Old Habits…..

Things went well Monday and I drove home with a new car. It’s very exciting! I was a little worried when on my way to work Tuesday when I heard a new noise. I didn’t even have the car for twenty four hours and this happened….

The heat shield for the catalytic converter came loose. My office managers husband came out and shimmied his way under my car to wire it back up. I didn’t even ask…I am so blessed with good people in my life. I was back on top of the world after he did that quick temporary fix.

Everything has been so fast this week, I haven’t had a chance to make this car a little bit mine. Part of me really wants to order something like this…..

Then there is the part of me that says no, you can’t. Right now I am incognito, nobody recognizes me in this car. There are thousands of mid size silver cars in the area, I blend right in. If I do something like this, I will stand out more. So as much as I would like to do a fun Outlander window cling…I will restrain myself. I guess there is part of me that will always be in hiding from the Cockroach. Bastard!

I did make a new prototype Sunday. This is my new project for Mother’s Day.

Hopefully the ReStore gets more teacups in because I don’t have very many and I will be giving some of what I have as gifts. It’s cute…don’t you think?

Wednesday we had more snow and the road crews couldn’t keep up. Thank goodness the temperatures rose because in this town you can’t count on a plow truck. It was pretty and the new car handled just fine.

I had my yearly obgyn appointment after work yesterday and then I came straight home. It was half day Wednesday and I had stuff to do! I wanted to clean out my dresser and closet. So I took everything out of my dresser and put it on my bed. I really looked at the dresser…this was silly. I have had the paint since last Summer and have done nothing with it. What was I thinking when I gave the dresser this paint job?

The kids weren’t home….the dresser was empty….one thing led to another. This hot mess was my bed.

Then I decided that I should paint my nightstand too. I have four pieces total to paint and I did two of them yesterday.

The cat really liked the obstacle course and found a cozy spot…

I started picking apart what was on the dresser. I really do love this little swan but I do think it would be cuter with a plant in it instead of the buttons that it holds.

I took all of the buttons out and put them in a jar.Old habits would say okay….new habits say…get rid of the threads and miscellaneous bags.

I don’t need this change container on my dresser anymore and I finally threw away my waitress shoes. I haven’t worked since Thanksgiving…it was way past time. I moved it into the walk through room.

I had to go out in the middle of all of this mess to get some spray paint for the drawer pulls. In my head was a gunmetal color which they didn’t have so I bought a pewter thinking that would be close….it was not. Too silver. Today after I dropped off three bags of clothes at the Goodwill (how is that even possible? I wear two different shirts and yoga pants?), and ran to Michael’s. They didn’t have gunmetal either but they had a nice dark bronze. It’s drying now or I would show you. This is the dresser minus the drawer pulls….not bad for forty year old furniture…

The more I look at it…the more that lamp has to go. I only use it when the kids aren’t home. The four am footsteps are less creepy with the little light on. I wanted to paint more today but that is impossible. Tomorrow is Friday and I have the whole weekend to paint and purge the other corner of my room. Besides….I am really in the mood for risotto and that takes a while to make. Food over paint, at least for today….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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4 Responses to Old Habits…..

  1. Jean says:

    You should change your cat’s name to Waldo. I really had a hard time finding him in that photo. It was a fun little game! Good for you with al your projects. It’s inspiring me to do something productive . . .

    • dragonflyzia says:

      Waldo…I love it! He is always in the middle of everything. I am happy that I have inspired you, i have a hard time staying inspired this time of year. Exploring the minimalist lifestyle is helping….not that I would go that far. Happy Friday!😊

  2. I like the floors in the teacup. Have a great weekend

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