Rosey Nosey

Well….this is something new and I don’t care for it one bit! I was sitting on the couch sewing a dragonfly to a piece of flannel when the top of my nose started itching. Not in a normal way…I can’t even describe the itch. It was so weird that I got up to see if there was something on my nose. There was nothing on my nose but it was twice the normal size. It was throbbing and still growing. What was happening???? I was freaking out! I called the OD from work and she talked me down. I slathered some Tobradex on topically and took two Benadryl. My nose is still a little swollen but at least both nostrils are the same size. I have a pretty good headache at the moment as well. What in the world causes your nose to swell that fast? It’s so strange….plus I took two Benadryl…I could fall asleep any minute now.

My day didn’t start much better so I can say it was at least consistent. Today was the first snow. Nobody wants to drive on the first snow around here. There is always the person who is crawling and the person who is flying and the rest of us who are just trying to make it to work. I didn’t think it was so bad this morning, I even thought to myself “they actually did a good job, must be because it’s the first.”  That was my first mistake. I was driving like normal, no problems and then I had to make a choice. Do I take my normal route or do I go for a state route? I opted for the state route, I thought it would be safer….big mistake. I turned onto the road and it took me a second to find the lane it was so bad. I was coming up to my first red light when I tapped my breaks….this was not good. I could see the ice in the tire tracks. I veered a little to the right and used the snow for traction and was able to stop. The poor truck in the lane next to me was having a heck of a time, thankfully he managed to stay in his own lane. He was struggling pretty good which made it easier for me to get in the left lane. About half a mile later the roads weren’t icy anymore, they weren’t great but I could stop which is always important.

Negative Nancy was five minutes or so behind me and said there was a big accident by the icy spot. Forty five minutes later there were more sirens heading that way. I’m glad the way home was much better only now it is so cold I can barely stand it. Stuck in Ohio…

Once I got to work I saw the cake that one of the nurses made for the retiring doctor.

I was so upset! The girl could have made a better cake and check out those nasty glasses….I’m not eating that.

The girls guilted me into trying it. I took one bite and it was dry and we paid her to make this!!!  I think that is what bothers me the most, we paid her and she didn’t give us the product we paid her to make. We could have went to a real bakery for what we gave her. She brags about her baking skills and how she wants her own business. I wouldn’t hire her to make anything. For all I know it was that one bite that caused my nose to swell. I think the doctor deserved better than this sorry excuse for a cake. Must be the PMS because I was mad for a while over it.

The rest of the day went okay, except for the cold. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch under a blanket with the tree on. Sadly that is what I was doing when the swollen nose monster attacked my face.

Now I am off to shower and then bed. I hope tomorrow is less dangerous…..Zia

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It’s Been So Long……

It gives me anxiety when I am away from here for too long. Is that normal? I stared at the blank screen for quite a while tonight. I’m not even sure where to begin? There was so much and nothing all at the same time. Let’s see what I can remember…..

Monday was a tough day…the first day after vacation always is. I walked into work only to find that the power was out. We couldn’t do much for the patients who were already in the parking lot except take their name and number. We called the whole morning to cancel and then forty five minutes later we had to call them back and tell them to come on in. Can we say Mercury in Retrograde?  It’s a pretty good example if I ever saw one.  I did come home and clean after work. I could only do so much because I still had things to make. I made a small dent and felt a little better.

Tuesday the heat wasn’t working so well and we pretty much shivered all day. I came home and did a few things that I “had” to do and went to heat up in a hot bath. I of course fell asleep like I always do and woke up to cold water. Purpose….defeated. I took a hot shower and then snuggled under a blanket on the couch.

Two days in a row and I didn’t make a thing for my pop up on Saturday. It was almost like the Universe was saying….”stop, there is enough.”

Wednesday the heating guy came and fixed what was broken. It’s our half day and about half way through we could feel some heat. It’s never truly warm at the front desk in the winter with all of those windows and the constant opening and closing of the doors but some heat is better than none. I did a little bit of running around before I went to pick the girl up from school. I turned around and brought her to work and then went back home for a couple of hours. I did manage to get some more trees made that night. That’s pretty much all I did for this pop up. I made about thirteen or so more book page trees and then Thursday I cut off some of the big trees. I don’t think I will make the big trees again, I don’t like them nearly as much as I like the small and medium ones. I did sell a few though…

Wednesday I was talking to our OD at the end of our half day. She had a weird dream over the weekend so she dilated her eyes and had the newer OD take a look. That got us to talking about my eyes again. Do you remember in March-ish when my eyes were acting all funny? My script jumped crazy high and later came back to normal. Ever since that time I have been very aware of my left eye. I am right eye dominant so this is weird for me plus there’s the whole brightness thing first thing in the morning. So the OD goes and grabs a bottle of drops with a red lid. She tells me to cover my right eye and then asks me what the brightness of the red was on a scale from 1-5. It was more like a burnt orange to me so I said 3? Then I switched eyes and out of my right eye the lid was a bright red which then makes the left eye more like a one. What the heck?  She told me not to worry but I should still  take a visual field test the next day.

Thursday, I took the visual field test and what an awful test….no wonder the patients are always complaining about it. The right eye part of the test gave me a headache and my problem was my left eye. I closed my eye a lot and the machine kept yelling at me. The left eye wasn’t so bad…maybe because I was worried I wouldn’t even see the lights?  It was odd to me that I passed the left eye and not the right….well maybe not so weird. I really didn’t take the right eye seriously. So then I took an OCT test which was a piece of cake. Optic nerve and macula were all good…whew! I do however have a large floater in my right eye. I have always had little floaters so to say I did not notice it wouldn’t be completely accurate. This must be why my left eye is over compensating which is why I am more aware of it. I wish I didn’t have the floater which on the OCT reminded me of the Mind Flayer from Stranger Things. Lucky for me that I even have access to these tests.

Later that night after I shortened the big trees I went to go to my computer and the girl was there. It was for school so I didn’t say anything although I wanted to say something. She slept half of the afternoon and played on her phone when she got up instead of using my computer at that time. She has two finals this week and then she is done until next year. I let it go for now but we did discuss “my” computer time. She has her own lap top so I am not even sure why she uses mine.

Friday I came up with a way to tie some of my body type products to books…in theory. I made citrus bliss bath salts in little plastic ornament bulbs and my thought was that I could tie these to Little House in The Big Woods. Didn’t Laura talk about getting an orange in her stocking? I couldn’t find the passage on line anywhere and it was a moot point since my pop up was less than twenty four hours away. I still like the idea and now I have plenty of time to find the perfect book passage. One of the sights that I stopped on had Laura Ingalls quotes and there was this one…

“When the fiddle had stopped singing Laura called out softly, “What are days of auld lang syne, Pa?”

This made me think…..she lived in the 1800’s and for her family to sing this song… guessed it….Ingalls is a Scottish name. I find it funny how everything right now leads me back to Scotland.

My pop up wasn’t as busy as the previous ones but I still did okay and the exposure is always good. I felt such a relief when it was all said and done. I can put everything away and there is no more of this type of making to be made. Of course I have my Hogmany party next Saturday and Christmas is right around the corner but those are different kinds of making.

I did nothing but clean today…except for that part when I made homemade pizza and my little buddy came over for dinner and to watch the season finale of Outlander. Pizza was yummy and the episode was a good one. I even made an experimental pizza and I was surprised at how tasty it was. I spread an artichoke tapenade on the unbaked crust, sprinkled some parmesan/romano cheese, I broke up a bag of frozen spinach, crumbled some feta,diced some tomatoes, and chopped up some kalamata olives. The kids will never eat it but I did and so did my little buddy and now we both have lunch ready to go for tomorrow.

I started listening to Diana Gabaldon’s A Breath of Snow and Ashes today. This was the book back in 2005 that I made it about half way through. I read the first five but got stuck on this one. I have the cd’s and the book….48 cd’s…that’s going to take some time. More importantly….you can see my kitchen table again…..Zia




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I’m Not Wired That Way

My last post was written in the morning because I was on vacation. Just talking about cavatelli made me crave it so guess what I made for dinner that night?

There is nothing that smells better than sauce and meatballs simmering on the stove….at least for my nose.

Speaking of cavatelli….this is so strange. I write about and then I eat it, and then… sister in law sends out a Facebook event about Christmas Eve. “We will be supplying the ham and the vegi lasagna” (not sure who eats that?) I couldn’t help myself, I had to respond with “No cavatelli? That’s sacrilege!”  My brother liked my response so I sent him a text…non Facebook…. about tradition and threw in a dramatic line or two. Something like “when you cut me do I not bleed red sauce?” It really was over the top dramatic and it worked. He will cook the pasta and I will bring the sauce and meatballs….all is right with the world again….

I made a few new things this week for my craft show today. Book page ornaments……and citrus bliss bath salt in plastic ornament bulbs…..

I thought the plastic bulbs were a festive way to package the bath salts. The were also a one day deal from Michael’s and that worked in my favor.

Earlier in the week I put together some teacher gifts for KB. I knew her budget was $5.00 per gift and she was leaning towards bath salts. The girl and I shopped the ReStore for some festive containers to hold the bags of bath salts. I also put them in gift bags for her, which I only did because we have been friends since seventh grade and she has a lot on her plate. I would not have done all of this for just anybody.

It has been a very busy week of making and my house is in utter chaos…..I can’t stand it. I have more to make for my last show of the season on Saturday but tomorrow I am going to catch up on my cleaning. I really lightened my load today and I am not replacing everything. I will make more book page ornaments, wreaths, and trees….and that is it. I have the tree up and the wreath on the front door but all of the other decorations never made it out of the boxes yet. I am only one person.

The girl had a friend sleep over last night so I didn’t have my helper today. The girls and I set almost everything up last night. While I was there I noticed this Buddha picture at the table across from me.

I rolled over in bed this morning and looked at a blank wall and thought “yep, that is where that picture is going.” My first $35.00 in earnings went to this picture. I did good and didn’t buy anything else. Yesterday I went to see my friend at a preschool craft show and I bought a few Christmas presents. One is so clever and I can’t wait to show you but it will have to wait until after Christmas. While I was there I walked their labyrinth. I think this was my coldest walk to date. It was the best sixteen minutes of my weekend.

When my head hits the pillow at night I am out and usually I am asleep within five minutes. This is not where my mind wanders…not anymore…thank goodness. Driving is where my mind tends to wander these days. My mind is always all over the place when I walk the labyrinth. I borderline argue with myself. Why can’t I just pick one thing? Why do I want to do and learn so many things?  I even started on my goals for the New Year. A lot happened in those sixteen minutes. I don’t think I am wired like the rest of the world. Not to sound like Popeye but I am who I am and that’s all that I am.

Friday night I went with RD to a craft show downtown. There was a parade and tree lighting thing going on at the same time. We had a hike to and from the car and let me tell you….I am badly out of shape. I didn’t buy any Christmas presents here but I did buy some things for my Hogmany party. I also bought this maple balsamic vinaigrette dressing that was to die for, I took her card because I will need more of this in the future.

It’s back to work tomorrow…it’s time and yet it’s not time…..Zia

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Tis Scotland

Twas a time… seriously there was a time when I would and could spend hours upon hours working on my family’s genealogy. This kids were small, internet was dial up, and I could still find stuff without paying for it. Boy how the times have changed. I was lucky enough to have found someone who’s family tree crossed mine and I have my maternal grandfather’s lineage traced back to 1740 in London England.

I am counting on my aunt to trace the paternal side of the family. She speaks Italian and is in contact with family members in Italy. She is our best chance for answers on that side.

Speaking of my aunt… you remember her gift of Ancestry DNA? It turns out that the gift she gave me was Scotland. Now before I go any further let me preface this with I am a dark haired, dark eyed, olive skinned, pasta loving, red wine drinking Italian. That is how I was raised. I was thinking about this in the car this morning after dropping the girl off at school….all of those years at my aunt and uncles house with the fancy course after course dinners. My uncle would make some pretty elaborate dishes especially at Easter, everybody raved. Me? I was there for the cavatells and meatballs. Any regrets? Absolutely not! I make some pretty darn good sauce and meatballs and yet it’s still not as good as my aunt makes and will never be as good as my grandmother made. There isn’t a single food in the world that I would pick over my grandmother/aunts cavatells and meatballs. It is who I am, that sauce is in my blood and 46% in my DNA.

I called my maternal grandmother for years and years every Saturday night and one of the traditions she spoke of was first footing. Only she didn’t call it that, it wasn’t until years later that I saw this on one of the Outlander Facebook pages that I realized she must have some Scottish blood in her family.

I wasn’t completely shocked to learn I had some Scottish blood. I really, really want to dig my heels in and get busy. I have always hit a brick wall with this side of the family and now because of the DNA I may have a way to break down some walls. I can’t do it now and it really is a struggle for me because I want to do this.

This is a January/February project. Not a project to do in the middle of getting ready for craft shows and right before Christmas. I know this but every time I research something for my Hogmanay party the desire comes back. I am calling it a Hogmanay party for my fellow Outlander book nerds but since it’s not on New Year’s Eve, it’s basically an old fashioned holiday party with Scottish flair.

I didn’t even realize that Auld Lang Syne was written by a Scottish poet. It makes sense if you think about it.

Everything I know about Scotland and it’s traditions I have learned from Diana Gabaldon. It’s a good thing she is vigilant with her research. My maternal grandmother made the best sausage gravy and biscuits in the whole world. Is that something her mom taught her? I have no idea. I  don’t know a single thing about Scottish cuisine and staring next year I will remedy that fact. I debated whether or not to write about my frustrations in this area and again while I was in the car this morning a song came of the radio and they were singing about the Cumberland Gap. I took that as a sign.

I think next year I am going to have to take a little road trip here…..

I need to know where they came from before Pineville. All I know is that my ancestors followed Daniel Boone into Kentucky and settled there. I have tried to get on the Bell County Facebook Genealogy page but I haven’t had any response. My grandmother had gray eyes and I was hoping that might be a distinct trait of some nationality but it’s not. It is very rare but it didn’t help me narrow anything down. Frank Gray, Mary Ellen Baker, Joanna Swanson, John Baker, William Swanson Jr,Annie Napier, William Swanson Sr, Mary Hall, and there was a Jane McCullough in there somewhere too, those are my elusive peeps. It’s been a long time since I worked on this.

When I research Hogmany on Pinterest for ideas one thing leads to another and I end up looking at pins like this…

Do you remember when I dreamed of a unicorn? Then I started seeing them everywhere? I almost fell of the chair when I saw this…..

Is it all related? Maybe? I don’t have enough facts but I am a firm believer in signs…..Zia

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I Needed That

It always amazes me when I pick up something on a whim and it turns out to be exactly what I needed. How does that happen? This is the book on CD that I am talking about.

It’s an inspirational non fiction story about Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter…..and her mother. The parallels with Demeter and Persephone are something that I find very interesting. She even spent some time talking about Hecate and you know how I feel about her.

That is a tattoo of Hecate’s wheel  that I had  done in June of 2016. Needless to say I  have always had an affinity to Hecate.

I have really been missing my mom lately so maybe that’s why it’s hitting home? The wanting to leave and move to a new place? Her daughter leaving the nest? So much of her story resonates with me….I’m so glad I picked it up. Yesterday after I dropped the girl off at school I had a pomegranate mimosa while I was crafting and listening to the book. Oh…and she keeps excellent tabs on her dreams and does a good job of figuring them out. I really like this woman and her daughter. She also writes fabulous fiction, I have read two of her books. The Secret Life of Bees and The Invention of Wings, both were excellent.

Not too many things speak to me in this way…”yes this, right now…this!” I borrowed it from the library on Saturday and I have two more discs to go. (there were only 8) I have been getting quite a bit done these past two days and even some new things. I will take pictures tomorrow.

Sunday I had lunch with RD and look at this unique pillow she gave me. I love it!

I may not be writing like I should but I have faith that I will finish my story. This is a perfect present! RD also got the girl her first job so fingers crossed it all works out. It’s only on Saturdays for four hours which couldn’t be more perfect. I really hope it works out.

I was stood up for the first time in my life today. It wasn’t horrible though, I sat in a relaxing setting for an hour. I was the only person in the restaurant so that made it a little better. My wine steward friend feels worse than I do. It’s rare to know two people with my name and when my texts pop up in the middle of her work texts, I can see how it happened. I took my salad to go and ran a couple of errands. I’m not even mad, I was a little irritated while it was happening but that’s about it.

One of my friends received her Christmas card yesterday and she sent me this picture…..

I love it when someone sends me a picture of how they display an item I made for them. I makes me happy.

I had an access bars session tonight which was long overdue. My brother and sister in law gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. I had the appointment in place before I received it. The only difference is that I got an extra fifteen minutes so I opted for a shoulder massage. My shoulder has been bothering me as of late.  I really need to get back to yoga, it did wonders for my shoulder.  Sometimes she sees things during bars and in my case whatever creature it is, always has wings. Today she saw a red dragon….

A red dragon with golds eyes. Thank you Ruth Thompson for having the perfect image for me. Ruth has some great deals going on right now so if you like fantasy art she is one of the best.  Her Beauty is one of my favorite pieces and is the focal point of my current living room.Beauty

Sorry about the commercial but I really like Ruth’s art. My dream job is working for her….traveling the country to every renaissance fair, selling her art, getting to dress up every day. Who wouldn’t love that job? I would love to see the world, I just haven’t figured out how to accomplish that yet……Zia

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The girl and I started our outing at an event at the old mill….

There were a gazillion people there and a few unique vendors. The weather was nice and the hike from our parking space proved how out of shape I am. I bought a couple of cards featuring winter scenes from the park that can easily be used as holiday cards. I am in a Saturnalia card exchange with two people (I volunteered to take on an extra when people who signed up originally backed out). There really isn’t a market out there for these cards and there was one I found on Etsy but it seemed more Celtic than Roman besides this purchase is supporting a local photographer.

My Paternal Grandmother always roasted chestnuts in the oven during the holiday. This is a tradition that did not stick after she was gone. They were roasting chestnuts over an open fire today so the girl got her first taste.

It was a fun mini adventure in the park today. I even took a picture with Santa….I hate how I carry weight in my face now but I am going to show you anyway.

We stopped at a few small businesses to support Small Business Saturday and then we headed home. I made pizzelles and now it smells like Christmas. You can smell the Anise out in the driveway even with the doors and windows closed. I learned last year that I need to have another cookie option available or the boy will eat all of mine. I bake a lot of cookies at Christmas but the pizzelles are the only ones I tend to eat. The girl has already eaten a large stack of them.

My turkey stock came out pretty tasty and I have two to freeze and one to throw some baby pastines in and eat this week.

That was pretty much my day. Oh…and my day was dizzy free. Last night I put some Melaleuca oil on a cotton ball and placed it on my ear and this morning I had some crazy drainage going on. Drainage I can handle…dizziness not so much. I’m just happy it worked and I was able to get some things done…..Zia

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I don’t know about you but this has been a very draining week for me. I think part of it is that I am getting over a cold, or thought I was getting over it. You know me…once I feel better I stop with the extra rest. Last night my ear was itching pretty good and then I fell asleep in the bath tub which is a normal thing for me. I woke up this morning dizzy as hell. I was almost all the way ready to venture out on Black Friday at 7am and then the nausea hit. There was no way I was standing in any line feeling like that. I am thinking inner ear infection? Maybe? I feel better now unless I bend over and then it hits me all over again. I have something I want to try later…I will let you know.

The girl and I did head out after 11am today. Sadly we missed the dog biscuits at Pet Smart….they still had the kitty litter so I guess there’s that. Our next stop was Office Max and thankfully they still had what I wanted. Check this deal out…..$39.00 for the printer and yes I did opt for the $4.95 two year warranty which I don’t normally do….and then tomorrow I will have $30.00 in rewards. There was a survey on the bottom of the receipt for 10 off of 50. Here is my evil plan….tomorrow I will go back and purchase replacement ink cartridges and they are $25.00 a piece. I will grab one black and one color and I will be at $50.00…..factor in my 10.00 coupon and add my $30.00 rewards and I will get the ink for $10.00. So I will have a new printer and a back up of ink all for $49.00. I think it’s a pretty good deal. Now the girl can’t print at home again. I am out of ink and didn’t want to spend the money to replace ink on a printer that was outdated.

We went to Michael’s because I needed ribbon for trees and then we went to breakfast. It was one o’clock but we still ordered breakfast. We weren’t out very long, just long enough for me to become disgusted with people. It’s pretty bad when a “people person” is tired of people.

I worked my last Thanksgiving yesterday. The owner isn’t doing well. Experimental treatment or not….stage 4 is still stage 4. Poor guy. The restaurant is now up for sale, whether it sells or closes I will be done. I did really well yesterday, it was my best Thanksgiving to date. I only had two tables of nasty people, everyone else was very nice.

My breakfast every waitress holiday…

Chocolate mousse with a cookie spoon. It really is tasty only yesterday, I couldn’t eat it all. I don’t know if it’s because I have been cutting back on sugar? I don’t know why but it was sad to toss it in the garbage. You would be amazed at the food we throw away on Thanksgiving. People with eyes that are bigger than their stomach…whole pieces of chicken and ham and turkey…there is so much waste.

I was surprised at the child drama that was happening there now, it’s bad. There is a girl who I determined this summer was a liar. This girl lies all the time and now she is messing with the kid manager who is 18 or 19 and this girl is 15.  She was complaining about being hungover from her drinking binge the night before. There’s the perfect recipe for a teenage pregnancy. I almost took her out for scooping ice with a glass and she did it again after I yelled at her. I have worked through the nightmare of a broken glass in the ice bin in the middle of a rush…it’s not pretty. I don’t like her to begin with…’s a good thing that I really don’t work there anymore.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. I picked up my new business cards and that was super exciting. The custom frame for the boy was done so I went to Hobby Lobby to pick it up. I didn’t love the frame when the boy picked it but it did turn out very nice.

Tuesday was the hardest day this week for me. Maybe it’s the getting older thing? Some days are harder without my mom and this in one of them. People try though…the OD from work brought donuts for my birthday and I grabbed a cinnamon roll.

It was tasty and it was huge, I ate about a quarter of it. When did I get so sensitive to sugar? It was a nice thought and I brought the leftovers home on Wednesday….the kids didn’t have any problems finishing them off.

Now I am cooking my turkey….the kids don’t care that it’s the next day. Once we eat I and I gather all of the leftovers, I am going to try and make a broth from the carcass. This is an experiment for me so fingers crossed. I hope you all enjoyed your turkey day….Zia

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The Christmas Card Debate

How many of you send out Christmas cards? I have always sent them out….every year, and the cards that I get in return every year are less and less. Don’t get me wrong….that’s not why I send them out…I’m just pointing out that less and less people are keeping up with the tradition.

Some years I am extra busy and I buy cards and toss in a picture that I made the kids take. Some years I send the pretty cards I bought  on clearance after Christmas the year before. Some years I get overly ambitious and I hand stamp them.  I would say that the majority of the cards that I have sent these past years I have made with pictures through Sam’s, Walgreens, or CVS. Remember my Thanksgiving card kick? I always made those with photos too.

Last years card was a cute picture of the kids in front of the tree, each holding an animal. At 19 and 21, I am lucky they took the picture at all. The girl gets a kick out of everyone’s reaction to the cat’s name. Not everybody names their cat Kevin Bacon and she’s proud that she picked that name….well her and her friend while watching Tremors, but still…  So this year when I didn’t insist on a group photo and “gasp” don’t have room for the names of the animals on the card, it caused quite a stir.

I didn’t plan it, it just popped into my head and I said “yes, I love that idea!” Once I had the idea I had to do a little research and pick my quote. I even purchased A Christmas Carol featuring the voice of Tim Curry on Audible for $1.99. Tim Curry and a steal…can’t get better than that.

Do you remember that picture I bought last year with the old fashioned man carrying a tree and walking with a cane? I use it with my literary bottles as well as pages from A Christmas Carol. I don’t know why I didn’t come up with this idea sooner. I used that image with a quote I chose from A Christmas Carol….

The top of the card needs a little color so I will check out the craft stores for a fancy vellum sticker or something like it….maybe a sprig of holly? Except for the bare spot on top I really like how they came out.

Where is it written that you have to send out photos of your family every year? Just because I have done this in the past…and often, doesn’t mean that I have to do it every year. I still made the card. I picked the image, the quote, and the template and put it all together. It was just a little faster this year…..Zia

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I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

This has been a heck of a week for me! I have a solid base for my craft shows but some things needed replenished. It always amazes me how each show is different. Here is a recap of my week.


It’s hard to capture the glitter but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Crude girl needed a basket for a fundraiser so I put this together. She is getting the basket filler and bag, I provided the trees and basket. There are small and medium trees in this basket.

TuesdayLast time I brought two book page flowers and sold them right away, this time I brought five and sold none.

WednesdayLast show I sold five, this show I sold one. I brought one to the guy across the street and his wife along with a tree. He says he likes to cut grass and he cut mine all Summer long, I just want him to know I appreciate it. His wife really liked it and I found out he really likes my jams and jellies…..I guess his wife hid the last two jars from him. That was a nice compliment.

ThursdayI made giant trees this year. I didn’t sell any but they received lots of compliments. The small and medium trees are almost all gone. It was on this day that I came down with the dreaded cold the I caught from Force of Nature Girl. These trees were made with tissues rolled and stuck up my nose. I was so miserable. It was this night that I put DoTERRA’s Breathe to the test. I put it in my diffuser at bedtime and it really did help.


I went to work and they sent me home. I can’t blame them, it was awful. I had the above trees and my book page wreaths (which I sold all but one) already in my car for delivery after work. There was no way all of my stuff was going to fit in my car with or without the girl and it was going to rain all day on Saturday. It is still pouring out there now. I dropped them off and headed to the BMV. It was meant to be because I walked in and the guy at the counter said “may I help you?” That has never happened…ever! I was in and out in under five minutes. I came home, put on some pajamas and never left the couch. I was going to get up and make dinner until the girl said “why….so you can contaminate our food? No thank you, I will eat leftovers.” I did make some small and medium trees and that was the extent of my day.


I was still feeling pretty rough this morning. A little better but still rough. Thankfully we were at the big table today…We had this to look at…

I will take a fake fire over the gloom and doom of our skies any day. It was easy to forget the weather in this little corner, except for the downpours….couldn’t ignore it when that was happening. People were super nice and they were buying today. I did better today than I have ever done at any show. My next show is on December 3rd and I will only need to make more wreaths, more small and medium trees and more literary bottles. I have an order for a wreath and a literary bottle next weekend and I have plenty of time to make those. Despite the weather, it was a good day.

Now I have to get busy cleaning and taking care of all of the chores I neglected due to crafting and illness. I feel better at the moment and I don’t want to overdo it but I would like to put the tree up tomorrow……Zia

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The Unexpected Weekend

I had quite the productive weekend planned. I had lists made with tasks for both days and once I checked the items off the list, I would be ahead of the game for the week. I should have known better. Most of the curve balls were blessings and this turned out to be a much better, more interesting weekend than I had anticipated.

Friday night was book club where we discussed the Patron Saint of Liars. It wasn’t a favorite among our group. The main character was horrible and never redeemed herself and the book had one of those annoying open endings. None of us would recommend  the read. After book club I was dropping the girl off at her new dog sitting job. This was a good experience for both of us. She had to stay there alone and I had to let her. Friday night she worked on her laundry so I could get mine done Saturday. I left her with these guys….The alpha….

The shy guy…..(notice how close he is to my face lol)

The little guy….

The little guy isn’t that much different than our beagle. He laid on the couch a lot and licked himself. The shy guy is a smelly farting machine and we are talking toxic here. The alpha with his werewolf paws was my favorite. They took good care of the girl, and the girl made some Christmas money.  I left her Friday night and said “I’ll be right over after I get up.”

I was planning on sleeping in and then bringing over round one of laundry around 10:30 or 11:00. Imagine my surprise at 7:03 in the morning when I received a text from my cousin requesting a quick breakfast. I didn’t answer right away because I was still mostly asleep so she called me. I got up at 7:17 after the phone call and started getting ready. She was more than an hour away so I had time. Once I was ready she sent me a text that she hadn’t left yet. That was okay, I could run to the ReStore and buy some books because I have a show next week. So I woke up the boy to move cars and made sure we were still on to go look at frames at Hobby Lobby later.

I was in the ReStore when my cousin called to say that she was a half hour out so I bought my books and my new comfy blanket and drove to IHOP. They must have been giving something away for Veteran’s Day because they were crazy busy. I got on the list for a party of two and was seated shortly after at a tiny two top. I text her to tell her that I got us a table when she said good and that my aunt and uncle were coming. I gave up my table and went back in line. I didn’t wait long before I was seated at the new table in a more private part of the restaurant which worked out perfectly.

Christmas came early for me this year as I was gifted with a box of old photos and letters. There are some pictures in there that I have never seen before….this is a box of treasures.

I haven’t even had a chance to show the girl the pictures of Korea that are in here. My great uncle served in the Korean war. My uncle told stories that I never heard before, this was such a memorable breakfast. Our quick breakfast turned into a three hour event. The best thing to come out of this, other than the obvious picture treasures?  We decided that making a video of my uncle telling all of these stories is truly the best way to preserve our history for future generations. My cousin happens to have a recording studio in his house and has video equipment. He graciously agreed to drag it home with him this Christmas and he will video his dad. I have had some requests for certain stories and I hope to use some picture prompts. I will supply him with the wine and the questions, it should be fun.

One of the stories I learned on Saturday was about my great uncle’s first wife. I knew her name because she gave a ring to my mom for me when I was a baby with my birthstone. I still have it, I don’t wear it often because it’s gold and gold turns my fingers green. I knew they had a German shepherd that took his commands in German because I heard that story before. I did not know that she was ten years older than my great uncle or that she was spy.  There is more to this story that I missed so this will definitely be one of the stories for the video. She helped downed air men wherever she was living at the time and got caught.  The bad kind …like the broken jaw, bloody face kind. I don’t think my uncle mentioned where they met. Sadly she liked to play the ponies among other things and they divorced before I got the chance to know her.

I still haven’t decided what I am going to do for the family history project but I am sure inspiration will come out of that new box of memories.

I left the restaurant and went home and picked up the boy. This is what he ended up picking out. The purple did work and I like the mats but I am not so sure about the frame. He picked it….it’s his present, so I went with it.

We ran into Sam’s Club for some groceries and headed back home. By the time I put away the food, put the chicken in the crockpot, and gathered all of the clothes and loaded them into the car, it was almost 4pm. I didn’t get home until midnight last night. All laundry was done but the sofa cover wasn’t dry so I left it in the dryer and grabbed it today when I picked up the girl.

I woke up this morning and started frying up some turkey sausage. I made the whole box, four for us and four for my cousin and his wife who just had a baby. Once it was all fried I simmered it in sauce for about thirty minutes. Then I ran to a craft event with RD.

The way this “barn” show was advertised made it look really unique. I was very disappointed. The artisan festival I go to every year charges $8.00 to get in and I am there for hours. This cost $5.00 to get in and we were there for thirty-forty minutes. The barn had no heat and it was freezing. It was so cold that it made it difficult to shop. I felt really bad for the vendors because a lot of them were from out of town. I would be livid if I was one of those vendors. I did buy some soap that smells great and I couldn’t resist the package. I love the dried orange half out of the soap.

I bought soap and some local raw honey to use as a facial scrub. Gotta do what I can to fight the signs of aging.

I came home in plenty of time to make wedding soup and take it to my cousin. I wasn’t planning on taking it there myself…it’s a germ thing. I didn’t like a lot of people around the boy when he first came home. She said “he needs to build up an immunity” so I went. He is so precious…

After I had some baby snuggles I went to wait with the girl. We left her puppy job around 3:45. I was supposed to meet PT to do some holiday crafting and was relieved when she said let’s do it another day. I don’t want to go anywhere else today. Once I step away from the computer the girl and I will put the sofa cover back on the couch, I will take out my contacts, grab a glass of wine and sit down and watch the newest Outlander episode. Then I need to make some paper trees and flowers. It is going to be a busy week…..Zia

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