Man or Monster?

This little rant is bound to piss some people off……that is not my intention. This is my opinion based on recent events. This is total speculation on the behavior of the male gender, the crimes are real, the theories are all mine.

The typical image of the neanderthal man…all puffed up, scratching themselves, grunting, and thinking that the world is theirs. You my sad fellow no longer have the power. This is not about girl power, let me stop and stress this now. This is my theory on the behavior of the average white male. They don’t know how to behave without holding the power.

I do agree with P.T. that there are women out there in order to feel powerful belittle the men. I started paying a little more attention and she is right. It’s on t.v. and in movies and in books…it’s everywhere. I worry about my son all of the time, because nobody will let me keep him in a bubble like I want to. He has to go out and find his place in this cruel world.

I listen to the news when I get ready for work in the morning and this little piece of news is what started this. A father……yes father I really want to note that part…. shoved a baby wipe in his 2 month old child’s mouth because he wouldn’t stop crying. A normal function when anyone is sobbing is to inhale deeply in between sobs. Now this tiny baby is suffocating and daddy’s solution lets stick a sharp scissor type instrument down this little helpless child’s throat. This HELPLESS…..did I mention that part….child is in the hospital. How dare he ?!!!

There is another boy who WAS fourteen and was BEAT to DEATH by his mothers boyfriend. Say what you will about Cockroach and the mind f**k he did to me, he NEVER touched my children. This little boy was seen by neighbors and other family members with visible black eyes and bruises. The POLICE were called and nothing…I can’t even look at that little boys face without crying. This story I have to turn off when the trial updates come on the news.

Then there was a FOUR year old who was PUNCHED in the stomach by the mothers boyfriend and he DIED! What could a four year possibly do to provoke a punch so hard that it causes internal bleeding?

Let’s not forget what has been going on in Cleveland because of that vermin Castro. The one girl has permanent hearing loss from a BEATING. Then there is the girl who had babies beaten out of her more than once. Babies he put there by RAPING her. The three girls who had their youth STOLEN from them. If you don’t think that these events are going to leave a mark on these girls…..than I have a bridge for sale……interested?

School shootings, theater shootings, murders, rapes and abductions…what is wrong with these men. Beating on children is not proving that you are a man or owning your power.

Each and every helpless child’s story make me want to start a new hobby…..pig farming……but what do you do with the teeth?……Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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8 Responses to Man or Monster?

  1. shel says:

    Well said! It is a cruel world and I am frightened for my child. An eye for an eye is my motto!

  2. guitargrl325 says:

    I have a very hard time with these stories. I’m always like, why does that asshole get to be a parent and I don’t???

    • dragonflyzia says:

      I didn’t even think about that…..but you are so right. It’s not even a little bit fair!!!! Hang in there I know it will work out for you….I don’t know how, but it will.

  3. While what each of these males did is disgusting, to be fair there have been stories of females doing just as horrible things to children ie dumping their newborn in a dumpster.

    • dragonflyzia says:

      You’re not wrong, but right now there is an over abundance of this male behavior. I am not saying it is all men, but there has been a growth spurt in the monster breed.

  4. Ivie says:

    I think there were some men that were never meant to be fathers, and these are some of them. They must be on the path to serial killing (or at least some of them) because they have a mental problem, and need to be in jail. Or on death row if they’ve done something before. (Oh, that comment feels so harsh…maybe I should take it back…)

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