My Life Right Now

Anybody out there have a silver bullet? In the classic tradition of freaking yourself out….the girl is convinced there is a werewolf outside. Ever since she was little she was scared of werewolves. I have no idea where this fear even comes from. I heard the noise too and while I can’t explain what it was, my mind did not jump to werewolf.

She just announced that she will be sleeping on the couch since her over active imagination has gotten the better of her. I tried reasoning with her that she would be safer upstairs but she will hear none of it. I told her that this was a sign and we should watch some Twilight where the werewolves are all snuggly and ripply.

Guess where the girl spent today? She went over a friends and a bunch of them watched scary movies all day. This is a scary movie side effect and the part that makes the best stories. Remember that time? Yep this is one of those. I can’t say anything, I have been there, done that…

Okay, where was I before I was dragged into the werewolf drama? Oh yeah, the boring stuff.  Fridays seem to be my new crash day. I accomplished nothing last night. I took a nap and cleaned out about 1000 emails only 6346  more to go. I am just a little behind and Yahoo is no help. I am still on the fence about changing. Then I remembered that my brother gave us all emails from a family site that he built. I wonder if he could change where the mail goes? Then I could just use my first I’ll have to check with him tomorrow.

Today I did get some of the things that needed to be done checked off of my list. I never got around to washing my bed on Wednesday so I did that this morning as well as all of the towels. I stopped at the Restore and while there are still no shutters they did have Christmas wrap for 40 cents a roll. I picked up a fancy gold one with angels for PT’s present and four rolls of Star Wars Christmas wrap. There isn’t a single member in my family who wouldn’t appreciate that. I also picked up a striped kraft type paper roll so I shouldn’t have to buy any wrapping paper this holiday season. Even when you buy it at the end of the season at 75% off the money is still going to a corporation….all of the proceeds at the Restore go towards building someone a house. Whenever I have a project  I stop here first.

Speaking of projects….I would love an opinion on these choices please.

This is the first choice and the one that I have been tossing around for a while. I wouldn’t make it this long and I would have to cover it with contact paper or pay to have it laminated.  I’m a little scared of the contact paper with a project like this since it isn’t very forgiving. It is different and really takes the family pictures out of the box.img_4395

The second one came to me when my cousin was moving and offered me drawers. They are only $2.00 at the Restore if I do this and need more. If I did this one, I would feature my grandmother who was a photographer in a time that women were not. I thought about giving the drawer legs and making a shadow box that way…I think this idea may not be thought out all of the way yet.img_4397

Lastly, I liked this idea. How many things can I make that take up wall space? I wouldn’t put love on the bottom. Maybe La Familia? Or even just Family?fullsizerender51

The clock is ticking and I need to pick a project and run with it. I only have to make four of each  for this particular project and that isn’t so bad. It would only be three but I like to make one for myself as well.

When I came home from work I put a chicken in the crockpot. I am making potato soup tomorrow where I will use a little of the broth but not much. There are too many sniffly people at work and in public places to not have broth on hand at all time. I peeled an onion and tossed it in whole and threw in some whole stalks of celery and it smells so good on here right now. I ran out of thieves oil and I have a new order on the way and it cannot get here fast enough. What do you do to battle the cold germs out there?

I am going to get my waitress uniform out of the wash and toss the couch slip cover in and I am off to bed. I wish everyone a relaxing day tomorrow…..Zia

PS. I am mostly sure that we are keeping the cat. It still needs to get checked out but it seems to be fitting right in. I have decided to call him Rumple…it just fits.img_4399

Can you see the resemblance?img_4333


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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