Keeping it Low Key

Today was a really nice day. There was no stress or rushing around, it was a nice change. This is the first Thanksgiving in a couple of years that I haven’t worked and while I miss the tip money, it was a nice to relax.

I spent the day with PT and her daughter. We had an incredibly delicious dinner and watched all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. It’s not really Thanksgiving until Joey gets a turkey stuck on his head.  Buffy isn’t on Netflix anymore and I didn’t think to grab my DVD so we didn’t watch Pangs this year. The girl put it on last night but it was late and I was tired and kept nodding off.  I was awake for the important parts I guess.

We made a super fast craft project before I left. I bought a big container of clear plastic ornaments last year after Christmas to put bath salts in for my craft shows. Since I am only doing two more pop ups at my favorite coffee shop, I am not making them to sell. I split them with PT and we made some Christmas presents. I made some with a red plaid for the girls in my Outlander group and the others I will give to the girls at work.

Yesterday was another nice quiet day….after work. Work was still crazy. I met my brother for lunch after work. He was off and not in a hurry and since it was my birthday I picked the vault restaurant. For about half a second my sister in law and nephews were going to come and I was to meet them at a local winery and I use that term loosely…..they don’t have a single wine I like. It turns out they don’t open until 4 on Wednesday so it was just my brother and I which is exactly what I wanted.

I had vented to the girls at work about it…it was my birthday….shouldn’t I get to spend it with my people? Does that sound mean? So I was happy when it ended up just being the two of us. When I was telling my other brother about it he said “doesn’t that offend you a little? She was using your birthday to go to a place she wanted and assumed you liked because it was a winery?”  I was not offended, I was relieved. I signed up for lunch with my brother not the whole family. Maybe it should bother me? I got what I wanted… a quiet birthday lunch with my brother. I even took my birthday off of Facebook. If you never tried it….I highly recommend it.

I saved one bag of the homemade cavatelli from Sunday for my birthday. I came home from lunch and started on the sauce and meatballs. I hung out with the kids a bit, even took a nap before we ate and I opened my present. I knew what I was getting because I picked it out and even gave the boy a $10.00 coupon for it. I don’t usually shop at Bed Bath and Beyond but if they are going to keep sending me $10.00 coupons…I am going to use them.  I have wanted a Selenite lamp for a while so I was super excited to come across it on sale.

It was a great birthday present! ML from work and my Outlander group found this for me….

I told her it would hang on my stove until the day I die. It was so perfect!  I am meeting SB for lunch Saturday after my pop up at a local winery that has enough sense to use a California grape to make it’s tasty Cabernet. That will be the end of my birthday festivities.

Next stop…vacation mode. I am on vacation next week and I am looking forward to not hearing an alarm clock for a whole week.  I have some things planned but it’s a staycation and I am going to enjoy every second of it! I stumbled across a thing on Wednesday that looked interesting but it was happening at the same time that I would be down at the university with the girl. I saved the event on a whim. The girl came home from her grandmother’s today and it turns out her dad will be picking her up from school that day. Now I can go check it out….funny how that keeps happening? Things just keep working out….

I only participated a tiny bit in the Black Friday Frenzy. It’s still Thursday so how did I manage that?  I used the Petsmart pick up in store feature to get the dog biscuit special as well as the cat litter special. Kohl’s practically gave me things and will ship them to me for free…except for the girl’s pajamas, I have to pick those up in the store. There is only one place I might go, unless they aren’t having any specials. We have a nice restaurant supply store that I want to check out but if they aren’t having any specials than I will just go next week. I am not interested in any crowds or heavy traffic….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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