Energy of the Night

Can you feel it?  I have felt it all week with the dreams and anxiety. Unexplained bursts of energy…aka dragon hands (reiki energy). Right now as I am sitting here I can fill my pulse in my ears and it’s so strong. Our reality is changing…the energy is shifting…what will tomorrow bring? I have no idea but I am looking forward to the lunar eclipse tonight.

The girl and I dug us out of our snow filled driveway today. It took us a good hour and forty minutes to clear the drive. At least the sun shining gave the illusion of a nice day, until the wind cut right through you.

We had some freezing rain last night (thankfully we shoveled the first three inches before that) and that cut down on our snow totals. The girl and I went out at midnight last night and pushed about an inch off the driveway….not that it would have made much of a difference to the six or so we shoveled this afternoon.

I wouldn’t have even left the house yesterday but I had a hair appointment at noon. It started snowing around ten and by the time I got to my appointment at 11:40am the roads were getting bad.  Talk about anxiety….she kept talking and talking…even stopping to use her hands and the whole time I kept thinking “please just stop and cut my hair.”  When I left the roads were slightly better, you could tell a plow went through. I never had to stop the whole way home. There are twelve lights that I encounter when I take the main roads and with the exception of the first one….all eleven were green. I should have known when I was on my way to my appointment and I was at a red light and a cardinal flew right in front of my car. My grandpa was with me yesterday for sure!

Once I was in for the weekend I played around in the kitchen a bit. I tested out a few new GAPS recipes. The cheese cracker was a mistake…A. because I haven’t reintroduced dairy yet and B. because I couldn’t resist a piece or two when I was shredding it. Talk about a bloated stomach…not ready for dairy yet.

I made these butter chocolate thingys last night and this morning. I should have waited until this morning for the whole batch. This is the ‘it’s 11:30 pm and I’m tired’ batch….

This is my much more awake Sunday morning effort….

I made an almond flour bread and a better cheese free cracker recipe today. The cracker recipe is a keeper, they just need to be thinner next time. I also made some mayo today…mental note for next time…do not use half coconut oil and half olive oil…use all olive oil. I am not a fan of coconut oil and the taste in the mayo is too much.

A little about last weeks dreams….I had a waitress dream almost every night last week. In the one I was working in a restaurant that was big on the wood. Wood walls, heavy would tables, wood beams. There was a little old lady who called my snarky. I remember saying “that wasn’t snarky and didn’t anyone ever tell you not to mess with the people who handle your food?” I never did anything but I worked with people who did.

Then there was another Bon Jovi dream. In this one I was the first person to get to my seat before the concert and I picked the center seat. The stage was really far away and yet my row was the closest. I came prepared and had a styrofoam surfboard with me.(don’t ask….I have no idea) I kept seeing his producer walk by…maybe it was his producer? I recognized him from a documentary from the eighties. Then we (I have no idea who “we” were) were in the car, sneaking around back to see if we could spot the band. Then I was rushing back in to get to my seat when the producer stopped my and said that I won. I had no idea what he was talking about but he handed me a round furry receiver of a phone and Jon was on the other end.  I only remember feeling awkward and not knowing what to say. Strange…I know.

I had a bunch last night but I only remember the one where I ran into Deborah Harkness who is one of my favorite authors at a rummage sale. I stopped to buy wine on my way to the library and instead found her. She gave me a wall hanging that I referred to as “mafia woman.”  I went inside to where my section was going to be and my former mother in law was bossing everyone around. On my table there was this cool wooden planter that was painted a sage green. It was only a $1.00…I was keeping that for myself.  Again….very strange.

That has been my week….crazy dreams, lots of new energies, trying new recipes, and digging out from a snow storm. All that’s left tonight is build a new crystal grid and watch the moon. Lucky for me…I don’t have to go outside to watch the moon…she shines right into my bedroom window. I can watch under blankets, all warm and cozy….Zia

About dragonflyzia

I am just a woman finally accepting that I was never meant to be in the box. I don't fit into any stereotypes, please don't try and label me, that doesn't work either. I am embracing my uniqueness in ways that are new and challenging to me, so that I may continue to grow and never stop learning.
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