste next or make more sauce…..I still have that many tomatoes….. It’s too late tonight to do anything.

I did get all of the boxes packed up and have another supply coming on Friday. I think I will pack half kitchen and half books…..or maybe all books, that one is still up in the air. I may be a step ahead of the game on this one……Zia

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Holy Tomatoes Batman!

I have been slacking this year in the canning department, until yesterday. You would think that I would have learned my lesson last year when I bought a half bushel of plum tomatoes…..not so much. I bought the same thing yesterday to supplement my own tomatoes.  I canned salsa, vanilla peach butter, and wine jelly with plums…..that one didn’t jell so I think that I may play around with it. Maybe I will melt some cream cheese swirl the jelly around in it and take it to wine taste? Maybe? I also froze three batches of corn, and to be honest….summer corn tastes the best in February.

I used this wine with the plums…




I also took all of my cherry and grape tomatoes, halved them, tossed them in olive oil and herbs, then I put them on the dehydrator. They took forever but I now have sun dried tomatoes. When I am stressed or have a lot on my mind, chopping and dicing and boiling just make me feel better. :) I stood in the kitchen from 2 until 10 last night, which is why I wasn’t here.

I have an attempt at sauce on the stove now, hopefully it will be ready to can tomorrow. I do like my sleep so it will most definitely not be tonight. If it doesn’t thicken up enough, it can become a very garlicky tomato soup.

I came home after work, let the dog out and then I ran to the liquor store for boxes, they have the best boxes there….they have to be sturdy to carry all of the bottles, and I only grab the ones with handles. I grabbed five boxes today and I will have five boxes packed before I go to bed. The earlier I start the more organized I will be.

I finally did put a pen to paper and started writing that story that has been in my head for a while….not Charlie’s story but the new one that I am afraid to mention for fear of jinxing myself. When I get a few chapters into it then I will share…..Zia

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Mixed Emotions

It was a really weird day, even Yin could not quiet my mind. I ran into a bunch of amateur garage sales today, bad signage and one girl didn’t price anything. I said “nothing has a price?” and she was flippant with her response “yeah I was too lazy to buy the stickers and price everything.” I then asked her “How do I know how much something is?” The obvious reply was “You ask me and I will tell you.” So I walked down and looked at her meager offerings and said “thanks…have a good day.” This is what comes from seeking out garage sales instead of just stopping at the ones that cross your path.

I didn’t find a whole lot but what I did find was a good deal. The Food Saver bags were a huge deal.FullSizeRender(68)

That’s about a years worth of bags for only $2.00! I also found a collectors edition of The Fellowship of the Ring for $1.00. That was pretty much it and these deals were from sales that crossed my path.IMG_1832

I went to Giant Eagle for the wine taste, like I do every Saturday but today….I just wasn’t feeling it. Even the Wine Steward asked me if I was okay, I guess my my life being up in the air is finally starting to get to me. I’m still not sleeping well and my allergies are going into overdrive….I know it’s mold.

I went to my local grocery store on my way home and who is there? Cockroach. Yeppers and I was pretty proud of myself. I didn’t make eye contact but he has a distinct walk, especially when he is wearing his boots, he actually loomed over his buggy towards mine….a big ugly shadow in an effort to intimidate. I pretended that I didn’t notice and actually stopped in the same vicinity to browse the cheese selection. I didn’t rush out of the store, I didn’t panic, I didn’t even feel annoyed. It was bound to happen and I can’t believe it took this long. I saw him the other day as I was turning onto my street and he was driving past my house. That used to bother me, now I just roll my eyes and say to myself “whatever”.

I came home and unloaded the car, then I loaded it back up with the kids and we drove around looking at some apartments. Let me rephrase that, we were looking for phone numbers and trying to get an idea of what’s out there. There were three big city size apartment communities that I never even knew existed…..and I have lived here most of my life. When we were in my yoga town I had to pull over and google some information and I got that feeling again. It was bigger this time…..going down the first hill on The Beast (Kings Island) kind of bigger. Do you remember when I told you about the voice that said “it’s time” about quitting smoking? Well, I heard it again today…..this time it was about….and I can’t believe I am going to say this, but it’s about dating…..it’s time. I heard the voice….I will consider it… and Blondie back the bus up…..this is not an invitation to fix me up. All I am saying is that I am ready to consider the possibility.

In the mail today I received an invitation to my cousin’s wedding. The first thing I noticed was that it only had my name on it, it didn’t say and family or and kids, or even and guest….just my name. I open it up and  the ceremony is at 3 on a Friday? I have been to weddings on Fridays before and they have always started at 5 or 6. Then I get to the end and it’s an adult only ceremony, the girl is crushed and tried to argue that she will be eighteen before the wedding and I had to point out that it was only my name on the invitation. I will make an appearance at the reception because it’s expected of me but it starts at 7……I will be home by 8. It shouldn’t bother me but it does, just like the birthdays do. My sister in law doesn’t invite the cousins to my nephews birthday parties and my cousin didn’t invite the extended family to his daughters birthday. There aren’t that many of us left, I don’t know why everybody can’t be included. I always included everyone because that’s how it was when I was growing up. I can’t control what other people do, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. These are little things that eat at me and add to my urge to leave this cloudy depressing state.

It’s a lot all at once, it really is…..Zia

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All About the Girl

The last few days have been all about the girl….whether she likes it or not. Last night we went to her open house for school and we didn’t get home until almost 10 o’clock! We walked through all of her classes, met her teachers and received every syllabus.  I told her that she could go to work for me and I would take her honors English class….it looks like so much fun! I think she feels a little better to know that she will see a few familiar faces but I hope she makes a few new friends.

We ran into someone I knew who was standing in the English class with his ex wife….who is the exact opposite of his current wife? It was crazy different…. anyhoo the girl would not sit down without me so as I walked away I heard that woman mutter “at least she wants you to sit with her.” I am very lucky in that regard and I will take it for as long as I can.

I had an appointment to get my haircut after work today, so it was after seven when I walked in the door. The boy was at work so I asked the girl if she wanted me to cook or if she wanted to go out for salads and her favorite rolls….obviously she picked out. They have dinner in the alley with music some nights and we were lucky enough to be offered a table outside. We had our salads and the girl went to town on the rolls (they really are tasty, I had one and a half myself and I don’t usually eat bread.) while we listened to  a little live saxophone filled jazz music.IMG_1824

So let’s see……Wednesday she passed her permit test, and was introduced to some excellent coffee. Thursday we spent hours at her new school and met all of her new teachers, and tonight she got her rolls, I got my salad, and we had bonus entertainment….

It was a magical end to a hectic week…….Zia


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Night and Day

How can two people be so alike that it’s a little scary and be so different at the same time? I couldn’t wait to get my license and the girl just now decided that she wanted hers.

When the girl was little she had her own language….she went to speech in school and was held back a year because of it. All of her classmates are turning seventeen and she will be turning eighteen. It took me a long time to get over that but I did. Thank goodness it never bothered her and she has been an honor roll student for as long as I can remember.  When I turned sixteen I immediately had a job and I have always a people person….the girl is a little afraid I think? When she knows you she is not shy but she is not a fan of conversing with people that she doesn’t know. “Stranger danger” is what she always says.  We stopped at my Saturday morning coffee place after she took the test to get her permit and I think she is going to try and get a job there….they are opening a new location in a library that is almost done. It’s a step in the right direction..she has a heavy load this school year I only want her to work on the weekends when school is in session.

Once we finished with that we started our search for the perfect shower curtain…this will be harder than I thought. I really liked my shower curtain and was bummed that it is stained and has a tear…so here we are. I don’t know about you but we always have a plastic liner and then a fabric shower curtain….we may have to get an extra layer of plastic if we decide on a lighter fabric…. The girl found a plastic liner with the periodical table on it….so she can study while she is in the shower.IMG_1819

It’s a little bright. Picking a shower curtain is not easy…..I’m not sure why?  I liked this one…IMG_1810


The girl liked this one…she really wants a sea shell theme and she knows I won’t go for that.IMG_1811

I kind of liked this one….IMG_1816I’m not sure how the sequins will wash up and if the black and white will go with Ophelia? I know it doesn’t….but it was pretty.Waterhouse,+ophelia+gd

We left Bed Bath and Beyond and went to Target where we liked nothing and headed over to Kohl’s and this one has dragonflies…..IMG_1818

I didn’t “love” any of them so I will keep looking, the right one will show up. I found something at BB and B that I did love and I probably would have bought it if it was in stock….IMG_1817I love my salt lamp and my salt candle holders, this is new and different and makes me smile, hopefully they will get more in. I always have a coupon for that store.

The girl and I also stopped at Pier 1 to see what they had. I didn’t see anything I had to have but the girl immediately said “Mom we should get this for the new living room” when she laid her eyes on this…. I agree it is nice but I can’t envision it in my living room, it’s just not me…..but it’s her.IMG_1809

We stopped at Ollie’s to look for a giant coloring book for a Christmas present and the girl found these….IMG_1806 IMG_1805

She wants these for her birthday for her new room? The bedspread will go nicely with her vintage Star Wars sheets as she pointed out to me. The bright blue she picked for her dresser will also match. I will of course oblige her….who am I to stomp on her style….even if I don’t get it? I never did find a coloring book.

Most of the time when the girl opens her mouth….my words come out. Her sense of style, however…..is all her own…….Zia

PS. I almost forgot…I had my six month follow up sonogram with that “lymph node”. I didn’t get worked up this time and he said that nothing has changed and to keep my mammogram that is scheduled for February. He didn’t seem worried about it……


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In My World…

Tonight I went to a book club at my library for adults who like to read young adult books, it was fun. SB and I have read quite a few books from this genre so I thought I would check it out. red_queen_book_cover_a_p

I would never have picked this book….I’m not a big fan of the popular dystopian book craze. It wasn’t bad, but I could tell it was her first book. I started it last night (yes I know….last minute) I skipped maybe 30 pages today to get to the end in time only to learn that it doesn’t end. It had good qualities but it was very similar to The Hunger Games with a little of the Vampire Diaries love triangle, sprinkle in a little Xmen mutations and a king named Tiberius who in my head looked like Captain Kirk. It was an interesting mix to say the least.

I requested the book for next month but I think the writing class I signed up for may be on the same date next month. While I was there I checked the reserve shelf and two of the Seane Corn titles I requested came in.seane corn

I haven’t had a chance to check both out but this one is a keeper. I could do this every day and when she teaches it’s a mind body, not a body exercise…..I really like it.

There was some confusion with the house and my brother, and don’t laugh too hard but he thought I was going to continue to make the house payments until he could pay off the loan. I am still chuckling about that one, he has no idea. People with money never do, so I am going to let the bank take it….no way am I getting stuck with this money pit. I am way past caring about it.  He bragged about being able to write a check tomorrow for the amount of the loan…..but didn’t have an extra $600.00 around to make a payment? He doesn’t want to pay on something that is not in his name, I understand that but if he really wants the house he will have to work for it now.  I used to tell him everything until he started answering my dad in detail when asked “how is your sister?” Instead of making him uncomfortable and feeling like he was in the middle, I just stopped telling him anything important. In trying to make things easier for him, I have created a big rift between us……

Yesterday my creepy little leprechaun of a neighbor came in with his wife for her appointment. He actually came to my window and asked how the tree problem was coming along….you may think that it is wrong but he is such a perverted creep, I just said “I’m working on it”. When in my reality it’s the banks problem not mine, and I am sure not giving him  a heads up that the house will be available soon. I couldn’t believe I found an image that really looks like him….and how dare he confront me in my workplace. Evil_Leprechaun

It has been a weird couple of days in my world…….Zia


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Starting Now….

Most of today was spent going through things in storage, purging and organizing. Everything I do from here on out is just preparing.

The girl is going to need to repaint her dressers (the ones from my childhood) into one color. She has the fun multi color room right now, she picked a bright one….but it’s just one color this time.IMG_1799

This photo is of one the girl’s dressers (ours still has three drawers) that someone upcycled. Back in the day it came in yellow, mint green and light blue, mine was blue. The pieces in my room are in between a white and a cream, the girl likes a little more color.turn-an-old-dresser-into-a-bench

My favorite shower curtain that I have ever owned needs to retire. It was so me….IMG_1798

I never thought to look at the tag to see if it was dry clean only or not…..who makes a dry clean only shower curtain? It has lasted for many years but now there are tears in it and spots that won’t come out. The girl wants to pick the next one and that’s fine but she has to pick one that will go with my Ophelia picture.Waterhouse,+ophelia+gdThat stays…..

In between killing spiders, organizing and purging I picked some tomatoes from my last garden.IMG_1797

I will miss that, I guess I could do one or two plants in a pot? I don’t even know where I am moving to yet…..

My cousin was a super trooper today, not only did he move the dresser that I asked him to….but he moved the huge and heavy computer armoire that the boy purchased for only $20.00. I still can’t believe that she let him have it for that….just crazy! One of the steps broke when they were moving it into his room, thank goodness nobody was hurt….but I can’t wait to get out of here!

If I had the money and the place…I would be gone tomorrow…but I don’t and I think that I have a little time, hopefully until November.   The ball is dropping, I guess we will see where it lands……Zia

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