Sharing is Caring…..

Last week one of the more flirtatious patients offered us a bottle of wine last week if his glasses were ready on Friday. It wasn’t really a bribe since his first few comments were more of the fishing kind. If we did go to bars regularly, we wouldn’t just share that info with anybody. Since we don’t, it doesn’t really matter. The girls at work seem to think that he is only flirting with me and thank goodness they didn’t embarrass me when he came back. He did bring a bottle of wine and I hope he wasn’t waiting for an invitation?

I certainly wasn’t going to keep the bottle to myself and I invited the girls over to share it. Two coworkers came over and it was nice. A little bit of bitching,a little bit of bonding and a lot of cheese with the wine.  I will write a thank you and have the other girls sign it too. I’m not sure why they are making such a big deal, according to his benefits he is married with a couple of kids? I am not interested and wasn’t attracted at all anyway, but I appreciate the excuse to have a girls night.

I think the one girl needs more girls nights. She tries to rival Bad Personal Hygiene Girl in the asshole department but falls short every time. I think she is just lonely. She is fostering a slew of kittens right now and brought four over for the girl to work with.  The girl and I both liked the black and white one. I need another animal like I need a hole in the head….we will see.  I’m sure that was her plan when she brought them over.

The girl and I finished season five of The Game of Thrones tonight and now I am debating whether or not to get HBO Go for a month so we can watch season six. I checked and it isn’t released on DVD until November.  I saw this image on FB yesterday and I immediately sent it to the girl…..I have been telling her for a while now that Ramsay looks like an evil hobbit.IMG_4116

I think we did fairly well…it took us all summer but we made it through five seasons. I welcome a little tv break….I have lots to do.  I did purge some scrapbooking items and I was lucky to have neighbor who is interested. I was all sweaty and paint covered yesterday or I would have brought her the bag then.IMG_4119

Most of the paper came from this organizer which now has plenty of room for the paper that I haven’t come across yet.IMG_4118

I may not be a scrapbooker but paper arts have always been one of my things. From cards to tags and other embellishments….I will use this paper. Slowly but surely I am trying to rid myself of the excess. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t devastated about the break in?  I did recall that there was a Belle porcelain doll that I wouldn’t let the girl have since she took over all of my other Disney stuff. If I wouldn’t have tried to keep that for myself I would still have it….now it’s in someone’s crack pipe. What a waste! It’s just stuff….that’s what I keep telling myself.  Someday I will have a grand library and Disney collectibles will be scattered around the room, maybe I will find a different Belle that I like better. It’s a nice thought, don’t you think?

I have a question for you….what email do you use? For my blog I use Gmail which I love and never have any spam issues. I also signed up with Yandex Mail for my Mad Concoctions and have no spam issues. My everyday email with Yahoo……it is disgusting the amount of spam I get with this service. I need to change it to another provider that isn’t one of the two listed above. I could use my cable provider email….if I’m not in the area next year then I would have to change it again, that is too much work. What do you use? Do you fight spam everyday?  I get over 100 emails a day and that is not including spam….I can’t look at it anymore. I don’t have the time or energy for that battle. I would appreciate any and all advice on this matter. Thanks……Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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4 Responses to Sharing is Caring…..

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    I use hotmail but I set up a specific separate account for blogging and one for my real life personal use and I have one that is trash that I use for registering for this site or the other. That is the one that gets the spam.

  2. Yahoo, Gmail and GoDady for show email

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