Remember Me?

Boy oh boy was this a rough week! Those of you that know my procrastination tactics know that I was like a crazy person this week with all of the “making.” If the glitter from Halloween wasn’t bad enough, the glitter from these trees is now everywhere. It’s a good thing that I believe in the “sparkle” because random glitter will be showing up for months.fullsizerender103

These trees were pretty popular today but nobody seemed to be in the buying mood. I sold two but had one lady say that she put most of her raffle tickets in my bag because she really wanted this tree. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Today was definitely a learning experience. Lots of people liked my book page wreath, some even picked it up and studied it’s construction but no one bought one. SB had the most unique upcycled bird feeders and only sold one feeder and one suet gravy boat. RD brought upcycled windows and had lots of likes but no bites. I didn’t sell any bath salts or deodorant either. I did trade SB a runners blend bath salt for a suet gravy boat that I will give as a present. I just don’t get it….I think we needed a more artsy environment and this craft show at a local high school was too old school Christmas crafts.  This was my corner of the table…fullsizerender101

I also sold some literary bottles. I had one woman buy one and then her friend came and bought one and then they both came back and each bought two more for gifts. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have made myself crazy this week.img_4779

These are the bottles before the twine and rust bell.

That was my week, I waited until the last minute and made myself crazy. So many nights I wanted to sit down to the computer but I knew I couldn’t. I have one more show and what’s left will be Christmas presents.

In the middle of my craft frenzy I acquired a touch of some kind of virus. Tuesday was bad. I had to take an Imodium to get me through my day and had a fever. The rest of the week wasn’t too bad except in the morning. I would drink about a 1/4 cup of coffee and then it became an issue and I drank water. I have consumed an enormous amount of water this week. I feel like I am fighting something off, Tuesday was close but not full fledged.  I had a patient on Wednesday or Thursday lean into my window and I said “you might want to take a step back from my person space” he thought he would be funny and leaned way into my window and then I said “So next week if you have belly issues, it’s not my fault, I warned you.” He was at the craft show today and accused me of being “salty.” His poor wife just shook her head at him, he thinks he is more funny than he is.

I am sure that there is much more to my week but I just can’t remember at the moment.

While I was “making” all week I was listening to Battlefield Earth. How did I miss this one? SB said I would like it and she was right. Where John Snow knows nothing, Jonnie Goodboy is too smart for his own good. I am really enjoying this book and the audio is great. The girl came home from her dad’s and I had it on and within five minute she was like ” I know that voice…” It was Robin from Teen Titans and she did guess that before she looked it up. I almost made a Facebook post about it until I googled the book for the picture and I found out it was written by the guy who founded Scientology. Damn it, why did he have to go and do that?  I will finish the book but I won’t publicly share my love for it because of that.img_4778

Sometimes when characters make bad choices I make comments to myself. I have found that when I am listening to one I make them out loud. When Terl was teaching Jonnie Goodboy to speak and read his language while I was making my book page trees I said out loud “I am not from a superior alien race but I don’t think that is your wisest move dude.” I really do entertain myself.

My plans for tomorrow…which include a bloody mary….how many months have I been saying that I need to pick that up?…..are not much. I must finish Poldark. The woman at the library had to override my renewal this time because I already renewed it once. I love this show, I just haven’t had time. Tomorrow I am making time. I watched some during my “making” time when I was burning edges for my literary bottles. Paper….lighter…cookie sheet to catch it…not a fire a hazard at all in the middle of the living room.img_4792

I don’t “have” to be anywhere or do anything tomorrow and I am going to relax as much as possible…..Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. Victo Dolore says:

    I love those trees! 🙂

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