The Unexpected

If I had to pick a theme for this weekend I would pick “unexpected” for sure.  Nothing went as planned and sometimes it’s exactly what was needed.

Book club was Friday night and I always look forward to it, even when I am not so crazy about the book. We read this one….devil+bones

One person was supposed to come and bring her daughter and then her daughter had an asthma attack so they didn’t come, one lady was on the phone with her daughter in law and lost track of time, so there were just the three of us…..oh and the girl. I made the girl come because there were fireworks at 10pm and I wasn’t driving back and forth.

The fireworks were not so great but the best that the girl has seen so far this year. (she was with her dad on the 4th) We wandered into the Hallmark and people are so funny about those ornaments. They had red curtains over the ornaments in anticipation of the big premier this weekend….which we missed. We have the catalog though and that’s what is important.

Saturday morning I went to two back to back yoga classes and both classes had substitute teachers. The second class was the heated power class and this teacher had no music and it was a slightly different flow and I was pretty skeptical. I try not to judge people and I fail often, I ended up really liking this class. It was the second class that I took this week where music was missing….maybe the Universe is telling me that I need the silence?

I had serious purging plans later in the day until PT sent me a text that said “wanna have wine on the patio?” That was a big yes! The girl and I did all of our running around and then I left. I stayed a few hours until the girl sent me the guilt text “I don’t mean to be rude but are you coming home soon? I am ready to have potato chips for dinner.” My original plan was pizza but our place ran out of dough so I had to cook.

Do you see what I mean about all of my plans being tossed out the window?

I started my day today at PT’s for breakfast, it’s been a long time since she had breakfast club. It was nice to visit with everyone and plus who doesn’t love homemade waffles and sausage links?

The girl and I started purging things right after she ate the waffle and links I brought home for her. She got rid of 2/3 of her stuffed animals without blinking, I was surprised. We learned today that because of bed bugs Goodwill doesn’t take stuffed animals anymore. We are talking about build a bears and webkins here, so I put a post on face book and had a lot of suggestions.  BV’s daughter works for a place that will take them and they also need girls clothes. That worked out perfectly because I had already told the girl that she needed to go through her closet. She had shirts in there from 7th grade…..I hope these little girls like Batman because she had quite a few of those. Here is my thing……every season I ask her to go through her closet….why did she have clothes that haven’t fit her for years? Kids….. I also went through my shirts again and found a few for BV…aka clothes that are “too old lady” for girls.

When sorting through things I was able to reaffirm that I have a slight back to school problem…..why do I want to hoard school supplies?  Unfortunately I have passed this one on to the girl…. I was able to fill an over sized reusable store bag full of school supplies for the girl at work who is a teacher, or will be when she gets an offer.

I am downsizing in a big way in preparation for what comes next….technically some of this stuff will be two lifetimes ago. I have to pace myself in some ways though….I only have one garbage can, so I have to make sure there is room for actual garbage.

I had my writing workshop tonight and I had such good momentum going at home, I really had to force myself to go. Of course I am glad I went but geez I was reading the stories for discussion on my phone when I got there…that’s not like me. We have one more class left, I will be sad to see it end. I learned a lot and I am so glad I took that leap and signed up for the class…..Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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6 Responses to The Unexpected

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Who ever heard of a pizza place running out of dough?!??!!

  2. We won’t even get into purging. I had my purge of summer already and I gave away so much stuff. It made me think that I need to stop spending on so many items I won’t keep in my closet. Quality over quantity.

    • dragonflyzia says:

      I do the same thing Kia! I am trying really hard to break that habit. I have so much more to get rid of…2 trunk loads this week is s good start. I hope all is well with you 😊

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