Flying Horses?

It was another weird night in the dream world. The first dream I had was about an eagle, I have no specifics, just that it was about an eagle. The second dream had horses flying through the sky, almost like a carousel. One of the horses had wings. Not like a Pegasus where the wings belong, but like a bumblebee…..big body little wings. In my dream I called to the girl “get out here, you won’t believe it, there is a flying horse!” What the heck? When I made my bed this morning it was like I was wrestling bears last night or something… bed never looks like that. I guess it was a restless night. I looked horse up in  my Animal Speak book and it means travel and freedom. I’m okay with both of those aspects, especially the freedom part.

I met SB for breakfast about twenty minutes later than planned, lucky for me I was able to text her so we ended up arriving at the same time.  Then we headed off to the artisan type festival. I looked for ideas and for presents but today ended up being about me. I brought a certain amount of cash to spend and I stayed within my budget. I thought this scarf would be a great gift for the girl.IMG_4175

SB said “does she even own anything pink?” and the girl said “I’m not a big scarf wearer.” So I passed on this unique upcycled scarf.  I ended up buying myseft a set of sheep’s wool fleece lined knitted fingerless gloves for $19.00. I will get a lot of use out of these.IMG_4185

My first purchase was a tiny mushroom for my fairy garden that cost $3.00. She had the most whimsical garden creatures there. If I had a permanent house I would have been all over that tree creature who was holding an adorable frog. I need things for my fairy garden so the three dollars was well spent.IMG_4184

SB was looking for bird feeder and big hooks. Sadly I had one that wouldn’t fit in my brothers truck from wild birds unlimited that took me three years to build. Every year at income tax time I would add to it but it was one of the things that was stolen…grr.  I didn’t go look at my neighbors to see if they had that but it was pretty specific with the tiny black bird on the top…(sigh)…it’s just stuff.  SB did find a nice sturdy double hook with a dragonfly on top and I found a cute little dragonfly for only $5.00. I have it hanging on my coffee rack right now since I don’t have a place outside.IMG_4186SB’s hook….IMG_4181

I was holding it while she went in to buy something, this was the best I could do with one hand. I also bought myself a spoon bracelet. I never remember to wear earrings and I always wear my zoisite necklace, so the only thing that varies is a bracelet.IMG_4183

I took a few more random pictures from the day. Here is an iron worker from the place SB did not end up buying from…he was her second choice.  He was in his seventies and just adorable.IMG_4171There was also this metal witch that was fun….IMG_4179


She was a steal at $650.00. You would have to make an awful lot of money to blow that kind of money on a seasonal decoration.  We had fun, like we always do and later SB sent me some pictures of her upcycled garden feeders. They are amazing and the next thing I know we are sharing tables at craft shows.  I am head over heels about that idea, I just need to pick some shows. I’ll add that to my list this week.

Bigfoot was here as well…..FullSizeRender(42)

I did manage one organizing project today, since my cousin and his truck were not available to go to the old house one last time.  This is my mess of cd’s, and yes I like them and no I am not ready to go digital….IMG_4190

I was sucked into those two books that have the nice spine but they weren’t very user friendly. Now that I have moved I need order! So I bought this box on amazon for $8.57.IMG_4191and these for $5.99IMG_4192

If I find any more cd’s, I will need more paper sleeves.  That was was condensed to this….IMG_4193

All I did was put the cd in the sleeve and tuck it in to the cd cover…example..have a nice day….IMG_4194

I also came across the cd that I promised to SB, the one that if you play it outside it attracts owls. I never had to use it since I already had owls at the old house, well  that one that sounded like a pterodactyl and scared the crap out of me that night….it was still am owl. She will be happy.  She really is on a bird kick..isn’t it funny how we go through these phases? Then there are the things that we are always drawn to no matter how old it is. We both agree that we prefer old, or upcycled over new any day……Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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