Yesterday was the weirdest Friday/not Monday that I wave ever worked. The phones weren’t crazy, just my co-workers. High Priestess reversed has some serious problems…..just when I think that I am starting to like her….she treats somebody else like shit. She actually brought herself to tears over what somebody else was/was not doing.

CG’s husband called me at work to make sure that I sent my resume to the proper place….also weird. If this new job prospect works out I will have to take the ABO again, for real this time. I even went and picked up my mega study guides that I lent out today, I also sampled a bloody mary while I was there….they use a mix….that’s not difficult. It was tasty though and since I never go there I had drink chips so I only had to tip. I got a line on a bar tending job while I was there, maybe that will work out? I won’t hold my breath though I thought the part time waitressing thing was a sure thing at this establishment once, I will still apply tomorrow anyway.

I did get my haircut last night and it is really cute, by the time I got home after stopping at the store….in the rain, it was not photo worthy. I thought maybe today after I had it colored but it was still raining/bordering on monsooning and she didn’t do her best with the style. It really bothers her that I get my haircut somewhere else….I tried to break up with her and she text me until I made an appointment….and now she raised her prices……plus she pouts when she sees my cut……it shouldn’t be this hard to switch hair stylists.   She is a nice girl but I will do the research and look around. Maybe tomorrow it will be photo worthy. My new cousin in law offered to do this color, but she lives out of state, and it looks like a lot of maintenance…..but I really like it. What is it with me and purple/plum highlights? If it can be subtle….I am all over it!plum hair

I did work on some cleaning today. I noticed the other day that there was something on a cabinet door, mold maybe? I’m not sure but I took everything out today and scrubbed them down. I also decided to fill the corks back in on my wall. I liked it and then I didn’t, some of them fell off and I just left it. Today I pulled out my hot glue gun and started filling them back in….IMG_0576

I do my spring cleaning at the wrong time every year, at least it’s clean.

I went out with a new friend tonight and it is such a small world, we know more of the same people than we discovered last time. We were down one of our three but I am so glad that we went out. We first went to this place that I received a work related gift certificate. My first thought when we walked in was “what is that smell?” It was musty and chilly and it was kind of in the north hood. We each had a drink and split an 8 inch Brier Hill pizza, the waitress received a generous tip from the rest of that certificate….we were outta there!

Way on the other side of town we tried a restaurant named after one of my favorite mythical birds….this was much much better. We have to go back…not only was the food good but I am compelled to write our waiter. I don’t know anybody his age to throw in his path, and he acted a little ….slow isn’t the right word? RD said she didn’t like how he didn’t look her in the eye…..I looked at him until he looked at me. He was all shy with us but you know the minute he walked through that server door he was all cocky and king of bullshit…..but he was pretty. I think maybe he will have a crush on Charlie so I must go back for research purposes. He did catch me staring at him before we left….calm down kid you are a child, I just want to write you.

They had this drink that we split it had fireball cinnamon whiskey,Bailey’s,amaretto, and fireball rum….it was cinnamon-y heaven. I was driving so…..after that I had a glass of wine.

I really did have an awesome time. It is so much fun getting to know somebody and comparing stories. I see a lot of potential here, another friend to be blessed with. 🙂

It was late when I grabbed the girl and went to PT’s to make the kids dinner. Tonight is the boys last night of freedom, I hope he enjoys it. PT offered up her washer and dryer before she left and since it rained so much today and my basement still randomly floods, I brought over two loads. I wasn’t thinking ahead with my shoes though….I was wearing jeans when I got there…..pajamas and heels…not the usual.IMG_0579

All in all…..so far….2015 is off to a good start in my world……Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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