Drink Up

I have done more in this weekend than I will do in an average month. It was crazy busy! Today was my Outlander episode 6 party, and it was a success. I was last minute on a lot of things because I was useless yesterday. More on that later…..

I made Black Jack Randall’s lavender fudge and Master Raymond’s Frog legs (chicken wings). ML brought some amazing Scottish bread made with scotch and my little buddy brought some very tasty salsa. The girls at work will be happy when I bring all of the leftovers in tomorrow.

SB made me a velvet pumpkin, I love it! She used fabric from a velvet dress she found at Goodwill for $1.00.

I have pinned a few of these on Pinterest so that’s why she made me a fancy one with a spoon. She said it was fairly easy so maybe I will give it a try? I found velvet fabric when I was cleaning the basement and I have been looking for a way to use it.

All is cleaned up and put away. I even made a batch of  brownies for Crude Girls’s birthday tomorrow at work. I am done…

Yesterday was my all day limo riding,costume wearing, winery hopping day of the weekend.  I paid my part of the ticket and the limo a while ago so money spent yesterday was minimal. I was so dehydrated today, I don’t know how those girls did it all day yesterday. They were doing jello shots before we ever pulled into the first winery. I can’t do shots….I’m a lightweight when it comes to hard alcohol.

The first winery was in a quaint little town and because there were ten of us they kept us outside. I get it, it’s a tiny place. It was a beautiful day yesterday and the bees thought so too…

We were served some yummy buttered bread in the shape of a pumpkin. The wine was drinkable. I think it was hard cider that the other girls were drinking, the bought bottles to take home when we left.

The second winery had the best wine out of the three. They served bbq wings as their pairing, that’s kind of hard to mess up. I did buy a bottle of wine from this place. Some of the girls bought multiple bottles at all locations. Maybe if I liked sweet wines it would make more sense to me?

I wore PT’s Regina/Evil Queen costume. It’s such a great costume, I did struggle with the wig. I have never worn one and this one kept sliding off. I spent the majority of the day holding it on my head. I wish I had more eye makeup on, it was really dark but in the pictures you can’t tell.

The last stop had the best food and again I found one wine that was drinkable.  The jello shot girls all ordered food to share at this last trip on our tour. The food pairing that came with the ticked was some pumpkin sugary thing. I don’t like pumpkin so I passed on that one. The other girls went crazy buying bottles at this place…when did I become such a wine snob? I was starting to get tired and most of my makeup was gone by this stop.

When did I get so old? From far away it’s not a bad picture but when I zoom in it scares me. I need a better moisturizer….I’m looking pretty rough.

We got back to M’s at six and we were all stripping off our costumes. I helped M’s best friend out of her dress and that girl has no problem letting it all hang out. It made me uncomfortable and jealous at the same time. I am just not that comfortable in my own skin. I carefully folded up PT’s costume and I only needed a t-shirt since I opted for the flat boots. I was so thankful that I made that choice all day long.

My hair was a hot mess from wearing that wig all day. M’s best friend helped me the best she could. This was my favorite part of the day…

I was enjoying the fire when M’s best friend came outside and called me over to the pick up truck of wood. She wanted to try something else on my hair which was fine until she wrapped her legs around me. She was sitting on the gate of the truck and I was standing.  This was my first experience of being hit on by a girl. I found myself uncomfortable once again. She disappeared after that and I relaxed. I thought okay…why not try a jello shot now? I wasn’t trashed and I wasn’t driving…..not my smartest move. I left shortly after that. The weird thing about me when I drink is when it hits me…it hits me. I was fine on the car ride home,I was fine when I first came home. It hit me a little after I was home.

I think that today I refilled my Yeti at least eight or nine times. I was dehydrated in a big way. I didn’t have a headache or feel like I was hit by a truck but I could drink a whole lake of water. It made getting ready for the Outlander party tricky today. I went to PT’s for breakfast and that helped. Plus I wanted to take her costume back to her asap.  She put so much work into it and I didn’t want anything to happen to it. I took it home Friday night and returned it Sunday morning.

It was a busy, fun filled weekend and just like that…poof….it’s over….Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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  1. Limo winery hoping sounds fun, happy Halloween 🎃

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