Enter Sandman…..


Most of you know that I am a dreamer, both awake and asleep.  I usually remember my dreams with freakish detail with the exception of the last few days.

One night I dreamed that I was trying to find room for more fruit in my refrigerator that was already bursting with fruit. I am guessing that I need to eat more fruit and that drinking fermented grapes doesn’t count.

The next dream was me looking at one of my lists. There were countless things written that I couldn’t read but at the bottom in oversized letters was WRITE. I always have so much to do so this one is hard for me.

Last night I had a dream and the pieces were very fragmented and hard to remember. There was something lurking below, like a shark and it came around the same time every day. There were other people in the dream who were trying to catch a glimpse of it and no one was afraid. It had a red glow to it which was weird and the only detail I remember. I woke up and it was 2:17 and I could hear the boy on xbox live so I slapped my sandals on the floor twice. It didn’t work, I could still hear him so I got up….with minimal hobble I might add and opened the basement door and yelled down for him to be quiet. His response “I’m not even talking that loud.” That was such the wrong response….I gripped the door knob and shut the door. If I yelled and screamed at him, I would never fall back asleep. I will get him later. So I laid down and tried to get comfortable again. My anti social cat who barely lets me pet him but sleeps at my feet every night struts up to my pillow. I am new to this cat thing so I don’t know what a cat kiss is but he kept touching his nose to my face and he laid on the pillow above my head purring loudly until I was almost asleep and then headed back down to my feet.  Did this cat just give me his best lullaby? 

It made me think back to that dream where I couldn’t talk or scream and I woke up and he was pawing at my face. I am beginning to think that he was waking me up? I could be wrong, like I said, I have never had an indoor cat before.img_4333

The girl at work first says “he was sent to you for a reason.” and in the next breath says “he’s just a plain old tabby cat.” That’s Negative Nancy for you. I found this image on Pinterest or Facebook and I choose to believe that my guy is a descendant of one of these Scottish cats. They even resemble each other. I like my reality better….img_4976

He’s my Scottish sleep guardian…..doesn’t everyone have one? I thought we bonded last night but he was back to his anti social self this morning. He helped me go back to sleep and I am grateful for that because it was a heck of a day.

Work was rough…eyes were falling out all over the place. Okay, slightly dramatic but that’s me.  We had a horseshoe tear,conjunctivitis, trichiasis,  floaters, clanking implants…that was the last patient so I will get that scoop tomorrow. We didn’t leave until almost 6. It was a long day.

I had to run to the library after work to pick up a search Ohio book that I requested and I stopped by Michael’s to get more of the metal santa word for the canvas project. They only had four, so I need to pick three from this….img_4975

I know for sure that I could use two ho ho ho’s, I have no idea what to pick for the last one? I think that securing the four I bought today down with E6000 may be the extent of my night. The girl helped her grandma after school today and was fed so I don’t even have to cook dinner. The first day back after a long weekend is always the hardest….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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