Family Feud


It’s official my homemade sunscreen works. It was tested on the Jersey shore with two young boys in and out of the water. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous because kids were involved.  I would have felt horrible if one of them had ended up on the crispy side. Thankfully my research paid off.  My first and only sale was a success. It’s a start.

Today I went to the planetarium with the girl and my father. This was supposed to a bonding experience for her since the boy had to work. I wasn’t looking forward to it but the girl and my dad’s wife are nice buffers. There was a festival on the campus so we took a little time to wander around.  I couldn’t resist this photo op….IMG_3862

Like I said it was okay. I was a little uncomfortable with my dad and his driving skills which is new. He almost pulled out in front of someone twice, he missed the exit…and I know he hasn’t been around for a few years but when you spend my childhood at a place you should remember how to get there.  When he missed the turn it took him like  five minutes to find a spot to turn around. He had plenty of opportunities and he’s not that old. If I’m 45 then my mom would have turned 66 in the spring so that makes him 67 or 68.  My brother and sister in law will have their hands full when the time comes that he cannot drive. I didn’t like being a passenger in the Acadia either, there are too many blind spots from the back seat.

Speaking of cars, mine had a hiccup yesterday. The girl and I were just finishing up our running around when I pulled into Giant Eagle for the wine taste. As soon as I turned in the temperature gauge started to rise. I turned the heat on and it went back down…who knew that would really work? The creepy writer guy was at wine taste and was nice enough to take a look at my car. Which meant he had to stop ogling my friend the ‘married’ wine steward. He put distilled water in it and the girl and I drove home with the heat on. My dad looked at it today and it looks like there is a pin hole in the top hose? I dropped it off at the garage and one of the girls from work is picking me up in the morning. Hopefully it doesn’t cost as much as the exhaust did.  My brother was all pissy about it. Whenever something like this happens he always gets the “if you would get a man” attitude. It drives me crazy. If you can’t help then say you can’t help. What if I fall down and hit my head tomorrow and decide to start dating someone and he knows nothing about cars? That is not an answer to anything and it sure the hell isn’t my answer.

The boy took me to my waitress job last night and my aunt picked me when I was done. One of our local ice cream parlors had a special $1.00 cone day yesterday so my aunt brought my uncle and we picked up the girl and headed out for ice cream. It was a tasty and nice surprise.

PT came over Thursday and it’s been a while since I saw her last. She usually isn’t around a lot in the summer. The beagle still gets anxiety and when the kids aren’t home, I don’t like to leave her alone so PT came over my house. We had some wine, cheese, and conversation. It was nice to catch up.IMG_3866

Long after PT left and I was almost ready for bed my youngest brother sent me a text. “Why are we getting sued?” Which really we aren’t, it’s about my grandmother’s property and since my mom has passed her portion should go to us. Only there is no portion, my aunt still lives there. My brother received his but I didn’t get mine yet. Hopefully it will get forwarded since we only have so long to respond. I had a family member from down there ask for my address in a private FB message and I gave her the old one. I am very particular on who knows where I live these days. It ought to be an interesting read. One of the most absurd things that the four (aunt and uncles who are challenging the will) said was that my aunt had an incestuous relationship with my grandfather…her father and he was the father of her only son. How many different ways can I say ick?  All four of her kids, well three….the last one is questionable have the same dad and the boy is the only one who inherited his fathers addictive personality. Only it’s drugs not alcohol.  All I can say is that my mom was right. She said “when grandma goes, you guys stay the hell away from that place.”  My youngest brother and I decided to put the middle brother in charge of this. He was sleeping and therefor forfeited any chance to get out of it. These are my mother’s people and they aren’t all bad but there is more than one bad seed in that bunch.

If people would just realize that it’s only money and it can’t buy you happiness then the world would be a better place……..Zia


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I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. holy holy SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lover you

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