Still…..Even After Seven Years?

You guys aren’t going to believe this!!  I still can’t even believe it happened….. here’s how it played out.

I am at work helping a patient. This is a family I am partial to, probably because the one son doesn’t like to talk and I always make him adult. He’s adorable..the whole family is adorable and I was helping him and his dad when the new patient walked in.

I remember scheduling her appointment because we don’t usually schedule new patients at 4pm. We don’t accept her insurance for glasses so I bent the rule and scheduled her.

I was helping the son and father when she made eye contact with me….like I knew her or something. I didn’t recognize her at all but out of the corner of my eye I noticed an older pick up truck dropping her off at the front door. The combination of those two things made my radar go up. I didn’t check her in or see her new patient paperwork but I did look for the red truck.

My office manager lived down the street from Cockroach when she was in high school and hadn’t seen him since then but she looked for me. No visible tattoos…whew! False alarm….I was just being paranoid.

Crude girl was freaking out….way more than I was. She wanted to go out and move my car…or to go out and have a cigarette and get a closer look. I reeled her in because I didn’t feel threatened.

The new patient came out and made a beeline to my window and all the while looking at me funny. I printed her prescription and she left. The beat up red pick up truck was already parked in a way that he could pull right out but chose to loop around the parking lot. Crude girl walked up to the door to get a closer look and shouted “it’s him….it’s Cockroach!”

I remained calm which is strange for me….although I did pit out and have to run to my locker and freshen up my deodorant. Then the investigations began. Negative Nancy and Crude Girl were all over Facebook looking up Cockroach and the new patient. The only post the new patient had was a post from 2015 about being off heroin for 16 days. Cockroach is no longer active on Facebook but his sweet son got married….awe. He was a good kid, I hope he is happy. While they were doing that I looked up the address of the new patient. The address….was a vacant lot. You have got to be kidding me right now!

A quick recap….new patient, dropped off in a suspicious vehicle….bogus address….looked at me too closely….drug addict history…Cockroach sighting by Crude Girl. So if it was him….what did he gain today? To make sure I still worked at the eye center? He wasn’t flashing his peacock feathers around saying “look at me….look at me!” He tried to park out of direct sight. I don’t understand the purpose of the fishing expedition?

I was proud of myself for not reacting…although my arm pits reacted…what can I say? I’m a work in progress.

But wait there’s more….

Tuesday night I stopped at PT’s briefly and then headed home. I went home a way that I never go home and I remembered why…..after I sat at the stop sign line for fifteen minutes. While I was waiting and bored out of my mind, I noticed a Camaro a couple of cars behind me. I’m mostly sure it was my ex husband? His car is a distinctive white with a red orange stripe. I got home and the boy had friends over so I didn’t say anything. The girl, KB and I had a secret mission we were working on so we left. When I came home I asked the boy why he didn’t go over his dad’s house tonight. He said “dad didn’t get home until late.” Here is my evidence on that one…..

That same day I saw a car that I believe to be his was at an early hour of 5:30pm. The weekend we didn’t have hot water, I took the girl over to take a shower at his house on a Sunday. She walked in and grabbed the mail that was super stuffed in the mailbox,  I went to the grocery store. The girl didn’t think a thing about it but I noticed because there is no mail on Sunday. The kids said his schedule changed at work so now he only had one day off of work a week. I didn’t buy it but I let it go. This past week he told the kids he didn’t have any days off…..he is sooo getting laid. Good for him! I think it’s weird that the kids were still sleeping over once a week when they are in their twenties anyway. The kids haven’t figured it out yet. The girl could care less but the boy….he thinks daddy walks on water. It might be hard for him to take? I’m just glad the ex is moving on…I hope he finds someone that will like his mother and vice versa. Ya….good luck with that one!

Here is something else I skimmed over….When Mountain Woman and her friend crashed on my couch/floor a couple of weeks ago they both were pushing Tiny hard. I don’t get it? The fact that he reminds me of my dad should have put a nail in the coffin because eeewwwe. Mountain Woman made comments like “he is big where it counts”…again with the eeewwwe! “His ex girlfriend said he was a very attentive lover…eeewwwe…bordering on throwing up. Maybe I’m just a bitch?

I’m not interested but I promised Mountain Woman that I would try and have “conversations”….Tiny is having conversations….I answer with one word…maybe two. He recently sent me a link about a book fair in his area and wanted to know if I would be interested in going with him? First….it’s hours away….Second I’m not interested….Third If I don’t go with PT to a Halloween event that weekend…she might hurt me. Don’t get me wrong…I want to go to that Halloween event with PT. I have wanted to go to every time she has invited me but I was afraid to leave the kids alone because of Cockroach. This time it’s local and I am going!!! I don’t know as who…..but I will be there.

There is lots “not” happening in the relationship world for me and I am okay with that. The Universe seems to have a different thought….I won’t break again and I certainly won’t bend until I am interested in doing so…..Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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