You guys know how I feel about my time, it’s precious to me. When I waste a whole day I feel cheated. Yesterday at the university was mandatory. Not a single freshman, no matter the age is allowed to skip orientation. There were three times that the kids went off without the parents and two of these times there were lectures for the parents. I skipped both lectures and according to the dad that was sitting at our table who obediently followed directions….I missed nothing.

The first time it was still early so it wasn’t terribly hot outside. I went outside and sat on some steps in the shade with the flowers and the birds. There was a chipmunk headed my way until I said “you might want to rethink your current path.” He stopped, turned around, scurried away from me and jumped under a bush. Good thing he listened…..I’m not Snow White! The finch were all around me, I saw a red finch, a house finch (only a little red), and the little brown ones that are all around my house. The only finch I didn’t see was a goldfinch. There were daisies, lilies, lilacs, and hydrangeas.

When I think about the old house it doesn’t bother me that it was torn down. I do wonder if they saved my lilac bush, my hydrangea, and my weeping willow that I planted? I hope they did.

The girl and I arrived at the university at 8:15am and we left at 3pm. I was lucky, there were lots of parents still waiting. I had to go to work, we had to leave. Her classes are scheduled, she has her student ID, and I will make an appointment at the financial aid department at a later date. The girl said the important things lasted less than an hour.

It gets even sadder….I made it to work just in time to do busy work. I waited on one table…..another waste of my time. If I knew that I would have just stuck it out at the university. 3:45-7pm…more wasted time. The only redeeming part of the day was a bonfire later that night.  The girl’s friend, the one that I was hoping she would reconnect with was celebrating her birthday. We had missed her graduation party earlier in the day so I wanted to make sure we made it to this one.

I miss being able to have a bonfire whenever the mood strikes me. I learned something new at this one. Have you ever heard of hobo pie? I never have but let me tell you …peanut butter, bananas, and a Hershey bar toasted over an open flame is pretty darn tasty.

We made it home before midnight….it was such a long day.

Today I had my Reiki master class. This was my first class with this teacher but not the first time we have met. In a lot of ways she reminded me of me….in the way she said things. I have no immediate plans to teach but I know eventually I will, when the time is right. I want to spend some time with the new attunement. When I was looking at my certificates I noticed that my first one was a year ago. There is still so much to learn so this isn’t an end to classes or workshops. I am curious to see how this goes….what will this new attunement bring? I’m glad I chose to take the next step.

My Holy Fire Reiki teacher sent me some information on a fairy workshop next month at one of our local parks. I am very excited for it. I passed along the information to PT, I think she would like it as well. Either way I’m going to go check it out.It was a long weekend, the girl has a lot to process, I have a lot to process, and the next three days are full on party prep. I just have a few little things to do but I know that Wednesday afternoon I will be a frenzied whirlwind trying to put it all together. Unless I’m not, I am hoping I am not…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. Good luck this week. Hope it goes well.

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