Sneaky Crud

I thought I was above the crud? I might get the beginning of something but I am usually able to fight it off. Not this time. The nurses in the back including a few that only come once a week had this last week…ugh.  I started feeling it Wednesday night and it went down hill fast from there. I did the necessary running around yesterday and haven’t left the house since.

I have still managed to get some things accomplished…creatively speaking. I am just now making myself get to the laundry. First and foremost I booked a flight to see my brother next month. I kept waiting for a better price from a different airport and it never happened. It looks like I am driving to the airport I fear because of how badly it’s set up. Unless they have made improvements from 1994…I guess I will be finding out soon. I couldn’t beat the price…less than $160.00 for a round trip flight to the sun and that includes luggage. Luggage? I will need to borrow a suitcase for this trip….I purged my outdated luggage a long time ago.

I can’t even believe I booked a flight! I haven’t left the house all day and still haven’t even watched the next Outlander yet but I booked a flight. That is a sure sign that I don’t feel good because I could have watched the next episode this morning.

I did finish up this project…

It’s not the best picture I know but I have these things everywhere. I was going to leave the house to go get gift bags for the ones I knew were presents but I couldn’t make myself do it because of the crud.  I will wait to post this to my business Facebook page until my brother gets his later this week. I used my mom’s old Christmas tree to make these and attached this quote….

My mom loved the Little House books and read them with me when I was little. I imagine that the stories are somewhat similar to stories she was told growing up. Originally I was going to put tiny clear ornaments with curled strips of book pages in them on the trees….I nixed that Idea when I got this far. Simple is best…they are fine the way they are. A memory of my mom and her old tree…my brother definitely needs to get his first.

I also finished the family history project including the wrapping. I will post the project after Christmas…

Some things have shifted this week. I woke up Wednesday a different person than I was the day before. I honestly don’t know how to describe it? Things that normally bother me are not bothering me now. People I have been on the fence about are showing their true colors…..

Very strange things/energies are at play right now. I haven’t been taking cold medicine specifically because of my dreams and 11:11. My dreams were intense last night so I’m glad I didn’t. Unfortunately I did not document them and I only remember the eagle flying over the window at work. I have had a few eagle dreams as of late…only time will tell what that means. Oh and there was the part about the guy who was having a meltdown because bad guys were going after his people to get at him. I really have no idea what that is about?? That’s not my stuff? Maybe someone else’s stuff dribbled into my dream? It doesn’t make sense to me.  All I know is that I woke up different on Wednesday.

There was so much more that I had wanted to say but the couch and blanket are calling….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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