Balancing Act

I have been one moody girl all week. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get a day off last week? Maybe it’s because I was sick over the weekend and I did nothing but sleep and work?  I feel better today, but I am still moody.

Somebody booked a patient late today and we worked an hour over. Grrrrr I was already irritated by the woman who came in with a voucher from the free clinic for an exam and glasses. She was driving a brand new Hyundai….with vanity plates. I really, really want to post what it said, but I won’t. She was parked in the handicapped spot with her little tag on her mirror. She looked healthy as a horse, trashy as hell but healthy.  She carried a Michael Kors handbag and her nails were professionally manicured. The young girl that was with her was wearing a super short skirt and entirely too much make up. I have decided that she was a madame and that girl was a hooker. Or maybe they don’t have a retirement package and she isn’t a madame but a hooker herself and that’s why she needed the handicap sticker? She certainly didn’t need a free exam and glasses. I’m judging….I hate it when I judge.

After work I stopped into Penney’s to use a coupon. I had one in my email and one from the mail and since they were different the kid let me use both.  For around eight bucks I got the boy two gamer t-shirts for Christmas. That was a good thing.

I stopped at the grocery store and then headed home to ice cookies for the cookie table on Friday.  That’s what I did last night, bake cookies for the wedding. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to bake cookies without a flat surface?  I had empty boxes on top of things so I could put the cooling racks on them. The empty boxes made it easier to catch the crumbs. It was a nightmare and at ten o’clock last night, I realized that I didn’t have any powdered sugar.  Grrrr

I came home and put the groceries away and then I needed to go pick up my draft from the printer. I’m pretty excited with how it looks. Yes I am aware this photo is blurry, it was a happy accident.  You get the idea though.FullSizeRender(96)

The boy and I checked out a place for rent before the girl came home. I was lured in by the pictures and gave a mobile home a chance. Talk about a bait and switch, here is one of the pictures….FullSizeRender(94)

What she showed us looked nothing like this. I am not looking for smaller and it smelled like cat. If I could have run without looking crazy, I would have. That place gave me anxiety.

The second place was a little better. This is the picture that did it for me.FullSizeRender(95)

What you can’t see is the refrigerator to the right because the kitchen is too small to house it.  I really liked this room and the bathroom. The girl is convinced that we would be devoured by ghosts and could possible be jumped in the streets. There were a lot of teenagers walking around, but I didn’t feel unsafe. Maybe because it was still light outside? The stairs that led to the second floor were extremely narrow and would be difficult to move furniture up there. The kicker for me is that there wouldn’t be a lease because he is trying to sell it. I do not enjoy moving and I certainly don’t want to do it twice within a few months.  He was nice and I appreciated his honesty.  It’s not the house for us.IMG_2351

We went to Hobby Lobby next,  I had to get supplies for the wedding shadowbox because well, that’s what I do. The boy found some toy monkey that made a horrible sound and he wouldn’t quit. I blame that monkey for my trip over the edge. We still needed to go to Walmart to get the girl shoes for work on Friday. Walmart at night is never a good thing but there were three of us. We walked in the door only to see a sign that said 44 days until Christmas. Grrrr  It ended up being more fun once I introduced the girl to the world of ugly slip resistant footwear.  The girl wears a 10 or 10 1/2 size shoe which didn’t make things any brighter. The whole world tries on the right shoe….not my kid. Every single box she picked up she had to remove the packing from the shoe… was killing me. All I wanted to do was go home.

Once we got home, I made dinner and packed up the cookies now that the icing was dry. We ate and then the girl and I jumped in the car and ran the cookies to my aunt’s. It is now 10:20, I am on my second cup of coffee and I still have clothes in the dryer. It will be after eleven by the time I crawl into bed. This will be my second day in a row that I didn’t add to my story. Grrrr…..Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. you are such: A GOOD MOM AND A GOOD PERSON – LOVE YA

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