That Darn Past…..

I woke up too late to go to breakfast and too early to do any outside errands so I checked my list. Respond to genealogy emails….check. I only work on genealogy one day a week for a couple of hours and it’s usually on Monday.  I sat down to respond to some emails from last week and lost a couple hours.

This branch of my tree is so difficult! Everybody was illiterate and the people taking the census information weren’t much better. They should have been more specific about names….the same people have different names from one census to the next. No nicknames please! I should talk…I didn’t put Cockroach on the last census that came around. I made his mother claim him….I know why people look at the census histories and no descendant of mine needs to know about that big mistake.

I reached out to someone who was researching the same surname and he had a ton of information on his ancestral peeps so I took a shot and sent him a message. I can’t even believe that he took the time to respond with this message.

I’m familiar with your McCullah family line. I met a women in Hawkins Co., Archives in Rogersville, Tennessee. She gave me a document of the research done on your branch of the McCullah family.

Your Benjamin F. McCullah was the son of William F. McCullough of Hawkins County, Tennessee. Below is the first page of the document she gave me:


Through the children of William F. and Margaret McCullough 1881-1923

The middle initial F, used throughout this McCullough line identifies them with William F. McCullough born 1776, and is believed to be Franklin. This name probably derived from a wife’s maiden name and was passed down from William F. McCullough born 1776, to William F. born 1835 son of Sally Armstrong? McCullah. He names as son Robert Franklin born 1861. Robert named his first child William Franklin McCullough born 1881 who married Margaret Anderson.

William F. McCullough born 1776 in Virginia was a tenant farmer according to 1850 census. He is believed to be the William F. enumerated on the 1810 census of Washington County, Va., recorded with 3 males under 10, he and his wife are in the 26 to 45 age bracket. He is probably the son of the older William of Washington County Virginia. William F. married Margaret circa 1799, last name unknown. Margaret “Marg” McCullough was born 1780.

The following children of William F. and Margaret have been identified.

John McCullough born 1800 married Luisa about 1826 join the New Providence Church in August 1826. They lived between Margaret Surgoine and William Armstrong in 1840.
Child born 1802.
Child born 1804.
Child born 1806.
Child born 1810 was Benjamin who probably died before 1840 census was taken. Benjamin is on the 1836 tax list with John and their father William F. McCullough. Benjamin is believed to have married Sallie Armstrong? source from Arthur Armstrong’s Bible record. They were the parents of William born 1835 and Pruda Ann born 1840. Sallie 48 is living with her son William and Susannah Marsh McCullah in 1860
Son born 1811
Son born 1813
Harriet born 1815 married John Armstrong.
Son born 1817 was William F. McCullough Jr. He married Lucinda Henderson d/o Samuel Henderson Sr.
Daughter born 1820) Nancy, she never married.
Son born 1823
Son born born 1825 was Samuel and
The youngest was Lucy Ann born 1827 married Joseph Housewright.

I haven’t had a second to verify any of this and I won’t until next week but this guy went above and beyond. There are some great people out there in the world of genealogy. Now I have that my Benjamin married a Nancy but on one of the census records her name was listed as Sally? The children’s names hadn’t changed? It makes it very confusing in 2018.

I was looking at the 1910 census today and noticed that there were two strangers listed as adoptive children? There has never been any mention anywhere or by my grandmother about this. I wish she were here so I could tell her. A John H Warren age 16 and a Roxie Smith age 10. I can’t even attach them to my tree so they are hanging out in something called a shoebox in my account. I looked around in the 1910 census and found two dwellings of Warrens. Dwellings 10 and 11, my Grays were in dwelling 20 I think, that was this morning and I didn’t write it down. I couldn’t find any Smiths on the pages close to my Grays. It’s a new mystery. The dwelling is listed as rural but my grandmother grew up in a hollow aka holler, although she wasn’t born yet. I need to go to Kentucky and do the legwork….I need a visual.

Genealogy can consume you which is why I limit myself to one day a week.  This week may be an exception to that rule?

My uncle went with me yesterday to the junkyard so I could trade my title for some money. It was in a scary part of town and it was my first trip to a bone yard. My uncle said it was the most organized and well run junkyard that he has ever seen. I never pass up the opportunity for a family history story and my uncle is the best story teller so I had to ask how this side of town was when he grew up. He answered me and the kids he played with back in the day crossed his path again later in life when my cousins played soccer. Isn’t it funny how that works?

I still am uncertain about what is going to happen with my transportation but for now the optician’s old car is doing the trick. I am much more comfortable driving this old Stratus than I was with the new Ford Edge. The Edge is really wide. This Stratus makes many more noises than I am used to but it gets me from point a to point b and that’s really all that matters. A solution will present itself, I am not worried.

Last night I learned that Blondie lost her husband….it is so sad. I haven’t seen her much since she retired and now I am guessing that she will move South when things are settled. Calling hours are Tuesday after work. I hope his kids treat her right, that’s always an iffy thing when there’s a “step” involved.

I did get some major cleaning chores accomplished yesterday. I am getting there, slowly but surely. My Ebay pile is growing and I have yet to list a single item. I did however, buy some beads for next weeks Mala class. SB is taking the class with me and book club is the night’s always a good week when there is double SB time. I have something to look forward to other than Spring and longer days….Zia

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