In My Head

In the midst of my person chaos and clumsiness (I wore my Chipolte) I have been able to toss and turn my thoughts about my family history project yesterday in new ways all day today. Instead of writing a serious (because let’s be honest here) family story, I am going to write a family legend. All of this started with a photo that I asked my Aunt about and now I am going in a totally different direction. More to follow in a week or two about the actual story….

I had asked one of my cousins who has drawing skills, if he was interested in helping and because he is so busy he is not. I think I may have found an alternative in an app, it’s called Pic Sketch.  Here is one photo before…..IMG_2007and after…..I may have to zoom in and lose a few brothers.Image-1

I am thinking of writing it like a story book. Here is another before….IMG_2008

and after…Image-1(1)

I think that I can make this work. It’s funny how I had no intention of writing about my great grandfather and because of a photo that he wasn’t even in….this is what is in my head. Next Tuesdays there isn’t a class, but there are two after that, so in that time frame I will have something real to present to you….and be one step ahead of Christmas.

I have been an evil creature the last few days….I pose a question to all of the ladies out there who have been there….did your PMS get more severe when you were peri menopausal? This is two months in a row of “yikes, what a bitch!”Evil Woman Wallpapers

The girl played it very well tonight with the broken microwave. It either put metal in itself or the boy did???? Either way I was traipsing around town looking for the best deal. I still spent almost $70.00 and ended up at Walmart at dusk. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t carrying, I was in such a mood…I’m pretty sure flames could come out of my eyes if provoked…..see what I mean? Grrr

One of our stops was Target and the girl decided that we should have these….IMG_2003

This is what she wants as our everyday salad tongs….when she gets a job, things will get a little more interesting. She asked me today if I could get her in where I just started waitressing. My first thought was “awe” and my second thought was “maybe she is too attached” nah!  She was pretty proud of the sugar cookies that she baked tonight and I am pushing her towards a job at a bakery. Baking skills are a good thing to have, she could learn a lot and they don’t have late hours.

Monday was full of emergency patients…funny how everyone’s eye is falling out after the weekend, fighting with the cable company…..I got the credit but wore my Chipolte and now my car smells like fast food.  I had a broken microwave and swore all over town before I found one even though I think it was over priced. I had to turn down a night downtown with girl family members ( a post wedding shower thing)…A. because I just spent almost $70.00 on a microwave, B. because I will work 14 hours or more on Friday and my Saturday is my only day off, and C. because what in the world do I need with a colorful canvas of a Day of the Dead skull?  By the time you figure in drinks it’s $50.00 night easy…maybe more.

So much went on today that I think it might be the longest Monday ever……Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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