The Werewolf Wattle

It’s never a good sign when you have your blonde moment so early in the morning….. I was sitting with the girl while we waited for her ride. It’s hard not to observe the drivers when they are stopped at the red light in front of us. I was looking at an individual in a black vehicle and the morning sun is shining full blast in that direction. I tilted my  head to the side and said to the girl

“Is that a dude?”


“Right there in the black car, kind of looks like a werewolf.”

  “Mom, that’s a lady!”

“Are you sure because there is something going on in that chin area? “

“She just has old lady neck.”img_4298img_4299

Sure enough when the light turned green and the morning light shifted it was a woman with a ton of hair and the biggest wattle I have ever seen. Her hair was so full over her shoulders and around her face that combined with that wattle…..I stand by the werewolf visual.

We all have some form of OCD. One of mine is that when I see a woman who is tanned like leather or very wrinkly in the chest area I need to moisturize.  This wattle was so severe I am now bringing a face moisturizer with me to work. I hate wrinkles and not only in the way that I am a freak and have to hang my pajamas,but also in a “I don’t want them on my face” way.img_4293

I stopped at Macy’s to get my foundation and free gift. I am doing so well with removing the chemicals but when it comes to my face….my armor has to be top notch. I had money set aside for this and the nice thing is…..they run two free gifts a year and my supply lasts from gift to gift. $37.00 seems like a lot but it will outlast anything over the counter and it works really well. My powder, my blush, my eye shadow, and soon to be lips are all chemical free. That leaves foundation and mascara and I have a feeling that I will find a natural replacement for mascara before I give up my foundation.img_4294I put my face on in the morning and then I don’t touch it again, except for the rare times that I have plans after work. I have always been that way.

I did a tiny bit of running around after work which included returning the hair cookie. The manager apologized and gave me my money back. I’ll never shop there again but he handled it well. I found a couple of good deals on the $1.00 rack at Goodwill.  For years my local store has been lacking but they seem to be getting better. This shirt from Maurices, if it was worn at all it was only once. Can’t beat it for a $1.0 and I will wear it.img_4296

I went in there looking for jars and I only let myself look at the “color tag” or dollar rack on days that I don’t have a coupon. I didn’t find any jars but I found a shirt or two. The optician from work found a jar for me last week. It had some kind of fruit candies in it and the label was industrial. I have removed tons of labels over the years in my crafting endeavors but this one was by far the worst. So when someone gives you a handmade gift in an upcycled jar don’t look down on it. I scrubbed this jar Saturday,Sunday,Monday, and finally on Tuesday night it all came off. I went through a lot of brillo pads and elbow grease on this jar….img_4295

My cousins are all out next door and I am not happy about it. There are strangers over there right now probably re-cleaning a spotless house. This house is just temporary and I still have good neighbors on the other side….I need to stop worrying about things I have no control over. I hope they are nice people and more than likely we will never say more than “hi” in passing and they are not my peeps.img_4297

My right palm was on fire today and I am not sure what that means. The girl touched my hand during an episode and said “it’s not even hot?” It happened repeatedly today, is this a Reiki thing? My training and I use that word loosely was sketchy at best and this was more than a tingle or a warm feeling. It was more like my hand is part dragon and is going to incinerate something……Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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