Not My Business

Did you ever make something your business in order to help someone? Did I mention that person doesn’t even know? Why do I do these things? Because I am half my mother….that’s why!

Whenever I have a pity party for myself about losing my mom it’s usually a valid reason. I was almost 31 when my mom died at 51. Most of you know that I never really recovered from that. Crude Girl has a story that is much worse. She didn’t know her mom was sick and her mom collapsed on their kitchen floor. It was right before….or right after her high school graduation.

We first started working together when I was hired at the lab. We have had our ups and downs….there were a lot of downs. We weren’t even that close when she broke up with her long time boyfriend. It was a bad break up, he wasn’t nice and his friends were worse. They called her names like “horse face” on Facebook. Nobody deserves that. It was really hard to watch. Then she started sleeping with the boss. He totally preyed on her vulnerability and she enjoyed the gifts. It was also hard to watch and then she was under attack from her spoiled best friend the bosses daughter. The whole thing was ugly and I think you get the idea.

Sometime this year her ex boyfriend…the crushing one, sent her a text that he came across her mom’s cookbooks and wanted her to have them. I know she wants them but she hasn’t made a move towards getting them. I have offered to go get them for her and to go with her, she always says no she will get them. Last week he passed her on the road and sent her a text about getting her stuff on Wednesday. He never text her and she seemed relieved. That’s when I decided to Facebook message him. He’s such a little fucker…excuse my French. He doesn’t get it and he wants to pretend that he has some power and has been a jerk about the time. The last text has me going to his  house around 9 tonight. I’m not worried about my safety and neither should you…we may not be friends but we have plenty of mutual friends.  Plus I will be carrying, I am not a complete idiot. By that time the girl should be home so I won’t be alone. Come hell or high water, she will have that piece of her mother back this week!

Thank goodness that Mercury in Retrograde is almost over, all of these “feels” are overwhelming. I think it’s making some people kind of mean.  I almost died four times last night just on my way home. People are crazy! Today we had a patient who has acute something…Iritis I think? Anyway…he is always there. He was talking to Force of Nature Girl about how he hates people and then it got racial. He said things like “they shouldn’t even get to go to the doctors, the dirty animals should have to go to the vet.”  I couldn’t even believe it and I turned to Negative Nancy and said “I think they are bonding over hate?” He heard me say it and I didn’t even care and when he left I said “Merry Christmas.”  Fifteen minutes later he came back with these…..

I’ve never been offered guilt donuts before?

From one extreme….the next thing I know one of the techs from the back is up talking to Negative Nancy about a dog. Then she goes all mushy saying how much she loves dogs and would take them all. I am missing this gene. I like dogs and cats, some more than others but I have no desire to surround myself with them. I am at the point in my life where I don’t want another single thing to depend on me. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have an animal of my own but let’s be real…any animal that comes into this house will belong to the girl. I always tell both the boy and the girl that when they leave, they each get an animal. I don’t understand the bond…. When I was little  I would bring home every stray that I found and my dad always freaked out and we were never allowed to have a pet. The beagle was the perfect dog until we moved. Anything that I have to repeatedly clean up after will lose it’s appeal. She is better now that we figured out that she needs two pee pads down at all times. She rarely uses both but demands them anyway. I am still in the beginning stages of an Animal Reiki course, maybe that will help?

We did our gift exchange at work and this is what Negative Nancy made me….

I knew what it was the minute I opened it…..a foot stool to go with my Beauty and the Beast chair. It even looks animated! I’m sure the cat will claim it within twenty four hours….it’s still a really good gift. I received some wine glasses and an Outlander calendar and other miscellaneous goodies. It was a fun exchange with a $10.00 price limit.

It’s too late and too dark to work on the projects that still need done. I have the family history project bouncing all over the country thanks to a shipping error. Hopefully it comes tomorrow because I still have to transform it into something. Thankfully I still have all day Saturday….Zia


About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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