Glass Houses


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, I’m pretty sure we all know that. Too bad it doesn’t stop me from throwing them.

If you are a user as in drugs, does that always make you a user as in people? In a previous post I mentioned a girl that I work with, who was a drug user and is now dating a cop and I said I didn’t know who was using who? I’m still not 100% sure, but I have an idea.

A couple weeks ago she was complaining how he was starting to annoy her. Then he gave her a mushy card and $60.00 to go have her nails done. She was so excited about this and me being me just had to ask “I thought he was getting on your nerves?” she replied “Ya but he buys me things, so maybe I’ll keep him around a little longer.”

I wonder if this is the behavior they taught her in that christian rehab she spent a year in?  Oh yesterday at lunch–wait STOP if you read the bible and take it literally–STOP reading now and turn away-you were warned!  Someone had brought up the Chick Fil A gay controversy and she jumped right in. “God says it’s wrong to be gay, it’s in the bible!” Who out there thinks I just walked away from that one? My response “I don’t think God cares who you sleep with as long as you’re a good person, oh and God doesn’t care if you eat meat on Friday either.” Sometimes people just piss me off!

This same girl who is quoting some bible belt version of life, now is trying to get cop boyfriend to buy a house. It’s better than having to live with her parents, that’s really what she said.  Oh and I asked her if she was going to cohabitate  with the cop and she said what does that mean? She also said if she really wanted to, she could make him do cartwheels! Does that sound like a good christian girl to you?!!!

Does being a drug user make you a people user, or were you already a people user? I know Cockroach studied Manson and Hitler and was always talking about their techniques and charismatic nature. How does that work…..”hey dude wanna try some of this and oh read this while you toke? (is that the right word?)

I try to give everybody a fair chance but sometimes instincts just take over. This girl hugged me once and my whole body went stiff, I froze. That has never ever happened to me. I am a hugger by nature, ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you it’s true. Every molecule that is me screams “don’t trust this girl!” I only have to work with her so I can handle far.

Clearly if I am writing about this, it bothers me. I can’t exactly go and tell this guy to wake up and pay attention, it’s not my business. I just don’t understand why people think that it’s acceptable to use another.

I am no longer the gullible girl that I used to be. These are a few of the things that I have learned.

1. A drug addict will never stay clean

2. Once a cheater, always a cheater

3. Anyone who goes around quoting the bible like they just had tea with God yesterday, is generally a royal hypocrite.

4. If a man opens his mouth and words come out, it is usually a lie.

5. If I am reading a really good book, my kids will want to have a conversation.

Just a few things in random order that I have learned over the last few years. I know it is not for me to judge and I really do try, sometimes people make it really difficult. I can’t always make it better, that’s a hard lesson too.75435362478083393_uFDqXR2N_b


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. Hmmm well I agree with a majority of your post except for #4.

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