Trial and Error

Life in my case has pretty much been trial and error, full of experiments and happy accidents. This weekend was a big one for experiments.

The boy and I went to Goodwill Saturday night in search of anything that could be used in a Steampunk costume, I found nothing and was extremely frustrated. I threw in the towel and decided to go with some hard cover books for a buck. I did get to try one project that will be part of the book club Christmas present. I think that they came out okay. The rainbow fun fur took over this photo, the black bookmarks have black with silver sparkles in them.IMG_0247The bookmarks were relatively easy, only now I have books that are begging to be turned into something….one page at a time. I have been working on this wreath for two nights now…IMG_0251

I folded some of the pages ahead of time, while the girl and I were watching Pet Sematary. It has been a weekend ofย  scary movies in this house, although the only one I actually sat and watched was this one. We went through Amityville the Possession, Children of the Corn,Scooby Doo Zombie Island, Resident Evil (the 5th one I think)and The Shining. Mostly I listened while doing other things, have you ever cooked for the week in one day?

I’m not sure how I feel about it? It is an experiment to see if it will give me more time throughout the week. Everything is fully cooked, it just needs put in the oven to be heated, but 85% of my Saturday was all about cooking.ย  Tonight we had chicken parmesan and I had eggplant, so all I had to do was boil the pasta, heat the sauce and make a salad. My deal of the week was a four pack of chicken, look at how big they are for only $5.35. IMG_0236 This was after browning and before baking, the other piece I used as a soup starter. If you have never tried laying a piece of uncooked bacon under a piece of chicken and tossing a quarted apple in the crock pot with it….you really should. It really gives the soup a unique flavor and definitely falls in the happy experiment category.

I won’t bore you with everything else that I cooked, but it was a lot for one day. The kids and I put plastic over the windows and put up the Halloween decorations that are usually up October 1st. The dog even got a bath this weekend, isn’t she adorable?IMG_0242

This morning while I was drinking my coffee I was all over Pinterest looking for some idea for a costume. I found this video and it sparked some ideas.

I was very disappointed that I couldn’t find anything to make a Steampunk costume, but sometimes you just have to say “not this year.” This video gave me something to think about, now I am not as talented with the makeup, and there is no way I will wake up early enough to be that elaborate but it gave me a spark. I have some ideas though with more of a fall theme for a much older version of Mother Nature. I will let you know how that experiment goes once I get started. Sometimes you have to dig to find inspiration but if you want it bad enough you can find it……Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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7 Responses to Trial and Error

  1. Jean says:

    The worst part of this time of year is trying to figure out a costume. Bubba and I have access to two zip-up white clean-suits. They are paper-like and disposable, so we can do anything with them. All we can come up with is rabbits and Dalmatians.

  2. LadyPinkRose says:

    I adore you last sentence, Zia. “Sometimes you have to dig to find inspiration but if you want it bad enough you will find it.” NICE!!! That about sums up my philosophy in Life. I don’t “do” Halloween and yes I do miss the dressing up. Perhaps this year, just for the heck of it, I will dig deep into my closets to see what I can come up with to dress myself in an unusal way. Just for the heck of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration! Love, Amy

  3. I know about the bacon and chicken but apple? Oh yes will be trying that with my slow cooker meal today. And you do not bore us with what you cooked. I love a new perspective ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dragonflyzia says:

      Thanks Kay, sometimes I do worry that I ramble on too much and I really hope that you like the apple. I don’t know why I have never tried it…I always stick one in my turkey. Let me know what you think…. ๐Ÿ™‚

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