Christmas in July

I am in full prep mode over here, how about you?  I really, really want to make these…IMG_3928  I would need access to pallets, a truck, and a saw.  All of my people who have this combination would be receiving it for a gift, I can’t do that. One of the doctors from work thinks her dad can get the pallets and her husband had everything else….I told her I would make her one or two as well if she could make this happen. She offered but you know how things like this go.

I bought my lemons and vodka yesterday as well. Either later tonight or tomorrow morning I will get my limoncello started.  I saw a cute little wine cork coaster project that I think I might try….it’s been on my list for a couple of days, I just haven’t had time.

Today I went in to work at 10:30am to work a bridal shower.IMG_3927

My first encounter was with the bride’s mother in law, talk about a flashback! Wow, I really wanted to tell the bride “run, run, don’t look back!”  The mother in law mellowed as the shower went on and everyone else was very nice. With the exception of the heat and too many people showing up early, it wasn’t bad. The bride to be and her maid of honor were walking back from the bathroom when I noticed the bad bra….I really hope there was a bra? As the bride to be how do you go to your shower without a decent bra? I told the girl when I got home and promised her I would never let her have saggy boobs for her wedding shower. This girl wasn’t tiny in any way, a decent bra and some Spanx would have fixed her right up.

A positive note about the heat….I was a sweaty mess today at the restaurant and my new deodorant that I made help up. I am very excited about it. I even tried to get the girl to smell my arm pits when I got home, she just said “eeww mom!”  It works!!!

Later when I was cleaning, I decided that I probably should feel more sorry for the mother in law to be than the bride to be. The mess under the chair of the bride to be was huge! There were two high chairs and three other kids at this shower and the biggest mess was under the chair of the bride to be.  What a mess and she didn’t seem appreciative of her gifts either. Oh and the groom to be stayed the whole shower as well.  It was all weird. I had expected to leave right after the party but the manager didn’t replace me on the floor. I stayed 2 1/2 hours to wait on one table. It would have been different if I had known, but I wasn’t mentally prepared for this….I have things to do.

When I was finishing cleaning up from the shower, I grabbed the new vacuum. It works better than any other they have had at the restaurant. IMG_3925

I think it was designed by a lefty. Not just any lefty, that poor kid who had the horrible teacher who wouldn’t let him write with his left hand. The kid who has had to struggle with the whole world going right while he was going left. That kid make a great vacuum with the cord on the wrong side. It was almost impossible to hold the slack as you were vacuuming. It took me twice as long even though it did a better job than the old one. That lefty kid is somewhere having a drink and laughing his butt all the way to the back.

Now I am exhausted. My bed is still in the dryer and we haven’t watched our Game of Thrones episode yet. Thank goodness Joffrey is dead and I don’t have to watch him anymore. What a vile child!  I pulled out my grandma’s old paper cutter from her photography studio, I think I want to try those book page Christmas trees as well. I can do that in front of the television.

Busy, busy, busy…maybe I will find time to take a nap too……Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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6 Responses to Christmas in July

  1. whew!!!!!! I am worn out after even reading this!

  2. Have not even thought about Christmas yet, still trying to enjoy what little of summer is left.

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