Party On….

It’s been quite the busy weekend over here. Friday had it’s moments with work and home. We left late but it wasn’t horrible. The boy took the girl to a graduation party and while I was getting ready for book club the girl sent me a text that said “come get me.” Thankfully the girl that I hope she reconnects with offered her a ride to the next party and brought her to book club. It all worked out but my kid needs to get her license already.

Book club went well and nobody cried. Of course I was the one who came close but I didn’t so there were no tissues involved. While at book club I learned that my little buddy was bit by a spider. I peeled the bandaid back and looked at the bite. I just looked at her…..”how did you get bit by a brown recluse, you don’t even live in the woods?” She lives like six minutes from me…how?  I liked not having to worry about country spiders in the city, I guess I was wrong. This is her second bite, now both of us have been bitten twice. She didn’t get any super powers either….I asked. Hopefully her antibiotic does the trick and she starts healing quickly. She will have a decent size crater from this bite.

Later Friday night my neighbor sent me a text asking if I wanted their grill? His dad was buying a new one and was giving them his old one. Heck yeah! The girl was super excited, she has been after me for a while to buy a new grill.

I scrubbed it thoroughly today, it cleaned up nicely. It’s well made too, much better than what I would have purchased in my price range. I used it tonight, the girl wanted burgers and hotdogs. I know it’s cliche but that’s what she wanted.

Yesterday when I stopped at the ReStore I found these wings….

I have seen these in the retail world from 7.99-11.99, I picked this up for $0.50. Wings, angels, birds, dragonflies…’s always wings for me. The girl saw an eagle today, that’s the third or fourth sighting since we moved to this house. That’s more than the last  house. When I came out of the garage and started looking for him he was gone but I saw a dragonfly fly up and over the house. It’s always a good day when wings are involved. On a different subject I also found these mason jars….

$4.00 and they were brand new…never used. I opened them to clean them and they were new.  Eventually I will use them for canning but first they will hold baby’s breath for the girls party. I stenciled numbers on these tags Saturday afternoon.

We had two graduation parties yesterday. The big doctor’s son and the optician’s son. I learned more from the second party. I brought my apron and helped in the kitchen and babysat the food making sure everything remained full. The little old Italian lady who has been a surrogate mother to her since she was in the third grade was adorable. I want to adopt her as my surrogate grandmother. She made the cavatelli from scratch and there are no words to describe the deliciousness that I encountered last night and will again for my lunch tomorrow.

I was able to observe the plates and what people ate first hand.  I have been debating on the heavier duty clear plated from Sam’s club and after last night I will spend the extra money for a better plate. She had a little bit of everything left except the chicken…she had three pans of that left over. It’s not that the chicken wasn’t tasty, it was…people really wanted the cavatelli. I didn’t get home until after 11 which is way later than I get home from work on an average Saturday. It was still a good day.

I had every intention to work on the girl’s photo board for her party today but it never happened. I did a little bit of organizing instead.  I have been meaning to take the excess wine bottles to the recycling center, I just never got around to it. I have really good friends and coworkers. I make a project with wine bottles and say I need more and my friends made it happen. When I was making the literary bottles for the craft shows it was helpful only they kept coming. Finally I said I had enough. I kept about two cases of bottles because I had already scrubbed the labels off of them. I have a full trunk and a box in the back seat….I had no idea there were so many? They kept bring them and I kept stashing them in the garage.  I needed to make room for the grill. I will have more room after garbage night, for some reason I have quite a few empty boxes as well. I need to organize what’s in there and go through the stuff. I really haven’t touched it much since we moved it here. Today I made a little dent…it’s a start…..Zia



About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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