Henna With a Splash of Wine

Yesterday was pretty eventful for me. I don’t get out much and yesterday I crammed as much in as possible. I had plans with my wine steward friend to go to a couple of wineries. We need to visit five and after yesterday we have two down. Before we ventured to the first winery we went to a local market that happens once a month. There was a girl there doing henna tattoos. I have always wanted one and they were extremely affordable. I love it so much and to be honest if I could I would have them all over my arms and legs. They only last two weeks and there is no needle involved. This girl was fast too, it only took her about seven minutes to paint my hand. The glitter was fun and an extra bonus.

I was a little nervous last night when I scraped it off and olive oiled my arm. It was so light….

I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning…..it’s even a little darker this evening.

It’s fun and festive for the Summer Solstice this week. Personally I think it should be a recognized holiday, especially in Ohio where we lack the sun. It’s my favorite day of the year so maybe I am a little biased. Too bad I won’t be in the new house yet, it is the perfect day to get up and watch the sunrise and have coffee with the birds.

I am not designed for a 8-5 job and yet here I am….for now. I have said this before on the blog and just recently Mountain Woman said those same words to me.  Maybe when I’m not the sole supporter of two kids in college I can downsize some more and find a less traditional job? I am just doing what I have to do right now.

Back to my outing….We had planned on lunch at the first winery but their website lied. They didn’t start serving food at 1pm, it started at 5pm. We each bought a glass of wine, she bought some pepperoni and I bought some cheese and we talked and enjoyed the scenery.

I have been to the second winery before and it’s just okay. I wasn’t impressed with the food choices but at least they served food. It was pretty hot at this point so we grabbed a table by a window inside which was perfect. We took a little walk by the lake before we headed home.

It was a fun filled day! I ordered a pizza for dinner in hopes that I would get some packing done. The girl practically sat on me to get me to sit down and watch Thor Ragnarok. I liked it, I knew I would but….I didn’t get another thing done last night.

This morning I went to PT’s for breakfast and we caught up. I was there for a couple of hours and it was nice not to have to run off to do that or go there. I didn’t accomplish a whole lot today either but I got some stuff done. Some of the things on my list involved painting some things outside and it was just too humid today to do that. Tomorrow is out too. It’s looking like my Tuesday will be super busy after work. One of my friends is going to paint an old end table that I have. Wait that came out wrong. I am going to paint the end table so it goes better with my coffee table. She is going to use her decorative painting skills to paint similar flowers on it to pull the two pieces together.

I have way too many packed boxes in the house to paint anything in here.

I also started talking to Mountain Woman’s friend today. I think I was pretty clear about being friends only, I will reiterate if necessary. It is good practice….learning to talk to a man again. Someday it might come in handy but not today. She sounds all ominous “you better get ready it’s coming for you and it will be soon.” Love…really? I guess we will see…I don’t see it happening. I have spent too many years building shields and walls to let it fall all willy nilly. I believe in fairies and unicorns…bigfoot and Nessie….but love? Love….I don’t know if I believe in that anymore…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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