As Parties Go……

As parties go I would say this one was a success. If you asked me what advice would I give to someone planning a graduation party I would say “buy extra forks.” Yes, I ran out of forks. The last nine people had to “spoon” their food.

The weather was absolutely perfect, the pavilion was roomy and well maintained, the food was warm and tasty, and there were plenty of sweet treats. The amount of cookies that I had versus the amount of friends and an aunt that baked cookies was incredulous. If this is any indication of the future cookie table at the boy or the girl’s eventual wedding…I may need more than one table. I should have taken  pictures.

The only cookies I did take a picture of were from the lady at work who was trying to bully me into buying cookies from her. I heard they were good? I don’t eat her baked goods, every time I do I end up with a headache. I still think my office manager said something to her because one day she was charging me and the next day she wasn’t. As free cookies go I would say “how cute” because of the time she spent. If I was paying for them I would say “what is this mess?”

Maybe I wouldn’t be so harsh if these cookies weren’t tainted with bullying? If she was trying to drum up business….this was not the way. My little buddy made a ton of cookies! They were awesome and made with love. The girl has a friend sleeping over the rest of this week and she is hoarding the snickerdoodles. My brother took some of the pizzelles and I made a plate to take to work with the massive amount of brownies I made. I have cookies everywhere.

Still blushing over here with all of the compliments on the food. Yes I cooked it but I couldn’t have put it all together without the chef from my waitress job. I give him all of the credit for my calmness in the early stages of the party. That and my office manager showing up early to help me.

Now can we talk about behaviors? My ex husband came to the party. I invited him…the girl is his daughter too and he should be there. I think it took courage for him to show up by himself and stay for as long as he did. I had to make myself stop feeling bad for him. He chose to not sit down and talk to anyone. He basically followed the girl and hung out in the background by choice. I had to keep saying that…it was his choice. He works in restaurant management, he knows how to talk to people, he chose not to interact.  My oldest friend from childhood showed up and she mentioned that she was going to say hi a couple of times but every time she headed his way he walked away. Was he trying to draw sympathy? My peeps from work didn’t feel sorry for him. It was very weird all the way around. I have only seen him a few times since the boy acquired his drivers license….it’s so weird. I feel like that really was in another lifetime. I look at him and think “I was married to you? It just seems so foreign to me.

My brother and sister in law were late because my super sport nephew had a baseball game. The girl and her friends were playing volleyball and that left my office manager, her husband, and my dad and his wife. My office manager did not abandon me, she stayed till my brother came.  While we were sitting there I heard a ruckus and saw a wing off in the woods. Me being me…I had to investigate. It was a red tail hawk and an owl that were having the dispute. I walked back to the pavilion and said ” a hawk and owl are having words, I’m going to try and get a picture.”  They were deeper into the woods by the time I got back, I wish I would have taken my phone with me the first time.

During my moment with nature my office manager and father had a conversation.  I’m a good kid blah, blah but then he said “she sees the world differently than the rest of us.”  So somewhere in the midst of all of his cluelessness there is a teeny tiny part of him that is actually paying attention. I think that might be the nicest thing he has ever said about me. I always feel like my dad is going through the motions like he is completely disengaged with the world around him, at least emotionally. That’s just my opinion.

Those were the weird parts. The party on a whole was a success and I’m glad it’s over. I will be cleaning things up for a few more days. I took most of the food to work because I want it to be eaten instead of thrown away. I think I will have the girl wash and dry all of the mason jars tomorrow….after she dumps the wildflowers. They came out pretty cute, I ended up purchasing two small bunches of baby’s breath from the grocery store for $4.00 a bunch. They were an odd color that happened to match perfectly!

Now that this party is all said and done I am itching to do two things….I want to can some peach vanilla butter and I want to try my hand at making fairy houses. I really have an itch to make something….I can’t help it. Today and maybe tomorrow I am giving myself a break and doing as little as possible. I think I will use this rest as fairy house research.

BV came to the party and brought me a secret stash of her famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies as well as the turkey feathers she has been saving for me. They are from her granddaughter first kill and they are beautiful. I will take the two nice big ones and add it to the one Force of Nature Girl’s son found for me and I am going to find a way to add the smaller ones with the stunning copper stripe. It’s a good thing I had copper wire in mind to bind these together already….

I have always fancied the smudging feather fans, making one myself from gifts will make it more valuable than anything I could but in the store. I just have to buy some copper wire…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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