Uncle! Do people even cry uncle anymore? How about ….stick a fork in me….because I am done today! It wasn’t a bad day, although getting home at 6:45pm when I left this morning at 7:25am isn’t the best day…

The hardest part of my day happened first thing…I walked into work, signed on, printed out the schedule, and then my phone lit up. It was an email telling me that me DNA results were in. I just got to work….really? There went my concentration for the day. Some things I knew or guessed and some things I didn’t have a clue about. Have you ever been sucked in by your family history? Do you know what kind of time is involved? My day was already wasted by work and yet here I am sending emails off to distant relatives…oh boy!

Italy…I’m half Italian, no surprises there. Great Britain, not a shocker. I happened to come across a person back in my research days circa 2002/2003 whom I shared a common ancestor with and he had traced the family back to 1740 London England…boom! That was kind of easy, he even had a picture of my great, great grandparents attached to the file. That was a huge coup for me, even though all I did was find it. It made my maternal grandmother happy since it was her husbands family.

The 1% North Africa wasn’t a surprise either. I have often heard “oh you are type O that means you have black in you” or “Southern Italians are basically blacks.” The funny part….my Italian uncle and my first cousin also did the DNA test and they didn’t have the 1%? Who knows maybe that 100% Cherokee Indian that is hiding in my tree isn’t Cherokee at all? I will eventually get to the bottom of it…if my head doesn’t fall off first!

The Scottish/Irish was a toss up for me. I knew there was a Maccullum or Mccullum in the family tree or maybe it wasn’t um but ah? My grandmother couldn’t read or write so it’s crap shoot. She did talk about first footing though. I didn’t know that’s what it was called until I started following those Outlander pages on Facebook. The first time I saw it I thought “that’s really a thing?” Once I searched the areas more I found that I am part Irish and Scottish.

The part that did surprise me was that I was a 95% match for the genetic community settlers of Southeastern Kentucky. I shouldn’t say surprise…I knew my mother’s people were from this area…it was the list of surnames.

Napier is a direct ancestor, I even remembered the name after all of these years. There were other names as well that showed up on my maternal grandmother’s and grandfather’s sign from this region. Miracle and Hoskins are also direct ancestors that come from this region.

Thousands of settlers followed Daniel Boone into Kentucky in the late 1700s. Among them were the descendants of English, Scots-Irish, and German immigrants who settled the mountainous terrain of southern Kentucky’s Appalachian region. These rugged individualists lived in close-knit family clans, farmed and hunted to survive, and became famous for their home-brewed moonshine. Coal mining brought the region a wave of relative prosperity, but its collapse finally led some to leave Appalachia for the first time in 125 years.

I didn’t realize that my people were in this group. The dates kind of add up though, although there is no mention of Native American ancestry. I still don’t know if that is fact or myth?  Some of my matches that I did touch on had Cherokee ? on them. I’m still trying to figure out the Ancestry website which is not timely since I have my first show in two weeks. Did I also mention that I am having an Oultlander premier party?

Yep….invitations went out today….

I found the image on Pinterest, it has a nice quote from Claire the first time she sees Jamie after coming through the stones all of those years later. I am going to make a few recipes from the Outlander Kitchen cookbook for the event.

I text the girl yesterday to check on her. I had text her first thing Happy Birthday since her dad has them this week. I had to know if she escaped foreign boy…..

She cracks me up! She didn’t text me today so I am guessing all is good. The animals are surviving without the girl. The cat is mad at me but the dog is doing fine. The OD at work dried these stunning hydrangeas and shared them with me. The cat did not like my tone when I yelled…quite loudly that he needed to back off of them. He sleeps with me every night and last night he did not. He’s a persnickety creature. Look at these blooms….

I will show you where I put them when I have a second to breathe.  Monday and Tuesday I watched The Light Between Oceans what a horrible gut wrenching movie. I full on ugly cried….lip quiver included. Horrible!  I have also read some as well as listened to some and let me tell you….the movie made you feel for all people involved….the book …not so much. When I went to bed Tuesday I threw my contact lenses right in the trash…no saving the tear ruined contacts. THEN……my little buddy didn’t binge watch Outlander over the weekend like she was supposed too and Faith was next in line last night…..heck no! Not after the cry fest the night before! I made the Outlander premier invitations…I made a couple of bows…no way was I crying again.

It has been a very long short week and isn’t that always the case…….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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