Productive Bonus Day!

Surprisingly I did get a lot accomplished on my extra day day off. It feels pretty good!  I really,really like the family history project this year. It is not what I had originally planned but I am pretty proud of how it came out. I am extra happy that all I am missing is the picture hanging wire and it’s only September 1st. WP_20140901_005

This is the photo that I started with, enlarged it, and I added it to my $1.00 cabinet door….WP_20140802_002


My grandmother, with my great aunt and my great uncle, it really looks better in person….I promise!

I did some organizing today, Kristin over at Organizing Specialist would be proud.

I had these various organizers that made things very hard to find…WP_20140901_006

I combined them into this….WP_20140901_008

It’s not even half full and is much more user friendly….hopefully I will use it more.

I had a very restless night’s sleep last night, I made some big decisions about money and I am not sure how the dice will roll. I haven’t put anything into place yet and I have no idea how it will end up…..but it is time to let things go. I have struggled for a long time and I am really tired of that struggle. I am tired of worrying that the pump in the well will stop working, when the furnace is going to go, how I am going to pay for heating oil, how to stop the water from coming in the basement, the flat roof still isn’t all the way finished, fighting with the boy to cut the grass, shoveling the long ass driveway in the never ending snow……it’s TOO MUCH for one person. I am tired of the struggle and ready to do something and make some big changes……Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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11 Responses to Productive Bonus Day!

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    The cabinet door photo is terrific! Yay you! And change, sounds like, will be a very good thing…

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    Thank you and I really hope so! 🙂

  3. LadyPinkRose says:

    Firstly, I LOVE what you did with that photo. This is so cool! Secondly, BIG decisions are so not easy to make and I applaud you for making them. I wake up at night too sometimes, just with my mind going round and round. Too much to handle at times, and if I could I would make changes. IF you are in a position to do so, DO IT! For real, DO IT!!!! Think carefully, act wisely, and make those changes. Most of all, listen to your Heart to guide you. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • dragonflyzia says:

      Thanks Amy! I am 93% sure I am going to do it, I have thought a lot about it…..wisely, I am not so sure. I am supposed to make a major change, hopefully the effects aren’t too harsh. Time will tell. 🙂

      • LadyPinkRose says:

        Just have your eyes open and be confident as well. I trust your judgment. Big changes are yes scary but once you get within that change, all is GOOD. (((HUGS))) Amy
        PS I just went on and on over at your blog. WP. Need I say more? Grrrrrrrrrrrr …………. Somehow it seems my following you got unfollowed. Needless to say I just refollowed you. Seriously? And today someone else in my spam. *shaking head*

        • dragonflyzia says:

          I am sorry that WP is giving you so many problems…..please don’t stop posting because of it. On very many dreary Ohio days your photos are my bright spot!

          • LadyPinkRose says:

            If this keeps up, I just may have to step back for a few days. Every day I get hit with problems of one sort or the other and it really is not any fun. For you and for all my beloved friends here, I will do my utmost best to stay calm and to INTEND that thes problems will be resolved. OH! I just saw a bright purple light right next to my iPad and when I do see that it means I have been heard and things are about to improve. I just gave away one of my secrets to you. Yes I see sparkles of light which always give me a very LOVED feeling. It’s as though an Angel broke through the energy difference between here and there just to let me know I am not alone and that All is Good. Now I am smiling. See how I am taken care of? Always!!!! (((HUGS))) and good night, my friend from Ohio. I’ll keep the “Magic” coming especially for you. Tomorrow is a double header. One about kisses (yummy!) and the other one of my wise sayings. See you tomorrow, Brave Zia of Big Changes. Love, Amy

            • dragonflyzia says:

              Brave Zia of Big Changes…..that is much better than Shadow Jumper (afraid of my own shadow) which is what i always thought my native american name would be. I love your sparkles of love…that is a great thing!! I really hope WP fixes all of your problems. 🙂
              I always look forward to the beauty in your posts!

            • LadyPinkRose says:

              Yes, you are Brave Zia of Big Changes. 🙂

  4. LadyPinkRose says:

    Zia, again my blood pressure just went up. I got unfollowed on your blog when I know darn well I AM following you. Is WP now um F’ing with me because I put in a big complaint? I really am fed up about this stuff that has been going on. I was asked by WP to tell them of 3 blogs I do not follow that are in my reader and 3 blogs that I am following that are not there, and I told them no, I do NOT have time for that, that this is their problem not mine, and to read the comments on my post (the link I gave them) because SO many people are having problems. I really am riled up about this because it just is so not right. I am happy to tell you I am following you AGAIN! Thanks for listening. Love, Amy

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