Never in a Million Years…..

I didn’t wake up this morning and say “gee, I think I will have my bars done.” I didn’t have a long standing appointment anticipating the results….I just did it. I called on my way to my hair appointment to see if there were any openings because at that moment, that is what I wanted.


I was thrown a little curve ball when I had to pick up the girl after school. I have no idea why my ex husband didn’t have a car? He has always had an obscene car payment so maybe it was in the shop. Lucky for me…my little beater is working just fine. I was able to pick her up and drop her off at her dads in plenty of time to get to my appointment.

This was my first experience with something like this. The practitioner I trusted because she is who I practiced Reiki on during my certification. I know her energy is positive, that sounds weird…I know. I discussed a lot of the things that I have been experiencing with her and she made me feel better. It was all normal, well…. as normal as I can be.

The whole experience was so very calming. I did notice right away that my throat felt funny. I was able to breathe fine but swallowing was awkward. I tried really hard to concentrate on letting things go and when that didn’t work I tried concentrating on my breath. I could feel the energy around me until my throat demanded my focus. When it was all over and I sat up my neck was killing me. I didn’t go in with a sore neck but I sure had one now and it was all on the right side. She was able to make it feel better and commented that that has never happened before. My neck felt better and I was a little light headed so I stopped in the store below.

They had a pendant of Hecate that I was immediately drawn to, although I would never wear it. I am one with my Zoisite so I don’t ever look at pendants. When I asked the owner if she had anything like it in a bracelet, etc. she said no. Then she pointed out that Hecate items were hard to find and suggested I look for keys. I must have looked at her funny because she elaborated with “keys are another symbol of Hecate, you didn’t know that …did you?” Nope, I sure didn’t but that sure explains my fondness of keys and why people are always giving them to me.img_4437

It has always been Hecate. My friend KW pointed it out in the late 90’s when I started this journey. This is still my favorite print and my screen saver on my phone…thank you Jessica Galbreth.img_1747

So after she got the back of my neck in order and I was on my merry way, my throat still felt/feels funny. That’s when it hit me….my throat chakra is out of whack. Of all of the chakras I would have never guessed the throat. I am with you almost every day and I spew words endlessly. Unless the Universe is pointing out that when I lie to myself…I lie to you. Oh bollocks! So what’s the first thing I do? I text KW and ask if she has a throat chakra crystal grid. Lucky for me she does and I will venture out her way after work on Friday.img_4438

Never in a million years would I have guessed that this was the chakra that needed the extra attention. I have noticed that my neck looks “off”, I chalked it up to the weight, maybe I was wrong?  My maternal grandmother had a large goiter….is that the word? It was like a large doughnut around her neck for most of my childhood. She told me once that a mop was dancing at the end of her bed one night and jumped in her throat and was stuck there ever since. I won’t mention in years how long I believed that story. I guess I always have been gullible. That family history and the call for Iodine in the O- diet has always made me look a little harder at my neck. Again with the surprise throat chakra blockage…..fullsizerender54

If I was a betting woman I would have put money on the Sacral chakra being the one that needed the most work. The “I feel” chakra…oh hell. I feel everything, I don’t always express it…I really am an idiot. I will be fine I know, after I silently beat myself up for a few days.

The cat is freaking me out at the moment. Ever since I came home it looks at me and then looks above me….I keep telling him to stop but he won’t listen to me. It really is freaking me out, I will be extra embarrassed if I end up sleeping with a light on…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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6 Responses to Never in a Million Years…..

  1. Welcome….the little throat thing? Once you clear that, you feel the tugging in your shoulders/heart, which when you clear that, you can feel the sacral. But once you free up the sacral, you realize it’s back at the heart again. Huh? “Five kosha’s” your practitioner reminds you, and you feel a sense pulling in your arm the next day. And that, dear Alice, is just the beginning of the rabbit hole. And yes, it’s totally worth it, too.

    Gr8 post!

    • dragonflyzia says:

      Thank you, I always feel less “crazy” when you share your words with me. I do believe that it will be worth it in the end but I can tell it will be a bumpy ride. Thanks for the heads up and I printed out some things today on the five Kosha’s so hopefully I am a little more prepared for whatever happens next. The rabbit hole is an excellent analogy of what i am feeling.

      • Well good!

        I had a teacher who explained that anytime you feel resistance in the body, it’s almost always is a block….he taught me one way to deal with those through Qi Gong.

        But maybe you are dealing with not having felt as though you could speak your truth, or that you could be heard….thing is, these can be resolved so quick and easy when you are ready. That you feel it as you do is a wonderful sign that you are dealing with it. Now though, it’s easier because it’s just a lump in the throat. If you are ready to speak your mind/truth, then losing the lump is an easy matter.

        But this isn’t about analysis. Don’t over think it. Be aware, but relax and let go. Witness. Be present, but this will get resolved by the light body and your higher self, of which you are connected to. By feeling, you undo the conditioning that caused this.

        When my throat block cleared, it was so dramatic and so long lived, I couldn’t sing for a year-I literally had to relearn how to use my vocal chords….that’s how enmeshed that block was… .so if I can do it, so can you, and solutions will just appear in myriad ways. Pay attention to dream and be ready for anything.

        Peace to you, Zia.

        • dragonflyzia says:

          Thank you for the advice! Not over thinking it might be a problem but I am trying. It sounds like your teacher was much more hands on than mine was. Maybe that is a good thing in my case, I learn better by “doing”. Your block sounds severe, mine was not so bad, I just was aware of what I felt. am so grateful that you took the time to share your experience with me. Your words are a blessing to me….

          • It was more about a stage in the process of awakening when a lot of blocked material can be released very quickly, and I was guided to this teacher in perfect timing.

            The release of these blocks most often leads to a greater and greater awareness of the seemingly more subtle blocks that remain. Truth is, most people are so blocked and largely unaware of it since most of this material is pushed down so deep. It’s rarely believed until it’s seen through the gradual unfolding that takes place. But sticking with it leads to liberation of a kind largely unknown here.

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