So…..there is a reason that I never do certain things. One of those things is to get a psychic reading. If I want my cards done I will ask PT to do them, she is more accurate than any of these party show people.

My little witch store was having a psychic fair this weekend. All of my friends had really good experiences last time so I thought “why not?” I know better, that should have been my because. I picked the woman who gave my friend KB a beautiful sense of closure after her husband died unexpectedly. It wasn’t that way for me….

I was telling PT about it on Sunday at breakfast and she said. “that woman is a Charlatan! Disregard everything she says as nonsense!!” I decided that I will note a few things here just in case she is right about a thing or two.

She likes to refer to her spirits as dead peeps and I shouldn’t  shoot the messenger. Nothing she said triggered any feelings of certainty that I was communicating with my peeps. She said in the next two weeks or so I am about to be blindsided. Yep that’s what she said. I’m a worrier and that extra sucks for me because worrying is pointless. If I am going to be blindsided then I can’t even begin to imagine why. Fine…blindsided….betrayal…nothing I haven’t lived through before but when she tries to say that my kids are involved?  Rock bottom…drugs….left field…doesn’t sound like my kids at all. Cockroach maybe, but not my kids. Of course it made me ask…when I asked the girl if she was using drugs she said “yes, all of them especially the big ones.” I rolled my eyes “you mean the hard ones?” she rolled her eyes back “yep, that’s what I mean.” I haven’t noticed any changes in pattern with the boy, and I do watch. On his birthday I pointed out that he forget to take the limoncello I gave him to take to his friends house and he said “my friend had to go to work so I wouldn’t be there for six hours so I left it here.”  Six hours? I don’t know where that logic comes from but if it keeps my kid off the road when he is drinking then I will take it. This warning makes no sense to me.

She also said don’t buy a house or go back to school. She’s awfully boss with her tarot cards…in my opinion. She also said that the girl would go through something traumatic in the upcoming months. I’m pretty overprotective so this one makes me worry. I don’t know but all of this doom and gloom is unsettling. She also said that my dead peeps said that I was too serious and I should lighten up and have fun. Stop being a hermit and get out there. I don’t want to do that. I have plenty of fun…fun designed by me. I have great friends and I have fun with them. I don’t need to bring random strangers into the mix.

I have never been so mad at myself for wasting the $25.00 that I spent for this twenty minutes of hogwash. I liked the part about changing jobs in January or February to a job that I love and it pays more….it’s probably just bullshit though…..

This bad reading just gave me a new reason to stay in my head and toss things around.  She also told me that I need to eat more purple food, which was random. Purple foods are okay but she mentioned beets more than once and I loathe beets. I ordered some beet root powder from Amazon so we will see if that makes a difference. I have been struggling with my inner bear the last week or so. I am ready to hibernate…. but alas I am not a bear, which means I have to drag my sorry ass up and go to work. The sitting in front of the computer all day is starting to get to me. There are some stomach things going around  so maybe I am also fighting that off? One of my new goals is to be in bed before 10pm. I won’t pull it off tonight but it is something I am aiming for these days.

One day this weekend the Pink store (Victoria’s Secret) had coupons and University specials so I took the girl. The line was almost out of the store but lucky for us they opened registers on the other side of the store….

8 for $28.00 panties with a coupon for a free panty made the line worthwhile. I bought the girl a college t-shirt and sweatshirt as well. They were 50% off and my kid is not normally name brand but she was excited about these.

I am still working on the couch and pillow situation. I ventured out to TJ Maxx three times yesterday before I found two pillows that would work as a replacement for the small ones. Two down …three to go.

I am going for different textures and the shades don’t have to match exactly..this set of pillows was a keeper. I am hoping to have it together by the 22nd which is my next Outlander party. I stopped at Joann’s after work because I can’t waste a 50% off coupon and I stopped to talk to a former coworker. There aren’t that many left from when I worked there. She is completely hooked on Outlander so I invited her to the episode 6 party. I’m going to run out of chairs soon, but that’s okay. The more the merrier. I’m just lucky that I have people to share this show/book series with….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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