Changing It Up

Today was a weird day all around. Not a bad day, just a weird one….actually it was a weird week. Tomorrow is Friday and that is a good thing!

I kept a good momentum all week in the cleaning department. That right there is the best example of how weird this week really was. Last night I worked in the basement. How did I let it get like that? I know how…my work peeps bring me cans and bottles all of the time. I come home and I take it downstairs and I place it in the vicinity of my craft stuff. Boxes and bags everywhere. I have been meaning to do it for weeks but the procrastinator in me always found something else to do. I spent a good two hours down there last night.

It turns out that was an extra good thing. The boy is having geek fest in the basement tonight.  He has his friend from elementary school through high school here, the kid he met his junior year here, and his friend from Burger King. Everybody brought a controller and they are in full gamer mode. They crack me up with some of their comments, too bad I can’t remember any of them.

When I went to pick up their pizza for them the girl said that Burger King came up to use the bathroom. She was on the couch and he was standing outside of the bathroom. He finally said “I can’t go in there” I guess this kid is afraid of cats so the girl removed the cat from the bathroom. She said on his way through the kitchen he must have run into the cat again because he yelped. I thought the girl was going to pee her pants she was laughing so hard when she told me.

Do you remember how excited I was for my hair appointment?  Excitement leads to disappointment….She didn’t use the same color and I was looking forward to dark dark, now it will fade and I will be sad. She bordered on scissor happy as well. The cut is good, it’s a little shorter than I like…not enough to get upset over thankfully. She was very involved with the retelling of her drama and I know that was part of it. She is getting back together with her husband after more than a year of separation. He is a pill popper and I don’t know where that falls in the drug addict category. He’s been clean for a year now…blah, blah, blah. It’s her life not mine and now she is pregnant with their second child. Her best friend is married to my cousin and my cousin flipped his lid when he found out. He unfriended her on facebook and won’t speak to her. I think his comment was something like “she can go ahead and throw away her future but I don’t have to watch it.” He’ll eventually get over it to a point, I am not sure if he can be civil to her husband again. That would be asking a lot. All of this on top of baby brain…she has her hands full. I should be grateful it came out as good as it did.

I found a few things yesterday. The first one isn’t a great deal but I’m glad I looked.

Forget that crazy talk about pigeon holing my tastes to shabby chic. This pillow for the couch will not only tie in my unicorn tapestry print but it will also pull in the red from the beauty and the beast chair. I like what I like, I can’t help it. When it gets here I will give you the visual.

I also have been looking for new bedding. I want to brighten things up in my room and I’m bored with the bedspread I have now. Imagine my bargain hunters delight when I found a queen (my bed is a full but that’s okay) bedspread that was perfect at the Restore for $18.00. It’s only downfall is that it’s dry clean only. It’s a little more work to clean it but thank goodness for Dryel…two sheets…no bag…in a dryer and it will be good as new. It basically is new, there isn’t a speck on it. The best way to describe it for now because I haven’t cleaned it yet is to show you the pillowcase.

It had three different textures and the color is perfect. Speaking of pillowcases…. I am always on the hunt for vintage sheets or anything with a handmade touch. I don’t care if what’s under the comforter matches so mismatched sheets are not a problem. I only found pillow cases yesterday and again….not a spot on them. They were $1.50 per pillowcase.

That last one was a lone pillowcase but I think it’s the prettiest so I bought it. It was a very good day at the ReStore which will make it easier to miss this Saturday. I only stop there two days a week so I miss it when I can’t make it. I will be having a different kind of fun this Saturday and it’s always good to change things up…..Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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2 Responses to Changing It Up

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    I love the pillow and pillow cases!!!!

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