Every Minute

I love having an extra day. I have enjoyed every single minute of my bonus day.  There is nothing quite like enjoying a mimosa at 12:30 on a Monday afternoon while you finalize your list for the day….and getting paid for it. Paid days off are one of my very favorite things. It was a light list today, since I had an extra day I tried to make sure that mundane things like laundry were already done. I even found time to play a little……

I found this weird but whimsical cornucopia at the ReStore for $2.50. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it until today.

I made it into a table top fairy garden. I would love to have an outside fairy garden and I do have a small one in a big pot outside. Here’s the thing….there really isn’t a space to hang out outside at this house. The little fairy garden I do have, I rarely see, at least with this one I can enjoy it.

Last night while finishing up the three book page wreaths I had to make, I finished watching Anne with an E.

If you loved the LM Montgomery story of the quirky little orphan who had a knack with words and stole your heart do NOT watch the Netflix original. It was dark and way off topic. Netflix has done to Anne of Green Gables what HBO did to the Charlaine Harris books. I watched them all but I said WTF a lot!

Yesterday while frustrated that I was running out of white vinegar, I googled Sam’s Club membership deals. I was lucky and found a good one. Now I don’t have to depend on anyone, if I need it, I can go myself. I hate depending on anybody.

I have also had a few weird dreams this weekend.(I know….you’re stunned) The one on Friday night I don’t remember very well. It had a goat in the basement and a lamb. That truly is all I remember. Funny thing about dreaming about a goat….remember the kid dishwasher that I made into the character Goat? Well he is home from college and came back to work Saturday night. I was so excited to see him. The prep cook told me he was back before the chef did….boy was the chef pissed that he didn’t get to tell me first. I am partial to my work kids and I missed this one a lot. That was the highlight of my weekend. We were so slow Saturday night….I had one table. Lucky for me it was a party of ten cute little old people. It was sad for the others who got dressed, came to work, and had no tables.

Saturday night I had a dream that the kids and I were looking at a potential new home. It was a unique space that would need to be converted to a living space. While we were admiring the architecture a large spider started rising towards the ceiling with a grip on a turtle. In my dream I remember saying “that spider can’t bite through the turtle’s shell?” The girl in a turtle saving frenzy brushed the spider off and clutched the turtle to her body. The spider fell off of the side of wherever I was sitting and then climbed up his thread again. I tried to dodge it but he landed on my oddly bare foot. I thought to myself “stay calm, don’t move and he won’t bite you.” That lasted for a few moments and then I started pulling on his very sturdy thread. I got him off and damn it he bit me, there were marks. There was no pain but he left marks. Why am I always the one who gets the spider bites?  We were walking out of the space when we stopped at a very nice manly desk for the boy. I asked how much it was and this woman said “I will ask but you need to leave people are coming in to work.” Then it was like a factory? That was it and I woke up…crazy I know.  Spider and turtle….what could that mean?  My dreams are out there.

Speaking of dreams….the girl and I were at Barnes and Noble today when she found this book’s sequel.

I never read the first one so I couldn’t start with the sequel. She said “what the heck…you have one unicorn dream and we see that tapestry everywhere?” Oh good it’s not just me was my thought…..Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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