Saturday Unicorns

It was a bitterly cold Saturday morning as I ventured out for my Shamanism class. I missed the memo on bringing a blanket as well and it was cold in there too. It was a different experience. The group drumming and or rattling raised up a lot of energy, it even made me a little dizzy. As for the journeying? Not so much…..

How much is my imagination and how much is the journey? I had the dream earlier about a unicorn so that makes me doubt it a little bit. Here’s how this played out….When you journey to find your power animal you go down into the lower world.  I have never had any luck with this, which makes me question today. We all laid down, bandanas over the eyes and the drumming starts.

One of the teachers talked about using water as a starting point so I tried imagining water. I could imagine the water but no such luck with a way to the lower world. I started hearing a male voice singing “hey ya” like a native american in an old song I once knew. I gave up trying to find the lower world and gave myself to the beat of the drums. I danced until I was tired and retreated into a teepee which turned out to be a portal. I fell through the portal and landed in the soft earth of the forest floor. It was dark and the moon was full and the unicorn that I dreamed earlier was shining bright white light…..I won’t say that this is my power animal because I just dreamed this. I need more evidence before I can be certain. It would be pretty freaking awesome if it was!

The second journey was to find your spirit guide and I met no one. I used my own wings and followed an eagle up above the clouds where it looked like Hollywood heaven…it was all white and there was no one there. Something touched my face and brought me back. I have been touched by spirit before and this was not a whole hand. I was cold,almost shivering under my coat when my jaw was touched and it was warm. It brought me immediately back to reality where I just enjoyed the drumming while wondering…”what the heck was that?” I still don’t know what that was but I sure did feel it.

I made a new friend …she is from out of town ad new around here. She is a Reiki master who was trained out of the area. I think I could learn a lot from her and I could show her  the few cool places in town that I am familiar with. I don’t know…we seemed to hit it off. People seem to cross my path when I need them and maybe this is the case?

I finished everything off of my list today with the exception of the library. I pulled into the parking lot of the library only to realize that I left my books on the chair in the kitchen at home…..ugh! I added it to tomorrows list.

I made tomato florentine soup today and helped the boy make sriracha chicken for dinner. He will make this every time it’s his turn to cook dinner until he has it down solid. It’s good to have a specialty…right?

After dinner the girl and I went to my little buddy’s to dry some towels and hang out for a little bit. With the exception of PT, I have done fairly well with the dryer issue. I haven’t had to ask anyone twice……just PT. I can’t keep doing this so I am going to have to make some choices here, sooner than later.

How about that moon tonight? Absolutely beautiful at 99.8% full.

I am ready for a deep slumber since the boy doesn’t work tonight.It’s going to be weird working tomorrow but at least I get to sleep in…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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