The Dark and the Light

I started my Saturday morning waking up from a horrible dream…..the girl was going on a date (that’s not the horrible part), she’s twenty and she should be out there experiencing life. In one second she’s on a date and the next she’s married to him??? I tried to call her phone and a strange woman answered her phone and said “she’s not here, she’s on lock down.” I answered her with “I don’t understand what that means?” “She’s in jail….that is what I mean.” Then I am around a big table discussing this with people…I don’t know who they were. They wouldn’t stop talking about Maleficent and they were saying her name wrong and I kept correcting them? I finally made it down to the jail and they brought the girl out in her orange jumpsuit only the eyes looking back at me weren’t the girls. This girl was dead inside. I remember hearing Mountain Woman’s words..”when you heal yourself you also heal ( I can’t remember how many) generations before and after you.”

Whoa! Talk about a doozy of a dream. I don’t understand the Maleficent part but I borrowed the movie from the library just in case I was supposed to watch it? I harassed the girl all day over this dream. She finally looked at me and said “this is your stuff not mine. I was upstairs in a peaceful slumber which doesn’t lead to jail. I’m just going to keep walking away every time you bring it up.” How did she get so smart? This is my stuff and I was projecting it on to her. Thankfully I have never been in jail and I have no desire to change that. I have been in a “prison” aka trapped relationship before. I’m not sure what it means, maybe I just need to get busy continuing to try and heal myself?

The rest of the day I did my normal running around. I picked the girl up from work and took her to get her eyebrows done for the first time. This was her request not mine. Then we were heading to the grocery store. We were in the car for maybe five miles or so when the brakes felt funny so we went straight home. I am so glad we did. The brakes are almost gone? There was no warning…they were fine and now they are not? I’m a little nervous about driving it to the garage today but thankfully I will never have to go above twenty five mph. The million stop signs on the way concern me a little. I didn’t have to stand up on them but the pedal does go all the way to the floor. Why now? This only happened to me one time before and I was in high school. My old 78 mercury cougar…the only car I ever had with a V8. It was a boat but it could move. I remember having to stand on the brakes…all 100 pounds of me to get it to stop. I followed my grandpa to his guy to get it fixed. That was scary but I did it, just like I will do it again today. I’m not sure how the girl will get to school tomorrow and I haven’t asked one of my work peeps to pick me up yet. I’m not worried about me getting to work, I hate to see the girl miss her morning classes.

This mornings dream was less scary….. it was actually full of light. It started in the lunch room at work which turned into a cafeteria. I was no longer with my work peeps I was with six other people. There were seven of us. The number seven came up in the shaman workshop too? We were “re” attuning each other to Reiki. The one guy was pretty rough, I could feel him trace Cho Ku Rei on my head and then he patted my head pretty hard. I remember being dizzy from the energy and couldn’t sit up. The woman next to me said “you have to get up and attune the others.” Then I was back in the lunch room where our optician had a bunch of stuff stacked on a platform. There were fancy suitcases for $100.00 and some old hard suitcases that were a faded red rosy color but I couldn’t find a price. I apologized to my work peeps because the others were still there and I can’t lock up so they had to stay and wait.

I can’t say that I know what this dream means either but I did wake up with tingly hands and dragon (hot) feet. I feel like this is something I should “know” but I honestly can’t say what? I would never say no to a Reiki boost but I can’t say for sure that is what happened. I was very aware of the energy when I woke up. I am not a dream expert so I am going to keep writing them down until something starts to make sense.

Today I am back to cleaning and purging and maybe work on the vision board I started last night. I get so scattered and distracted, I was hoping this might help me stay a little more focused……Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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