Where Did My Weekend Go?

I shouldn’t complain, I did get quite a bit done…it just went so fast! It didn’t help that I crashed around 8pm on Friday, I guess I still wasn’t a 100%.

I made up for it on Saturday, I cleaned out closets, I cooked, I had an interview and I made bracelets…..my shoulder is killing me today BUT what a great after work project….so much pounding!IMG_0650

Old belts and some snaps…who knew? I think I may try this with other mediums…maybe denim? I haven’t decided how I am going to embellish them but I do think they do need something else. I worked on these while listening to a book on cd that was recommended by someone at work. I have enjoyed a Nora Robert’s novel or two and I must have trained my eye…I swear the newer ones only have a page and a half or so of sex…..I just must skim without realizing it. The boy however….in the next room is telling all of his friends on X-Box live that his mom is listening to porn….only me I swear! The book was Witness and it was not my favorite of her books.

I think that the interview went okay…this job is SO perfect! It is five minutes away and only 2 nights a week….it really couldn’t be better. The owner knows my uncle and my boss and I don’t think that it is so bad that he knows my boss since this is a part time position…who knows, if it was meant to be….than it will be.

Sometimes than and then just kill me…I am sure that I have misused it more than once.

I went through round one of purging my closet this year. I had Steelers shirts for bad personal hygiene girl……they were my favorite football team…..until I had somebody who took that to the extreme in my life….now I can care less….plus their quarterback has issues with women.

The girl and I just had this discussion today, the one thing that my dad did right….back when the super bowl was in the daytime….and I was a Raiders fan ( Marcus Allen days)….he supplied us with junk food…..now that I think about it…he didn’t watch the game…that was a duh moment…sorry. I always had my childhood best friend with me, my brothers and my grandfather. Whatever team we were for in the Superbowl, my grandfather was for the other team…we ate chips and dip and had pillow fights because my grandfather taunted us….it was a great time. I looked at the girl”Omg you were jipped on both grandparents.” Poor kid…

For the young single mother at work….she gets all of my pop culture clothes and the “holy cow ….how long has it been since I could fit in that?” She gets a hoodie and some pajama pants. I decided this weekend that it’s okay to get rid of these pants. I have my button down flannel sets that I wear, but the fleece ones sat too low at the waste. I bought a few 2XX shirts today….those are my favorite. I used to think that I liked them because they belonged to a man….I really just like them because they are extremely huge and comfortable. See…..you don’t need a man to steal his shirts…..just buy your own!

For another friend I reserved two of my favorite shirts that post smoking are too snug for my self conscious personality, and a great Stevie Nicks type sweater…..not my blue lacy one…..but the sweater that made my boobs look bigger….it only took seeing myself in a photograph to never wear that again.

There were other pieces that are in my trunk and ready for Goodwill, too bad they don’t weigh more…it’s going to be another slip sliding commute to work in the morning….Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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3 Responses to Where Did My Weekend Go?

  1. Nice braclets are you selling them? The weekends do go by fast. I wont be abke to watch all if the supet biwl this year as my show will be airing during yhe last half. Have a great week

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