Folklore Friday

Breakfast Club is the Saturday morning background noise movie of the week.  I can’t wait until the girl gets bored with her X box…’s so hard to pull her from her room these days.

I sat down last night with every intention to write but I couldn’t do it I was just too tired. Maybe if I had sat down as soon as I came home from book club instead of having story time, I would have written.  Yes I broke out the Italian folklore books from the library and read them out loud to the girl who was in her room playing video games and she was really listening. When I am sitting on the couch I can see right into her room, it’s a very small house.  My favorite was when she realized Papa Gatto was a cat “wait he’s a cat?!” She must have missed the first page. 🙂

Here is my Friday Folklore synopsis. IMG_0616

This one was probably my favorite. The illustrations were beautiful and it had a nice story. Papa Gatto was an adviser to the prince and his wife had just died and he needed help with his eight kittens. He sent out the town crier who announced the job opening in a rhyme.(which I loved). There is a bad sister and a sweet step sister and in the end there was a prince. I loved how the girl said to the prince  “For too long I have lived in a house without love; I would not exchange one joyless home for another.” She didn’t jump into his arms….she was going to make him work for it. The girl would have loved this book as a child, what little girl doesn’t love kittens?IMG_0617

My second favorite was The Goat Faced Girl.IMG_0618

This was the tale of a very lazy daughter and a mother who made one last attempt to rescue the daughter from herself. The mother was a sorceress and when a lazy vain prince tried to woo her daughter off to the castle…..well desperate times call for desperate measures. The prince upon seeing the goat face girl decided to give her tasks in hopes that she would give up and go home. She did not and during these tasks she became the independent girl her mother had hoped her to be. When she returned the girls beauty the prince wanted her back. He didn’t even care about the last task that the girl worked so hard on. This girl kicked the prince to the curb and told her mother that she was ready to learn. This is where she started….IMG_0619

I said “ha!” out loud, this book appealed to my twisted sense of humor.

The Talking Tree was okay. If there was a moral to this story…it was lost on me.FullSizeRender(12)

The last story I read was The Legend of Old Befana. IMG_0620

I wonder if this is the story that they used to convert? I don’t know, it really is hard to find this information. I can rattle off the Celtic version of The Holly King and The Oak King. They battle every year on the Summer and Winter Solstice and because The Winter Solstice gives birth to the “Sun”….that’s why Christmas is so close to the Solstice.

I am trying to get a feel for these stories to help with mine….does that make sense?  The girl didn’t mind hearing the stories, she said that they had learned about Spanish folklore in Spanish class the same day. It really was folklore Friday……Zia

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I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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