Poof! Just Like that…..

I think I must say this every Sunday night but I am serious….where did my weekend go? I spent my weekend with people instead of focusing on chores and errands….that’s where my weekend went.

KB had a birthday last Thursday so Friday night when she got home from dinner with her mom I drove over for some cake and Outlander. I’m the big bully and made everyone sing to her…she deserves to be sung to. This is only her second birthday without her husband, it has to still be hard. Cake, presents, and Jamie Fraser made it better, even if was only for one night.

The girl had her friend sleep over and I agreed to it because she doesn’t ask for much BUT my brother was in town and it seemed more of a bother than anything else to me. The girl had fun and it was her first weekend after finals so what can I say?

Saturday I went to a class taught by my old yoga teacher. Remember the one who is related to SB? The one who was snarky with SB? The one I unfriended on Facebook and stopped going to her classes because of it? Yeah her…she taught a class and I went. There was no Asana involved, it was more of a lecture. The eight limbs of yoga was the title of the class. I am very glad I went. I knew she was teaching Monday nights and if I am going to be honest it’s more about the location than the 6pm start time. Now that the days are longer I might brave it. There was no bravery involved on a Saturday at 12:30. The space is absolutely beautiful. It always makes me sad to know that the best buildings and houses are in the worst area. If you saw the outside of this building you would never guess that it looked this good on the inside.

I left there, came home and called my brother. He was still out and about and should be leaving in ten to fifteen minutes…not! It was over an hour later when he got here. We left and went to dinner. He picked an Italian restaurant so he could get a cavatelli fix while he was in town. This place has had great pasta in the past and even better Tiramisu which is my favorite dessert. The sauce was sweet, the meatballs were awful, and the Tiramisu was served in a mug and it wasn’t nearly as good as it used to be. I brought the leftovers home to the girls although I already fed them dinner earlier. The girl took personal offense to how bad it was, it made me proud to know I raised her to know the difference.

Then my brother and I decided on a movie because there’s not much to do in this town at night if you don’t want to spend it in a bar. We picked A Quiet Place and it certainly was. I have never been to a movie like that before. The guy six rows back was eating popcorn or rocks? The movie was so quiet all you could here was the audience. It wasn’t a scary movie but it was designed to make you jump, which I did a lot. I wasn’t expecting tears but there was a part where I cried. It was an interesting experience plus I got to check out the new reclining seats. They were pretty awesome.

My brother came back to my house for a little bit before heading out with some friends. I cleaned up the kitchen after he left and it was midnight already. I woke up at nine this morning although I didn’t get up until ten. My brother who went out last night and is still on Arizona time was not getting up any earlier. He got to my house around 12:30 and the girl’s friend was still there. I was told she would be picked up at 12:20 and it ended up being 12:45. We went downtown for brunch and there was a wait. I checked in at 1:00 and we were seated at 2:00. We had to take the boy home in the middle because he had to leave for work at 2:30. We didn’t get our food until 2:40. That’s an hour and forty minutes to get something to eat…crazy! We don’t have many trendy place with excellent food around here so I wanted him to try it. We split the chicken waffle and the sausage gravy and the girl got her normal egg and bacon biscuit.

This tiny glass of pineapple mimosa was $6.00 which is a huge joke! That was a rip off but the food is priced appropriately.  I haven’t had meat in 9 days (I am not counting that one bite of gross meatball yesterday) I think I picked a good day to indulge.

It was 3:30 by the time we got back to my place. I hadn’t washed a single piece of laundry and I still needed to go to the grocery store. I did get that much done, there is lots on my list that I didn’t get done but the necessities are completed.

Do you remember when I made the cat this chair?

Now that it is warm enough to open doors and windows I prop this chair in front of the front door. This makes him very happy.

Why is it I never think to take a picture of this when it’s brighter out?

This wasn’t a typical weekend for me but it was one well spent…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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