Everyone who knows me is aware of how much I am against the stores being open on Thanksgiving. With that said….I volunteered to work on Thanksgiving?  We were only open until four which I thought would be ample time to make it to PT’s by 5:30. We had four parties that booked right at 4:00, I guess this was unusual compared to the years past.

I worked in the party room with two others, B and I decided we would put all of the money in the pot and spit it three ways. I wish now that B and I would have just split it two ways Carnie girl was not only full of horse hooey but she didn’t pull her weight. I started at 10 am, we opened at 11 am, and our first table was at 1 pm. I didn’t get home until 7 pm….was the $169.00 worth it?  I can’t really answer that. My feet are still killing me today, and I chose a shoe with a heel on it to go shopping today….crazy I know.

It was a hectic day yesterday and most people were rude or indifferent. There was only one person, a sweet little old man who said “thank you for giving up your Thanksgiving so that my family could be together.”  That man and working with B, who no longer works there but agreed to come in and help, were the highlights of my day. This kid B has given me hope.   I work week after week with these boys that are the girls age and think “this is what she has to choose from?” and then comes this kid. He busted his butt, he was competent, he was polite, respectful and mature….seriously mothers of teenage girls everywhere….we should clone him. Not that I believe in cloning but you get my drift.

Thankfully I was still able to go to PT’s and she heated up left over dinner for me. I was so tired and I know she was beat too and yet she still watched the Buffy “Pangs” episode with me….my Thanksgiving tradition.

The girl and I took our time this morning and headed out in early afternoon. I am very lucky that the big boss (the doctor) gave us all gift cards to shop today.  I really only have the kids left and I was able to get a good chunk of my shopping done today.IMG_2535

The girl wanted these boots and they will go as her “want” off of the list. I am getting her a pair of prescription polarized sunglasses for her “need” since she rarely wears her contacts anymore.IMG_2524

They were 50% off and my first purchase at the mall…I can’t believe I was at the mall today.  We only ended up there because I went to my local coffee shop to buy a bag of coffee and to get my favorite drink…..she wanted a Madagascar Vanilla Caramel Chiller from Gloria Jean’s….and I was making her shop, so it was her bargaining chip.  My coffee was freshly roasted this morning and I had strict instructions to open the bags and leave them on my counter until 10 am tomorrow before drinking. Freshest possible coffee and orders to sleep in….works for me. The smaller sample bag is to take to work.IMG_2528

Hot Topic was where we spent the most amount of time and money off of the gift card. T-shirts were only $10.00 so each kid got one of those, the boy got a Pikachu blanket for his something “soft” and an Evee stocking cap as his something ” funny or silly”….I had a $10.00 birthday coupon so the cap was free.

We also went into Game Stop and the girl had to have this…IMG_2531

This will fall into the “from Santa ” category since the boy already has a Mewtwo Amiibo which I put in that category. When we walked out of the store the girl asked me “I just went full on geek in the middle of Game Stop, didn’t I?” I chuckled as I said “yep, you sure did.”

We left the mall and headed to Office Max where I missed out on the DVD-R deal, by only one person, I was informed when I asked. Oh well.  Then we headed into Target and I did get the last of these for $10.00.IMG_2533

We also picked up some Saltine crackers and some vegetable oil while we were there. I almost forgot to mention that we stopped at a local florist super inspiration store and we found these….FullSizeRender(102)

I love black licorice and these mints are so good, but these crackers…..are out of this world….. to die for…..amazing!!!!  Honestly I can’t wait to make them, it will be this weekend for sure!

We also stopped at Barnes and Nobles where I used most of my birthday card on the girl. She really wanted this disturbing page a day calendar “full of relics” she said.  I made a small donation to a local pet shelter for a free gift wrap so she couldn’t look through it before I wrapped it. It’s bad enough that they know most of their presents…they should have something to look forward to. It will fall into the “something useful” category. There was also a book she wanted and I thought that I might as well get it now while I can, and of course I had coupons as well.cruel

We then headed into Bath and Body Works and we bought $60.00 worth of stuff for $20.00 for the boy, between my coupon and the buy three get three sale. When I have the right coupon I will go back and get him the cologne spray and then his “smells good” category will be done.

I think that I made a big dent in my Christmas shopping today and I hardly spent any of “my money”. I talked it over with the girl and if we don’t find a place this weekend then we will put up the Christmas tree. If we find a place right after, then we can take the ornaments off (15-20 minutes tops) and we can tarp the tree and take it that way. Even in the midst of all of this chaos, we still need a tree……Zia

For those of you who are new, the kids and I came up with a forever Christmas list a few years ago. We picked these twelve categories….1.want 2. need 3. to eat 4. tradition 5. funny/silly 6. handmade 7. to watch 8. smells good 9. musical 10. soft  11. useful  12. from Santa

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I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. you truly are AMAZING period – and such a good mom – and I am truly honored to be one of your MANY FRIENDS – WE ALL LOVE YOU – GOOD NIGHT – OVER AND OUT

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