It’s Electric!

Thanks to my cousin and his father in law, I am running on full power and nobody got zapped. I did appreciate the fact the my cousin was in a zap suit since it was the main breaker that was bad. Thank goodness for the mild weather since I had no heat or water last night. I think that any day that you have to do a 10-200 in a bucket lined in 10 plus store bags…..has to get better.

I did head off to bed early last night. It was ten o’clock and I had no more Pollyanna left to channel so it was an early night. I am grateful that the electricity on the pump made it long enough to take a shower. It did not make it through the dishes though.

After the bucket incident my day turned around. One of the girls from work bought me an Outlander calendar for my birthday and January looks pretty steamy….FullSizeRender(99)

I’m not sure why she picked today to give it to me but I will take it!!  My boss gave me an old scratched end table because I had mentioned wanting to make a dog bed out of one. She just had it in her basement and it is a really nice table, hopefully I will successfully turn it into a cool upcycled dog bed.  One of the girls from an office down south sent me up a bag of corks from Amish country for my projects and the biggest surprise of all…..the big boss…the Dr. gave us a 100.00 gift cards to shop the day after Thanksgiving a vacation day that he is also paying us for. Who knew that my day would turn around like this?IMG_2443

These clouds are lined in a cotton candy sky….

The girl and I went to a Christmas seminar the other night and hopefully I will remember how to make these…..IMG_2431

Most presents will end up with these tissue flowers on them. It was a fun free event, that the girl would rather I not take her to again….can’t win them all.

I went to look at a house yesterday and I really, really liked it. It was so filthy and I couldn’t believe that she was showing it that way. The bones were really good and the front porch was perfect.  The kids and I were supposed to look at it tonight but I got out of work late. So she offered to leave a key in a hiding place over the weekend so I could show the kids. Who does that? I am not complaining because I need the kids to give their okay.

My cousin suggested offering to clean and paint the place for a discount on rent or security deposit. The whole family volunteered…..which is good because there is a lot of built up grime.  I will run it by her on Saturday if the kids give their thumbs up. I like the neighborhood, I like how the house is on a corner lot, and it feels right. I told the lady “I looked at a few places and I like this one the best.” She looked at my like I fell from the sky and said “you must have a really good imagination”…..well, yeah I know.  It’s all surface stuff. I will have to buy a gas stove and I am sure I can find a reasonable one used. This house just “felt good” I don’t know what else to say…… I liked it a lot. It has potential. Sometimes that a real flaw….seeing what can be.

The small clean houses with energy efficient this and that didn’t interest me….the one where the people just moved out four days ago (I’ll bet they don’t get their security deposit back) and was covered in layers of filth….is the one that I see potential in. Did I mention the porch? The layout of the bottom floor and the wrap porch had me immediately. Fingers crossed……I guess we will see…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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