Did I Do That?

I have been so dingy the last two days….just wait til I tell you….

Yesterday the girl and I were sitting in the car waiting for the boy to move his car so I could take her to school. We are already running late because I have to fight with the boy to get him out of bed. Why would I willingly do that to myself every day? I don’t. The boy, much like his father at that age can’t get his ass out of bed so if I don’t get him up….he doesn’t go to school. Sorry…off topic…back to the story. The boy turns his car off because it sounds funny and then it won’t start. Why he can’t mess with his car after we leave is beyond me. Okay, so now I am really late. It’s raining, the boy is kicking his car in his bare feet….because why not?  We really made quite the picture yesterday. At that point I decide that I am going to try and back out around his car. Yes there is a ditch size drop of a hill there but maybe I can do it? I made the girl get out of the care just in case. So I start backing up…..picture me there…the idiot that I am, leaning to the left and to the back. It wasn’t my brightest move. Common sense kicked in and I put it in drive, did I mention the rain? It was some kind of miracle that I didn’t get stuck on the hill. I had to put it in D4 and slowly accelerate  and thankfully it worked. In the meantime the girl is pushing the boys car while he steers so I can try and back out in our flat grass. I asked him to try and start it again and it started. It’s not the alternator, he just bought one of those. He’s at his dads now so I haven’t heard if he found out what it was. Can we say Happy Monday?

It gets better. Later that night I washed the dog and then the cat. Yep, the cat hates me now. I filled up M’s carpet scrubber with cleaner and water and got busy. My old carpet scrubber had a place for soap, a container for water and another that collected the dirty water. I knew where the dirty water was because M left dirty water in it when she gave it to me. I scrubbed that carpet for 45 minutes with just the soap water combo…again, not my brightest moment. I knew it wans’t working right, I just didn’t know why? I googled it and apparently there is some bladder thingy in this machine. You put hot water in the same place that you dump the dirty water. It made no sense to me, but running it with no water did?  Luckily it’s just an area rug. I changed the water every six or seven minutes and ran the scrubber until the water stayed the same color. Basically…it was my whole night. The carpet is cleaned and that was my goal but seriously? What was I thinking? This isn’t my first carpet scrubbing rodeo. I have owned two, I have borrowed and rented others…where did I think the water would come from?

It’s like I’m the blondest brunette in the world right now. I’m about to get darker…I have my hair appointment tomorrow and I am definitely going to have her use the same color that she used last time. It seemed to hold longer, I hated the shade that the old color faded to  and I get to be dark dark for about a week.

This mornings venture out of my driveway was only slightly better. I was running late this time because the cat hates me and I had to lure him out of the basement before I left. My car was already warming up so the windows were mostly defrosted when I got in. I tend to back out of my driveway really fast, I always stop but I could see why someone might think that I wouldn’t stop. There was some dude out there walking and he was standing by my driveway and he just stood there. So I rolled down the back passenger window to tell him to go ahead and the cold made the squeak worse than normal. It’s actually more like a screeeaaach, very loud and very embarrassing. Two mornings in a row…what the heck?

Tonight I managed to take the garbage out to the curb without incident and finished a small list of chores safely. What the heck is happening? I don’t remember hitting my head?  This dingy pattern needs to change stat! I hope wherever you are, you are having a better week and you aren’t shaking your head while saying “Did I really just do that?”……Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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