Our Kids Will Never Know….

The ever changing world of technology in my opinion is killing the book.  My kids will never know that you can go to the library and look something up, they will just type it in a search engine. I will admit that if I need a number or an address of a store, etc. I will just Bing it because it’s easier.

I am hugely anti-video games! My little brother used to scream at those games like he was dying, it would drive me crazy. I never wanted my kids to play but when Daddy plays it was inevitable. My son’s whole social life is on xbox live, it’s a sad world. He will never read anything willingly.

the_outsidersWhen my daughter had to read The Outsiders, I had hope. She liked it, we discussed the characters and she even said “Sodapop sounds hot”. I was so excited, finally one of them gets it!  She gets it when she has to, but to willingly pick up a book for herself..no way.

These kids are stimulated all day everyday, it can’t be good for them. I try and explain to them all of the things they are missing, the just don’t get it. Sometimes I think my daughter is close to getting it and well….I am usually disappointed.

Quick reality check, if this is the only way my kids ever disappoint me than I am the luckiest person in the whole world.  I get that, I really do, I can still wish though. In my experience reading has always been an escape.  I can go anywhere and experience anything in the words, how do you teach somebody else to appreciate that?daughteroftheforest1Daughter of the Forest is one of my most treasured books.  I picked it up on a whim in the library and was completely consumed.  I was there in the story, and when I had to put the book down it took quite a few minutes to come back to this time. There are not a lot of books that can master that, in my experience anyway. This book was the first in a trilogy and I emailed the author when I was reading the third book and she emailed me back.  That was so HUGE for me because I loved these books, and she took the time to answer me.Beautiful Creatures MovieThis post came to be when I started this book today.  The high temperature today was 9 degrees, it’s crazy cold.  Me, I was in Gatlin in the warm sunny south, well partly sunny it did rain quite a bit.  My friend PT and I are going to see this when it comes out on Valentines Day.  I can’t see the movie until I read the book and I was happily surprised at how fast I was sucked in.

I know I am not alone on this one, I just wish I can show my kids how great it is to escape into another world, time place,etc.

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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9 Responses to Our Kids Will Never Know….

  1. My oldest daughter is 7 years old and already prefers her Blackberry Playbook to any other form of play. To foster her love of reading, I set up her library account on there so she can loan e-books. For Christmas she got a gift card to buy e-books at Indigo. I know you can’t force reading on them, but trying to embrace technology has definitely helped in my household. 🙂

  2. I, as a fourteen-year-old bookworm, fear that I am the last of my kind. None of my friends read willingly, but you put a book in front of me-no matter who it belongs to or what it’s about-you will not get it back and you will not hear a peep from me for the next hour. If you know of anyone like me, send them to my blog, please! By the way, loved loved loved the outsiders!

    • I wish there were more kids like you! That is how I was at fourteen, and I think it’s pretty cool how The Outsiders has stood the test of time. It makes me smile 🙂 Don’t ever stop reading or lose your imagination and as of today I am now following your blog. I promise the first kid I come across who loves a good book, I will send them your way!

  3. crazygirl20 says:

    Just tell her to stay golden, lol. I loved the outsiders, book and movie.

  4. Jean says:

    There is always hope. I was not a reader until I was 30. My love for reading was quelled in grade school, believe it or not. I started reading with Reader’s Digest abridged versions, and read my first full size book at 30, which was Jurassic Park. Now at 51, I enjoy reading and am a member of a book club. We are all ex-Barnes and Noble employees! Never give up hope.

    • Thanks Jean, I will try! I was able to get her to read the whole House of Night series and she even named her beagle after the main character. I keep thinking someday she will, thank you for giving me hope!

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