Flies,Flies, Everywhere a Fly

Holy buzzing from hell Batman! I have run the air conditioning at least five times this year, maybe a time or two more than that. Nothing other than a higher electric bill has happened. I came home today and it was Amityville fly palooza at my house. I must have killed at least fifty flies between the living room, kitchen and bathroom. They were easy kills too, very slow. Could they be coming from the air conditioner? If that is the case then I hope I smashed them all because the air will remain on the next few days. So much for my karma……


Yesterday I was all caught up in the whole family lawsuit thingy. Thank goodness for baby brother who reeled me in from that one. I don’t post very often on FaceBook, only when I am shocked or pissed off. Luckily for me I was given a shocked to replace the pissed off post in my brain.

Yesterday was my half day so I was off to my favorite coffee shop before my hair appointment. There was a lot of traffic at noon so I was sitting at the edge of our parking lot waiting to turn left. I noticed the kid walking towards me right away , he looked like he fell right out of the eighties. Long dark hair, black band t-shirt, dark jeans, and black fingerless gloves. My eyes followed him in the mirror as he walked behind my car to get around. I wouldn’t have run him over, but with the windows open I was extra cautious. I was able to pull into the turning lane and was waiting to get into the right lane when my eyes captured this boy again. He had a tail and it was neon! There are not too many things that make me say WTF ,but this did.

So I get to the coffee shop and I tell the younger girl who is the barista and I ask her what I just saw. She got all quiet and ushered me to the other side of the coffee bar and told the new kid to finish my drink. That is how I learned what a furry was. I must look like a prude or something because she was very subtle when explaining what it was that I had witnessed. I instantly had a The Shining flashback!  How many times had I watched this scene and thought “was it Halloween?”IMG_3916

Ummm, now I know? It’s a fetish and they have conventions and that’s all well and good.  I text the girl and told her I saw my first furry and she responded right away “full costume?” Am I the only one who doesn’t know? This kid was between 14-18 and I worried for his safety walking down this street. I guess the tail is how they identify themselves? All I could think is that some dumb hick is going to harass or hurt this poor kid. See….I worry about other peoples kids too….it’s a problem.

I was going to do some canning when I came home today but I can’t risk it with those crazy flies. Fingers crossed that I got them all……Zia

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So It Begins…..

I received a Facebook message last night from a cousin….one of those from the south. I don’t remember ever speaking to him and if I did I was like 6 yrs old.  He was the kid who used to stand up on the lunch tables and praised the lord loudly, or so I have been told. I ignored the friend request and that was followed by two Facebook messenger messages. I didn’t actually open it until today, last night all I saw was Zia you’re gorgeous….eeewww….ick…..double ick…..infinity ick!!! Today I opened the message so I could click ignore, followed by “block” and there was a picture from my photos. I went in a double checked all of my privacy settings and everything was in place. This means it was a screen shot sent by another family member, I am guessing it was “eyes full of greed” aunt’s daughter who is now also blocked. I am so livid right now.

I will answer the State of Indiana in the proper way using blah blah legaleese and I will also include my own letter of my privacy concerns. Hopefully it is not received badly….like in a contempt of court way. You can’t just put my address out there all willy nilly! I think that I may have SB proofread it for me, she speaks the language and knows how to reel me in. Plus she has that magic touch of putting someone in their place to a point that they respond with a thank you. What’s not to love about her?

Today is the last nice day before we hit melting so I am trying to cook some things ahead.  Sauce and meatballs are simmering on the stove right now.(my comfort food) I have everything to make a big pasta salad, and I am off to the store to buy a whole chicken and some red seedless grapes to make some chicken salad. I hope the bakery has some croissants or the girl might just go off the deep end. Fingers crossed that I get to some canning and that batch of deodorant I wanted to make.  Busy hands worry less…..Zia

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Dreaming of Witches


I keep saying that when the house wakes me up at 4am, I should just get up…..only I never do.  I can’t remember if I had this dream right before 4am or after I had tossed and turned trying to get two more hours.

I was sitting on the side of the driveway next to someone….I don’t know who it was. This blonde in a red dress with a black coat comes twirling up the driveway, she is having the time of her life and I think she may be a little tipsy. The next thing I know PT is coming up the driveway laughing so hard that she has to keep stopping to wipe her eyes. PT sees me and has a look of guilt on her face….I’m not sure why? We have other friends that aren’t mutual, that was odd? Oh and her hair was really long? I turned to the person next to me and said “that used to be me, I used to have fun like that.” Then more people started showing up and they all met in my front yard and formed a big circle. They picked up their brooms and did a spectacular choreographed dance and I am almost positive there was singing. They were having so much fun shaking their booties in unison. I thought two things “what will the neighbors think?” and “wait till the optician at work hears this, she’ll never believe it!” Then I woke up. How is that for weird? I sent PT the details of the dream followed by “happy full moon Tuesday!” I have no idea what, if anything this dream means…..

We had quite a few crazy full moon patients today and with the exception of that last one, the day wasn’t bad. I still think that EHR should have the option of attaching a scary faced emoji to the crazy patients..so we know going in.  Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

One of the girls from work, the one who is miserable a lot came over to go through my remaining rubber stamps. She took so many…I am very happy. She was worried that she would seem greedy, I was just happy to see them go to a good home. My load lightened some today….I have miles to go but I am getting there……Zia

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Over “Courted”

Whew, what a Monday! Once I dragged myself out of bed and started getting ready, I should have known how challenging today would be. I couldn’t get my hair to cooperate at all, so dead fish hair it was. I stepped outside just as it was starting to rain and five minutes into my drive it was monsooning. I put a lot of faith in the car in front of me because I could see him better than the road. I made it to work unscathed but it was a rough drive in.

Work went smoothly but the morning lasted about two years, the afternoon was much better. We only had one “day before the full moon” incident when some old man (late seventies?) told the pregnant girl checking people in to “f**k off! Yep that really happened.

I asked my brother to send me the lawsuit papers since I still didn’t receive mine and he sent a copy to an old email address of my aunts requesting her input. I contacted her and rectified that situation and now I have to learn to write in “blah, blah and blah” format. I knew there was a time limit so I didn’t want to mess around.  I also learned that I really can’t say (which I will anyway) that I don’t want my aunt kicked off of the farm but I am not giving up my rights to my mother’s share of the property. Especially if the will gets overturned. My mom told me two things about this scenario before she died “None of you are to go down there after Grandma dies, they will kill each other” and “I told my sister to make sure that you and your brother get my share when the time comes.”Last-will-and-testament-948x426

Here’s where my biggest struggle will be…..before I even get to the matter at hand, I feel I have to say my peace to the courts. In the back of my mind I must have known it would be something like this because when one of my aunts asked for my address I gave her my old one. I guess the Indiana courts don’t allow forwarding. Today when I printed out a copy of the lawsuit my name and address (old one) along with all of the others were all listed. I have worked really hard to not have my new address a matter of public record….first point. Second point….I have a cousin who I haven’t seen since he was a toddler, who is now in prison for shooting his father,  my uncle in cold blood……now has a copy of my address???? Thankfully it’s the old one. First of all he should have no claim on his dads property it should go to his brother and sister…..why is this happening?

Why can’t I seem to get away from the courts? I was voted most law abiding in the 8th grade and yet here I am. Divorce court, civil protection order court(I don’t remember what it’s really called),bankruptcy court, and now last will and testament court. My aunt (not from this crazy side of the family) who hasn’t practiced law in a really long time offered up some advice. I will write my response and it will be helpful to have someone who knows the language. I am happy to say that the things that I read into it that were not said are the same things she picked up on. Mine from my gut and her from understanding the language. Greed is an ugly thing……Zia

PS Happy Blogiversary to me!!  Can you believe it’s been four years? I’m not sure if I have any secrets left….you know everything about me.

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Artsy Crafty

Friday I was ready. I had half the letter composed to the woman who is high in the ranks of doTerra when I received a text from the consultant. I had said Thursday night that if I didn’t hear from her by Friday, I was going to lodge a complaint. I received my diffuser, it was not what I was expecting but I will take it.IMG_3888

It does a nice job and it was free. I did still write the high ranking woman, not to complain but to get the scoop on some ideas for peri menopause, She was very nice and full of knowledge, I am glad that I had the chance to meet her.

I came home from work and picked up the girl. We went to Barnes and Noble for their Star Wars event. That store really dropped the ball on their pop culture month this year. Maybe the Harry Potter event will make up for it since that seems to be their focus? This event was in the kids department, how many three year olds have watched Star Wars? I guess it was something to do on a Friday night.

On the way home I leaned my head on my hand which was resting on the open window.I ran my fingers over the left side of the base of my scull, I’m not sure what made me do it. I felt something. At first I thought it was a scab and I ran my fingernail down my hair but stopped because I was at a red light. Call me crazy but I don’t want a stranger seeing me pull anything out of my hair. So I turned on to the main route and pulled it out of my hair. Holy blood sucker Batman,it was a tick! I swerved a little as I flicked it out of the window, but hello….moving car, did it actually made it out of the window? I stopped at the credit union and checked the car and had the girl check me. When we got home I made her check my head for a red mark, thankfully there was not one. I doused the area with Thieves oil just in case.  I took a shower and doused again. It’s not the first time I have had a tick crawl on me but it grosses me out every time.  My old boss had lyme disease so I freak out more now. We keep getting ticks in the building where I work and I’m not even sure how that is possible? I did park in a different spot under a tree that day so maybe that’s how? IMG_3898

Nothing exciting happened on Saturday except that we finished season three of Game of Thrones.

Today my friend Fancy came over to check out the new place and hopefully take away a rubber stamp or twenty. I think I have redefined the phrase “too much”. This is what years of rubber stamps look like…IMG_3895

I narrowed what I was keeping down to this….IMG_3896

I would say that this is 10% or less that I am keeping. Now it is labeled and put away in a designated spot.IMG_3897

It was nice to catch up with Fancy. That time of my life when I worked in custom framing and was always doing creative things was one of my favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my job now, but I don’t love it. There is something to be said for working in the creative field. If you’re not creating something you are thinking about a potential project and there are like minded people around you all day. We had some good times working together. It was funny when she was going through my stamps that she had many of the same ones at home. She uses hers more than I have been using mine. Last year she started renting a table here and there at craft shows to sell some of the things that she makes. We talked about that too. I sent her home with some laundry detergent in these perfect little tubs. I still need to call Olive Garden and see if the will sell me a few. I didn’t even know they sold a smaller container of soup.IMG_3894

Oh I almost forgot, Barnes and Noble has a bunch of new 50% off markdowns. I picked this up for my sister in law for Christmas. If she doesn’t like it (my brother thinks she will) she can re-gift it to her parents. I can check one more person off of my list.FullSizeRender(29)

It’s a really nice coffee table book and no one needs to now it was $15.00. Oh and while Fancy was here she showed me a picture of some wine glasses that she painted with sand and a palm tree, they were beautiful. I ordered a set of two for SB for Christmas for the beach house. Our presents (SB)  for the most part are one or two handmade purchases and then something we make. We never sat sown and decided this, it just ended up that way.  I really need to decide what the handmade gift will be this year, it’s getting time to start making them. Where did this year go?…..Zia

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Zombie Like

I have been running on autopilot all day today, and oddly I am still going. There was a storm that hit late last night around 11:30. I was still up because the girl sucked me into another Teen Wolf episode. I am finally on to season 3 but she is almost on season 4. Anyhoo it was a lightning show last night and the girl happened to be standing at the front door when lightning struck. I am still not sure if it was the utility pole or the tree but both were involved. “Wow, mom that whole area over there just lit up blue and green” is what she said right before the power went out.

They had big trucks with motors running out there, police cars with lights on blocking the road and every single person who normally travels that route were directed up my street last night.  I heard every second of it. I am sure I drifted off here and there because I had a few crazy dreams but I was up for the majority of the night.They didn’t start with the chain saws and big trucks until around 5am. I had to sit outside on the stoop to put my makeup on and I had to bring my all of my hair stuff with me to work. I blow dried, curled, teased and hair sprayed in the contact lens room. I did manage to get through the day but I was a little ditzier than usual.

The zombie title came to me when one of the guys from work was telling us about the kids he came across last night while out walking his dog. (plus that’s kind of how I felt today) They were all walking while looking at their phones paying attention to nothing else, they even bounced off of each other occasionally just like zombies.  This Pokemon Go app is out of control. My ex husband is playing it right along with my son, so glad that ex is there in front of husband. I have started to see a few stores on facebook offering discounts if you come in and catch a Pokemon in their store. Is anyone else out there freaked out by this, or is it just me? IMG_3875

Texting and driving was not enough, now people are trying to catch Pokemon while they are driving. Hey world, wake up!!!

Since I am already on a tangent, I am going to bitch and then ask you for your advice. I dragged SB to an essential oil workshop awhile ago. One of their sales leaders had flown up from the South. I loved everything about her, the way she spoke, the way she dressed, the fact that she was also a yoga teacher….she was a great speaker and very knowledgeable. It was because of her and the promise of a free diffuser that I agreed to have a home class. I have already complained to you about the lack of communication before the party but it gets worse. I picked this girl because she was a stay at home mom with two young boys and she was friends with a girl from the yoga studio who I adore. I should have just canceled from the beginning when I started to see how bad she was at this. She takes days to respond to any text or FB message and she has had my diffuser all week and I still don’t have it. She has not responded to me since Tuesday when she gave me the info that the diffuser finally came in.(after I asked more than once) I talked to my friend tonight, the one who came in from out of town and……she emailed this chick her order and she never called or answered her. Not a single person received a copy of their Itovi report and now because of my friend I am livid!! I could easily FB message the woman from the South but do I want to go that route? On one hand, who knows what she may be going through in her life? On the other hand….it takes two freaking seconds to respond to a text.  I think if there wasn’t a diffuser involved , I may have said something already. I could go to TJ Maxx and buy one tomorrow but that’s not the point. I was promised one……What would you do?….Zia

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A Day For Me

When I woke up this morning I had no intention of doing most of the things that I did. I planned on my Wednesday coffee and the library. Possibly Goodwill, I hadn’t decided yet. I knew my aloe vera concentrate was coming today so I was planning on making a new deodorant this afternoon. I did all of that and then some.

I did get my coffee and pick up my holds from the library. Since that went so quickly I decided to hit Goodwill since I was right there. My plan was to hopefully find some jars with lids or a coffee table. I found none of that. I did kinda, sorta, hit the jackpot on the $1.00 rack. I had a 25% off coupon so these items were really 75 cents.IMG_3879

The blazer is Tommy Hilfiger, the jeans are Cache, the skirt is Cabin Creek, one of the shirts is Apt 9 and the gray one is Talbots. I found these funky jeans from Italy and fingers crossed that they fit? They were 5.99 before the 25% but I couldn’t resist. Look at how unique they are. It’s too hot to try on anything today. Yes, again, I am too cheap to turn on the air.IMG_3880

I also found a dress from Chaps and a top from Chico’s, everything was like new. I really hope it all fits, I have five days to take them back if it doesn’t. I think I did very well for $23.ish.:)

I stopped at our local ReStore and while again I didn’t find a coffee table, I did find some nice jars here. Then I came home and made some deodorant. I wrote my dear friend another letter. For those of you who sent out prayers, thank you. The last couple days have been more up than down and I am starting to regain hope. I knew I had to go to the post office to mail MK her birthday box so I wrote the letter this afternoon instead of last night. I wanted to send MK my new deodorant with her present and I was waiting on ingredients.

One of the doctors at work was in a car accident last night. She is okay and I know exactly where it happened. It’s an ugly little intersection and I think I started pointing it out to the kids when they were about ten, because someday they would drive.  It doesn’t much matter now since we don’t live on that side of town anymore. Her favorite food group is cookies so I picked one up for her and her little boy. I don’t have all of the essential oils needed to make a muscle cream but I can make her up a sore muscle soak with epsom salts. I still need to do that.

It would have been done by now if I hadn’t decided at the last minute that I needed a pedicure. The kids weren’t home so I just did it. It was hard to find a place to do it for under $30.00. I did, even if it was 29. something. The girl has been complaining about how gross my heals are and since I always make her tickle or rub my feet…I figured I better take care of it. I tried on my own but it didn’t help, this girl used a cheese grater thing and it’s still a little rough. It’s much better than it was.FullSizeRender(27)

I can’t believe how puffy my feet are…is it the heat or have I been eating too many pumpkin seeds?(salt)

Oh before I forget, it’s been a while since I made an ass of myself, I made up for it today. I don’t know if you remember me mentioning the boy that works at a local Italian specialty grocery store? The one who looks a little like Scott from Teen Wolf? Well I pushed my buggy down the first row and there he was stocking the shelves….I couldn’t stop myself. “Hi J” He looked at me like he knew me from the store but not sure why I knew his name. “Has anyone ever told you how much you resemble Scott from Teen Wolf?” He thought about it a second and said “No, and I never heard of it.” “Well you do, but that’s a good thing.” I left the isle and bumped a display on the other side because I wasn’t through embarrassing myself. The girl wasn’t even with me and she is somewhere with her father dying of embarrassment. She is not going to want to come with me to this store for a while. He is almost always behind the deli counter, this was one on one. I said I couldn’t stop myself. I went further and pulled up a picture on IMBD, yep I sure did. He said “oh I can kind of see it.” I’m sure he was thinking what is with this crazy lady?

It’s been quite a day, I can’t wait to take a shower. Maybe it will cool me off? There is a break on the way from this oppressive humidity, it can’t get here soon enough……Zia


PS….As I was rereading before hitting the Publish button I had the weirdest feeling of deja vu. I don’t know why, something about the feet? Weird, very weird.


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One Demon at a Time

I can’t do it all. I may try to but basically I just end up chasing my tail. Today the kids are at their dads so I opted for yoga instead of writing. I can’t keep bitching about my weight if I am not going to take some form of action. Today it was my living room and a Seane Corn DVD.

I might have had time to do both but I wasted at least an hour on Amazon looking for a deal. A useful deal. I found nothing, it was disappointing. This is my first year as a Amazon Prime member so I was excited that I was able to partake. The only deal I found I sent to my brother as a birthday idea. We always do a $25.00 limit and this was perfect and a deal.IMG_3872

I found this deal at lunch so I guess I wasted more than an hour on Amazon today. I was hoping to find a deal on something useful or birthday or Christmas gift and I found nothing. I lost a lot of time though. I’ll be excited in November when I get to open this. Maybe I will have more time to read then?

Time, I never have enough. I think I may be the worst person ever at time management…..Zia

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Groove Come Back!!!

It has been so long since I have written a word of my story and tonight was painfully hard trying to reconnect with my characters. It took an hour and a half to write 911 words. I have lost my groove.IMG_3869

Hopefully my characters are willing to forgive me for neglecting them. It wasn’t intentional neglect and it isn’t acceptable. I will keep trying until the words pour forth.

In the real world my car is fixed. It was just the top radiator hose which has been changed, new coolant , and an oil change all happened today for the price of $85.00. I know he gave me a deal because he left a voice mail on my phone quoting me $100.00 but when I answered the phone at work he told me $85.00. I got a deal and my car is running, today was a good day…….Zia

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Family Feud


It’s official my homemade sunscreen works. It was tested on the Jersey shore with two young boys in and out of the water. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous because kids were involved.  I would have felt horrible if one of them had ended up on the crispy side. Thankfully my research paid off.  My first and only sale was a success. It’s a start.

Today I went to the planetarium with the girl and my father. This was supposed to a bonding experience for her since the boy had to work. I wasn’t looking forward to it but the girl and my dad’s wife are nice buffers. There was a festival on the campus so we took a little time to wander around.  I couldn’t resist this photo op….IMG_3862

Like I said it was okay. I was a little uncomfortable with my dad and his driving skills which is new. He almost pulled out in front of someone twice, he missed the exit…and I know he hasn’t been around for a few years but when you spend my childhood at a place you should remember how to get there.  When he missed the turn it took him like  five minutes to find a spot to turn around. He had plenty of opportunities and he’s not that old. If I’m 45 then my mom would have turned 66 in the spring so that makes him 67 or 68.  My brother and sister in law will have their hands full when the time comes that he cannot drive. I didn’t like being a passenger in the Acadia either, there are too many blind spots from the back seat.

Speaking of cars, mine had a hiccup yesterday. The girl and I were just finishing up our running around when I pulled into Giant Eagle for the wine taste. As soon as I turned in the temperature gauge started to rise. I turned the heat on and it went back down…who knew that would really work? The creepy writer guy was at wine taste and was nice enough to take a look at my car. Which meant he had to stop ogling my friend the ‘married’ wine steward. He put distilled water in it and the girl and I drove home with the heat on. My dad looked at it today and it looks like there is a pin hole in the top hose? I dropped it off at the garage and one of the girls from work is picking me up in the morning. Hopefully it doesn’t cost as much as the exhaust did.  My brother was all pissy about it. Whenever something like this happens he always gets the “if you would get a man” attitude. It drives me crazy. If you can’t help then say you can’t help. What if I fall down and hit my head tomorrow and decide to start dating someone and he knows nothing about cars? That is not an answer to anything and it sure the hell isn’t my answer.

The boy took me to my waitress job last night and my aunt picked me when I was done. One of our local ice cream parlors had a special $1.00 cone day yesterday so my aunt brought my uncle and we picked up the girl and headed out for ice cream. It was a tasty and nice surprise.

PT came over Thursday and it’s been a while since I saw her last. She usually isn’t around a lot in the summer. The beagle still gets anxiety and when the kids aren’t home, I don’t like to leave her alone so PT came over my house. We had some wine, cheese, and conversation. It was nice to catch up.IMG_3866

Long after PT left and I was almost ready for bed my youngest brother sent me a text. “Why are we getting sued?” Which really we aren’t, it’s about my grandmother’s property and since my mom has passed her portion should go to us. Only there is no portion, my aunt still lives there. My brother received his but I didn’t get mine yet. Hopefully it will get forwarded since we only have so long to respond. I had a family member from down there ask for my address in a private FB message and I gave her the old one. I am very particular on who knows where I live these days. It ought to be an interesting read. One of the most absurd things that the four (aunt and uncles who are challenging the will) said was that my aunt had an incestuous relationship with my grandfather…her father and he was the father of her only son. How many different ways can I say ick?  All four of her kids, well three….the last one is questionable have the same dad and the boy is the only one who inherited his fathers addictive personality. Only it’s drugs not alcohol.  All I can say is that my mom was right. She said “when grandma goes, you guys stay the hell away from that place.”  My youngest brother and I decided to put the middle brother in charge of this. He was sleeping and therefor forfeited any chance to get out of it. These are my mother’s people and they aren’t all bad but there is more than one bad seed in that bunch.

If people would just realize that it’s only money and it can’t buy you happiness then the world would be a better place……..Zia

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