Boy oh boy does this cold hang on…I feel better, mostly. I still get really tired and I don’t feel right after I eat.  The eating thing seemed  little better today but the tired is not going away. My office manager still has it and she has been sick since before Christmas. One of the patients I talked to said it almost felt like mono with a sinus infection.  I have never had mono and my nose is much better, I am just tired. Maybe it’s just the yo-yo Ohio weather? 

I have news on the tax return, the IRS did not hand over my money to a criminal this year. They stopped the return and sent me a letter with a number to call to verify my identity. I was so excited until I dialed it. Every single time I call they are experiencing a high call volume and then hangs up on me. Talk about stomping on my hope. Eventually it will work out, I guess.

I checked in on an old friend today…the oldest of friends actually.  She was having issues with her contacts so I sent her the Cooper My Day and Biofinity trials. I knew she liked the My Days but I hadn’t heard back about the Biofinitys. She did like them and asked how things were her and I answered and when I returned the question her response was “things are well here.”   I didn’t even respond to that. That is one of my big pet peeves “well.” First of all nobody speaks like that, I don’t care if it is the “proper response”. When I hear somebody say “I’m well” it’s the equivalent of “I don’t give a f**k.” Radical interpretation of the text? Maybe….we did everything together until high school and even then we did a lot together, I didn’t reply to a response that I didn’t deserve. Don’t ask me why I try? History?  The lady that I used to babysit for always asked me why I let her walk all over me and I never saw it. She told me someday I would and it took a long time with many more disappointments before I realized the truth of her statement.  I guess to some extent it must bother me a little or I wouldn’t be writing about it, maybe just a little? I usually only talk to her on my birthday or hers, other than that we don’t really talk.  When I received her Christmas card she was wearing her glasses and I sent her a text and asked her when she started wearing her glasses all the time….and that is how this happened.  The me from a few years ago would have ignored the snobbish response and kept texting, the me now doesn’t really care so much.

It could be that I am easily irritated this week?  Here’s another example, my sister in law sent me a text last night and asked if I was available this Sunday or next for a birthday dinner for my brother. I said the 28th would be better and she sends back “can you come this Sunday?” Why would you offer me an option if the date isn’t negotiable?  It must be the PMS…..She finally got her cast off from her hover board accident (yes she is over 40) and today she fell through a folding chair while she was painting…I sent her a message “geez woman, you need a bubble!”  She has a big heart, she just irritates me sometimes. Personally I don’t think that I am over her (and my brother) leaving my nephew (in the loving care of his grandparents but still) after his tendon surgery to go to a Juice Plus convention.  Judging…..I can’t help it and I am working on it.

I stopped at Joann’s after work to pick up some wool yarn because I want to make some dryer balls. I happened to know the person working in the frame shop so I had some templates cut. IMG_3031

I know I am extremely early but this is for the Christmas project this year. I had her cut a 7×7, a 5×5, and a 3×3 so we can just tear book pages for our trees.trees

It’s a lot of paper and we can work on it now when we are watching t.v. because it is going to take many of those squares to make these trees……Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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