The Nose Knows

It has been trying at work the last week or so….my fan disappeared. I have no defense against the odors that my super nose picks up. I have some peppermint oil at my desk and when I get desperate I put it on my finger and sort of rest my whole face on my bent finger propped up under my nose and inhale deeply, it helps some.img_5353

The odor of the week so far belongs to the mystery patient in yesterday’s waiting room. It was a smell of aged sweat, wood burner, farm chores with a hint of chewing tobacco. I can’t explain what my nose picks up. My little experiment today would have been more interesting yesterday because they were so many patients to choose from. I think I can still get my point across with fewer patients. Some things you can’t help and I know my nose is crazy sensitive but people one squirt will do you…. Here is my list of odors from today.

Fried food – Was it dinner last night? Breakfast this morning? Maybe you just went out to eat somewhere without proper ventilation and it stuck to your clothes?

Body odor – no excuses on that one

Basement mixed with spicy rice- sometimes when you smell something everyday, you stop smelling it.

cinnamon- a good one

Bengay- not so bad

Horse choking cologne- really bad from a younger television personality

cigarette smoke

rolled in an ash tray like a cat on catnip with a faint floral undertone

sweat- can’t be helped and not your fault I have an uber nose

maple syrup- fake sweet is never a good smell on a body, why do you want to smell like a pancake? Candle yes…..body no.

bad Victoria Secret I’m a trollop perfume- need I say more?

fart-if it was from an old person, they are excused. If not? Squeeze those butt cheeks people.

stale cigarette smoke

vanilla cupcake- this one was especially offensive…made me nauseous

overbearing old lady perfume

super strength old man cologne

honeysuckle gone wrong

You know how when you walk into a Federal building and you have to walk through a metal detector? I think someone needs to invent a odor neutralizer….it would make my nose so happy. When you leave our facility you can walk back though it and get your stinkiness back…just leave it at the door. I dream strange things, I know.

I did get a wonderful treat today. My friend BV aka the cookie lady sent her husband in with some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies today. The same reason my nose is in hyper drive will appreciate those cookies in a day or so…..img_5352

These are my favorite cookies. It’s sad that I had to put a few in a separate baggie and hide with my cami’s in my lingerie chest so the kids don’t eat them all. It is so worth it, these cookies are heaven on a plate. I guess that’s what happens when they are made by a preacher’s daughter. BV you are the best and thank your hubby for delivering!!!

My new glasses came today and I was so happy. My eyes have adjusted but sadly I think my next pair will need a progressive lens. I think it was the couple of weeks wearing the multi focal contact lenses. Bausch and Lomb worked the best for me, it was just enough. These aren’t as stylish as my Gucci’s were but these Ann Taylor frames are more comfortable.fullsizerender151img_5355

These will be my back up frames in a month or two when I get this years glasses.  Maybe the optician breaking my frame was a good thing?

My landlord came in today for his exam that I “squeezed” him in before he pulled the dryer stunt. I didn’t say a word to anyone this morning. He did go out of his way to say hi to me and good bye to me. The Universe was on my side and always had someone in my window so I was occupied. What was I even supposed to say after the dryer incident? I was lucky and didn’t have to say anything. It was weird though….

Speaking of the dryer…..”I guess we are roughing it much like the pioneers did?” I said to the girl “only we have it much easier.” the girl said “yes, it could be worse, there are no rocks or streams involved.” was my smart ass comment. “we only need help with towels and blankets, we can rough it for a while.” I guess she can be a trooper when needed. Here’s the thing….yes I could go by a dryer tomorrow but what if we find another place and we don’t need a dryer? I have some leads that I don’t want to jinx but trust me, there is a reason I haven’t purchased a dryer yet…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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