Covered It All

I think I got around to everything today.  I started my day at PT’s for breakfast which was yummy as always. I feel bad though, her phone didn’t like the IOS 9 update and it shut it down. We don’t have an Apple store in our neck of the woods so not only is she without a phone…..she will have to travel to get it fixed. That doesn’t seem right to me and I think Apple should step up to the plate and help the people that this is happening to.  Luckily my phone upgraded without a hitch.

I went back home after breakfast to tame the after shower Medusa hair and drive the girl to a float committee meeting. I’m glad that she has her friends at her old school, I am partial to two of them. One of them has the barn where the float is created, it was nice to see her face today.

I drove straight out to a pop up farmers market at my favorite coffee house. I of course had a cup of my favorite coffee concoction and this time I even purchased two sample packs of their beans.  The sample packs were four dollars but the regular bags are only seven, which isn’t bad for organic beans roasted on the premises.  For as much as I say that I want to get out of this town I must admit that I felt a little pride in seeing the logo that said my town on it.  It’s not my town that I am against….it’s the lack of sun.

This market was all handmade products and no produce, I was hoping to run across the guy that had the amazing kale chips last time…he was not there.  There was an interesting jelly place that had a flyer with all of their flavor combinations on it. I didn’t buy any jelly but I have lots of new ideas. It’s hard for me to buy something when I know that I can make it myself. I did buy something for the girl for Christmas, I think it will fall under the “something funny or silly” category. I will put it in a frame first and the colors match her new comforter….we all know how she is about her dinosaurs….FullSizeRender(73)

In this instance I think that five dollars is worth it. I know it’s just an old dictionary page with an image printed on it….if I was mass producing….I could make it cheaper, but for one….I will happily give five dollars to the cute young couple who made it.

One my way back onto my side of town I noticed an over abundance of hawks in the sky, and then I saw the low flying airplane off to the right. It was enough for me to slow down, and when I did I noticed a little card store in a lonely plaza that was open. I hadn’t seen one of these stores for a while so I stopped in to check it out. I ran into someone that I used to work with forever ago at JoAnns. She was the second person to run the frame shop during my stay there. It was the weirdest thing, I haven’t seen her since my mother’s funeral fourteen years ago. I forgot what a talker she was. 🙂  She brought up things that I haven’t thought of for years and some of them she remembers differently….maybe it was because her current employee was listening? I did end up buying this plaque that I was drawn to…I have been pretty good about not buying useless things, but….I was drawn to it and I have been working with gratitude for quite some time.IMG_1984

I couldn’t help it….it had the right amount of sparkle. I used to love fall…it was always my favorite season. Then it became the gateway to heating oil season…I am taking the beautiful fall season back starting now!

I left there and went to pick up the girl, we ran to Barnes and Noble and she picked the book this time.8-6-13-list-jpeg_full_600

I found a book on cd that I really like but I wasn’t sure of the genre until I looked and surprise it is horror…..she gets it legitimately….what can I say? I really do like it and I can’t wait to come home from work tomorrow and cook dinner, etc while listening to it.13 hallows

What’s kind of funny is that the girl picked up one of his books in the young adult section and I asked “do you want to read it?” she said “no, but it has your name all over it” Maybe I will check it out when I don’t have two that I am listening to, one that I am reading and one more ready to go.

I even found time to watch one episode of The Blacklist tonight, the girl even liked this one, I am now eleven episodes into season one. I am fairly certain that I will not get all of these watched before the new ones start.

It was a very relaxing day and I still accomplished a few things…..Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. If the issue with the iPhone is being stuck on the “slide to unlock” screen, it is a known issue and if you search Google you can find help with it.

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