How To Relax……I Wish I Knew

I wish that I could tell you how to relax…….I am still trying to figure it out for myself. I feel like it should be easy to relax, is it because I have become this uptight bundle of nerves? I have told myself many times over the last two days “slow down….there is nowhere that you have to be”

We had a late start yesterday, which was mostly my fault since I stayed up until 2:30am to finish the book club book. Did I mention that I have read this book more than once? It’s one of my favorites and it was my pick this month.daughter-of-the-forest

I woke up very late but did manage to finish step one..the online assessment for the new job possibility and I scheduled the second part at a test center on Monday. Fingers crossed and my lips are sealed…..

The kids and I ventured into a neighboring town and visited most of the shops on the main strip. The first antique store that we went into, I picked this up in under thirty seconds…..WP_20140808_009

I have a large Hotei ( I think that’s how you spell it?) or laughing Buddha that my great uncle brought back from overseas and I just had to have this and it was a steal at $5.00. Actually 5 was the magic number yesterday…..I lucked out with these candle/votive holders….regularly $22.00 on clearance for only $5.00. One for sure is going to my old boss because it is so her and the other two will be for “emergency or surprise presents” or maybe even as a hostess gift. They are really nice.WP_20140807_002

We found a consignment shop with a new owner, I liked her and I will go back and visit her store without the kids.  She had some jewelry from some local crafter/artisans I found part of SB’s birthday present there and the girl picked out a necklace for her birthday. It was a pretty productive day for me anyway.

The girl had her hair cut and whined repeatedly over the loss of her two inches of split ends…it needed done. The boy found some new shirts for school and I think the only thing left that he needs is some new undies. I will have to drag the girl kicking and screaming (not really but she will hate every minute of it) to the mall before I go back to work.I will stress less if that is taken care of.

The girl received her schedule yesterday and she has the new and improved math teacher from hell….I had the original. I went to a catholic high school and we didn’t have a choice for our teacher there was only one. She has a choice, she can go and request a change….what’s a good reason? She can’t go in there and say “my mom thinks that Mrs. G is an asshole and wants me to change” The girl is going to have to learn to deal with assholes eventually since the world is full of them…right? I remember going back to my geometry teacher for help with algebra 2 because Mr. N was such a dick and then I was busted getting help and had to take shit about that. I was 17 I couldn’t say what I wanted….you are a lousy teacher….I loathed him! I lived….right? Sometimes this parenting stuff is for the birds…..why can’t they just stay in a bubble?!

Today I went to my second 3D movie with the kids, the first was Jaws 3D at the drive in with my mom…..they have come a long way. We saw X-Men Days of Future Past, the kids had  already been to the theater with their dad for this one. It is now at the dollar theater and that’s what they picked and hey I am all for watching a movie where I get to see Hugh Jackman’s naked ass and well the rest of him. I really do like all of the Xmen movies and most of the Marvel ones. How do you make a mom who sneaks in drinks and candy spend $8.00 vs $5.00 on popcorn? Put him on the bucket….WP_20140808_005

The girl said “mom I thought that PT had dibs on Thor?” Like that is ever going to be an option…geez! It’s a bucket!

I met V for a drink before book club and I haven’t really spent time with her for at least a year and a half. She brought along her husband… me it seems like he doesn’t trust her. Whatever it’s not my life and she seems happy that’s all that counts. It was a very nice visit, I miss her. She was one of the few that I work or in her case worked with that are worth the effort to stay in touch with.

Book club was short, 4 were present 2 were not and only 2 of the 4 actually read the book….well SB read it once a long time ago. Still we managed a decent conversation about it.

I walked over to two stores after with EO and she brought up some of the work drama that is going. First I hate to talk about work when I am not there and second we don’t have the same perspective of our work environment…..I really hope that she doesn’t cross that line. I can’t define the line but I will know when it is crossed. She is a good person and had become an adopted member of my family, I really hope that she let’s it go. When it comes to the Hatfields and the McCoys I would rather choose neither and let’s just leave it at that.

Tomorrow SB and I are off to the yearly artisan festival that we go to every year and for a change the weather has been beautiful… will be three days in a row tomorrow….must be a record for Ohio……Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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