I Dare Say….


SB found this on Pinterest and I thought it about sums it all up.  I had two people tell me to whip up a spell today, one who was joking and knows about the history of the vibe and one who has no idea.  The second was a kid from my waitress job because we were complaining about how slow it was. I left at 7:30, but I didn’t come straight home. I ran to Michael’s and Office Max.

The bottles for bath salts that I was eyeing went down to 80% off of $4.99. They were still ringing up $1.49 so they had to have an override to make them $.99.  I bought ten of them so fifty cents is a big deal.  I bought two other things that weren’t on clearance and some tins that were. My total was $17.10 and I payed with exact change. 1 $5.00 and 12 $1.00 bills and 2 nickels. This girl counted out seven ones, and then five ones and then the five. It was so weird, this is how we count now? What happened to five,six,seven,etc.? I guess it doesn’t matter, in the end I got the bottles I wanted at a great deal. I am going to rent a table or two at some craft shows this fall so this purchase falls under packaging.

I ran into Office Max to grab this…..IMG_4069

I am putting the girl in charge of organizing all photos and eventually scanning them all on this thing. Then I can pick my favorites and make year book size books that will look nice on the book shelf. I will have to purge some of the physical pictures….I said some not all. That will be a tough one for me. I had a $10.00 reward that I could have used to make my purchase six dollars and some change but I couldn’t remember my password. I think it’s ridiculous the things we need passwords for these days. What happen to scanning your loyalty card and having the savings pop up? I have a book for all of the stupid passwords at home so when I came home I looked it up and I took a screen shot of the coupon. Maybe I will have this purchase adjusted or maybe I will just use it on some school supplies for the girl?

I found the weirdest deal at the grocery store today. I bought all of these for $.14 a piece, so less than $2.50 for the lot.IMG_4066

I know the girl will want a party, even if it’s small. I have banners,centerpieces, a card box, and now plates and napkins. I only buy if it doesn’t have the year on it and I haven’t even hit $10.00 yet. At this point I will only have to worry about food.

My cousin and his wife sold their house next door. It must be a good year for our family and selling houses, even though mine is still in red tape, it is closer to the end. They didn’t expect it to happen so fast and don’t even have a place to go yet. I don’t know what they are going to do? This is what happens when I let myself feel a little safer, like I can let my guard down. I guess that’s not allowed. Some single guy, twenty something I think bought the house. So is it going to be a party house or a love nest? The girl thinks I am overreacting, maybe I am. I have had bad neighbors, I don’t want to go through that again. I just want to drink wine, write and make stuff, why is that so hard?

The girl is in the other room watching the Olympics and she is cracking me up in here. Right before I sat down to the computer men’s swimming was on and she was in awe. Every time they pushed off “they are going again? I would have died by now!” I said “that is why you are the one sitting on the couch and watching, they are the trained athletes.”  When I was writing she yelled in about some swimmer from Hungary because now the girls were swimming and how she was dominating the race. After it was over she walked into the writing room and said “She was so muscular!…..Mom she could pop my head like a zit!”  What exactly am I supposed to say to that?

Last night after watching our nightly Game of Thrones ( we are on season 5 now) I said “it’s only 10:30 let’s look for that episode of Castle that Victo https://doctorly.wordpress.com/ recommended”  She found it on Hulu and we watched it, well the beginning of it. Why do I think I can stay up on Friday nights? I enjoyed the first half and then fell asleep on the girl. I need to find out what that woman put in her nose and I am praying that my sniffer never gets as sensitive as hers. It freaked me out a little to think that this actually happens to people. I can’t even imagine, it’s horrible now! I will try and watch the rest of it tomorrow. I know I will only make it through one episode of Game of Thrones tonight and then it’s off to bed……Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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