The Dead are in My Kitchen

True story….that story wasn’t about me or my people and the girl and I were upstairs packing when it was happening.  Mountain Woman crashed on my couch last night it was a long day for both of us so there wasn’t as much girl time as usual. There was a dream workshop yesterday that she attended about an hour North of me. I was interested in the workshop too but things kept coming up and I chose a family event over the workshop. KB had mentioned that she would like Mountain Woman to do a reading next time she was in town so I played monkey in the middle and set it all up.

Mountain Woman spent a lot of time with KB doing some medium work and reading some cards. It turns out that big changes are headed for KB…big changes! This could be her future….

KB is a little…well…terrified. Who could blame her? She will come around with a little help from her friends and a Reiki class or two.  Her husband came through last night and there is a long line of people waiting to talk to KB. Last night’s conversation was only with her dearly departed husband.The dog was pretty scared last night too and I learned that part of her anxiety is this house. Last time Mountain Woman slept over I gave her my bed and I took the couch. This time she insisted on the couch. My room is the most saged in the house and I did a clearing before she stayed the first time. What good is sage in a house full of piled boxes? Plus she slept on the couch so she noticed a few things this time.

Mountain Woman agrees that the ghost is male in this house. There is also an energy present that makes one second guess themselves. After sleeping on my couch she reiterated that this move was a good one even though I won’t be there too long either. We talked about a lot of stuff, hers and mine. She was receiving messages like crazy last night and this morning. Mostly they were her things but every once in a while something would come through for me.

My writing came up at breakfast. I told her how I named some characters and started a story and that four of the named characters have shown up in other books I have read recently. I neglected them too long and they have moved on… She told me I will create worlds and write my book. I had fun creating those characters but I wasn’t supposed to write them. I mentioned to mountain woman what my new story is about and she said “so you are receiving messages?” I replied “that’s a trick question because I don’t always but this one I did.” We probably talked about ten different things before we left the tiny restaurant with the mediocre food.

In the car on the way back to my house she asked me if I had ever watched Supernatural? I have but only a handful of times was my answer. I was then instructed to watch Supernatural, specifically the Chuck episodes. She said it….it was a random message from above and then we moved onto another topic. She dropped me off and headed home. The first thing I did was get out of my wet clothes and put on some yoga pants and get under a blanket on the couch. It was a cold rainy day in Ohio today. It was the perfect day to put on some Netflix and meet Chuck….

It was about four o’clock before I made myself get up and do some adulting. I ran to Sam’s Club and then to KB’s. I washed and dried my towels while we discussed everything that happened last night and the feelings it brought up. While we were waiting for the towels to dry (the new house has a dryer so I won’t have to play this game) she put on Naked and Afraid. What??!! Why in the world would anyone do that on purpose? I’m not a fan of reality tv but really….who thinks of these things?

So yesterday when I was at my family gathering…..

One of the ladies from book club started a thread in a text message about the August book club. Let’s not forget that we still have July’s book club to attend. She then started another thread with her other book club combining the groups for this month. I let the 2am text go…I let the ten messages yesterday in the morning go…I let the thirty-two messages the were sent during my family function go….I let the ten more Saturday night go… after ten – twelve more I snapped. I beyond irritated and bordering on pissed by this point so I responded with this…..

I typed no words…just this. I haven’t heard a peep since. I sent SB a text asking if it was too bitchy? She said it was just bitchy enough and that she silenced the thread before noon yesterday. I am not a fan of group texts and this is the perfect example of why.

I can’t even believe how late it is! I still have to wrap up my blueberry oatmeal muffins so I have breakfast for the week and take a shower. I’m not sorry that I spent most of my afternoon watching Chuck on Supernatural but it sure did help the end of my weekend sneak up on me…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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