New Year Stragglers

Today was slightly better at work, it was half day Wednesday and I am always grateful that I work someplace that has that break in the schedule. It feels different though and I am not sure how to explain it.

I hung out at the library after work, I had a few books on reserve….img_5218

There is so much information that it is overwhelming so I think I am going to pick a number, maybe lucky 13 and then pick 13 herbs to focus on at a time. If I don’t do it that way then I will end up losing interest because I am so overwhelmed. I also reserved a cookbook because I am always looking for something new to try.fullsizerender141

I don’t usually sit down and look at every single page of a cookbook at first glance but I couldn’t help myself. It is the most beautiful cookbook that I have ever laid eyes on, the photos are stunning.  I added it to my Amazon wish list, I liked it that much. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

I picked up the girl and took her for a haircut. She is the one who made the decision to let go of all of the dead ends. Now her hair falls just below her shoulder blades and she is of course now is whining about the lost five inches.  “I had to do it mom, it was a sacrifice.” In the next breath “my side braid will be a nub, what did I do?”  I was sitting in the chair watching the girl cut her hair and I knew this would happen. I was messing with her by making hand gestures like she was getting a bowl cut and that got me an eye roll or two. She will be fine in a month or two, her hair grows really fast and she has a ton of it….neither of which she inherited from me.

We stopped at TJ Maxx, I was looking for my Italian jars that I keep my herbs in and they didn’t have any. They had new jars that were similar but they were made in China so I didn’t but any. I did buy some Amaranth, not that I know what to do with it. We are going to try a new food once a week this year and this is our first. They said you could pop it…..I tried three times, epic fail. I followed the instructions on the bag and it was bland mush, which for me is a texture thing. I am going to try one more recipe when I find it and if it doesn’t work out then I will give it to the guy at work. His wife is a chef  and a vegetarian so I am thinking that she will know what to do with it and can add it to her pantry.img_5216

I don’t think I told you about the rather difficult resolution that I made? To be nicer to my sister in law. To stop rolling my eyes and making snide comments when I scroll through my Facebook wall. If it is her goal to be some inspirational health nut, role model, shove my Juice Plus down your face kinda girl then who am I to begrudge her. This makes her happy and she doesn’t know that she comes off as having a superiority complex. Deep down she is a good person, she truly is.  She makes my brother happy, end of story. I need to suck it up and find a way to accept her as she is. I am going to try really,really hard.

I also talked SB into doing a reading challenge. It sounded like fun and plus there are books involved. You can’t go wrong with books.img_5190

The first book, a book you read in school, I am going to reread The Outsiders. I am sure no one is surprised with that pick. The second book is a book from your childhood and I think I will reread Anne of Green Gables. I loved that book too. Those will be my picks for January, I will let you know what books belong to February when it gets a little closer.

It is bedtime already, I can’t believe how fast the time goes these days……Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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